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Norges demokratiske øverste ledere - tvilsomme?

Various!Posted by Terje Lea 2011-02-11 00:49:08 [CET]

Idag er det noe jeg vil påpeke og det er at jeg er skeptisk/sterkt skeptisk til (en del) av Norges demokratiske øverste ledere, både i det offentlige generelt, men også når det gjelder politiske ledere. Jeg ser ingen grunn til, under dagens politiske virkelighet, at disse ledere tilskrives noen spesiell moralsk karakter, enten det er statsministeren eller en dommer i Høyesterett. Man skal huske på at dagens statsminister i Norge har dype politiske røtter (Thorvald Stoltenberg, (mv.?)) og at det greit lar seg gjøre å skjøtte statsministerposten like mye som rabiate kirurger kan skjøtte sin kirurgi, dvs. type Dr. Mengele. Det er mulig jeg skriver mer om dette! Takk for nå!

(Dette ble først skrevet på en Facebook-gruppe jeg har opprettet 09.02.2011.)

Korrupsjon i Politiet - en fiktiv fortelling sådan

Various!Posted by Terje Lea 2011-02-11 00:46:32 [CET]

Et fritt skriveri litt mer forsiktig enn 1984 (av Orwell):
"Korrupsjon i Politiet - en fiktiv fortelling sådan"
"En Politimester gir følgende pressemelding.
"Vi har betydelige problemer med korrupsjon i vår politistyrke. Vi forventer å få muligheter til å få bukt med dette ved utskiftning av korrupte politibetjenter med rekrutter fra Politihøyskolene. Våre systemer avdekker utilfredsstillende forhold ved følgende politistasjoner og lensmannskontorer:
(et relativt høyt antall)

Når nå denne informasjonen er gitt offentligheten så må også offentligheten påregne korrupsjon som før inntil prosessen er fullført! Vi forventer også at politiske tiltak iverksettes som følge av denne informasjon.

Vennlig hilsen
for Politimesterne""

[I deeply encourage you to translate this text into your own language, depending on the starkness of the legal practice situation in your country/state!]

The Way to Stability and World Peace: INDUSTRY!

Various!Posted by Terje Lea 2011-02-05 14:11:42 [CET]

On what the disorderly countries lack.
I have a theory: they lack (a lot) of industry! Look to the developed countries! When do they revolt? NEVER!

It's also a notion of mine that the development of democracy seems to lag behind industrialisation in the sense of being a modern country with relatively low unemplyment. I think there are good reasons for this, especially in the sense of welfare systems and benefits, but also to the extent that prisons can be said to hold acceptable levels in terms of hygiene and safety. Other aspects should probably be added to this incomplete notion of democracy.

(This has first been written on the Philosophy Now forum in 2 posts.)

The Massive Universe

Various!Opprettet av Terje Lea 2011-02-05 14:10:15 [CET]

I've written the following on the Philosophy Now forum:

Post subject: Re: The Invisible Universe PostPosted: Mon Dec 20, 2010 9:59 pm

I have some on the Universe from
It yields the following information:
"The Age and Composition of the Universe

In one of the most important cosmological discoveries in years, NASA scientists have captured the most precise image of the universe,
shedding light on its origins, age, and providing further evidence for the long-standing Big Bang and inflation theories. In Feb. 2003,
a joint NASA–Princeton University satellite, the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropic Probe (WMAP), produced a high-resolution map that
captured the oldest light in the universe. This ancient light, called the cosmic microwave background, is the cooled remnant of the
hot explosion known as the Big Bang. “The cosmic microwave light is a fossil,” explained David Wilkinson, after whom the probe was
named, "Just as we can study dinosaur bones and reconstruct their lives of millions of years ago, we can probe this ancient light and
reconstruct the universe as it was." (Wilkinson died just before WMAP's amazing findings were published.)

The age of the universe has now been accurately determined—with just a 1% margin of error—as 13.7 billion years old (previous estimates ranged between 8–20 billion years old). The birth of stars has been pinpointed to just 200 million years after the Big Bang, a surprise to most scientists (predictions had ranged from 500 million to 1 billion years after the cosmos formed). The WMAP image also revealed
the contents of the universe: only 4% is made up of atoms, or the physical universe as we know it. The remainder is made up of poorly understood substances: dark energy (73%) and dark matter (23%). These findings are consistent with the Big Bang and inflation theories, which assert that the universe materialized in a "big bang" and immediately began cooling and expanding. "I think every astronomer will remember where they were when they heard these results," said John Bahcall, a Princeton University astrophysicist. "I certainly will. This announcement represents a rite of passage for cosmology from speculation to precision science."

Five Easy Stats

-> Most relevant:
"How old is the universe? What is it made of? For the first time, scientists have clarity.

