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The Free Will Theorem and Quants - Complexity

Various!Posted by Leonardo F. Olsnes-Lea 2011-07-05 03:30:40 [CEST]

I think it requires complexity of heavier bodies of matter for free will to obtain.
The Free Will Theorem is presented by John Conway and Simon Kochen and the Wikipedia
page has a criticism of them as a part of presenting The Free Will Theorem.
The url to it is this:

Fx. a stream of photons of visible light can only do that much when speeding away from the Sun. There is no evidence that the stream of photons can change anything in particular, let's say direction, compensating for some gravity. See Einstein's relativity for gravity effects on photons.

Also, complexity should also be required for the decision for choosing between pleasure and relaxation and exercise and feeding and hunt. Although, these properties are only present with animals and ourselves, the humans.

So unless a bigger body is chosen and the choices are somehow explicated, I think "undetermined" is too weak for giving any plausibility to it or credibility for that matter.

I think, though, that the Dr. Dick Bierman experiments of Holland show that "monades" are likely to obtain in a fundamental way, in line with The Free Will Theorem by John Conway and Simon Kochen, rather than an unknown mechanism that may be impossible to find. This is a warning to future experimenters (the physicists).

The conclusion must be that a bigger system is effectuating the free will existing everywhere whether you call it God or some strange uknown super entity of the Universe / Multiverse or whatever.

(A note to the idiot(s), wherever: Some administrator somewhere, using Firefox, has prevented me in posting the original writing to this blog. I considere therefore the original writing as stolen in case somebody with the connection either by IT or acquaintance is publishing it. The original writing has been written moments earlier than this, being around 03:25 - 03:30 on 05.07.2011. First suspicion starts with an employee at Canal Digital/Telenor by "Firewall the wrong way" and the use of program specific "sandbox" of the kind that Norman Internet Security Company has in its software.)

Fundamental Defeat on Grounds of the Whole Legal Practice

Various!Posted by Leonardo F. Olsnes-Lea 2011-07-04 06:13:52 [CEST]

Fundamental defeat is called by myself, Mr. Leonardo F. Olsnes-Lea on part of the national condition of Norway regarding legal practice everywhere within the domain of jurisdiction. Call has been made 30.03.2011, informally. Norway is despotic in a skin of democracy and serious changes need to take place with far harder discipline and tougher "sanctions" on people who "fail" (by corruption and otherwise) to comply to necessary duties, tasks and reporting for a good system of democracy to be (re-)established (if it has ever been into place at all).


A Possible Title to My Collected Writings - Philosophical Texts and Related - The White Letters (to the UN)

Various!Posted by Leonardo F. Olsnes-Lea 2011-07-03 12:55:01 [CEST]

I've been thinking of publishing my entire collection of writings, i.e., Program of Ethics, Time, Phil. Notes, Issues from the Internet and Scribblings. An addendum can be my writings named "Opinions on Science". I'm also thinking that a good deal of my blog writings are relevant for compilation. I'd also like some views on Scientology and Deism in there. I've now come to a possible title:

Philosophical Texts and Related (by myself) - The White Letters (to the UN)

Disclaimer on Cocaine: I've replaced Cocaine with White because of the very negative consequences generally associated with exactly Cocaine, although it clearly comes across as "White"! Don't abuse drugs, please!

Some music as end note for this thought of title: Eric Clapton and Cocaine on YouTube,! Explicit message: This is no encouragement to the use of drugs!

Besides, cocaine chemical derivatives have been used and possibly are used still as pain killers! Thus, in a sense, I hope, I've contributed to killing the pains of stupidity by other writings and removing the pains of riddles that have been stuck in people's heads without getting solved!

Some substances you can check out regarding these "derivatives":

[(To prospective students of chemistry and pharamcy!)]

Readers are welcome, but always above 13

Various!Posted by Leonardo F. Olsnes-Lea 2011-07-02 03:21:57 [CEST]

This is a small note on what audience as readers, I expect.
What I present on my websites is clearly meant for adults. There are writings that are suitable for the general public, including children (being under 18 yo.) down to 13 that may be inspiring, but the fact is that the full width is, I think, only interesting to people who have studied or are studying at colleges or universities.

