Sunday, 2 October 2011

On (#)LoveToUSAWar, Symmetry and Arms Race

I think the arms race needs to be accepted "hands down" by USA as there is no sane logic against it (considering US American record of leadership and as they now are being investigated and regarded more closely)! The military remains a national issue for most nations and as the consciousness "lies on the table, considering the steps", there should be no doubt what to do!

So on top the the "Love to USA War", I make a version over Hitler's speech to the "Reichstag" in 1939, right before the war on Poland, 1. Sept. 1939: Rund 6,5 (komma) Milliarden B├╝rger und B├╝rgerinnen standen damals hinter mir! (And now I get a famous poster where I can get money with my "Brazilian" greeting, stolen from a dead Nazi.)

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