Saturday, 8 October 2011

Over This Year's Nobel Peace Prize (Liberia and Yemen)

Although, I see no particular wrongdoing with ALL the awards of Nobel Peace Prizes, I'd like to note that these 2 countries are VERY fragile and given the unrest of large parts of the Middle East (Syria and Libya, but also others), I hold the words and implied intentions of the Norwegian government to them! They better cough up some hard efforts, sitting there on their pretentious a**es with all their material well-being, "putting these two nations on the anvil" so to speak! So, Norwegians, you have your Oil Fund, let's see what you can really do! I've started the clock (and it's ticking)!!!

Having notified the good intentions of the Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and the exemplary patriotism to her own nation, I think of her alongside Kofi Annan, Boutros Boutros-Ghali, Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu and Muammar Gaddafi (OPEC and African Union). This is an excellent team of people that the World should think of and pursue to encourage character in African people in persuading development and investment to the African continent. The Africans themselves, of course, know where to put the respects, but I write this for noting the respects and the rising opportunities if the Africans are properly respected and given the fine engineering and possiblities for system nowadays! There is no way the developed world can be excused for it's future decline if such a thing can or will happen!

Given, what I believe to be true, a Norwegian recent history of really bad ethics of action toward almost every respect in the World (very nation, that is, under the ambition of putting itself ontop of USA and then EU and then the rest of World, in a kind of slavery relation), it's going to be "exciting" in the negative sense to see where this goes (given a complacent NORAD, _Nor_wegian _A_id and _D_evelopment Agency)! Because I think they should be compelled (by hard threats) to set action to their "nice words"! So if this falls down sh*tty, then I read Norway sh*tty! And if you Norwegians, I, for a start, and others will (probably) be ON you!

Alright, the run has started, let's see what Norway can do! ("Ohh, no, because the World devastated our fine efforts of awarding the Nobel Peace Prize! Therefore, you the World, are the sh*tty people!!!" As if this could ever walk!)


  1. There are alternatives to awarding this year's Prize and these are probably many, but I can mention this, being certainly NOT against this year's Prize either, fx. the African Union could have gotten it being a stronger bastion and awarded one of its representatives, of course! It's an affirmed truth in Europe now that the European Union has been a set-up of unproportioned genius! Likewise this is probably going to be or is the case in Africa! If the urge to "lift" Africa is so strong why has it not been awarded the African Union which is a huge project with massive impact, positively speaking? Even then, there should rich opportunities to support Africa in the future, if not limping after China in this respect! Cheers!

  2. It may be a bit petty to write it, but beware of "you don't know how fun it is... eggs... (two and two squashed together for scrambled eggs) hah-hah-hah!"

  3. Here is "Ola Nordmann", as much as John Johnsen of USA, ! And I want so badly to make a charicature drawing of him, Ola N. bending over and handcuffed to Liberia and Yemen, with the word over him, "Get to Work!". Not only this, but also a version over the donkey that can't choose which haystack to begin to eat from, and possibly dying from it! (Oops!)

  4. You can also do other things with this Ola Nordmann, like putting on "Dracula" fangs with words like Norws and child torture specialists! Enjoy!

  5. I guess Liberia and Yemen are our candle lights of legal practice because:
    Amnesty International - Welcome to Norway
    Norway isn't this brilliant country by the words of the video:
    "where "only" [ed.: sarcastically] 1/4 women are physically or mentally abused, threatened or nearly beaten to death by men in close relationships" in a campaign addressing domestic violence in Norway following a severe report on the Human Rights conditions in Norway! Now what's the reality in Liberia and Yemen? I believe their situation is just as dire if not worse!
    Video of 16. Sep. 2007 by Amnesty International!
    This certainly doesn't address what I suspect is rampant pedophile activities throughout Norway and pedophile activities at that which are never struck down on, hardly, by Police!!! See for yourself, please:!!!