I do not mean to hover, but don't expect me to relate to kids by my writings. That is, kids under 13 can read other stuff and they do not need to accept coercion from parents either.

Alright? Cheers!

Monitoring the Threats to Safe Air Travel - The terrorist threat

Various!Posted by Leonardo F. Olsnes-Lea 2011-07-02 02:39:29 [CEST]

In considering the actual threats now in the light of the death of Bin Laden and possibly also that it's now more obvious that USA also carries some blame they need to take blood for in the sense of "the knuckle game" of business in the world (USA has now been exposed as subversive and it is now in the open that a more traditional way of punishment can happen, thus the "devil" USA is now shared between many countries, making the Arabs relax more about it, possibly).
By premise 1, there are no potential enemies, as the whole world now engages in the "viral" sickness games. Thus Arabs are pleased with the conventional ways, hopefully. Yet for the security experts to determine (and I'm not one, for certain).
Security measures, following premise 1:
(2.) / 1. 5% of all passengers are security checked by video cameras' "cherrypicking".
(3.) / 2. potential weapons aboard planes are still not allowed, regardless.
(4.) / 3. the door to the cockpit and the pilots are to be, at least normally, closed and locked during air travel, as routine.
(5.) / 4. possibly also "Air Marshals", by U.S. American model, on a percentage of planes.
(6.) / 5. Given a safe assessment by security experts including the above arguments, a green light gets things into normal, it becomes "hop on" your plane as before.

The original personal note of mine:
To Avinor, possibly, an email never sent:
-> ingen potensielle fiender, dvs. fordi Al Qaida lederen er død.
-> 5% sjekk av alle passasjerer
-> Potensielle våpen ombord på fly ikke tillatt, uansett
-> Stengte dører inn til cockpit og piloter, ved rutine
-> Muligens også Air Marshals på en prosentvis andel av flyvninger
-> Gitt betingelser over: "hop on" som før!

Like it? Cheers!

Note: there is a fine parallel in "ash monitoring" in the case of Icelandic volcano eruptions...

Comment over The Truman Doctrine and Truman Himself

Various!Posted by Leonardo F. Olsnes-Lea 2011-07-01 02:30:50 [CEST]

From Wikipedia,,

"Truman stated the Doctrine would be "the policy of the United States to support free people who are resisting attempted subjugation by armed minorities or by outside pressures." Truman reasoned, because these "totalitarian regimes" coerced "free peoples," they represented a threat to international peace and the national security of the United States. Truman made the plea amid the crisis of the Greek Civil War (1946–1949). He argued that if Greece and Turkey did not receive the aid that they urgently needed, they would inevitably fall to communism with grave consequences throughout the region."

Opposed to many others, I don't see the controversy behind it if it is properly executed and "in the spirit of its inventor"! I also like to note that Harry (S.) Truman may be the president of USA who has the best character, in my view, like it or not. At least, for now, I like to notify that I approve of the character found with Harry S. Truman as one of the best, a kind of ideal.

So the much is discussed Truman Doctrine is at least found to be good to the world in my view, absolutely, and most certainly in theory, ethics/politics-wise. Further good? smiley

(The movie about Harry S. Truman is also very good. You should see it sometime.)

Two Descriptive Nomothetical Psychological Laws (of Mine)

Various!Posted by Leonardo F. Olsnes-Lea 2011-07-01 01:59:56 [CEST]

I will now suggest, commonly or not, 2 laws of psychology in the descriptive nomothetical sense and these 2 are:

1. You are the most important person in the world to yourself!

2. The mentality is lead by morality either toward health and positivity, upward, you might say, or downward, toward a corrupt and unhealthy mind.

Another descriptive nomothetical law may be the law of evolution...

Outside neurology, these 2 are among the very few found today (in this academic subject), tentatively if you doubt it.

You can protest all you want, they will always remain a part of my scientific legacy and I also see that it doesn't help much that I speak from the meagre position of layman (of philosophy and more), inflicted or not, by what I consider to be the (perceived, by being layman, only) professional standing!