* 13.7 billion years: Age of the universe
* 200 million years: Interval betwen the Big Bang and the appearance of the first stars
* 4%: Proportion of the universe that is ordinary matter
* 23%: Proportion that is dark matter
* 73%: Proportion that is dark energy""

Suggestion for a Unified Bookchain in Europe - against Amazon

Various!Opprettet av Terje Lea 2011-01-31 19:05:21 [CET]

I have a suggestion for bookstores across Europe to unite against Amazon and at the same time have a BROAD variety of books to offer!

This can be done the following way:
1. The bookstore responsible for the storage of the book gets the storage component of the bookprice, the storage profit.

2. The bookstore responsible for the sales front for book sale gets the sales front component of the bookprice, the sales front profit.

All that matters, is that the bookstores bother to get in touch with one another with cooperation in mind and work as a sales front for one another to the pleasure for both, saving the customers the "trouble" to make accounts and all that.

Another isssue is that most likely all books can be readily offered, as with Amazon! Good luck!

Cheers! :-)

Legal Reality This Day

Various!Opprettet av Terje Lea 2011-01-30 19:44:23

I guess this is "over now"! Not that..., but so and so. Simultaneously, the proper tab has been given until then, probably more hypothetical than ever real.
Sadly and against my expectation, one has seized idiocy over intelligence here in Norway. How this is supposed to come around is beyond me, but I see myself as relieved from further duties related to this issue!

The text on the website has been this for a period:
"In the face of blatant human rights violations, exemplified most prominently by the Police and Health services, I write
this. I am indeed suffering in this condition of excessive mental torments from fears of being murdered, possibly by (medically) assisted torture. You can read more about this on the blog. So my new approach is to write to make my legal/political fight more effective and to expose this ridiculous political climate
that I'm suffering under. Thanks for being my readers."

Forhold til Amnesty (Norge) og menneskerettighetsbrudd

Various!Opprettet av Terje Lea 2011-01-27 02:30:13 [CET]

I forhold til Menneskerettighetsbrudd så kan det være greit å merke seg denne statistikken:

Jeg finner det også merkverdig at statistikken over savnede personer IKKE finnes på SSB, noe som er litt dårlig. Statistikken er også vanskelig listet hos søkemotorene som også er noe freakin' strange!

Legg også merke til at den aller første statistikken/tabellen også er den VIKTIGSTE.

2 innlegg hos Amnesty Norge: !

Jeg har også postet følgende spørsmål til Amnesty Norge: "Finnes det noe statistikk i organisasjonen, Amnesty Norge, for henvendelser til org. fra personer i Norge utover det som angår informasjonsarbeid og aksjoner til støtte for mennesker i utlandet? Curious..." med kommentaren, "Dvs. mennesker som har personlige vanskeligheter som de tenker seg relevante for organisasjonen? Som anmeldelses-statistikken til Politiet..." Jeg anser meg selv som aktivist og vi får se hva som skjer videre... Cheers! :-)

Det finnes en veldig fin link hos Amnesty Norge her (url'en sier det meste): .

Business in EU and USA: Phasing in a New Arrangement

Various!Opprettet av Terje Lea 2011-01-27 02:04:10 [CET]

Business in EU and USA: Phasing in a New Arrangement for Symmetry to the World on a per capita capitalistic picture withholding natural resources issues.

I think one should, as a normative ethical inclination, see a new arrangement for symmetry to the World on a per capita capitalistic picture withholding natural resources issues happen in the years to come! The World can indeed become very happy if this arrangement is considered in real terms or simply normative terms.

Thus one should consider how production is organised and acceptable cost levels, locally/regionally!

Fx. if China rises 9.8% annually, one should be positive about it and see how one can transform the picture of business to reflect production in all countries/regions (fx. EU/China) like TV business, movie business, IT business, insurance business, culturally conditional products like fashion and so on. Thus these transformations/ripples in business life, reflectively compared vis a vis China/USA/EU should be seen as positive, univocally, and consequently encouraged!

(More later.)

Note: some of the writing has been entered later compared to the rest in relation to where it has been originally published, the Philosophy Now forum.

Personopplysninger og Datatilsynet

Various!Opprettet av Terje Lea 2011-01-14 18:50:00 [CET]

Jeg har sendt en forespørsel til Datatilsynet og merkelig nok så kommer de med dette svaret:
Tidspunkt: kl. 10:25, 14.01.2011
Viser til e-post av 13. januar 2011

Datatilsynet er det forvaltningsorganet som skal kontrollere at personopplysningsloven blir fulgt. Formålet med loven er å verne enkeltpersoner mot krenking av personvernet gjennom behandling av personopplysninger. Det gjøres oppmerksom på at Juridisk veiledningstjeneste hos Datatilsynet kun gir råd og veiledning omkring personopplysningslovens regler på generelt grunnlag.

