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My CV (Hasn't been very useful lately, but perhaps changes can take place!)

Epost: LukasFOlsnesLea@gmail.com

Lukas F. Olsnes-Lea

So by the Worldclass contributions in science as well as in composition/artistry/writing, being "The
Boy from Hauglia" and "The Genius from Lista", Terje Lea, by my father Jan Terje Lea,

"Quattro"-Doctor by
Terje Lea, 240975 - The University of Oxford, 2 doctorates
Terje Lea, 240975 - The University of Oslo, 2 doctorates

I am primarily "interested" in these subjects:
Chemistry and bio-chemistry
Political Science
Information Technology
Forensics, Theology and ALL the others

"Red Khmer Norway presents this CV of Terje Lea", under Norwegian corruption, has made this track of life necessary:

Mål nr. 1:

***** ----------------- ;-)

Mål nr. 2:

Gjøre så mye filosofi som mulig

Update: Competence in philosophy: having been with Carl Hempel and Karl Popper at Hauglia, 1983/1984, by our house there, and delivered "doctor work" else for (appx.) 35 years, I think it's safe to say that my level in philosophy is at the PhD/"internet professor"/Dr. level!

To all corrupt people/those with corrupt minds trying to exploit my situation, here's the deal: "Vincent! Go fuck yourself!"

From Collateral (2004) with Jamie Foxx and Tom Cruise:
Collateral - "Go fuck yourself." [1080p HD] - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l0VeVaNxinc

"Cool?" (Norway may not have had the best motives in keeping me this way, rather rewarding criminals and subverting good people and the good connections! Formally, under this main text, there are 21 comments by myself which are the only ones I can see!)

Personlige opplysninger


42 år








2004 - 2018
Finansiert av forsikringspenger og av fondet til en hemmelig organisasjon
Sted: Univers' Senter for Forskning i Filosofi
Forskning Filosofi - Nå: Vitenskapsfilosofi

2002 - 2004
Gilde Vest BA
Sted: Forus
Fast ansatt - Kjøttekspedisjonen

2001 - 2002
Gilde Vest BA
Sted: Forus
Deltid- og ferievikar – Produksjon og Lager

2000 - 2001
Proffice AS
Sted: Stavanger

1998 - 1999
Høgskolen i Oslo
Sted: Oslo
Sivilarbeider (Vitenskapelig assistent)

1996 - 1999
Elkem Aluminium ANS Lista
Sted: Lista
Ferievikar, lærling og fagoperatør

Agro Fellesslakteri (Gilde Vest)
Sted: Forus


2004 - 2018
Meg selv
Sted: Bærum
· Gradene Bachelor, Master og muligens Phd i Filosofi tildeles meg selv av meg selv. Dette skjer i lys av betydelig korrupsjon og er derfor en justering i vurderingen av min egen kompetanse, først og fremst for andre

2007 - 2009
Universitetet i Oslo
Sted: Oslo
· Enkeltkurs

Noroff Instituttet
Sted: Stavanger
· 1. del Nettv.adm. Høsten 2001

Sted: Stavanger
· 1. del IT-Prosjekt Våren 2001 (Resultat: 2.0)

1998 - 2000
Universitetet i Oslo
Sted: Oslo
· Examen Philosophicum Høsten 1998 (5 vekttall)
· Examen Facultatum–Humaniora Høsten 1999 (5 vektt.)
· 2 semestere Filosofi Høsten 1999 - Våren 2000

1994 - 1998
Lista Videreg. Sk.
Sted: Lista

Kvadraturen V.G.S.
Sted: Kristiansand

Elkem Aluminium Lista ANS
Sted: Lista
· Fagbrev i metallurgiske prosessfag

1991 - 1994
Eilert Sundt V.G.S.
Sted: Farsund
· Examen artium - Generell studiekompetanse


Dykking, fotball, løping, filosofi og data


Operativsystemer: Windows 10 og noe Linux

Programmer: Diverse office programmer og grunnleggende programmering

· Datakortet kompetansebevis (ECDL) Alle 7 moduler

· MOUS Master-sert. i Excel (Expert), Word (Expert), Access (Core), Powerpoint (Core) og Outlook (Core)

· CIW-Associate (-Certified Internet Webmaster)


Flytende i engelsk, skriftlig og muntlig. Grunnleggende i tysk, skriftlig og muntlig. "Noe" svensk og dansk også naturligvis.

Jeg er også generelt interessert i språk, alle språk, inkludert programmeringsspråk.