These 2 laws are backed by my psychiatric/psychological findings presented as a quote on my Ident100 pages andmy (new) law of schizophrenia under Psychiatric Views and Findings. Good?

A 3. law may be expressed as this: Physical environment including the effects from it, gives effects to the mind of this person in this environment, of the kind that physically inflicted pain has various effects in the mind such as fear, hate, anger and solutions for removing both the effect, the pain, and its cause, in this case, by this inflicted pain!

It's a necessary assumption for the above law that this person has a kind of mind of normal, healthy psychology to begin with.

Yes, maybe psychologists should publish a kind of "Collection of Laws in Psychology" or "Laws in Psychology" or begin to emphasise them more! Or Philosophers of Science may do it for you, you lazy ones, obsessed with "experimenting"! smiley

In the wake of this writing, I will start a new project on my Phil. Notes in the discipline of Philosophy of Science that's named "Mapping of Laws in Psychology", bookmarked as #MLP.

(This writing has now been presented/developed on both blogs that I write and I see no problem with that.)

Messages to Amnesty Int. (in Europe, Primarily)

Various!Posted by Leonardo F. Olsnes-Lea 2011-06-30 16:17:05 [CEST]

I've written these two messages to Amnesty International on their Facebook page,
One is relating to the advocacy for preventing the death sentence of a man in Texas, story is here, The 1. message to this is, "Regarding the man whose on Death Parole in Texas: You're all for the surviving victim's appeal, failing to care for the sentiments of those related to the deceased victims. This is so typical by Amnesty International and the work this organisation is leading! The loved ones of these two people who dies have suffered PERMANENT losses. Where's your sentiment to that? Yes, the victims..."

The 2. message is this, "Compared to USA, we have NO pepperspray and NO tasers. We are possibly confined by the "thick" goons with the bulging muscles simply for this reason. While hate is brewing under corruption and criminals, our kids are suffering the consequences. And corruption is more severe in Europe than what is commonly thought of... The human meat shops and informal torture clinics... The true nature of today's hard criminals are lost in this, possibly sitting there, eating kids all from age 0. This everyday "terrorism" has to STOP and I hope Amnesty International can either turn its focus to developing nations or take a harder stance for better security for common people... So not so much for the principles, i.e., the death penalty, but for these other..., i.e., Justice, Human Rights, Crime Prevention, Proportional Sentencing for Crime and so on... What do you think? I'm tired of this naivite..."

A comment also to this 2nd message: "The term "suckers for sh*t" is a hard fact! They sit there and hope to inflict the hardest hits on people in terms of mental pains, aggravation of all kinds, depression, sadness and physical agony/physical torture! There is something that escapes the ongoing discussion..."

The discussion of this rolls on and I hope it gets better than giving voice to mere emotional outbursts from these people who have NO knowledge, who have no proper connection to mentalities of these people, how sick it really is... I hope it gets better! Cheers! smiley


On Making an Efficient Postal Integration with Multiple Players
Various!Posted by Leonardo F. Olsnes-Lea 2011-06-30 00:52:22
I have a suggestion on making an efficient postal integration service with multiple players according to the EU postal directive of free competition. It is as follows:
To solve conflicts in it relating to efficiency, one can do as follows. Some "main" postal cargo-trucks become a mere service company, like "Postal Trucks Inc.", and the service offices become mere service offices/outlets like "Postal Front-End Services to the Public Inc." and the last company becomes the Postal sorting company, "Postal Sorting Inc.". Thus these mere services companies, without any particular brand, become the plug-ins for the Commercial Services willing to profit from postal serives. They can choose several services for themselves or they can use the public services entirely without doing much themselves. Thus, the postal sorting can combine a company code and the addressee's code, making it possible for even the simple senders to make a good, free choice on which company to use, almost regardless. By this, much conflict is probably removed and in a fair way.