Adressemekling og adresselister som bare inneholder det som defineres som grunndata, er lovlig i Norge, og virksomheter trenger ikke samtykke fra den registrerte for å videreformidle denne informasjonen. Med grunndata menes navn, adresse, telefonnummer og fødselsdato. Grunnen til dette er at man ikke ser på utveksling av grunndata som en trussel mot personvernet.

Det er anledning til å reservere seg hos sin teleoperatør dersom man ikke ønsker å være oppført i telefonkataloger og nettsider som

Med hilsen

Juridisk veiledningstjeneste
Datatilsynet (Slutt)

Jeg vet f*en ikke hva jeg skal tro om dette! Skal dette liksom være gyldig? At jeg skal kunne skrive ned en hvilken som helst adresse og sende denne rundt til hvem som helst MED LOVEN I HÅND?!!! Jeg ser på dette som en seriøs TRUSSEL mot min egen rettssikkerhet og en trussel mot rettssikkerheten til folk generelt!!!

Jeg får se hva jeg gjør med ovenforstående, men dette kan ikke være riktig!!!

Oppdatering, folkens! Slapp av! Her:


"Personprofiler - hvilke regler gjelder?"
"Hva er en personprofil?

Når en virksomhet kombinerer opplysninger og ut i fra disse knytter visse antagelser om adferd, evner, preferanser eller behov, kalles dette en personprofil. For eksempel vil opplysninger om navn, adresse, varegruppekjøp, pris på vare og tidspunkt for kjøp sammen kunne danne grunnlaget for en personprofil. En ekstra informasjonsplikt inntrer dersom disse opplysningene brukes til å skreddersy henvendelser til kunden, eller treffe avgjørelser overfor en enkeltperson. Når kundeinformasjonen kun brukes til statistikk, vil det ikke være personprofiler. Da kan man imidlertid heller ikke lagre informasjonen på en slik måte at man kan finne tilbake til personene opplysningene stammer fra.

Når en virksomhet henvender seg til en kunde eller treffer avgjørelser ut fra en personprofil, oppstår en særskilt informasjonsplikt. Den enkelte kunden må også ha samtykket til at opplysningene om ham brukes til å lage personprofiler. Les mer om dette i avsnittene under.

Personprofiler krever samtykke

Virksomheter som bruker personprofiler må som hovedregel innhente samtykke fra den enkelte. Kravet går frem av personopplysningslovens § 8. Dersom virksomheten ikke bruker personopplysninger utover grunndata og statistikk til å anta noe om noen, er det ikke nødvendig å innhente samtykke. Med grunndata menes kontaktopplysninger og fødselsdato. Informasjonsplikten i § 21 må imidlertid følges.

Personopplysningslovens utgangspunkt er at den enkelte skal kunne bestemme selv. Et samtykke må være frivillig, uttrykkelig og informert. Samtykke fra den enkelte gir et rettslig grunnlag for behandling av personopplysninger. Dette betyr at et samtykke må være en aktiv handling fra den enkeltes side. Personen kan ikke bindes ved passivitet. En aktiv handling vil for eksempel kunne være at personen selv må merke av i en "klikk-av-boks". Dersom en slik boks er utfylt på forhånd, vil kravene til aktivt samtykke ikke være tilfredsstilt.

Kravet om frivillighet innebærer at et samtykke til profiler normalt ikke bør være en forutsetning for å få tjenester. Det bør heller ikke lokkes med særlige fordeler ved avgivelse av samtykke.

For at et samtykke skal være informert, må det gis tilstrekkelig informasjon til at den enkelte kan forstå hva samtykket omfatter. Dette innebærer at det informeres om hvilke opplysninger som registreres og at det brukes til å skreddersy tilbud på bakgrunn av personprofiler. Kravet til informasjon samsvarer i stor grad med regelen om informasjonsplikt i personopplysningsloven § 19. Informasjon om at virksomheten vil drive markedsføring dekker ikke informasjonskravet til samtykke ved bruk av personprofiler.

Det stilles i utgangspunktet ikke formkrav til et samtykke. Virksomheten vil likevel ha plikt til å kunne bevise at samtykket er reelt. Derfor kan det være lurt å dokumentere samtykket.
Det må legges til rette for at kundene kan tilbakekalle et tidligere avgitt samtykke, eller endre registrerte personopplysninger. Virksomheten kan eventuelt oppgi en e-postadresse, peker til et kontaktskjema eller et telefonnummer der samtykket kan kalles tilbake."

Konklusjon: Det er bare å gi blaffen i denne litt tvilsomme eposten fra Datatilsynet og heller følge denne linken fra nettopp Datatilsynet som jo er mye bedre. Så: Det er nøyaktig slik at tydelig samtykke fortsatt må gis for at slike "grunndata" kan oppføres! Dette er ufravikelig og følgelig er vi alle ganske trygge likevel!!! Hurra!!!