Hemmelig! :-)


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Just for the academics:

In addition I have completed GCSE equiv. with Chemistry "highest" and Math and Physics one step below (formally)! I have infact studied "Knowledge of Society/Political Science" in the 3rd year, and passed, but also Physics and Mathematics without passing!


  1. The picture may be bad, but in fact in discloses 3,5 years of (fulltime) studies and 40 SPs (study points), only passing 0,5 years of study plus a subject in Research Design in Psychology with the code PSY 1010 and yielding 10 SPs! Good?

  2. You can consider my work of the activist/political scientist of the kind of "Political Scientist Chomsky of Europe" and NOT "the Monkey-Chomsky of USA"! It should be noted, though, that his connection with monkeys is of the serious kind and not the "monkey-biz" of torture set-ups of the "psychiatric kind". My criticism is also supposed to be fair and objective and as I enter this discussion I'm willing to take criticism too under the same standard (ord. academic standard of discussion). Good?

  3. For "academic affiliation/association", you can write *"Internet University"* and perhaps NOT... Nooo, nooo, NO! This is for now...!

  4. A url to my diploma of my Norwegian GCSE is here: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=340527412724176 .
    Otherwise, it's just the usual, using Google or Bing Translator and the rest, "probably switched to Debian as matter of Linux..."

    Yes, the Nobel List to go of 10.

  5. Still, I do not have genocide on my résumé like Insect-Jens (Blut-Hure, BH), maybe, and that no state-crime is protected from any persecution or at least the legal one. And... and not in '95 either, no, not any...

    Thus, my résumé stands out in character and force.

  6. I'm cool! Stronger Religion every day! Also by "mathematical Religion", the eternal forms, God closing the door on humanity, possibly!

  7. Weapon-Intelligence and Bronxie-Weapon
    in addition to these:
    Tenacious, Focused, Hard-working, Disciplined, Intelligent, Intellectual, Nice, Easy-going, Balanced, Principled! (Proud and Confident!)

    That bloodlust is no problem in my life, knowing what they represent, and master with the senses too, that ... hah-hah-hah-hah-hah :-D 8-D 8-)

  8. Despite all:

    Note on my standing by the fact that I should now be known as

    Leonardo F. Olsnes-Lea

    (or Dr. Physics by "doctor's work means doctor's degree", 3 works evident for this, _at least_, until now)

    Note: This, the award of the doctor degree, is also guaranteed by the publicly known university duties, but not complied with by Norway, still though a valid claim abroad (from Norway)!

    * The poor presentation until now is due to Norway and its "liabilities".

    "This CV has been by ALL of Norway, with the hardest working parts being the corrupt people!" - That I have been confined/suppressed in my life to make poor school results, but great results when I have worked alone, with the theory (plus available data-sets) acquired to make sense of, by the basic motivation for intelligence and decency for "optimism, happiness and progress for humanity", getting at all the questions needed to get there. These have been vast and I've worked on these questions "since 1982/1987" (you can take the latter number if you find the first too incredible).


    Leonardo F. Olsnes-Lea
    Akademiker/Universitetsutdannet (ved eng. "scholar")

    (eller Dr. fysiker ved at doktor arbeid innebærer doktor-grad, 3 åpenbare arbeider for dette, minst, inntil nå)

  9. The reality, getting to grips, also for personal reasons:

    The Stupidity is Now, the Personal Weapons the Cure for This

    It makes it no better for us in Europe and achievers with me that we sit this "low", serving idiots high up, if the Hitler research turns out to be right, that we entertain an idiot culture that leans back on basic industry, only to let corrupt minds and corruption take charge, that the Hitler idiots of personality and leniency of crime get to lead the way.

    This speaks for an EU/Schengen-society of double stupidity where those who should hold positions of trust are shoved back to basic worker (baker, cleaner, carpenter, mechanic etc.) roles and that the traitor people who get to have these positions of trust, police officers, physicians, lawyers etc. are there on a "knee-jerk basis" only because "I have seen so much perversion that some (and only some) must be allowed to take place (of the positive)", making our economy jangle through in a kind of emergency state that's rife with injustice and the most severe crime! This is not a description of a happy place, but one of the occasional black humour/gallows humour!

    Dishonour more or not for Europe and other nations?

  10. Let's say that "we agree, UiO (University of Oslo) and I, on me now having scored Master's degree in Philosophy for having delivered "The Closure Principle" in Epistemology during an evening lecture on Master level in 2000 (discussing Theaetetus and related). That this declaration ends a kind of shame or shameful standing (pertaining to any former "misunderstanding")!

    I still hold focus though, days still dark with mental burden, on to the Dr. Physics by my achievements inside this field and still supplying the public with reliability and confidence with this as well, an easy to-do-list laying there ahead of me, prepared for by my former work.

