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Various Designs

Various Designs

This whole (web-)page of my writings belongs to my person, i.e., © Terje Lea / Leonardo F. Olsnes-Lea 2006 - 2011. Make no mistake about it!

The Arc - The Leap

Fun-park mechanics, beauty of architecture and mechanics combined

While the original drawing has been lost, I've made this, a new one:

[image coming]

Note: this is only a temporary drawing until I've produced something better which is obviously needed.
The texts on the drawing read:
"Transfer of hinge point from top to bottom"
Various small ones: "Drawings", "Side profile", "vehicle", "vehicle landing"
"Front profile", "structure supporting front and rear rails/carriers", "supporting legs/structure"
"Can be fitted with a natural swinging "wheel", making 2 turns to complete the leap, using "old-fashioned"(?)
wiring with a single drive system! Good?"

I have made a drawing of this. It is like an arc that you can jump through. You do not exactly jump, you are lifted up by machinery into maximum speed a quarter through the arc and glides over the top at almost no speed and taken down with full speed again a quarter before the other side of the arc. You land as you took off, at almost stand still.

Construction is like the following. The vehicle is attached at the top for the first half and at the bottom at the second half. Some of the security rail intersects so the vehicle safely travels through the transformation point of being attached at the top to the bottom.

Terje Lea,
April 17, 2006 with a small update of drawing and comment, 26.12.2010. Texts of the drawing added 16.01.2011.

Songtext: "I Found God Today"

Inspired by the song text by Aha and some lyrics re-used.
Inspired also by the music by Diva thus this is a kind of a twist on "The Sun Always Shines on TV".
I think the music can be brushed quite a deal compared to the music by Diva, but the rhythm is reflected in my own lyrics presented here.

The Lyrics for the song:
Unreal what I see
How can it be?
You must believe me!
The sun always shines on TV

I reached inside myself and found God today
The energies of my mind flies away
I leave my worries afar

Hold me
Close to your heart
Together we find God!
Touch me
Give yourself to me

Unreal what I see
I reached inside myself and found God today
The energies of my mind flies away
I leave my worries afar
The reflections gaze at me in remembrance of yesterday
as I drift through time,
I have found a way to
keep my troubles down

Unreal what I see
The sun always shines on TV

Terje Lea,
April 24, 2009 and May 6, 2011.

Your Basic Explorer Tools of Internet Investigation!

I'd like to make a neat graphical interface to the usual tools of Traceroute, Ping and the others. This interface should as well as being useful, be a powerful tool for educating people about the tools offered.

Terje Lea,
January 29th, 2010.

Serve Your Friend!

A simple container for transfer of files on a Peer-to-Peer basis. You dump files into a container/folder and ship it off to a contact. The program is supposed to have the usual buttons and it doesn't really represent anything new. It's just on the background of the Pirate Bay-case in Sweden that you may do this in the similar manner you switch calling cards or phone number or email addresses beyond the possibility of profit to any party except as a black market tool on a strictly private basis. A kind of the idealistic file transfer option of Skype.

Terje Lea,
January 29th, 2010.

Equip Your Computer!

A kind of software white list firm for supervising approved software and advising identifiable social groups in making ready to use software on an effective, economic basis, balancing those two factors. Possibly with personal advise-service on a VIP basis. This is supposed to be mediated through a website.

Terje Lea,
January 29th, 2010.

AI Browser Companion, Title for program isn't determined.

This is meant to be an AI client running in parallel with the user's own browsing and possibly as long as the internet connection is working. This can be viewed both as a computer science experiment for Turing-learning of the user's browsing pattern and for producing a kind of reports based on that pattern. This can represent a great chance for investigating machine-learning software of syntactic kind to produce semantic content for the user. The other side represents a more effective internet connection use and browsing session by generating content while the user wants to relax and read a book. The AI runs the pattern and generates reports on general topics of f.x. "contemporary philosophy", "processors", "IBM company" and whatever else you can think of and be interested in.

Terje Lea,
January 29th, 2010.

Personal Browser Assistant, Title for program isn't determined.