The original text is as follows, in Norwegian: "Jeg vil bare si dere dette: for å løse konflikten her kan man gjøre følgende, Postens lastebiler blir eget selskap for alle aktører, Postens kontorer og lokaler blir også eget selskap for alle aktører! Og så er det fritt frem! Hva er problemet? (Forresten, Postens sorteringsterminaler må også bli eget selskap.) Alright?"

Note: the Norwegian text has been published just recently some 2 hrs ago on Facebook on "Europabevegelsens" Facebook page and on my own personal Facebook page. The suggestion has also been posted by myself by my name, Leonardo F. Olsnes-Lea, under by 23:07, 29.06.2011. I hope you like the suggestion. Thank you.


On the Drive of Genetics and the Drive from Nature
Various!Posted by Leonardo F. Olsnes-Lea 2011-06-28 22:45:20
As much as Dr. Bierman reports on the quantum changes from future events, one photon beam crossed by another beam of higher or lower energy, I'd like to point to the drive of Genetics and the drive from Nature, conventionally or not, that may co-exist in these phenomena, almost as if, not only by quantum states, but that quants decide for us on how strongly to continue, no matter how absurd it may appear!

Thus, we are inclined from nature on two sides, one from the current state of relevant quants and the state of future events on exactly these relevant quants also.

It should be noted that Ayn Rand writes that we are driven toward the Unknown Ideal and in this sense it seems highly fitting!

Now, where's my free will? smiley (I am a Free Will Philosopher. See the Phil. Notes, please.)


A Nice Note on Angelfire
Various!Posted by Leonardo F. Olsnes-Lea 2011-06-28 18:42:59
Rather than sitting on top of some angelic person who possibly has gone away under tragic circumstances, I give a new interpretation:
The angels are messengers from God and when they light you with their spirits, you are set ablaze with white, angel flames, thus Angelfire!!! Nice, huh??? smiley

Note: I'm sorry to have written this on the "competitor's" website first, but now I'm more proud to be on Angelfire (in addition to this one)!!! Not that "One" is a fine name too, in the sense of both being Nr. 1, the winner, but also being the additional "One", as in one person, voice! It has also been named "B-One" that I've also cherished in the sense of being "A" person, in the conscious sense, but also the existential. Thus I'm also the proud customer to this service, hopefully rightful in this.


Suicidal People and Sociology
Various!Posted by Leonardo F. Olsnes-Lea 2011-06-28 18:23:05
I hereby make the sociological assertion that ALL suicidal people are political victims! This is based on the common human fact that deep sorrow out of the blue is almost impossible to obtain in case studies and that this is not about missing out on the candies in the superficial understanding, i.e., literally the candies.
So the medical doctors may object to the blame put on them by responding with this notion of political victims simply because people have probably tried to get help in at least 200 separate instances, possibly this number is in exaggeration or not.
While the medical doctors are right, this doesn't make their honesty look any better when they are opposed to legal suicides, having the dubious credit of wanting to inflict full (mental) pain in, under this, usually, unexpressed light!

So, sociologists, where have you been when it's your job to tell these stories?!!! Because I'm inclined to think that these appeals to help must have gone several places, like to (unregistered) letters to Amnesty Int., Childcare Services and worries uttered to Police on grounds of possible illegal conditions!!! I find this serious and I expect delivery on it soon from now, if they are not already in place, that is, over the proper examinations/investigations!!! Yes? smiley

Correction: obviously, this doesn't apply to the conventional, terminally ill people with conditions like Alzheimer's and Malignant Cancer. No, this applies to people with rather "undefined" mental illnesses like schizophrenia and depression. This first group of people is either way more likely to have their wishes to be fulfilled by informal rules on sedatives or other, such as travelling Dignitas to end their lives as their conditions are more definite.


On CNN Freedom Project - Comments
Various!Posted by Leonardo F. Olsnes-Lea 2011-06-27 16:51:19
I've written rather harsh criticism on USA the last two years or so (it probably goes back further in time than that, but...) and I remain sceptical to how much change this CNN Freedom Project is able to produce.
You can start with CNN's 4 lines of description of the project:!
The Wikipedia presents some words on "Faces of Freedom" that are related to the efforts of CNN by this link:

If ILO is serious about this, I want them to get the troops landed on the ground and proper actions set forth, legal and toward government and that they file the reports in wake of this, publicly, of course!
ILO is found here: and
Please note that ILO is placed under the UN umbrella!

