Saturday, 8 October 2011

Over the Dependence Theory of Economy!

I've earlier written this on the Evolution.html:
"Economy, Over the Dependence Theory of Economy!"

"Let's assume Africa (or one of the other continents) gets "humped" on in an indecent way (fx. by decadent European and US American interests) then there shouldn't be a problem with it being self-sufficient/self-sustained, or if not, just in case Africa's deficiencies are compensated for by exports.

I'm thinking of deficiencies of technology, special resources (classically uranium, but now it's about other stuff, refined?) and finally knowledge! This writing is in fact the theory that every continent is more or less self-sufficient/self-sustained. Theoretically, there are no deficiencies on any continent by the assumption that resources are found equally everywhere on earth (by the same statistics)!

As one can expect resources to occur more or less statistically uniformally, being found in equal amounts everywhere, resources shouldn't be a problem either! So who supposes that there are deficiencies? It's however important not to be a "dreamer"/"have the head in the clouds" so that you go correctly by the steps! When you want something, you just find a way to offer something! One can start with natural resources, like agriculture, aquaculture, timber-industry, tourism, fishing industry, search for/mapping of resources for mining, offer "cheap"/cheap labour or labour whatsoever (with the commends of the people from this region to those who buy the labour-force, decently/worker-union-wise) and as one goes, funds accumulate, you probably use them to generate expertise by education to compensate for lack of technology intensive industry and the knowledge and culture industry (film, music, books (like fx. JK Rowling), theater). The knowledge industry is, of course, research and consulting and the making of proprietary hardware/software or whatever technology of proprietary kind! (End!)"

"This is a recipé and I know it! I hope you like it!"

"By Terje Lea, 07.07.2010"

Now I like to add that the key words for this idea are "the chain of necessity", that you start the upward spiral by starting with "the best core of people and activity" and move from there, through exactly this "chain of necessity". It's not yet expressed, this chain, but it should be promising work for economists to do so for the interest of the subject and for the overall progress of the World as such! Cheers!

Note: additional comment was made in about 5 minutes from the time-stamp of this writing and started with "chain of necessity". Also, time-stamp goes by CEST.

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