This is slightly some of the same as the AI browser companion, but without the AI machine. This is more an archiving program to run in connection to the browser of generating reports on general topics of f.x. "contemporary philosophy", "processors", "IBM company" and whatever else you can think of and be interested in. In deleting the browser history in the browser, but keeping the browser history in this Assistant, you can build up a large memory bank of your interests archived in a nice way (to be determined). It's basically the same reporting as the AI, but it is supposed to work only toward the browser itself, never undertaking independent browsing as it takes the links and some of the content from the browser and the browsed pages. I think this represents an increased security feature because you can describe and define the datastream to and from the Assistant much more strictly than you can for the browser to the internet. The connection to the Assistant can be almost foolproof, I think, by a very conservative regime.

Terje Lea,
January 29th, 2010.

Medicine, Regrowing/Regenerating Limbs and Tissue in General

I think one should begin with making a mold and fit it so that contact with blood-filled veins can eat at it, allowing cells to form in accordance to phantom feelings and regrow/regenerate the limb or whatever. These cells would form just as cells divide, bursting out the template of a companion cell.

Blood actually, by nature, eats away left-overs from wounds and organic material, at times, that is wrongly produced by the body, fx., benign cancers in some cases. This may not be well known.

I certainly think there are good biodegradable substances that can be fitted with a biodegradable outer layer, skin, that make sure the whole thing grow as planned, emphasising to lesser degrees the matrix involving pigs' bladders, utilising the inherent capacity of the human body of regrowing/regenerating.

I've seen a report on CBS 60 Minutes about the molds of regeneration medicine. In addition, I've also seen a report on the possibility of regrowing/regenerating tissue in the breast by making a special implant.

Terje Lea,
February 7th, 2010, February 8th, 2010 and February 21st, 2010.

Software, True to Code Linux, possibly Ubuntu based

I'm thinking it can be useful to make slight alterations to the Ubuntu system so that it generates a parallel logging process for everything/selected processes. This can be terminal sessions, system to UI firewall, system to browser, system to OSSEC, system to whatever. In this way, learning Linux/Ubuntu can be inspiring and transparent and has the possibility of generating greater interest and more developers to the system. I certainly encourage this to be done! It's meant to be done by simultaneously generating a standard text-type document where the code is displayed that runs the process in question. The whole "True to Code Linux" can very well be only an option in the OS, a program running at start-up or integrated in the system itself with parameters set for it. The created output of the feature shouldn't produce much size on the harddisk either, being only a kind of simple text-type. It should also generate a quick way of copying and pasting code one may find useful or perhaps a kind of code-lookup file. There should be many ways of incorporating this.

As a beginner with Ubuntu, at least with code, I find the use of code somewhat "demanding"/"time-consuming" until I'm properly familiar with it, which may take quite a long time (years?). But by this, you get the document produced and recorded where you can go back and pick up what has been used in the past.

Perhaps one can also incorporate a kind of option in it that marks the code you'd like to store for future uses in a new document (most conveniently building a code book of your most used codes, to the terminal or otherwise).

I mean the actual code that runs. I see problems (obviously) with expressing code for a new process (starting the firewall) because it necessarily isn't displayed in the "parallel text registry (PTR)" in true time, but can rather be displayed as "firewall start-up [not true time]" then .

So yes, possibly all the code that's relevant both to the specific program and to the system in some limited way (because I do think there may be problems of getting it all shown in parallel text. The most promising may be in expression of selected processes, only one or a few at a time, but potentially all.

I want to see all the code running for a specific process. If you choose to display the terminal session and you type in something that initiates another process, then this other process requires another "display of code"/PTR. This is the suggestion that all code is potentially displayed (and registered and recorded for later uses)!

Is there a problem with displaying the actual code before it is compiled? I think there should still be a fine possibility for carrying the project through by making displayed equivalents to the compiled computer/machine code language. Isn't this so?

I've tagged this thread with "code transparency" and I really think that it should be beneficial to have those 6 million lines, not in true time, but after you've logged on as a "code report [not in true time]". I agree to some objection, but there may be benefits of having ticked off an option in "True to Code Linux"-feature, you can have the review as you like, specified down to the process you like and all the rest. It may take very hard work, but I still think there are great rewards to be reaped by doing it this way, possibly, not necessarily.

It's alright! I just like to share the idea with people that it may be nice to have the "code-equivalent" in a text-file, going one process at the time, carefully, and having the possibility to review all the processes in this fashion, by ticking off the option. It should come with great benefits.