Hvis det ikke løser seg så har jeg tatt grep med følgende:
Epost til
Emne: Lovforslag: skille mellom lagring av "grunndata" og offentliggjøring av "grunndata"
Tid: kl. 06:41 15.01.2011
Meldingen lyder:
Hei André Oktay Dahl
Saken dreier seg om skillet mellom lagring av "grunndata" og offentliggjøring av "grunndata"
i Personopplysningsloven. Jeg har i denne anledning vært i kontakt med Datatilsynet og
jeg kommer til den konklusjon at loven i detalj er litt uklar når det gjelder såkalte "grunndata" som
kan potensielt gjøre folk mer eksponert enn de ønsker. Jeg ønsker at dette blir forandret.

Jeg har skrevet følgende til
Tidspunkt: kl. 06:05 15.01.2011

Emne: Skillet mellom lagring av "grunndata" og offentliggjøring av "grunndata"

"Hei Datatilsynet

Jeg lurer på om Datatilsynet praktiserer noen lover og regler
som har forskjeller i hvorvidt "grunndata" bare blir lagret eller
både lagret og offentliggjort.

Jeg har fått min private adresse offentliggjort (jeg er et offer her) uten mitt samtykke og dette er grunnen til min forespørsel.

Det er også et mysterium hvor man har fått tak i min private adresse. Har jeg krav på å få vite kilden til min private adresse som har entret deres datasystem,

Kan hvem som helst bare oppgi min adresse til "firma X" og dermed gi dette foretaket
automatisk rett til å lagre og publisere mine "grunndata"?

Er det ikke meningen at man bare skal kunne lagre "grunndata" ved tildelt konsesjon og muligens offentliggjøre "grunndata" ved uttrykkelig samtykke fra eier av aktuelle "grunndata"?

Jeg håper dere har noen gode svar fordi det ser ut for meg som om hvem som helst kan
offentliggjøre "grunndata" uten å få straff for det! Dette er hårreisende!

Skal offentliggjøring av "grunndata" og privatlivets fred være samstemt i tilfelle uttrykkelig samtykke IKKE er gitt? Jeg finner at dette vanskelig lar seg kombinere.

På forhånd, takk.

Vennlig hilsen
(Sted)" (Sitat slutt.)

Det jeg tenker er at Stortinget kan vedta en spesifisering av Personopplysningsloven
slik at det blir hyggeligere å være borger av Norge ved å kreve at man FÅR TILLATELSE til at "grunndata" blir offentliggjort ved uttrykkelig samtykke!

Ved lagring kan man forsåvidt ha det slik som idag, men at paragrafen om informasjonsplikt fremdeles gjelder for den som "grunndata" gjelder for, f.eks. ved brev til denne personen.

Dette er mitt forslag til deg og dere og jeg håper ønsker dere fortsatt lykke til med det gode arbeidet som folkets representanter.

Vennlig hilsen

PS: (...x-ord-x...)

[Red., 27.01.2011:] Jeg er klar over Datatilsynets definisjon av ”grunndata”, men jeg vil innvende at disse data kun gjelder adressemekling og adresselister i forhold til direkte salg (og bare i dette henseende). Jfr. med Personopplysningsloven §8 og den Europeiske Menneskerettskonvensjon, EMK.Den nye konklusjon(2) er nå også å bare få dette inn hos Politiet hvis det er noe et sted som ikke godtas av den det gjelder OG BARE SLÅ HARDT NED PÅ DETTE HVOR OG NÅR DET OPPSTÅR!!! Dette er regelrette brudd og det synes hodeløst og komme til noen annen konklusjon fordi en annen, rimelig konklusjon er ikke mulig å oppnå! Kos dere mere! [Red. slutt] [With one comment that I think has been lost!]

Extra Comment on Two Information Doctrines

Various!Opprettet av Terje Lea 2011-01-14 08:12:07 [CET]

I'd like to remind of 2 information doctrines that I've made: 'Information should be free in the sense that it enables people to do [ethical/moral] good and only to this extent!' TL and 'Information is [ethically/morally] good if and only if "information is free in the sense that it enables people to do [ethical/moral] good and only to this extent!"' TL and these have originally been a response to what used to perceive as William Gibson's sentence, 'All information should be free.' This Cyberpunk doctrine of Chaos has now been put away for good! (The sentence has originally been MADE by Steven Levy. I've written it like this: (This is a precision of Steven Levy's '3rd Commandment of the Personal Computer Revolution': 'All information should be free.')

