Sunday, 30 October 2011

Note on "Equals" and "Pecking Order"

I advise people to only accept to be "equal" among friends and the "pecking order" in the hierarchical sense, by organisations, from the state leader to common bureaucrats, from the CEO to the programmer/IT administrators. Even then, the pecking order really only denotes how disciplinary reactions are to flow downward from the Company Board down to the common worker! Please, take note of this and life shines so much brighter!


  1. A little extra added to the post!

  2. Pecking order doesn't go along with insanity. And here's why:
    You can't be expected to obey a pecking order when there's insanity involved because that's just insane, i.e., there's no use in engaging with insane requirements.
    The insane is, of course, placed outside rationality as before, and this in every way!
    This is an objection further to these psychologists (some of whom "are hungry for something or not"!).

    Here we go again:
    Democratic principles...
    Objective ethics...
    Human being to human being
    and then, insofar as peaceful circumstances are possible to obtain, activity is ON, possible to share under these /exact/ requirements, given by this list I write to you now.
    whether you call the people you share the activity with "peers" or not, I don't care!!!


    (And USA needs to stop insisting on insane "might is right", i.e., by their Military Complex and other!!!)

  3. There is also a second charge of the most corrupt kind against "pecking order" and it is that it's much easier to promote corrupt minds among the (selected) group because they are always dynamic to one another, always attacking and defending on the basis that "pecking order" describes an animalistic behaviour, the fact that birds kill...

  4. UN has been mentioned because of the suspected "forced" group dynamics on the UN General Assembly there, and with other people who live in New York and work for the United Nations.

    It's also Blogger services that force through lower case "un" rather than UN in capital letters. Just so you know.