I see this possible specific uninterest, but think about the other processes, everyone of them, not in a pile of code in a dump of ".zip"/".tar"-file, but neatly put there, yours, (lovely) code report of "process X"! Mmm... yes, a cup of Ubuntu coffee!

Terje Lea,
February 9th, 2010 and February 10th, 2010.

Poem: "At a Loss"

You have always looked so good in blue

The sun shining at you so sweet

You always have seemed to understand the light beams

Let me kiss you

I think you're so neat

But now you have gone away

I have lost you

Terje Lea,
February, 20. 2010.
Song: "Vi er gode"
Melody: "Vi er røde, vi er hvite" og "engelsk sang, ukjent"

Vi er gode / Vi er glade / Og alt synger på vår vei / (to be continued, lalalalala)

Terje Lea,
February, 22. 2010.

Computing: "Anti-hacking of wi-fi routers, designation of IP-address to existing and pre-approved/designated clients only"

I've seen a report of hacking of a wi-fi network that has been made by a Danish producer. I think in large parts this can be avoided by setting log-in attempts to 3, perhaps a few more, and to designate/send IP-address by the wi-fi router wirelessly to existing and pre-approved/designated clients only. Possibly, if the administrator somehow fails the log-in attempts, then one can set the system to require physical access to ensure physical security. By this, you deny any incidental hook-ups to the network even by chance, making the system very safe. You should be able to design this system this way, optionally or as default to ensure security. You can also open a time frame for logging on new users for authentication and then close this frame by ticking off the box for existing users in a TTL - time to live, manner. Fx. you allow a 1/one hour window for a new user to log on to this wi-fi router. In this time frame, everyone can attempt to log on, but this window will only primarily be known to the administrator and the new user. Not only will a potential intruder have to be in physical range to this wi-fi router, but the intruder will also have to use the correct user-name and password and I believe that all these options combined will make this virtually impossible to hack/make illegal entrance to.
In essence therefore, I'd like there to be four/4 box options:
1. Allow only pre-approved users.
2. Allow only 3 (or more) attempts for log-in.
3. Allow only existing users to log on in addition to new users within a time frame.
3.1/4. Once new users have logged on, close the appropriate number of IP-addresses for log-in possibility/authentication. Fx. 1 new user is opened for to the wi-fi router. Once this user has logged on/been identified as user the wi-fi router closes for all other detected wi-fi unknown/unwanted users. A possible intruder will either then be presented with a false log-in possibility or a page announcing no log on possibility/closed wi-fi router.

Terje Lea,
April, 23. 2010 and April, 24. 2010.

Economy: A Suggestion for Financial Instruments to European Economies Belonging to the Euro System

A suggestion for financial instruments to European economies belonging to the Euro system: all debt to the Euro countries are controlled by the EU Commission. As the EU Commission respond to the requirement of additional resources (money), it oversees the repayment of the loans back into the ECB/Euro/EU treasury. So I don't see the problem why any economy in the Euro-zone should have to pay expensive rates on their loans unless it's in the interest of the Euro-zone. Therefore, in a sense, the EU Commission can control the levels of debt, economic sanctions of each Euro member state and the inflation of the Euro itself, parallel to ECB's interest rate control! Cheers to Europe! (I see no reason why this can't be applied to all EU states, just slightly differently.)

Note: this has first been written on my blog, and on the Philosophy Now forum.

Terje Lea,
April, 29. 2010 and April, 30. 2010.

Det Kriminelle Norge - Hyllest til Black Debbath

Tittel: Det Kriminelle Norge - Hyllest til Black Debbath

(Title: The Criminal Norway - Tribute to Black Debbath (transl. Black Debate, loosely, can also play on the dipping of children into the iron cauldron, a bath), a Norwegian band)
Notat: Det er meningen at denne sangen skal synges på norsk slik som Black Debbaths vokalist synger sangene
(Note: It's the intention that this song is to be sung in Norwegian like the lead singer of Black Debbath sings the songs)

Det kriminelle Norge vil ha verden i dets hand
(The criminal Norway wants the world in its hand)

Og det gjør vi ved tortur av barn og menneskehandel!
(And we do that by torturing our children and human trafficking)

Våres praksis er mer korrupsjon enn profesjon!
(Our practice is more corruption than profession!)

Det kriminelle Norge vil ha verden i dets hand
(The criminal Norway wants the world in its hand)

Våre lover og vårt demokrati er bare formalitet!
(Our laws and our democracy is just formality!)

