Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Charges against Me on Grounds of Common Sense

Charges against Me on Grounds of Common Sense

If charges are brought against me on grounds of common sense, I have this 3-fold counterattack to make.

1. Common sense is more rare than people think.

2. Common sense in other interpretations is not sufficient or adequate.

3. Common sense in the historic sense should have produced what I have written by this time, yet history hasn't produced my work this far.

My work isn't of common sense and many people in the patent industry know that ideas are simple, yet they are difficult to obtain because several factors need to come into place at one time. Those people who think that I can rely on common sense alone fail to understand the importance of intelligence. Smart is smart, to say it with Tarski!

You can check out all the ideas history has produced yourself and you will see that they are far harder to get to than many people may come to believe. The foundation for all ideas is hard work and hard work (along with serious attitude) is what I do. Good luck with yours.

Note: some words are added on top of the original words. Thus this writing has been made on 2 occasions today.

Note2: I also happen to think there is a book on the market that's named "Common sense isn't common!" You may want to check this up.

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  1. This has been written by myself under my former name, Terje Lea, 13. July, 2011, time, 13:53 CEST(?).