Tuesday, 4 October 2011

My Former Presentation by a Little Video

Uploading video will not work. Let's upload a picture instead:
Good? (I think you can find the text of what I'm saying on the pages of blog writings somewhere!)

I can look better too(!!!):
The uttered words of the video have been, with a note published on Facebook,
(The text of the video with the quick presentation of myself:)

"Ok, hei! Hello! My name is mr. Terje Lea [the way it is pronunciated in Norwegian]. I'm writing also as Aetixintro. This is a quick presentation of myself. Ehhm... whatever you have to say, just answer to this video, download it, put up your own video on YouTube... Just remember to make it known that you want to address me with something. Alright! Thank you!"

"Note: I like to emphasise this sentence, "JUST REMEMBER TO MAKE IT KNOWN THAT YOU WANT TO ADDRESS ME WITH SOMETHING." I have the sense that people are hacking into my email correspondance, phone line and general interaction with the world through my internet accounts and manipulating the ordinary mail to the extent of what should enter my mailbox and not.
This may go all the way up to "off-duty police officers"! Therefore, it may be of critical importance that you just make these addresses/messages to me, unencouraged, by properly tagged YouTube-videos or ordinary "activist" pages if things turn out to be suspicious. [Norway is indeed high-tech and conditions here are just NOT normal or according to expectations.] At least, the final judgment is up to you! You make the calls, but don't come "crying to mommy"! Alright?"
With date-stamp, "14. July, time, 01:10, CEST" Good?

The latest picture:
Added comments: I'm sorry the picture looks blurred! I think I've checked, but whatever they do these days... I'll see if I can provide a better one. This is, however, just for making a snapshot known of myself today! It has no particular meaning of this or other. Cheers!
The stripes on the shirt are deliberately chosen for this day, this snapshot!


  1. But in my situation, everything is an unreachable "mercy" granted by these "holy, self righteous" f*cks so that even the little haircut becomes difficult (even at the military standard at that)!!! Christ!!!

  2. All five blogs are now set to "Moderated", yet all can enter comments to the owner, myself, L. F. Olsnes-Lea! Thank you.