Det kriminelle Norge vil ha verden i dets hand
(The criminal Norway wants the world in its hand)

Og kjøper vi ikke verden, dere tullinger, med vårt kriminalitetsfremmende oljefond?!!
(And don't we buy the world, you fools, with our crime promoting oil fund?!!)

Det kriminelle Norge vil ha verden i dets hand
(The criminal Norway wants the world in its hand)

Slutt (for nå)
End (for now)

(Det er mulig jeg skriver mer på denne sangen!)
(It's possible I write more on this song!)

Two examples of Black Debbath performance:
Mongo Norway. Mongo in Norwegian is a scornful remark alluding to an idiot/dumbass and in the past also to people with Down's Sydrome because of their facial features in similarity to the people of Mongolia. Even though he's singing smuget means danger in Norwegian, it's actual meaning is back alley (assumably where dirty things take place). Mongo Norway (A Guide To Nightlife In Oslo) is the title of the song and Smuget is a former pub/nightclub in Oslo.
Det er problemer innad i Høyre!
(There are many more, just search for the band name.)

Terje Lea,
May, 6. 2010 and May, 8. 2010.

Computing, Lock Network Connection on Completed Download or by Default Set by Rule

Let's imagine this can be done in Firstarter, as there already is a fine lockdown option there:
A kind of RULE: on [program/service] exit/completion of download - then lockdown connection [usually the eth0].

[Edit:] Or for that matter, put a lockdown action on any premise like inactivity on port 80 or such... (all the rest).

Note: this has first been written by myself under the pseudonym Aetixintro (as usual) on, 02.10.2010.

By Terje Lea, 14.10.2010

Computing, Arbitrary or Generic Folder Names in Operating Systems

I think there is a possibility for making all the folder names in an operating system generic (and thus enhancing security) by making a central folder registry that updates on changes in the folder structure. Even this central registry can be placed arbitrarily by deploying it as a registry with an agent that reports itself to the proper place in the operating system.

I mean, a person new to the Operating System would not have a chance going into this unknown "sea" of folders over the internet (from where, you know, everything begins with an unknowing starter).

Generative names can applied to the folder tree by the input of some crazy user preferences for names or dates or whatever.

On upgrading or updating, one can simply relay the location of this central registry.

Or if one has lost the position of this registry, one can perform a search for it on beforehand to get its location. It may be that this registry has to have a certain name or belong to a special kind of files, ie. exe, reg, whatever...

Note: this has first been written by myself under the pseudonym Aetixintro (as usual) on today.

By Terje Lea, 14.10.2010

Computing, An Alternative to User Accounts - User Levels

I find one can set password priorities against run-levels, ie. system critical, security, system utilities and so forth. Classification of programs can be set on a user-preference basis, specifying possibly programs for the upper level passwords. Higher level user accounts can be set with the default set of processes that are needed for running the system, much like the user/root system of Linux except that the naming of account groups are set by user levels instead.

By Terje Lea, 18.10.2010

Computing, Idea for Firefox, (Primarily): Agent Checking by Plug-In or a Kind of Agent

I think one should equip the Mozilla Firefox, fx., with an optional page (on the web) where you can make a certain deletable plug-in that enables an agent from this webpage to check if your Firefox has been hacked or if there are any malwares or dysfunctional aspects with it!!!

Further comment: I think it's quite a complex matter to check if your browser has the correct integrity, that it works as it should! To work around these complexities, you can possibly just ask the user by this webpage that the user installs this plug-in and thus the nature of the plug-in solves all the settings needed for the browser to be correctly checked (rather than asking the user to perform all sorts of minor and major adjustments for the webpage to do this by ordinary webpage interaction that also, as you may know, incorporates a kind of defence for the user to begin with). Consequently, I see no easy way out making this kind of check without asking the user to install a type of plug-in. Implication: the user installs a given plug-in.

This has first been written on the Philosophy Now forum, today. The further comment has also first been written on this forum.

By Terje Lea, 24.01.2011 and 04.02.2011.

Mechanics for Medical Use, Design for Cosmetological Scalpel

[image coming]

The text: The different types of skin are shaped to the scalpel and can be statistically considered by measurement and thus the blade can be shaped accordingly.

