Thursday, 20 October 2011

On NASA and Vesta Concerning the Outcome of Investigations

If NASA thinks this is going to prove aspects of the early stages of Earth's creation, I think they're WRONG _because_ Earth's mass (of the planet) has been greater at this point, contributing to entirely different "chemical"/hyper-chemical phenomena than those you'll ever find with these smaller astronomical objects, i.e., dwarf planets, proto-planets and the like!!! (I challenge NASA today!!!)

Dawn Mission: Dawn - Home Page It reads:
"Dawn Mission: A journey to the beginning of the solar system. Dawn will provide new answers to the questions about formation and evolution of the early solar system. The Dawn Mission marks the first time a spacecraft will orbit two planetary bodies, Vesta and Ceres."

From my former Facebook writings some time ago, just for keeping a line of recorded judgments alive.

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