Wednesday, 19 October 2011

On "The Angel Argument" by Jaegwon Kim

This for now, but Jaegwon Kim has a particular "Angel" argument that involves guns and so. Not that I think it's powerful because it's fairly obscure in Philosophy of Mind. As counterargument, I'd like to say for now that there may be _other_ rules for angels in a different way than he seems to think, concerning personality and so on... I'm coming back to this if I can find my drawing. :-)

Either way, file or not file, it's my argument that "angels", i.e., spirits of kind, necessarily relate to immaterial, classically speaking, matters, such as the mind and "the evasive" also referred to as "monades". Therefore, it's credibl...

Therefore, for emphasising, angel-reality obtains obviously in a non-physical way and can _indeed_ obtain description of the speculative kind, but, of course, never in the physical way (at least until now and into all foreseeable future) as in science or in this case, of the forensic scientific manner.

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