I also want any obstacles, people-wise, addressed publicly by their names! Corruption is thus not tolerated, although human working space should be provided!

So then, I hope this modern day slavery can end and that the cooperating partners can be efficient toward this end, for now they are: World Bank, ILO, CNN and UNICEF!

Good? Have a lovely week! smiley


On Viruses and Wild Speculations
Various!Posted by Leonardo F. Olsnes-Lea 2011-06-26 01:19:52
Wild speculations over virus and its nature:
On getting knowledge of Antix 5%, I wonder if one can do similar (possibly curing it, eh...) with HSV2, the Herpes virus, genitalia version, and, actually, HIV/AIDS.
So if you kill the virus (by Antix 5%) and the proper virus, have you then given it "one on the nose", i.e., put it into recession of kind?
The method is the same for HSV2, that you kill it locally and give it "one on the nose".
The method of HIV/AIDS is two-fold in this sense:
By dialysis and by injection, you clean the blood from the infected patient and you also inject a kind of virus killing "poison" tweaked to the tolerance level and in this way you can experiment and see what you get.

It's my sense that there is some extra effect using the virus-killer and in hindsight of speculating on eye-impairment and psychiatry, I no longer pull my punches because, doctors, you have been naughty!!! smiley -> smiley -> smiley -> smiley

I may have shared thoughts with other people on this, just recently on specifically this and, formerly, with yet other people on eye-impairment (and its possible antibiotics cure by normal blood injection, not locally into the eye).

Notification of warning: viruses are generally awful to live with and they are hitherto impossible to remove. Beware and don't get infected!


Pluggable/Unpluggable Computers
Various!Posted by Leonardo F. Olsnes-Lea 2011-06-21 20:24:05
There may be, if there's not already, a fine opportunity for making pluggable/unpluggable computers that rely on a type of "hot"-swap harddisk that's set for updating the hardware once it boots. This is also apart from the ordinary boot up from USB/CD-rom/business-card install. Simply because you may be able to switch hardware rapidly and put all of your storage into your business-suitcase. This may be a good step forward! We'll see where it ends! Cheers!

Formal note: idea is conceived 02:51 CEST, 21.06.2011.


Some More "Bragging"
Various!Posted by Leonardo F. Olsnes-Lea 2011-06-21 19:19:02
Only to have written it here as well, there is some more stuff on my "kill list" that may be declared and these points are:
By MrTerjeLea, myself, on my YouTube Channel a couple of months ago.
* A good possible solution/description to the corona of the Sun that used to be a mystery
* A 100% or so, possibly, solution to diagnostication of psychiatric illnesses beside the solutions of metabolism test by blood sample and the (f)MRI
* The obliteration of the possibility of Graviton and the Higgs' boson
* The obliteration of string theory as multi-dimensional by power of description and critique of Schrodinger's theory as implication, i.e., string theory is obliterated by implication and not explicitly in my papers/notes/outlines of ideas

Possibly other ideas on science like cancer preventive measures you can count to this. There are other writings you want to take notice of too, but these are of political nature and not in my primary scope of interests. My political interest is rather due to fireman's work of putting out flames and doing emergency work in order to envision a possible a flawless future or a minimally flawed future where flaws happen in grained instances and mostly in private due to flaw-checking systems of public sector (by good/exemplary management) and by the ordinary business life by its companies which also have these.

Power of description means here:
that I'm going to present/in part have presented a model (w/o string theory) that's more plausible and more unifying than today's physics!!! That is, my description aims to become a better and more plausible explanation than what string-theory can ever provide.

Cheers! smiley

Note: this is merely for issuing these writings and may not be important at all to most people.