The Information Doctrines have been made, respectively, 28.07.2010 and 30.09.2010! I hope you like them! Cheers! :-)

(This posting is rather unnecessary, but here you have them together with some comment on how they fit into a wider picture!)

Some Bragging... :-)

Various!Opprettet av Terje Lea 2011-01-14 08:09:24 [CET]

You can possibly consider me as serious because of these feats of mine:
Finalising Ethical Objectivity
The New Modal Conception of God
Reestablishing the De-Dicto position in relation to Indexicality
Solving the Demarcation problem in Philosophy of Science
Making an Irrefutable and Certified Solution for Epistemology
The sinking of the Paradigm theory by Thomas Kuhn by ICT
The definite Time theory and putting away McTaggart for good

(This has first been written on the open group on Facebook by the name, Thoughts from mr. Terje Lea, 25.12.2010.)

Europe Should Have "Facebook" Equivalents!

Various!Posted by Terje Lea 2011-01-14 07:59:13 [CET]

I've written to Phil. Now forum about Facebook: Post subject: Why are there no European "Facebooks"? PostPosted: Mon Dec 20, 2010 7:38 pm

For f*ck's sake, why are there NO European "Facebooks"? It took them, 3 people, 3 months to program what has become today's Facebook. It's revenues are going sky-high so why can't we decide upon ONE or TWO PAN-European Facebooks? Isn't it just to insert some language modules?

Come on, people!! Let's do it!! We are indeed 500+ Million people vs. the puny 310 Million U.S. Americans!!!!

[Please take note of the excellent Mein-VZ site, This seems (at first) more respectful to its users than Facebook, both in terms of explicit privacy policies, but also to how data is actually handled by the site by their own explanation of such. This lacks completely with Facebook, I believe. Unfortunately (to my knowledge) most of its users are only German/Austrian/Swiss. This has some implications to international -appeal and -connections!]

Europe should dominate Europe!!!!

PS: Let me give you the formula: password auth. protocol, links to profiles, various segments of interest (hobbies or whatever), language modules, server space and some graphics in the end! On top of this goes the European enhancing interests, hyping Euro-biz for a change, and the rest! In finishing: what is Facebook's originality? What copyright are they entitled beside the Facebook name and logo? Look, this is NO problem!!

PS2: Are we being stopped by a psychological game??? F*ck it and let's get it done!

PS3: I've also checked the U.S. American Facebook and its market estimate is 50$ Bn and yearly profit of 5$ Bn (if I remember correctly)! Jesus! 3 months work by 3 people! Can you imagine?!!!

Preventing (D)DoS Attacks

Various!Posted by Terje Lea 2011-01-14 07:49:23 [CET]

I've just been thinking: in case of DDoS attacks, why not just add a generative programming that activates new code that takes the visitor to a new "index-page" that says that the site is down and in the meanwhile also takes all the hits, while in this new cover, the site is rather running as normal? Ehh... eh... eh... :-)

That is, incoming internet traffic may get automatically routed to a new site with a false "site down"-poster...

I realise also that it may be the best to have the internet-accessible portal on separate servers so that the bandwidth is preserved for other operations like intranet and processing that has a different nature than being a visitor to a corporate web-site. Thus we can imagine 3 servers, one for the initial vulnerable internet-portal, one for the steady operations and one (a little one?) for the "fake/diversion" server for "web-site down!"

‎"...a different nature" may mean accepting information on incoming payment transactions that enters through other mechanisms shielded from the ordinary internet traffic. Or it can be machine signals in a factory that enter the system differently than the ordinary internet traffic, yet being unified in presentation to the operator/system controller.

(This has first been written on the open group on Facebook by the name, Thoughts from mr. Terje Lea, 20.12.2010.)

The Idea of the 100% Society

Various!Opprettet av Terje Lea 2011-01-14 07:32:33 [CET]

