Sunday, 16 October 2011

Is NATO a Possible Peace-Keeper? Issue Regarding Mexico and Other Countries! Suggestion for Solution Provided!

You know, when it happens, the World gets its round of military power, when NATO becomes an office, Kosovo/Yugoslavia blows up and another round of military power (and NATO steps back into shape and importance). So I suspect the "code" is with the various Police forces around the World also! The whole civilisation is under threat from various corrupt regimes (think twice, please) of "gaming" all over the World, ranging from Intelligence Services to Police forces to economists and lawyers and what have you! This needs to be addressed and as a first remedy, I advise people everywhere to get sharp by arming themselves and take care of home/personal security as best as possible!!! Next turn is to spread this condition as best as possible again and see how far you get!

Now, the consideration of NATO enters as problem areas outside "established democracies" are in trouble and fail to advance/progress as quickly as they should! This can be corrected by entering a military alliance, under own, national set of rules on how to regulate this, where other countries can step in by volition to provide correction to the problem at hand!

We have two "slow engineering" cases, in the World, at least, Colombia and Mexico. These countries have struggled for a very long time with alleged "drug trafficking" problems. Now who is to step in as a military unless a friend? And even as friend then also affirmed by the country which is to be helped? It's now clear, democracy is an unbeatable premise that all sciences support as progressive, both in terms of humanity, but also a business partners and places for making serious interaction on all other levels, including the cultural. Given then the premise of"mixed economies" to be established, it's just to move resolutely straight ahead (much like a tank through every obstacle)! You get it? In this way, NATO gets to be a kind of forum of discussion, possibly under the UN and the Security Council, where national security is discussed both formally and informally, and "where interested parties, i.e., countries can provide sense as requested" (see above). What do you think? Any good?

To the future! To the UN! Cheers!

And if you are not a NATO member, then make "NATO2" (because there is no
copyright on military organisations names) and because the World is
probably best with only one! Thus "we want to get in, but since you
won't let us..." and then proceed as above! (Sounds as a script? I'm
sorry!) Good luck to you all!


  1. Why is it that only "one NATO" is a coherent solution for the World?
    There are several reasons for this.
    1. There is only one UN and the nuclear warhead is a powerful weapon. When it is easily possible for one nation or group of nations to affect all other nations, there is a World situation. This means that a possible picture of threats needs to be ... (coming...)

  2. ...considered _globally_, by all nations. As we've move past the "War of Ideologies", this becomes a huge obstacle less to obtain a universal value for all people: happiness and prosperity, not necessarily in "hideous (economic) growth", but in sense of personal peace, freedom, harmony and knowledge/performance/interaction with other people. (Note last year's winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics or so(?)).
    2. World Justice (over War-Making) is a desirable target on grounds of the above values that apply to every human on Earth.
    3. Security Council under UN/UN provides a judgment "sensitive" enough to count for every human being on Earth and is therefore a reliable "arbitrator" for making good judgments of the right course of action to take in terms of international crises.
    4. To make SCRAMJETS with nuclear warheads able to make any idiot/aggressive nation pay/suffer greatly for making wars on other nations have proved very effective in the past and I think this deterrence will remove some U. S. (American) lunatic thoughts and make them a good and steady partner in discussions over World Peace and World Progress. Thus the "round table of nations" is gathered! We move forward!!!
    (Conclusion of course: the "one NATO" idea is coherent!

  3. Empirically, nations of EU/states within USA/states with NATO membership have NEVER gone to war against one another... This should "bode" well for a future World of International Peace and Freedom/Business life, if not /entirely/ on the personal level "that fast"!

  4. For emphasising then: the components of the UN, Security Council, the all-nations NATO, potentially, a new version of MAD (by cheap solution of nuclear warheads on "launch platforms" by SCRAMJETS, ground based or by Strategic Bombers/Other "F-17/B2 class" (fighter-) -bombers). A note, though, is that all-nations NATO has some order in case the relations between two or more nations become "heated". It also needs to sort out internal disagreements of this or that seriousness, but under the usual diplomacy, I believe this is a very minor issue, for which one has many other good arenas for sorting out "petty squabbles" of this nature. Cheers!

  5. It should really say "...we have two (2) "slow engineering" cases...". I'm sorry! (Blush...)

  6. The F17 is wrongly written. The right number should be 111 and then I intend to write F111, which is what it should say above! Wikip.: ! The picture of it is awful and it's more powerful than the "clump" you see there as demonstrated! It's somewhat similar to the F15, I think.

  7. Two is now corrected in the main text! (Ughh.)

  8. Title is also slightly altered.

  9. I intend to post to NATO the following: In light of NATO/NATO2, I'd like to notify that, (probably known to some, being public material) "This is also some digging from old posting to Facebook. I add this to three other key postings on USA that "they probably know over there". There is _no_/NO(!!!) doubt that USA needs to be looked after and that they expect us to provide _the man_ (psychologically speaking and only by the hardest criteria, you need to be experienced psychiatrist/psychologist to understand this) alongside their own, shortly speaking providing a hard shoulder to their own that they /can/ / must respect! So the World is serious enough, there is no doubt about it! Be stiff in the World and provide some of the European/African/Other man/"man" (for women) yourself! Cheers! (SCRAMJETS, here we go!)" I think this is something that needs to be discussed in the World and perhaps dealt with by a nice arrangement! Cheers!

  10. Demand: Convict Kim-Jung Un and North Korea for terror by nuclear weapon against all they can reach! Criminal court, you know what to do!

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  11. All nations into NATO! Global NATO forever! All wars of the future are prevented by Global NATO (except troublesome civil wars with possible limited war operations by coalitions)!

    Global NATO must happen!

    Link, Wikipedia, List of Military Alliances: