Saturday, 15 October 2011

On Updating Programs

If you consider Updates for computer programs then don't. They use Updates for replacing the settings file with an "open mode" settings file, fx., that allows for unwanted information flows, whether directly for hackers to enter or more innocent, like obtaining a bit of information! A 1. point for now: be very conscious of your firewall program and learn to configure it correctly and also _remove_ the Telnet and remote "help" and protocols options (usually some RPCSS or so, Remote Procedure Call) from the set-up of your firewall! Surf yours! Cheers!

(One funny and highly dubious detail with (my) Windows 7 is that Microsoft insists on two accounts of "system users" to be present, Service and Interactive, without giving any reasoning for such, like a simple message at start of Update to open for these two accounts in case they are deactivated! They may just as well be semi-criminal, the way they do business!)

Please, remember the main message of this text: don't update naively! Be also quick to configure each and every program you install. This may be stressful in the beginning, but the rewards are great in the long run! Alright?

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