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Note on Research on Parkinson's and Alzheimer's

On top of my own writings on Parkinson's and Alzheimer's, asserting basically that there are personality precursors to them, Dag Aarsland has received a research prize by University Hospital of Stavanger.
The story is covered here in Norwegian: !

My original web-page has been this:

Thoughts concerning Alzheimer's, Parkinson's disease and Dementia

Alzheimer's is the steady dying of the brain. If one stiffens from stimulating the brain, the brain usually decrease the activity. The person gets so used to own thought-routines or thought-patterns that the brain slowly decreases in the overall activity. When the brain reaches a certain level there is usually a too strong brain or thought behaviour in order too correct ones own behaviour. I think it symbols the early sunset of a person's life. Compared to the healthy life of a normal person, the death of a normal person is in the form of going to sleep and never wake up again. This is the normal sunset of a life. One grows old and dies from old age. If you keep a high, positive brain activity and seek new solutions and refresh the way of looking at things, you will be free from Alzheimer's
Parkinson's is a little more complex. I think it goes like this: If one cares to look after, I think there is needed a too strong a stimulation from bodily neurology that has made the body cease to work properly. Almost like becoming less of feelings, the stimuli from working properly has set into a subliminal process of becoming higher and higher and therefore the disease feels like a strait-jacket. If I was in position, I would introspect for lack of discipline with regards to sensitivity or of a deeper negativity, like one seeking a higher or unacceptably higher bodily stimulation. One can also look for the combination of these. Thoughts were that it could be possible to reveal this by a set questionnaires early on but I haven't got the access to data nor the possibly of establishing a test bench practice of this sort. If one watches it with regards to good physical exercise and keeps a healthy, positive attitude, I don't think Parkinson's will ever become a problem. There's no doubt that personality plays a role in determining the relationship to both yourself and your body. If you want to do it all away, just get yourself into a car-crash and then you know where you've taken yourself, into the very car-crash!
Here are some facts and reference for Parkinson's Disease:
Affects about 120,000 people in the UK
Most people who get Parkinson's are aged 50 or over
A loss of nerve cells in the brain causes the symptoms of Parkinson's to appear
From a BBC information page.
Dementia is classified along with Alzheimer's, I've seen recently. I think this is a good step. Dementia is, along these former lines, the beginning of the descent to death, the onset of a dying brain. Discipline on one's mindset, possibly being also one's morality, and mindful activities should take away the possibility for Dementia to occur. Yet, it's my sense that there are incentives in the patient for Dementia to occur in the first place so perhaps Dementia is a matter of personality traits and as such, is difficult to handle. I'm wondering a little bit if Dementia can occur as a result of inactivity by deep resentment. If you have the idea that the society or whatever your environment is, isn't worth your efforts, inactivity is an option, but I think it's a poorer choice than suicide, even though seeking unhealthy living style in combination with decadence/inactivity may be a possibility to this end. Be healthy!
Terje Lea, 27. August 2005, 19. April 2010 and 4. May 2010



  1. I guess I can add this additional comment:
    TV2 reports that a Parkinson's researcher has been taken for cheating! This researcher may be the man I've mentioned above! However, the name is NOT known and I've just pointed to some future hope in light of various research of which also includes the two notions of self-destructive mind-set (perhaps not that visible at all) and ethical being, i.e., one's personal morality!
    The story here by URL:

  2. Some opinion on the connection of MRSA, HIV/AIDS and cancers (all): I think certain personality traits speeden up the development of these and that frailty of person under "a steady, healthy person" by personality and other (as with the cases, more directly, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's) can be seen as vulnerabilites for these three types, yet "the idiots would oppose greatly, but at times, they even oppose intelligence, so..."!!! This for your information as mere suspicion, one that I refuse to lay my credibility of Philosophy of Science to, unless better and more investigations myself, i.e., NO more than suspicion...
    10 minutes ago
    The usual factors, all else, include of course healthy diet, physical exercise and controlled weight, that is, all other factors equal on the usual health considerations for HAVING good health!
    8 minutes ago
    If I get this "squared" like this, I think people have the right to know, given both a good sentiment and of course *CUTTING* (by scythe) a part of World stupidity, at least potentially!!!
    6 minutes ago
    (I have earlier written about MRSA and Alzheimer's and Parkinson's under Whatiswritten777, this blog, under
    5 minutes ago) - Cheers!
    (Note: First to Facebook just minutes ago.)

    Some of the above fall under theory of treatment by antibiotics or mixed treatment strategies incl. antibiotics. This excludes (all?) cancers as far as I know.

    Grunge time as time stamp from Seattle time zone of USA for both the above as noted earlier, writing from CET time zone today, 11:37, 04.04.2012!

  3. The above is copied and pasted from under the writing on "On the Phenomena of MRSA, Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus".

  4. By "If you want to do it all away, just get yourself into a car-crash and then you know where you've taken yourself, into the very car-crash!", I can also add:
    I recommend you too connect this to "a consideration of" the movie "The Crash" by David Cronenberg on how a pathological mind develops and how its traits get hold on a person's views. This is what I say.
    Not that I say that Parkinson's and Alzheimer's develop exactly like this, but that there may be small traces in the mind, actually and by my theory and honest suspicion on why these 2/3 diseases "are allowed" to develop in the first place (conventionally or initially beyond the individual control).