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To the added comm.: 3. I've not implied a single, tiny intrusion on your privacy classically speaking, i.e., within your private space, at the loos, at the private meeting where ever, every private place and property, and also not in all public buildings. You're right, of course, potentially, I see every little inch of public space, "under the blue sky", as surveilled, but only potentially. (By response to Impenitent on the PN forum.)
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100% Society: the business plan... I'm coming back to this, but it should already be clear that this is about symmetry of both competence and industry between nations all over planet earth (and other potential places as well). So how to do it? I'll think about it...
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Symmetry in this sense is understood as competence and industry _divided_ over the nation's citizens. You can't assume that Belgium is capable of setting up everything from complete aircraft factories to assembly lines for spacecrafts and satellites and building aircraft carriers in the same breath. Belgium has only 10,8 Mill. inhabitants and it can only do this much...
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100% Society: I've already written about the Data Storage Directory on my blog that I think should be implemented as part of this idea. There should also be sufficient possibilities to defend oneself by guns, tazers and pepperspray canisters. I would also let the Police do the necessary surveillance by video cameras either by possible harddisk review from scenery or by actual monitoring and control. The 2 options are both good. This surveillance should cover the most used places, the places by most people-traffic. One should also allow private people do their own video-surveillance of private space and property including estate-entrance. The rest of the laws can basically remain as they are. Social justice: I think it's fair to allow people who "fall through" a kind of safety net, an arrangement of benefits for the newborn/kids, unemployed, the disabled and the retired. This should secure decency and stable society (without desperation). I've yet to consider the definite divide between a kind of private arrangement and public arrangement, but there should be no doubt that the 2 can go well together, with the private option being more rewarding than the public one, especially in the scope of retirement. This should be mostly it. The other laws can remain basically the same.
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By guns, I mean primarily the handguns (I favour the pistols). I see absolutely NO need for automatic weapons in private hands except as part of the home-guard, possibly, but not necessarily. Today there are storage places all over the country (Norway) for the home-guard and the army and sufficiently so for preventing any Police State/Dictatorship to take place.
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Also by handguns, I'm thinking of the 9mms or some thereof as it provides sufficient "stopping power".
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[By further discussion with my brother and checking some legal documents on Police servers, it becomes clear that handguns (and rifles) are, by laws and regulations, withholding the actual practice, available to a sufficient degree to say that everyone has a fair opportunity to acquire one or more, perhaps not more than 5, though.]

In relation to the "100% Society", I think there are 2 major concerns. One is the justice system and how to achieve this society by what kind of regulation/laws. The other is how business is supposed to be organised everywhere in the world for people to be employed (<95% or more) and for rewarding profit and utility to be made along with it. I'll deliberate more on this as the days pass by... Cheers!
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I'll also write some on the "100% Society" in some time to come, both in response to Popper's political comment and to the much hated and paranoid Welles' "1984", according to myself. Much of "1984" is deeply unfounded, I think. And to be educated is also to seek rationality in others, thus this Police State regime is probably put away for ever. More later...
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In relation to China's Confucius prize, an Asian alternative to the Norwegian awarded, Nobel Peace Prize, I think China should seek a peer's perspective when awarding it for it to represent any good "competition" in the future. I must say, as China is this developing country, it should be both valuable and good to have this competition, to a world, the developed that has commonly looked down on and exploited the rest of the world to the benefit for itself (i.e., racism and eugenics to name some). So I advise China to seek its own political line for awarding the Confucius Prize by what it thinks supports the best/good world, especially in terms of cooperation and economic development. After a "unfortunate" starting year and hasty decision probably to award such a prize, it may indeed be valuable as Asia's outlook to world-politics to its taste. I welcome this prize and it should be exciting to see what comes of it the next year. It must also be noted that the name, Confucius, sets a rather high bar, that I also love, if China is to live up to it. Cheers!
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The former comment falls in line with a report of 26,8% likely Høyre voters, today.
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Considering our own Høyre, the Norwegian Conservative Party, I think one should aim for a plausible 51%-party program, that adjusts accordingly, that is, it's defined less principled, especially on the Hard Capitalism, in order to win over the sufficient political center. As Socialism, straight, lacks the virtues to a good and entrepreneurial society to make it progressive, also rewarding extra initiative, I think this line should win through with relative ease. The danger is, really, only the other real alternative of a 3rd way Labour Party.
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It's my opinion that this years NPP could have been given to pres. Hamid Karzai, a man in obvious struggle or a more diplomatic line for saying the same thing to China yet in a more constructive way. Not in this way, rude, like a blow in the face!
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In relating to the NPP Award to Liu Xiabo, it may be worth remembering what has taken place following "Western" demands in Russia/Soviet Union when people has been complaining about WORSE times than in formerly. That is, order and steadiness can be GOOD and desired above absolute and revolting "demands" to a country/political system. We should allow China TIME to come around with its steady rise to "developed" standards. It's also funny that Thorbjorn/Thorbjørn Jagland mentions that the Nobel committee is rewarding prof. Liu Xiabo the award BECAUSE he's in prison! Is then, implicitly, the NPP committee encouraging chaos, disruption and destabilisation in China (with all its consequences like violent demonstrations, destruction and infighting)?
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"Concerning my 2 posts on Friday, I see it as a wide-open invitation to "abuse me to death", sic, becoming this degraded..." Sic is written in the latin meaning. A little correction. It's not an abbreviation/acronym.
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You may also want to take note of the date, Friday, 22 October 2010.
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The link to the blog posting:
What is written...
This is my personal blog of views and whatever else information that I come up with. Enjoy!
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Concerning my 2 posts on Friday, I see it as a wide-open invitation to "abuse me to death", sic., becoming this degraded f*ck-bag of what has been a person, by keeping me in this crippled and isolated condition where it seems hard to get to reliable services such as Police, Health and legal. I must also point out that I've written to Amnesty International in Norway on my blog.
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