  11. By a kind of emergency and under the Norwegian Bar Association, I name myself: Adv. L. F. Olsnes-Lea (EN: lawyer/barrister L. F. Olsnes-Lea).

    An award of being appointed to holding a Minister's Office of Information Work (EN: Minister = NO: Prest) may have my name on it by these achievements:

    The Scientific Bible 2.0 - A Commentary to All Valid Holy Books
    The Non-Dogmatic New Intelligent Design (NDNID)
    The Defences for God - 5+1
    Contributions to the ESP/Telepathy - God Debate in addition, teaching the World a better way... (Telepathy evidently as idea makes Heaven appear right next to the forehead, feeling very pleasant, indeed!)

  12. My names of former:

    Donje - being the don, the head, the intelligence of my family - refers to Kaneheia, Michael Jackson also.

    Mr. Song - refers to my skills in making/composing songs for artists to perform them.

    The Boy from Hauklia/Hawklia/Hauglia, where Hauklia translates into Hawklia in hawk being a smaller predator than the eagle, another symbol of power!

    Also, King of Intelligence x2/as declared twice now, 2014-03-02, solving the awful mystery of telepathy and a few others, pertaining to intelligence.

    One declaration has to do with Germany and beating CIA/USA in making chess computable, BACK THEN, generating a tip white Europe reference from Sweden(/Russia, now a democracy)!

  13. It follows in terms of my actual competence, not the failure of the Norwegian education system to place me correctly.

    We start:

    Studies have lasted from 1998 to 2000 and 2007 to 2009. Informal studies have lasted through this whole time outside the usual, formal/structured studies, from 1997 to 1998, from 2000 to 2007 and 2009 to 2014, to this day. Formal and informal studies, thus, stretch in time to about 17 years.

    The reading list is to this point:
    The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Language
    editors Lepore and Smith (Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press, 2006).

    Introduction to Contemporary Epistemology
    Jonathan Dancy (Oxford, UK: Blackwell, 1985).

    Philosophy of Mind, 2nd ed.
    Jaegwon Kim (Cambridge, MA: Westview Press, 2006).

    Causation & Explanation
    Stathis Psillos (Chesham, UK: Acumen, 2002).

    The Logic Book, 4th ed.
    M. Bergmann, J. Moor and J. Nelson (New York: McGraw-Hill Higher Education, 2004).

    ...the others...

    Some journals I've stayed with:
    Mind (Journal - UK)
    The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science

    ...Plus the 70 books or so to these above, that is a shortlisting. Compendias come extra to this overview.

    Secondary literature that files directly under the Philosophy of Science:
    Physics, chemistry, mathematics, psychology, programming and history writing, especially about Hitler. These books count about 50.

    In addition to the philosophical contributions, I can be accredited depth in the subject of history writing by these 3 contributions to the World, also the UN:

    1. Financial Radicalism and USA and its Military Complex.

    2.1 Analysis of the time between 1st World War and 2nd World War and Hitler's way to power (despite...).

    2.2 My work may contribute to the fact that the Germans once again start using Schutzstaffel again, as matter of plain speech (with pride held high) and that Tri-Sturm-S (Tri-Storm-S and Blitz-SS) enters the German language, to replace the former word, by "psychia-TRI-e" (psychiatry) code.

    3. WWF by its leadership in light of their emphasis on the national parks and how this has failed. One case study is supplied for this.

    It may be noted that I've earnt a name since about 10 years of age, since the mid-80s.

    So, all in all, all the time that's been spent, my renown since 10 included, 27 years have elapsed, with these formal and informal studies on top along with other facts of life!

  14. Pre-note to these books more:
    I seek compliance with Chicago 15th A, published in 2003 and that any deviation should not be found or possibly associated with my person, especially in terms of citation quality, that it is here to resolve either way.

    The list becomes then, without this compliance, 2nd part:
    T. Beauchamp. Philosophical Ethics - An Introduction... 2nd. ed.
    J. Sivertsen. Vitenskap og rasjonalitet. Note: Only added for sake of guidance and knowledge of it. Basic, introductory book to science and rationality.
    J. Derrida. Ghost of Marx (or thereof)
    J. McDowell. Meaning, Knowledge and Reality
    J. Teichman and K. C. Evans. Philosophy - A Beginner's Guide, 3rd ed.
    G. Couvalis. The Philosophy of Science: Science and Objectivity
    R. Audi, editor. The Cambridge Dictionary of Philosophy (One volume)
    T. S. Kuhn. The Structure of Scientific Revolutions
    P. Feyerabend. Against Method, 3rd ed.
    I. Kant. Critique of Judgment, 2nd Critique
    N. Warburton. The Basics - Philosophy, 4th, ed.
    M. Curd and J. A. Cover, editors. Philosophy of Science: The Central Issues. Anthology.

