Monday, 24 October 2011

Speculatively on Elections and Election Fraud (Speculatively in the academic sense, not a different kind of fraud!)

I note that the Carter Center, by former pres. Jimmy Carter, has never monitored a single U. S. American election apart from a Cherokee election if this is to count at all. Of course, in real terms, it doesn't because Native U. S. Americans are just the ordinary voters themselves in the ordinary elections! Cheers!

When I write about the Carter Centre above it has the grounding in the following:
On Fixed Election Outcome!
[Apart from this bombing in Oslo today, and concerning a much more serious issue:] Hypothetically, what if the elections in a country, whichever country, would be _fixed_ so to assure a certain election outcome? Who should see to it that these undemocratic forces get stopped? First of all, I must say I would have used all resources to prevent such and that everyone got addressed and reminded what an atrocity such would be in terms of leading the given nation into the best future. And also, I may have addressed legislators to raise punishment, formally and informally (ugly, but necessary) up the capital punishment of death. Secondly, one may invite foreigners in to help bring light into circumstances (and increase the embarrassment of the pillory effect for this matter, implicitly). Thirdly, whistle-blowers protection arrangements should be in place and there should be plentiful opportunity for common people to visit some place to evaluate election supervision and election security, that is, the votes are counted properly and that this is evidently certified! This may become troublesome in electronic voting arrangements so my suggestion is that people may get a receipt afterward that they may keep, especially in terms where the log-in portal to the bank has been used (bank-id) so that this doucment can be stored and printed along with all the other bank-statements, incl. the running accounting of your bank account. Like it?

Formerly from "Static Display...", 22.07.2011 CEST-wise, that is within the day by CEST. I have, though, no definite time-reference now. Though, the first lines on the Carter Center are first written with the time-stamp that this writing on Blogspot has attached to it.

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  1. This writing is now "complete" in the sense of what I intended with it when I (again) make the issue this time with the "added force" from the Carter Center.