Regarding "On the Complexity of the Standard Model and Particles in Nature"
Various!Posted by Leonardo F. Olsnes-Lea 2011-06-21 12:30:56
I've written earlier in my papers* on "On the Complexity of the Standard Model and Particles in Nature".
While this has been an important step in my investigations of physics, I'll now write this, more formal than anything important: these particles that are subject to the standard model enter the examination tubes for research and investigations for qualification by HDM! This has been noted before, both by note on this writing sorting under "Opinions on Physics" and by note directed specifically to this issue!
You get it? This is the final note on this topic! The rest is about empirical foundation, hence HDM!


About Carbon Footprints and Overpopulation and Email to IPCC
Various!Posted by Leonardo F. Olsnes-Lea 2011-06-21 09:05:19
I've sent an email just now to IPCC urging them to emphasise the connection between Carbon Footprints and Overpopulation. The IPCC website,, as of up to today, is lacking a section for the Overpopulation problem.
I find that the pressure is building on the environmentalists who are supposed to be our leaders, by WWF (World Wildlife Fund), IPCC and Greenpeace in ecological matters. I want to add to this pressure and I also hope that other people with me will begin to write to these organisations and politicians alike!
The email is as follows:
Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2011 08:50:23 +0200
From: "Mr. Leonardo Olsnes-Lea"
Subject: Carbon Footprints and Overpopulation


I find it feeble that you are unable to address the overpopulation problem and connect it with the carbon footprints that human kind produces!

This problem has remained largely unaddressed for quite some time and I find that you, along with others, are guilty of this too!

I urge you to change this strategy even if you score points that are implicit, but this is about showing ecological leadership and thus you take part in a communication problem to the general public.

This should change, obviously!

I have one writing that you may want to consider:
The Ecological Rule of Thumb Regarding Overpopulation
Posted by myself 2011-05-15 23:30:43 on my blog.
A fine rule of thumb regarding ecological life in relation to Overpopulation (by Deep Ecology) is to give birth to no more than 2 kids per woman, absolutely. That is, the women who choose to have only one or zero kids are providing "green-lungs" to the rest of the population. It doesn't mean that other people should compensate for the women who get fewer kids. No, that's why I write absolutely. If women choose to have fewer kids, it means that the society gives birth to fewer babies as well, if one is to live an ecological life according to this Rule of Thumb. You don't have to. It's just an option. I provide this writing simply to give people an easy guideline. People may think of only having a single child and then become depressed (by the thought of loneliness for this child) and forget about the whole thing. With this rule of thumb, you can either contemplate with others a possible friendship of growing your kids up together, 2 or 3, to avoid the usual syndrome of only having a single kid. Or, if all things go as planned, you get two happy kids with plenty of parental attention/quality time, which is often seen as good for making emotionally stable adults as they grow up.

This is just one note out of many and additional points are clearly the good use of contraception pills and condoms, with emphasis on the first as primary use (as in real life, developed world).

Best wishes to your future work and I hope you can help bring about a discussion in the UN on how political leaders should address the overpopulation problem along with the rest of the Deep Ecology movement that I'm part of.

Sincerely yours,
Leonardo Olsnes-Lea
Author and Layman Philosopher and Scientist

Final note: by this and by some good and deeply needed decisions on grounds of ecology today, I hope we will see a better future the next 10 - 20 years in this Overpopulation regard. I still think that 3 Bn (1960) people is more than enough for planet Earth! Cheers! smiley

Note1 (in addition): I've formerly addressed several organisations on this,, and on 14. Dec. 2010. I think it's worthwhile to keep "pushing"/increase pressure on these people until it reaches the high note in the UN! I hope you can join me "everytime you see their faces"!
These emails of December last year addressed BBC report(s) and a dismal situation for women in (very) poor countries (fx. 7 kids mum in Chad) unable to regulate pregnancy by contraception pills and condoms, thus forced into dismal conditions (of conscience and emotional pains)!!!


