Tuesday, 18 October 2011

On Shakespearean Codes and Relations to Francis Bacon, 1st Viscount St Albans

This is the association theory of every relation between Shakespeare and Bacon. That their expertise has gone to their fingertips and out of being on the very tip of professions, they've drawn on other concepts from other careers to explain their successes in their own careers! Thus, Shakespeare becomes the artist and (then) the scientist and Bacon becomes the scientist and (then) the artist. Artistry in science as description of career and approach is nothing new to us, in 2011, as Pierre Duhem has explained science as requiring artistry for it to succeed, I think!

I think further that it's plausible that these two people have known of one another and (deeply or not) respected the work of the other (perhaps also while making general considerations, independently of other people, only immersed in what they've been requiring out of their sheer work effort! They may have glanced at each other, still, though!


  1. I've thought of this since the airing of a program on Norwegian TV, NRK or TV2, I can't remember which. There has been a while since this has taken place, and the thoughts surfaced once again and I've decided to write them down this time, if I haven't already on a former Facebook account!

  2. I think I saw bits of the series that went in Apil, weekly, from 9., 16., 23. and 30.! Even then, the series has been aired during August, 2010, 4 parts, last year, that is (this written 19.10.2011).