In relation to the "100% Society", I think there are 2 major concerns. One is the justice system and how to achieve this society by what kind of regulation/laws. The other is how business is supposed to be organised everywhere in the world for people to be employed (<95% or more) and for rewarding profit and utility to be made along with it. I'll deliberate more on this as the days pass by... 100% Society: the business plan... I'm coming back to this, but it should already be clear that this is about symmetry of both competence and industry between nations all over planet earth (and other potential places as well). So how to do it? I'll think about it... Symmetry in this sense is understood as competence and industry divided over the nation's citizens. You can't assume that Belgium is capable of setting up everything from complete aircraft factories to assembly lines for spacecrafts and satellites and building aircraft carriers in the same breath. Belgium has only 10,8 Mill. inhabitants and it can only do this much... 100% Society: I've already written about the Data Storage Directory on my blog that I think should be implemented as part of this idea. There should also be sufficient possibilities to defend oneself by guns, tazers and pepperspray canisters. I would also let the Police do the necessary surveillance by video cameras either by possible harddisk review from scenery or by actual monitoring and control. The 2 options are both good. This surveillance should cover the most used places, the places by most people-traffic. One should also allow private people do their own video-surveillance of private space and property including estate-entrance. The rest of the laws can basically remain as they are. Social justice: I think it's fair to allow people who "fall through" a kind of safety net, an arrangement of benefits for the newborn/kids, unemployed, the disabled and the retired. This should secure decency and stable society (without desperation). I've yet to consider the definite divide between a kind of private arrangement and public arrangement, but there should be no doubt that the 2 can go well together, with the private option being more rewarding than the public one, especially in the scope of retirement. This should be mostly it. The other laws can remain basically the same. By guns, I mean primarily the handguns (I favour the pistols). I see absolutely NO need for automatic weapons in private hands except as part of the home-guard, possibly, but not necessarily. Today there are storage places all over the country (Norway) for the home-guard and the army and sufficiently so for preventing any Police State/Dictatorship to take place. Also by handguns, I'm thinking of the 9mms or some thereof as it provides sufficient "stopping power". Important remark: I've not implied a single, tiny intrusion on people's privacy, classically speaking, i.e., within your private space, at the loos, at the private meeting where ever, every private place and property, and also not in all public buildings. You're right, of course, potentially, I see every little inch of public space, "under the blue sky", as surveilled, but only potentially. (By response to Impenitent on the PN forum.) 100% Society: Everybody knows there are hidden and tacit business routines around the world even if OPEC remains the most open, I've already asked for the syndication of all primary industry like aquaculture, fishing, agriculture, mining and all else. This is for the betterment of workers in these kinds of industry simply. We already know that most agriculture is very organised in the "Western" world to the point where we can't anymore claim those profits are given by competition, but rather the reasonable demand from the industry itself due to expenses of making the agriculture go around and for the workers to receive decent salary. We should admit this elegance to the rest of the world, obviously for the same betterment of living and opportunities that we enjoy ourselves or those next door. 100% Society further: This is not all, however, we need to start out projects that evaluate what kind of diversion of industry over this same kind of symmetry is needed in respect to cost and opportunity for abolishing unemployment. This can easily be socialised and effectuated by import barriers to make the desired level of price of product and for giving the "right" (social) message to the exporting country that its prices for this particular product is too low for this area to be (safely) sustainable most importantly in terms of employment! This SHOULD be accepted by the WTO given that the members begin to agree on this kind of agenda that makes the symmetry formula to the world the norm/normative! I would be HARD on this issue, making a ferocious campaign if necessary! Comment as precursor to the Idea of the 100% Society: I'll also write some on the "100% Society" in some time to come, both in response to Popper's political comment and to the much hated and paranoid Welles' "1984", according to myself. Much of "1984" is deeply unfounded, I think. And to be educated is also to seek rationality in others, thus this Police State regime is probably put away for ever. More later... (This has first been written on the open group on Facebook by the name, Thoughts from mr. Terje Lea, 16.12.2010, 18.12.2010 and 20.12.2010.) Future Strategies for the Conservative Parties

Various!Opprettet av Terje Lea 2011-01-14 07:14:14 [CET]

Considering our own Høyre, the Norwegian Conservative Party, I think one should aim for a plausible 51%-party program, that adjusts accordingly, that is, it's defined less principled, especially on the Hard Capitalism, in order to win over the sufficient political center. As Socialism, straight, lacks the virtues to a good and entrepreneurial society to make it progressive, also rewarding extra initiative, I think this line should win through with relative ease. The danger is, really, only the other real alternative of a 3rd way Labour Party.

The former comment falls in line with a report of 26,8% likely Høyre voters, today.

(This has first been written on the open group on Facebook by the name, Thoughts from mr. Terje Lea, 17.12.2010.)

Implicit Support to the British Students over Protests

Various!Opprettet av Terje Lea 2011-01-14 06:53:23 [CET]

Today, a little bit late, I'd like to voice my support to the British student protesters for demanding affordable degrees/studies. It should be possible to make very affordable/cheap bachelor degrees from some areas, i.e., most humanist subjects, most political sciences, most social sciences including psychology and possibly also mathematics (if the appropriate software is available and such is required), etc. (programming, economy). One can very well use the internet for this purpose (thus making these bachelors cheap).
From an initial point, it should benefit Europe greatly to produce as much competent people as possible, increasing the likelihood of producing money-making material like J. K. Rowling and others to all parts of the European business life.

Further: Please, stop the moronic social scheming and drop the cheap attitude and begin to make it possible for most people to enjoy competence! Cheers! :-)

A little comment: I've forgotten to add "competent people in the sense of being university or college trained"! (There are obviously competent people in all aspects of life, but I'm thinking specifically of these bachelor degrees (, and NOT the paper-mill-degrees).)