On the Denotations of Social Classes
Various!Posted by Leonardo F. Olsnes-Lea 2011-06-16 14:56:11
There are in the world, I suggest, only three social classes and these are the working class, the middle class and the upper/rich class.
To include a class of poverty and say that it represents a normal condition is to transgress on ethical standards.
The reason for this is that all the other, usually, welfare arrangements for society branches from the 100% working person, that is, by at least 37,5 hrs/week/year and in line with payment agreement between employers' unions and employees' unions, also including HES requirements.
Now, these other arrangements around this 100% working person (mostly along with another 100% working person, i.e., the couple), are the social benefits for amending (undefined, anomalous) poverty, the unemployment benefits and the pensions/disability pensions for the disabled and the elderly.
So, clearly, even if these other people are experiencing poverty, they are not considered to be the main concern for the politicans because they are auxiliary to the products and service providers (who in the most basic form provide the food*).
Thus, it should be the normal situation that these other people outside the services and products chains are deeply valued by the parts of the main "vein" of the products and services providers.
Thus again, the complete line of society, by time, comes together without considering "the crime" to be of any importance.

Alright? smiley

Note: correction made 16.06.2011, 22:58, "day -> week".


For the Dual System of Windows and Debian/Ubuntu
Various!Posted by Leonardo F. Olsnes-Lea 2011-06-16 14:24:24
In the past there has been no problems with installing Windows first and the Debian/Ubuntu second. Now, on the other hand, I think I've found a solution for making installation the other way as well. The theory is that the user does the following:
Primary partitions,
5, by my suggestion and only one harddisk is required, of which,
First partition is for Debian/Ubuntu OS
Second partition is for Windows OS
Third partition is an extended partition, EXT4, and is divided like this,
Third partition, virtually, under EXT4, is for Windows use like in Windows Documents
Fourth partition, virtually, under EXT4, is for Debian/Ubuntu use like in Debian/Ubuntu Documents
Fifth partition, virtually, under EXT4, is for Debian/Ubuntu use like in Debian/Ubuntu Home and represents the main storage partition for your system.
In addition comes the swap partition, virtually (under part. 3, ext4).

So, technically, when you install the Debian/Ubuntu OS, you just divide them like in the above example or thereof.
When you have finished installing the Debian/Ubuntu OS leaving the Windows partitions merely divided, but not used, you install the Windows OS.
The Windows OS is installed in the readied second partition, whether you "destroy" it or format it for the NTFS/FAT,FAT32, that you probably need to do either way, including the readied third virtual partition. It is probably the best to use one version of the Windows file systems.

You let the Windows OS destroy your already existing Ubuntu "MBR"/LILO to make its own MBR and representing the primary boot partition. Yes, the Windows OS (with Microsoft) is the biggest dog and behaves like it too!

Then on the start up of the Debian/Ubuntu OS, you use the LiveCD to make an emergency/rescue boot up to amend changes by the use of GRUB (2).

Voila, by theory, you should now have a dual OS system at your hands and make the choice from a nice listing on boot up!

Note: this writing is experimental and has not been entirely confirmed yet, so don't come to me to complain about it! You are own your own in trying this out and it represents and solution to the conflicting standards between the Debian/Ubuntu OS and the Windows OS!

Good? smiley (This is probably nothing more than "more beer to the World"! Have yours, please!)

Note2: I've added the swap partition to this writing today, 16.06.2011, 17:43. You can also check this link for information,

Note3: this has not been intended to an original writing. It's more like a memory note to myself and for incurring some discipline to the Ubuntu-ranks of people/soldiers.

Note4: I have now used something called Boot Repair and this has worked very well to recover my system after going to and from a dual system of Ubuntu 10.10 Mav. Meer. and Windows XP. This is very assuring and should be very valuable in Ubuntu march toward increased market shares and for making a good offer to people for trying out Ubuntu!

1/12 (Next 20 to go, to nr. 2)


  1. There are some small changes to this document compared to the original blog files and these are mostly [CEST/CET] and small comments in sq. brackets elsewhere (as under the Cocaine-derivatives).

  2. On "On the Denotations of Social Classes" people may object by asserting that I've left out "the rich and super-rich, above the upper class. My answer is that this isn't important in _this_ description of scoiety because it holds 99% of the population and that the rich and super-rich are more like leaders than actual members of social classes. So you can consider both of these in or just one of them. I know of them, no doubt, but in this regard they are not important!
    The original link to the issue above: !