Monday, 17 October 2011

Security Package for Normal Homes - So when I write this, I mean it, people!

Security Package for Normal Homes

This is the suggestion for a security package for normal homes. I'd say also that this is dearly advised. In relation to science, information is usually the key to being a scientist whatsoever. This should be the normative in relation to crime as well, especially in the face of deficient police services (ie. corruption). I've noted that Chicago has a map of crime markers with tags like complaints, type of crime and so on. Every city should have these! To secure peace and self-realisation/happy living, to be pro-active is demanded.
(Particularly dangerous areas probably require an arsenal of tricks, including weapons and locks.)
1. There are good possibilities for setting up self-contained alarm systems that are capable of sending sms messages to your mobile phone that in turn makes the appropriate Police contact a good choice. You may choose the chains of security firms if you like, but the aspect of corruption may enter.
2. To have a handgun! Many people think that handguns are loud. They're not! People fire shotguns regularly without sustaining hearing impairment (to any significant degree?). Handguns make a home appear sharp and if you're hard on it, you are probably left in peace as well. Make sure to lock it up (in your bedroom), though, so there's no danger or access for the young ones.
3. You should always have the peep-eye in the door or the chain-and-ball for the door. I prefer the chain-and-ball because then you have the possibility for shooting directly. Choose a solid chain-and-ball! Abus?
4. Have a baseball bat nearby along with pepperspray. It's probably wise to choose both.
5. You should have at least two locks on the door (gate-). One that you commonly lock when you leave your home and an one-way-lock from the inside of your door that's only accessible for locking and unlocking from the inside (as the door is closed). Note: some people think that the inside lock is unnecessary, but then I can tell about the value of a good night's sleep (where break-ins become obvious). (Also cover any secondary entrances with the same level of security. If you don't take this then so be it. It's you who is going to pay!
6. At night, let the fans, vents, ventilation systems and temperature regulators do the work. Don't keep the windows open! Also, make sure the windows have the appropriate security standards. I'm not into this so I ask you to check it out yourselves. Perhaps this is not a point at all.
7. Keep the doors normally locked! Don't play around and let open the possibility for intruders to make the assault during day time! I understand if the family is right outside playing, making barbeque, but regardless, you will have to make the security/threat assessment. However, I can guarantee that fewer possibilities (for the violators) provide greater security, logically!
End note: don't think people will weep for your lost possibilities because they don't (rather the opposite, they laugh at you)! If you have a kid, it can be smart to entertain the thought that the neighbour wants it abused (don't be ignorant on this point)!
It's funny I provide this to the public! It should be the plain police work to provide this kind of information. I guess they want customers from both ends, offenders and victims, sucking up to them! Well, here you have it! Use it well. Good people and naive people are typically the same people. You never know when crime swoops down on you! Enjoy life. Stay secure.

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  1. The weak point of bare screws with the ABUS chain-and-ball for the door/gate can be amended as a matter of emergency "repair-kit" with special super-glue intended for metals and other!
    I also have the word that there is another version out by ABUS (and others) where exactly these two/four screws are shielded by bits of plastics and other, you know, proper mechanic´s considerations...

  2. There is no joke in saying this stands deeply with mSomatism.

  3. Opposed to Security for *Homes*, is the *Personal* security and I recommend (not decapitation from Hellraiser):
    Bench-weight cap.: 150 - 300 kgs (Hand of Death). 80 kgs (x3) given self-defence cap. for women.
    Personal weapon (gun): Yes, up to 5, also rifle or/and shotgun.
    Use of non-lethal weapons: Yes, all! Pepperspray, tasers and knuckle-brazers/batons.
    Killer knives/doctor-blades: High-crime - potentially, personal judgment. These are strictly illegal some places. London may dislike them greatly.
    Other self-defence: Yes. You have the various self-defence courses (mostly for women?) and of course, all the unarmed combat-styles like Savate/Karate/Tae-Kwon-Do/Kung-Fu/All round martial arts, God dammit, just watch the Fight-TV of all unarmed combat sports in the World.
    (Note: I've formerly written to the (central registry) of Amnesty International HQ, London, for this! Take care!)
    End: (safer) MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!