Saturday, 15 October 2011

A Solution for Anomalous Benefits - The Removal of the Social Benefits (and Its Clients)

The Social Benefits can be replaced with Citizen's Unemployment Benefits, with appropriate, coordinated, additional programs automatically assigned to them. These programs are of course the programs that usually apply to these people, if any at all, beside their special "Citizen's...", psychiatric, rehabilitation and detoxication programs!
The "basket" of Social Benefits has always been marked by dubious standards and it's my belief that the clients are better protected by entering professional set-ups rather than being placed in a pin-ball arrangement! This carries quite some weight to legal considerations, I think, in cleaning up unwanted characteristics of the public sector!

(Get, set, go!)

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  1. Besides, it should be noted that in the discussion of Social Benefits vs. Disability Benefits, Social Benefits hold _no_ particular requirement according to law, but Disability Benefits do! So when OECD a time ago noted that Norway kept a part of its potential workforce "on the outside", not on "Social Benefits", but on "Disability Benefits", then I would argue that Social Benefits can happen to hide Medical Conditions while Disability Benefits have no such drawback because of an extensive qualifying program of medical assessment. In Norway this is 6 years now, or less if you came out alive from a traffic accident severely injured, fx!
    There is another issue with the leisure/leash-ure time of the "grating" system worldwide, that freedom is hard to achieve and hard to perceive as possibility anywhere whatsoever. My answer is, of course, that there is only _one_ answer and it is that the legal systems and legal practices _must be strengthened_ worldwide and that the (1000 mile/long?) march toward democracy (and not D. democracy) must continue! This is hard and dangerous work!!!