Monday, 24 October 2011

On the Phenomena of MRSA, Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus

It's my view, in light of the 60 Minutes report, that MRSA has its roots in overprescription of antibiotics as well as the abuse of bacteria killing detergents rather than using "clean" petrol-based detergents (like the Zalo basic of Norway, old variety) and alcohol-based countermeasures! You can also include chlorine-based detergents and the rest of the traditional products (esp. the ammoniac-based). In fact, I'd draw a line in time when to STOP developing new ones (and I think this will serve the developing countries well)!
Hand-soap and general body-soap should also be of the "non-bacteria" killing kind, that is, it's not a specialised detergent for killing bacteria, i.e., it consists chemically of the traditional set of detergents. So the conclusion and advise with this, is of course to use the traditional products, enhanced, but only up to a point, for the daily use. Hospitals use of course the whole range as they see fit and as they act under expert ethics and professionalism, esp. the knowledge!
As with cancer, you die from the rest of the conditions (by failing immune system, etc). There is no use to try to dodge this, outside the hospital treatment!

From my former Facebook writings some time ago, just for keeping a line of recorded judgments alive.This time it has been taken from "Thoughts from mr. Terje Lea", the forerunner to "Static Display..."!


  1. Some opinion on the connection of MRSA, HIV/AIDS and cancers (all): I think certain personality traits speeden up the development of these and that frailty of person under "a steady, healthy person" by personality and other (as with the cases, more directly, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's) can be seen as vulnerabilites for these three types, yet "the idiots would oppose greatly, but at times, they even oppose intelligence, so..."!!! This for your information as mere suspicion, one that I refuse to lay my credibility of Philosophy of Science to, unless better and more investigations myself, i.e., NO more than suspicion...
    10 minutes ago
    The usual factors, all else, include of course healthy diet, physical exercise and controlled weight, that is, all other factors equal on the usual health considerations for HAVING good health!
    8 minutes ago
    If I get this "squared" like this, I think people have the right to know, given both a good sentiment and of course *CUTTING* (by scythe) a part of World stupidity, at least potentially!!!
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    (I have earlier written about MRSA and Alzheimer's and Parkinson's under Whatiswritten777, this blog, under
    5 minutes ago) - Cheers!

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  2. Some of the above fall under theory of treatment by antibiotics or mixed treatment strategies incl. antibiotics. This excludes (all?) cancers as far as I know.

  3. Grunge time as time stamp from Seattle time zone of USA for both the above as noted earlier, writing from CET time zone today, 11:37, 04.04.2012!

  4. From "The Yeti-monster"/"Uncle Tony" of New York(!): /As if they could get away with it.../ "Stuffed birds...!" "Antibacterial detergents" nowadays -> The real data-set of anti-bacterial (det.), I supsect, is now disappearing further down into history in what I will describe as a cover-up (history) by the chemists and the med. doctors of cleanliness (epidemiologists or so)!!! This is now also a kind of DDT history equiv. if my suspicions prove right, entered into history of science, one that one can keep a checker on!!!

    I think that the premise for the anti-bacterial det. have been to make a fluid that would be applied by itself, never needing the rinsing of water... This has been the "sci-fi" dream of these people! (Now that is now coming to a halt where water is still needed on some level for purposes of cleanliness, probably to some irritation still to "these very modern people", of course, /less/ of using water so as to give rise to MRSA and the rest...! Then what does it mean?

    "Anti-bacterial" by cover-up story, now as word-dressing: Zalo brand by Lilleborg, (Contains among other compounds:) 1. 15-30% Anionic (positive ions solution?) surface active substances. 2. 5-15% Non-ionic surface active substances. "Amfotic" surface active substances. 3. Under/less than 5% Sodiumsalicylat (some of the same as in acetylic salicylic acid for headaches, comment) Methylisothiazolinone. Perfume (by 6 different substances). Compare with... (/The/ traditional...)

    Zalo as in ordinary Zalo, also "natural", again by Lilleborg: 1. 15-30% Anionic (positive ions solution?) surface active substances. 2. 5-15% Non-ionic surface active substances. "Amfotic" surface active substances. 3. Under/less than 5% 2-Bromine2-nitropropane-1,3-diol. Sodiumbenzoat. Perfume (by 2 different substances (of the 6 above, that is, they are the same, by this "fresh lemon" scented variety).

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