The sowing takes place on the underskin/leather-skin and natural healing is preserved the upper skin, possibly helped by medical tape or a kind of medical glue. The sowing required by the work-"hand" is also a requirement to how long the extension should cut underneath the overskin. Healing is yet to be confirmed to how effective it becomes by this particular design.
(I think I originally have been thinking about this design in 2004, yet it's only published now.)

The text that hasn't made it quite in on the picture, says: bow of blade, extending behind the specifically shaped blade.
Note: I hope to make the picture better, with or without text. I've also made a better title.

By Terje Lea, 23.02.2011.

Note: missing text has been added 27.02.2011.

Medicine, Idea by Tele-medicine - The Medical "McDonald's" or Cheap Service

I have an idea over tele-medicine! Why just not have the office/"booth" with the nurse in it and have the doctor to administrate 5 of them or so as much of the actual medicine can be carried out by the nurse/secretary? This can be much more efficient and lower the threshold for seeking the services, i.e., a kind of "medical McDonald's". Hush, don't tell the grumpy doctors!

By Terje Lea, 05.03.2011.

Originally published on Twitter 01.03.2011.

Engineering, Design for Kid's Combined Slide and Stretch

Description: Moderated and not so steep steps leading up to higher ground from which the slide slides moderately downward so that the slide makes it possible for the kid to lean the feet to the ground and laying in the slide to relax in. Thus, you need to anatomically consider the scope of the slide for the kids' group to use it. It's important that the slide is NOT higher than the level that makes it possible for the kid to touch the ground so that the kid reclines in it better and more easily. Also, when the slide is moderately sloped it, it can trigger a reaction that stops the kid from falling entirely into sleep. Thereby, the kid relaxes in a reclined position.

By [name removed, for protection], represented by Terje Lea, 12.03.2011.
Note: the wording and drawing are by myself, Terje Lea, but they are his ideas.


  1. Pluggable/Unpluggable Computers

    Various!Posted by Leonardo F. Olsnes-Lea 2011-06-21 20:24:05 [CEST]

    There may be, if there's not already, a fine opportunity for making pluggable/unpluggable computers that rely on a type of "hot"-swap harddisk that's set for updating the hardware once it boots. This is also apart from the ordinary boot up from USB/CD-rom/business-card install. Simply because you may be able to switch hardware rapidly and put all of your storage into your business-suitcase. This may be a good step forward! We'll see where it ends! Cheers!

    Formal note: idea is conceived 02:51 CEST, 21.06.2011.

    Originally posted as http://blog.t-lea.n​et/#post218!

  2. The above is to be added to the Various Designs!

  3. The "Financial Instruments" should be renamed to "Financial Devices"! Good?

  4. I've added another comment to on Facebook to this page that yet to locate! It concerns the alleged originality of all these writings. Of course, I don't claim at least three of them to be original and this should be easy to see, like with the "Serve Your Friend" and "Your Basic Explorer Tools..."

  5. (Music: intense rock music/hard rock music, there's a particular hard rock song I'm thinking of but I can't remember it)

    Title: Zero in Norway!

    When we all live under an idiot psychiatrist

    Zero in Norway
    Zero in Norway

    When everything is going downhills

    Zero in Norway
    Zero in Norway

    And everybody is to smile for it...

    Zero in Norway
    Zero in Norway

    (... more lines...)

    Rock on hard!!!

    (Inspired by the band who insists on being /the/ Standard Rock Band, unknown of real name. If I acquire the name, I'll list it.)

  6. In addition comes the Schizophrenia version based on Rihannas melody in Suburbia.

    I've also added a bit of tunes to:

    Over the Chainsaw (Massacre) - Texas Flavour.

    Brutal and fast
    Brutal and fast

    Hard and highly mechanized

    (to Standard Rock's performance in USA, that they have formerly been seeking to present "standard rock".)

  7. North Korea and South Korea are Coming Together in Big Group

    (Melody, direction: "After" I'm not in love by Enrique Iglesias, appx.)

    That North Korea and South Korea are so in love (coarse, thick voice, "charicature" voice)
    We're so in love
    That USA will lead us together
    So that we can love (lo-f-e)

    That we are looking for love together! That we're in lo-f-e!

    ---- (Uhhh, do I need to finish this...? ;-) )

    From industry man, Texas accent, Olsnes-Lea, composer (also in Oslo, Mezzo, 1999) OUT!