    [...the others... As pattern. Square brackets as correction to the above. The listing is also now corrected, not with parantheses.]

    There is one other Norwegian book plus some German that are not going to be listed!

    I have achievements on a string, "since I've been 10 years old", the first in the World to deliver a Nobel Prize list, and my competence is simply superb, renowned!

    The need for me to play this so bluntly is due to the IDIOCY of Norway. You can obtain the further explanations of embarrassment from them!

  15. (Before the reading list is finished...) Résumé: Actual, by the true competence, not Nowegian storytelling:

    Science, in particular Physics and Philosophy

    Savant (16 years of studies) - Multi-Talented
    High achievements - fx. New Crust Formation Theory, Solution to Schrodinger's Cat and Photon Theory

    Programming, running, chess, piloting/navigation, mountaineering, SCUBA-diving, arts and yet more science (in addition to occupational), like psychology and psychiatry

    Norwegian (native), English (De Dicto) and basic German (can read and understand most advanced language given some tools, EU language)

  16. Savant (16 years of studies - by formal Norwegian records, some Nobel/noble people say something else) - Multi-Talented

  17. Alder: 41 år.

    I can also add that after the devastating grades from Sr. High School, Eilert Sundt "VGS" and not even graduating from it because I had failed some (2?) subjects (I later completed the Sr. High School) I started (secretly) the investigation into my own case, deeply "inspired" by the perversions I had witnessed. This was the summer of 1994, a summer, by the age of 18, I also had to go without summerwork (to generate pocket money and more)!

    This means that I've been a private eye for my own case for 23 years! Don't get me wrong, but I don't let you know "everything"! ;-)

  18. For the sake of order, minimally: "Not correctly placed in the Norwegian system of education!" Maybe superfluous, considering the above.

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. To the possibility of Psychology PhD (not really in my plans, but may be important given the society).
    - Morals
    - Corrupt minds
    - Paranormal psychology
    - Aesthetics
    - Intelligence
    (Having been known as a great resource for intelligence since early childhood.)

  21. Competence in philosophy: having been with Carl Hempel and Karl Popper at Hauglia, 1983/1984, by our house there, and delivered "doctor work" else for (appx.) 35 years, I think it's safe to say that my level in philosophy is at the PhD/"internet professor"/Dr. level!

    "Cool?" (Norway may not have had the best motives in keeping me this way, rather rewarding criminals and subverting good people and the good connections!)

  22. Reminder:
    To all corrupt people/those with corrupt minds trying to exploit my situation, here's the deal: "Vincent! Go fuck yourself!"

    From Collateral with Jamie Foxx and Tom Cruise:
    Collateral - "Go fuck yourself." [1080p HD] - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l0VeVaNxinc

  23. Two new titles to my name (apart from 3 doctor titles):
    Master Creator of Ideas
    "Doctor" Creator of Ideas!

    As well as:
    Journalist (in Norway, at least, granted to every Norwegian)
    (System)Critic of Norway and its (social/political) elite

    Apart...: Industrialist, Composer "200 songs" and Author (of blogs, minimally, "thi-hi-hi-hi, Norway...!"

  24. I'm "pleased" with these subjects:
    Political Science / Economy

    So that MA Pomp or MSc Romp can happen three times before
    Ph.D./"Doctor" Poo or Boo also three times. By this, Norway retains its academic "integrity", no titles "stolen" or "claimed".

    "Ohhh, no, he is using titles against us!" "Ohh no, he has a worthy qualification!" - Poor corrupt Norway, poor corrupt Norway! (World name is not enough!)

  25. Regardless of titles, puny or not, my name carries considerable World class quality in science by my 35 years of doing "doctor's work", people being very startled by my person and presence!

    As such, because of all the unfairness and abuse I've suffered in being a difference in the World, I'm "very tired" of idiot doctors seeking me for Nobel award performance by work (or indeed under extreme threats and possible severe abuse), that I'm supposed to bring them fame or whatever. I do not take this lightly and I'm amazed by the degree of shame they take on themselves in order to be this fake person!

    So there you have it!
    (Idiot-Norway still unpleased with my public messages!)

  26. So by the Worldclass contributions in science as well as in composition/artistry/writing, being "The Boy from Hauglia", Terje Lea, by my father Jan Terje Lea, I am primarily "interested" in these subjects:
    Physics with chemistry and bio-chemistry
    Political Science
    Forensics, Theology and ALL the others

    (I hope this is the final message before a more normal LinkedIn-profile appears.)

