Saturday, 22 October 2011

On "Grand Economical System"

I'd say right now that there are probably attempts in the World, trying to make a s*tanically big economical map of the World, in the normative sense, of how you can fit the entire World into a functioning World in the modern, industrial sense (incl. less than 5% unemployment)!

This concerns stuff like how many car-manufacturersshould the World have? How small should they be in order to be "regional" enough? How many other businesses should there be? Manufacturers of everything from processors, computers, clothes, shoes, books, electronics, heavy machinery and so forth!
The key thing about this is of course the desired, viable price tag for each and every consumer while maintaining rewards for the developers, the makers, the copyright-holders.This means of course that there should be proper salaries for everyone else too, incl. people in all parts of the World, also incl. all industries, like coffee producers, tea producers and all else!

So how can you make nations develop the fastest without making the machine running too hot and destroying it? How much FDI, national assets, World Bank/IMF resources can you put into action and make controlled and justifiable returns in the sense that the people of the nation are elevated to a higher level of both development and industry (incl. all welfare, like medicine and so forth)!

There is a lot going on in the World and you should look into possibilities of breaking settled opinions on fx. tectonics and rather look to fx. my "peppercake theory", considering there has been so much oil in God's own country rather than the rest of the World, remembering my old geography book describing resources around the World, with USA FULL of all, from oil to agricultural resources to mining resources! So I don't buy the docile anymore! Get your teeth in there and think new, please! Fx. "all of a sudden" oil is found outside Argentina and Brazil! Why is this? Why now? How many search companies are there in the World for identifying all these resources incl. mining resources of all kinds? Do we need more of them? Cheers!

(I'm coming back to this!)


  1. The last is now added for today! Cheers!

  2. The speed of a given economy is given by domestic supply to domestic demand and its virtue in offering goods and services for critical/necessary/other services and goods from abroad! Thus, you may generate hideously great speed internally/domestically as long as you _only_ need/rely on domestically offered goods and services! But this is rarely the case! Thus, further, the speed is given according to how fast goods and services can persuade foreigners to invest as much as demand something from a nation as well as selling goods and services to this country! _The critical part_: goods and services not available domestically, how bad you need it and how fast you can get it! Cheers!