(This has first been written on the open group on Facebook by the name, Thoughts from mr. Terje Lea, 12.12.2010.)

Voicing Some Pains

Various!Opprettet av Terje Lea 2011-01-14 06:49:18 [CET]

(Briefly, the Philosophy Now forum was unavailable:)
These are the first thoughts by this group that serves basically as my "breathing straw" to the world under this clear suppression I live under, by what I see as intended crippling of my person under some possible scheme of "monkey business". I'm sorry to write this, but I've come to a point where it's inevitable to come to this conclusion. :-(

(This has first been written on the open group on Facebook by the name, Thoughts from mr. Terje Lea, 10.12.2010.)

This is also serving as a place to write while I boycott writing to my normal websites (and other forums, particularly the Norwegian ones) in political protest to this f*cked Norwegian practice of Law that I see as clearly breaching my human rights. I'm uncertain if I ever get any efficient lawyer services to issue some demands of being this victim of abuses in the past, relating to Uni. Dec. of HR articles 3 and 12, especially. I'm also under heightened stress from what I perceive as a heightened THREAT level to my life and health, possibly under a silent approval from "some sh*tty people" with the sufficient power to keep it this way! Things are not good for the time being!

(This has first been written on the open group on Facebook by the name, Thoughts from mr. Terje Lea, 10.12.2010.)

Concerning my 2 posts on Friday, I see it as a wide-open invitation to "abuse me to death", sic, becoming this degraded f*ck-bag of what has been a person, by keeping me in this crippled and isolated condition where it seems hard to get to reliable services such as Police, Health and legal. I must also point out that I've written to Amnesty International in Norway on my blog.

(This has first been written on the open group on Facebook by the name, Thoughts from mr. Terje Lea, 12.12.2010.)

As I sense the world is no longer rewarding good performances, apart from the "monkey"-biz fuelled inhumanities, I've decided to hold back on my writings in general until I enter more positive contexts. Even Ubuntu can't get their feet together for the most basic stuff. Just as an example, one is tweaking Firefox/dedicated services from Ubuntu through some Python-based services (or possibly some other) to topple the processor to 100% just to make them crash that much faster! So why should I bother? The world is a crazy place...

(This has first been written on the open group on Facebook by the name, Thoughts from mr. Terje Lea, 22.12.2010.)

Thoughts over This Year's Nobel Peace Prize

Various!Opprettet av Terje Lea 2011-01-14 06:34:21 [CET]

1. thought is that this year's Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiabo has been in every Chinese salad bowl there is and it's my belief that he has virtually been asking for punishment for all his actions.
The grounding for his sentence accordingly reads: subversive activity against the Chinese government.

More from Wikipedia here:

Please note the information that comes with reference 22:
Prison terms for Liu Xiaobo[22] Prison term Reason Result
June 1989 – January 1991 Charged with spreading messages to instigate counterrevolutionary behavior. Imprisoned in one of China's best-known maximum security prisons, Qincheng Prison, and discharged when he signed a "letter of repentance."
May 1995 – January 1996 Being involved in democracy and human rights movement and voicing publicly the need to redress government's wrongdoings in the student protest of 1989 Released after being jailed for six months.
October 1996 – October 1999 Charged with disturbing the social order Jailed in a labor education camp for three years. In 1996, he married Liu Xia.
December 2009–2020 Charged with spreading a message to subvert the country and authority Sentenced for 11 years and deprived of all political rights for two years. Currently imprisoned in Jinzhou Prison in Liaoning Province.[23]

It's interesting to separate the "Western" demand for democracy vs. the Chinese demand for progress yet in line with Chinese "5000 year old" culture. It's worth knowing the possible intent by China to keep it's (60 year old) system into ONE direction by its corresponding ONE party system. The sentence description to prof. Liu Xiabo also reads "democratic dictatorship", something we in the "West" would normally characterise as a blatant contradiction, but then again this is underpinned by a certain interpretation/description where these two concepts are in this contradictory relationship.

It's worth noting, in relation to the comment on this year's Nobel Peace Prize Award that China has one of the hardest law-enforcements of corruption in the world today and is not hesitant to use the death penalty in this regard. The "Western" culture has a tendency to let such slip through the fingers and most certainly abstains from the use of the death penalty. The conclusion is that China indeed is harder on combatting corruption than most of the "Western" culture/European/North American countries! I can't say definitely that China has an inferior justice system in all aspects of it, but it's worth taking notice of the fact that wealth in nations also brings more humanistic thought into them, including a more humane society! Let's see a better world!