  27. Det kan være at jeg også kalles "Sangaren" (The Singer) helst ved låtskriving og "Skaparen" (The Creator) ved diverse "påfunn" fra tiden i Farsund/på Lista. Kanskje like så mye som "Geniet fra Lista" (The Genius from Lista).

  28. Alas, it turns out:

    That I am Doctor of The University of Oxford and that my story checks in and...

    Corrupt Norway has been naughty! Very naughty?

    Finally! At last... For all of my hardship and work!

  29. "Quattro"-Doctor by
    Terje Lea, 240975 - The University of Oxford, 2 doctorates
    Terje Lea, 240975 - The University of Oslo, 2 doctorates

    Information has been held away from me?

  30. This comment has been removed by the author.

  31. Another doctor's degree has been granted, possibly, in Philosophy by University of Oslo to 240975 Lukas Ferdinand Olsnes-Lea. Yet to be confirmed.

  32. Another doctor's degree has been granted, possibly, in Psychology by University of Oxford to 240975 Lukas Ferdinand Olsnes-Lea. Yet to be confirmed.

  33. Both doctorates for work done between 2000 and 2018.

  34. "Mål nr. 1" Goal no. 1:

    ***** ----------------- ;-) - To make a better World, as in 1982

    That is, as with every politician nowadays by (hard) duty, I work for Utopia, straight! See also "Aims of Scientology" by Scientology or here on the blog.

  35. Notice
    I take back "Star Wars" in my name, as scientist, as artist, as composer.

    A sizeable Hollywood name indeed, I am!

    #DrLukasOlsnesLea #TerjeLea #Fiction #Hollywood #DrTerjeLea #Hauglia

    (Some investigation into idiocy remaining.)

  36. Update (new subjects, Genetics and Pharmacy).

    I am primarily "interested" in these subjects:
    Chemistry and bio-chemistry

  37. I guess that Psychiatry should also enter the list as primary or secondary "interest", either way included implicitly under Philosophy, Philosophy of Science and Philosophy of Psychiatry.

    Also subject under History of Science and History of Psychiatry by secondary "interest", History / History Writing.

  38. Note.
    I should also have had the NATO Security Clearance more than 20 years ago, but F*cksh*t Norway and their queer "solutions" have made this differently as with so much else of their doings.

    Use your senses for who they are, sniff them out so to speak!

  39. Genetics should perhaps read Molecular Biology and Genetics, Genetic Engineering.

  40. The foundation for my doctorates, 4 or more or whatever... "Not done in a day!"

    For Pharmacy
    Antidepressants and more.

    For Chemistry
    For example 3x dynamite, Paint with Nitrogen gas (which results in entirely different colour qualities), +++ I have also introduced the buret (byrette) for chemistry.

    For Physics
    For example Radio-based technology, various. Radiological seismics (3D/4D seismics) for Norway. Laser v.2 - I made the modern laser! The OR-gate for computing, the start for quantum computing, "probability calculator", generating results by some probability. Randomizer, also for the best in nature, actually, also for the time being.

    For Genetics (Genetic Manipulation)
    Started with Genetic engineering - Mouse with ear on back created. More too, of course.
    This is the start of an academic field. Never happened before in the World.

    For (Engineering and) Chemistry and Physics I can add contributions to the aluminium industry to such ends that aluminium could be used commonly, rather than the expensive production from earlier!

    More and more and more, NASA and so on... The list is far from complete!

  41. Funnily enough, at 7 years old, I had good eyes and excellent intellect, also for mathematics.

    Now, in this suppressed and "political" situation, I must use contact lenses, quite near-sighted, and "allegedly", I lack mathematics for science by the words from these sh*tholes!

    Now, can it be the antibiotics? Can it be the criminal implants, including the tech-eyes, tech-ears and so on? Can it be their headless wanton (agenda) for EVIL?

    Give me a name of these accusers and I'll you who they are!

    Worldclass for more than 35 years! Worldclass INTELLECT!

    F*ck them!

  42. Statement - Citizenship

    Let me say it straight that I would like to obtain either a dual citizenship from USA and Sweden or from USA alone in the nearest possible future!

    I find that too much crime has been committed against me and my (extended) family through the years for me to accept living in Norway for the foreseeable future!

  43. My profile on LinkedIn with my true life achievements and not any of that produced from "trauma management the wrong way" and other medical malpractice also as (severe) torture. #MeToo

    LinkedIn, Lukas F Olsnes-Lea: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lukas-f-olsnes-lea-b64104164/