Monday, 10 October 2011

Unifying Work in Physics - I add to the undertaking and charge common opinion

I've investigated some physics lately (look at Opinions on Science in Expression...) and I think I've taken down Einstein's unifying 5 dimensions (incl. 1 time) by my own suggestion of "The Impossibility of the Graviton" and more. Thus I rest on a "plain" view of there to exist no more than 4 dimension, regardless (also incl. 1 time). This makes for a fine charge position to unify physics by defining the scopes that physics are defined in and so neatly placing them exactly side by side, exhaustively! This may be seen as opposed to Philip Kitcher's "broken map" view of science, explicated in his "Science, Truth, and Democracy". I intend to continue my strategy of unifying physics this way against popular opinion.

The best view for this is to consider how you can place thermodynamics with various other phenomena that lie around temperature changes, incl. pressure of gases in containers and vacuum related stuff, as the -220 C° in outer space.

I believe I've shared this opinion with others and I first stumbled upon the problem in relation to popular knowledge of Einstein and his 5 dimensions and unifying work over at under Aetixintro! Removal of Graviton can be seen as critical in this regard! Cheers!

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  1. The Standard Model of Particle Physics ("Revision 5", date: 2013-12-02)

    The revision today, 2 December 2013, containing from earlier also:

    holding 6 only
    Up, Down, Charm, Strange, Top, Bottom (with note on "minimal set", for possibly excluding Top and Bottom)

    holding 2/3 only
    Electron / Positron
    Muon / Antimuon
    Tau / Antitau (with note on these two, withholding definite decision on "final" status judgment)

    Gauge Boson(s)
    holding one only
    Photons (also under Photon Theory)

    holding a special class category explanation

    (Baryons, only a select part and only under Hadrons, being one special class of "fission"-"re-fusion" products of the accelerators, emphasising instead on the strict "fusion" products under Hadrons so that description is kept consistent and outside "useless" particles)
    (holding a special class category explanation)

    holding a special class category explanation
    Leptons and Quarks (6)

    Protons and Neutrons being the early subatomic particles

    This list reduces the Standard Model of Particle Physics to a kind of best level, providing the best and most credible explanations for the Physics everybody relates to in terms of Reality.

    All else: Either in the Investigation section or dumped for being found "not real", definitely.

    Note on Baryons being added after the publishing to Facebook shortly before.

    Suggested text to go:
    After having declared a "war" on the "idiot" parts of Standard Model (of Part. Phys.), I have here today the best, I think, suggesting among else that Gluons and various other particles have no place in Physics, also smashing Technicolor (US name) for failure to fundamental physics description (withholding a hidden admission by USA by them redefining "Technicolor" to only the "usual" particles of mass.