In relating to the NPP Award to Liu Xiabo, it may be worth remembering what has taken place following "Western" demands in Russia/Soviet Union when people have been complaining about WORSE times than in formerly. That is, order and steadiness can be GOOD and desired above absolute and revolting "demands" to a country/political system. We should allow China TIME to come around with its steady rise to "developed" standards. It's also funny that Thorbjorn/Thorbjørn Jagland mentions that the Nobel committee is rewarding prof. Liu Xiabo the award BECAUSE he's in prison! Is then, implicitly, the NPP committee encouraging chaos, disruption and destabilisation in China (with all its consequences like violent demonstrations, destruction and infighting)?

It's my opinion that this years NPP could have been given to pres. Hamid Karzai, a man in obvious struggle or a more diplomatic line for saying the same thing to China yet in a more constructive way. Not in this way, rude, like a blow in the face!

Note: This diplomatic line that I refer to is a possible award to an "activist" of less controversy yet able to give the same force with some of the same message, a little more careful person.

In relation to China's Confucius prize, an Asian alternative to the Norwegian awarded, Nobel Peace Prize, I think China should seek a peer's perspective when awarding it for it to represent any good "competition" in the future. I must say, as China is this developing country, it should be both valuable and good to have this competition, to a world, the developed that has commonly looked down on and exploited the rest of the world to the benefit for itself (i.e., racism and eugenics to name some). So I advise China to seek its own political line for awarding the Confucius Prize by what it thinks supports the best/good world, especially in terms of cooperation and economic development. After a "unfortunate" starting year and hasty decision probably to award such a prize, it may indeed be valuable as Asia's outlook to world-politics to its taste. I welcome this prize and it should be exciting to see what comes of it the next year. It must also be noted that the name, Confucius, sets a rather high bar, that I also love, if China is to live up to it. Cheers!

(This has first been written on the open group on Facebook by the name, Thoughts from mr. Terje Lea, 10.12.2010, 12.12.2010, 13.12.2010 and 17.12.2010.)

On the Question: Is Religion a Force for Good?

Various!Opprettet av Terje Lea 2011-01-05 05:07:33 [CET]

Yes! And undoubtedly so! Ethics (and thereby good[ness]) lies at its very heart! What else is religion supposed to be? Who else? The Atheists? No, you dumba**!!! I agree, though, that religion is also abused to obtain other ends, but ultimately, it's a definite force for GOOD!!!

Cheers! :-)

Ved anmeldelse...

Various!Opprettet av Terje Lea 2011-01-05 05:04:40 [CET]

Jeg kan legge til et par nyttige linker til Politiet til: . Det kan være verdt å nevne at man burde ta med seg 3 formelle punkter som er nevnt under fx. anmeldelse av sykkel.
Her er siden om hvordan man skal gå frem når man skal klage på Politiet: . Jeg har mistanke om at Politiet har skapet fullt av skjeletter så det er bare å gi de inn hvis man får sjansen! Husk også å få navnet på den du leverer anmeldelsen til!

[Extra note: Husk også at man har RETT til å få opplyst Polititjeneste-nummer. Dette er et nummer som er gitt som en slags bevilling og slike numre er best illustrert med Taxi-nummeret på toppen av drosjene som er lisensen deres som de har "løyve"/tillatelse til å levere "transport-tjenester"/kjøre drosje på! Advokater har jo sin bevilling og det kan jo hende at de er gitt et unikt nummer de også!]

6/12 (Next 20 to go, to nr. 7)


  1. "Korrupsjon i Politiet - en fiktiv fortelling sådan" translates into "Corruption in the Police - a fictitious story as such"! With this added comment, "I deeply encourage you to translate this text into your own language, depending on the starkness of the legal practice situation in your country/state!" This is a version over a 1984 theme, stepping in _before_ it _and_ "Armed Police Forces hunting down people for "shoot and kill"! Good?

  2. Maybe I'll translate it sometime. For now, I'm distressed and busy (however funny the 2 sound together)!

  3. This page is it for today. More is probably coming up tomorrow!

  4. I'm having some problems with my editor using this Firefox 7.0.1. Are they guiding us, editor-wise? Thus, the paragraphing comes out slightly "disturbed"/"psychopathic(?)". Sorry for this as well! (Let's just call this person mr. Editor.)

  5. Under the 100% Society, I have now formulated a much better and far more complete Philosophy of Law/Jurisprudence than what has been before. I think, therefore, that my idea of a 100% Society _in theory_ has taken a big step _forward_!!!

  6. Under "Anmeldelse": "Extra note: Husk også at man har RETT til å få opplyst Polititjeneste-nummer. Dette er et nummer som er gitt som en slags bevilling og slike numre er best illustrert med Taxi-nummeret på toppen av drosjene som er lisensen deres som de har "løyve"/tillatelse til å levere "transport-tjenester"/kjøre drosje på! Advokater har jo sin bevilling og det kan jo hende at de er gitt et unikt nummer de også!"