Friday, 14 October 2011

On Underestimating Other People's Misfortunes

We are underestimating the size of the problem when a good person everywhere is suffering great injustice, whether a child or a adult, whether the misery of a family or a group of people anywhere. We are too "eager"/cocky for going down the mob psychology, taking part in a self-elevating "told you so" attitude for "allowing" people this or that or being a direct help to people without "being rude in the sense of getting a foot in, i.e., a kind of handcuffs argument to them"! We are also too easily moved in the negative sense when a "good family of stature" is torn down in any sense, but most likely by insane media attention for something small and petty!
These are fundamental problems to humanity today, that a headless appeal to (an alleged true) Carnivorous Psychology is likely to destroy, without any justification further to that end, i.e., the other alternative has never truly been attempted (except, possibly, a period for Singapore) or why this is supposed to be necessary or "good" in any sense of the word, easily disregarding what a "state of war", i.e., gang-war, or a "state of terror", being constantly under threat of violence, even the most severe, does to the human mind in the negative sense!
Intellectually, then, the war against the Carnivorous psychology as true, should be the first target for the opposing side, I consider this side to be the only serious one, simply because we know what an ancient man is and that we know have refined sentiments in the World to "try this out" without conceived  severe consequences for doing so!
Equally, the combatting of severe torture everywhere should be damn hard, sending torturers to death row when they are taken, regardless!

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