    With "up and down" physics to go! Quantum mass psychology experiment from HIM, that p¤%%#¤, that Anti-Goebbels!!!? RUDE!

    Note: the tags, just for the f*ck of it, now that happy f*cking is ON World wide, finding HIV/AIDS as mere leukemia, North Korea, South Korea, Hand In Hand With Asia's Animal Activists, Hand in Hand We Stand, Politics, Nobel Peace Prize, Peace Love happiness, Peace ALL OVER the WORLD, Music, Composer, Fine Art, Fine Art Pakistan Gallery.

    PS: Good luck with making peace over there, from us in Europe.

    Sent to various decent recipients! Newspapers, all, all, all...
    A note: .

    Remark to this Blog:
    This lyrics text does indeed have some inbuilt criticism to USA and its Military Complex, with some "peeping psychologist's attitude" to go. That the tributes are still with the UN spirits that USA has to COMPLY with!

  8. Some invention of "flour-balls" are to be entered here later. Keywords: school cakes of the smallest kind with baker's glazing and vanilla (yellow) cream in the middle combined with Norwegian flour-balls where a kind of moderated vanilla cream is inserted into these.

  9. The Higgs Boson "Sniff Interaction Physics" Joke (Joke as Text Design)
    - As a joke, as a friend, as a joke to a friend

    Joke is: "Higgs Boson, God Particle "sniff interaction physics" defined,
    Lecturer: Let's think about the methane gas and how many of us feel bio-connected and thus we move from methane to delicious farting and that we start to "work up farts", see the compendium for this.

    The class farts.

    Lecturer: Now that we have our lecture room filled with gaseous molecules (remember mass for gas, all 133 atom-mass = Higgs Boson) we take on particle personality (the hard, special training we've undergone, videos included) and feel how we fit in with this fart bio-gas and we become one with it!
    So we have now achieved oneness with the God Particle.

    Love to God! Hallelujah!" (End of joke.)

  10. News! Breaking news exactly now! The Financial Higgs Boson by PayPal and Peter Higgs to be declared! CNN, BBC World, Al-Jazeera, French Le Monde!

    What an excitement! How absolutely brilliant! The news is now out, by all World media, that PayPal and Peter Higgs have now come together to declare the closing of another hole in the World of science, the hole that consists in financial transactions having had NO physical meta-quantum expression particle by Higgs Boson and that the World of finances can be absolutely safe in considering the financial transactions again because Peter Higgs collects another with the Higgs Boson for all the World's financial transactions! Absolutely MAJOR! Major event! STARS are being created D*MN RIGHT NOW!

    Yet another triumph for the World of science has taken place today! Absolutely full fireworks are expected tonite!

    (Some woman reporter faints! Excitement! The tensions! Huge feelings right now throughout the World! HUGE! BIG!)

  11. Joke again for the Higgs Boson (does it never die?):
    This joke goes like this,
    "it is said that Peter Higgs reinvented the f*rt (the wind that breaks) for married couples, that gas by Higgs Boson, after "consuming" the 1st, that the 2nd is found "up the mine where the Sun never shines", or the 3rd, or the 4rd, how is that confirmation, BTW?!

    Repeat that song for marriage again, please?

    And the one for Al Bundy family too?

    PS: 1 Higgs Boson only accounts for ca. 129 atom-masses of gas at the time, "and you /need/ to sense it too because you may otherwise be punished, Honey!" This is the confirmation by physicists' bio-feelings in scaling it (correctly), much in line with Kuhnian-Voodoo.

    No. 2:
    This gets no better with Peter Higgs entering in between (stiff Texas accent).

    So it starts, and they count "from behind there", Higgs Boson 1, Higgs Boson 2,

    Higgs Boson 3 ...
    Bang! Peter Higgs hits something! Higgs Boson Certified! Higgs shouts (all clothes on the floor)!

    Peter Higgs out ( - with certification diploma to send later) - Even one for the young ones, "hoping to become something"

    (P. Higgs now holds two special Physicist qualifications: Physicist for Social Events / Couples Therapy (not the sexual I suppose...) and Physicist (theory mostly?)

  12. I've now come to end in Higgs Boson Jokes, they are only to be 3 "from my hand". "That physics can be so much..., that joking and humour can be part!" Cheers!