Friday, 14 October 2011

Minimal Philosophy of Business - My Position!

Philosophy of Business of mine: I would be looking into what security considerations do to the business conduct and the effects of this! This may be seen as the Minimal Philosophy of Business!

Added note: for a longer period of time and an early concern of mine, I've written a little notice on
"On Company Policies" for clearing the picture on industry and laying down an analysis grid to start with. This is now, with pleasure, formulated as "Minimal Philosophy of Business". I find this a little funny and a kind of ironic comment to the Philosophers of Business out there in the World, remembering a few notices on how MI5/MI6 agents would lose their laptops on buses and trains! So I wonder how they're doing, these Philosophers! Cheers to you all! Have a nice day!

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  1. You should note the "Minimalist (deflationary) theories of truth", by fx. . With names such as Kripke, Tarski, Russell, Donaldson who add to theories of truth!