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"Concerning my 2 posts on Friday, I see it as a wide-open invitation to "abuse me to death", sic, becoming this degraded..." Sic is written in the latin meaning. A little correction. It's not an abbreviation/acronym.
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You may also want to take note of the date, Friday, 22 October 2010.
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The link to the blog posting:
What is written...
This is my personal blog of views and whatever else information that I come up with. Enjoy!
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Concerning my 2 posts on Friday, I see it as a wide-open invitation to "abuse me to death", sic., becoming this degraded f*ck-bag of what has been a person, by keeping me in this crippled and isolated condition where it seems hard to get to reliable services such as Police, Health and legal. I must also point out that I've written to Amnesty International in Norway on my blog.
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It's worth noting, in relation to the comment on this year's Nobel Peace Prize Award that China has one of the hardest law-enforcements of corruption in the world today and is not hesitant to use the death penalty in this regard. The "Western" culture has a tendency to let such slip through the fingers and most certainly abstains from the use of the death penalty. The conclusion is that China indeed is harder on combatting corruption than most of the "Western" culture/European/North American countries! I can't say definitely that China has an inferior justice system in all aspects of it, but it's worth taking notice of the fact that wealth in nations also brings more humanistic thought into them, including a more humane society! Let's see a better world!
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A little comment: I've forgotten to add "competent people in the sense of being university or college trained"! (There are obviously competent people in all aspects of life, but I'm thinking specifically of these bachelor degrees (, and NOT the paper-mill-degrees).)
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Further: Please, stop the moronic social scheming and drop the cheap attitude and begin to make it possible for most people to enjoy competence! Cheers! :-)
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Today, a little bit late, I'd like to voice my support to the British student protesters for demanding affordable degrees/studies. It should be possible to make very affordable/cheap bachelor degrees from some areas, i.e., most humanist subjects, most political sciences, most social sciences including psychology and possibly also mathematics (if the appropriate software is available and such is required), etc. (programming, economy). One can very well use the internet for this purpose (thus making these bachelors cheap).
From an initial point, it should benefit Europe greatly to produce as much competent people as possible, increasing the likelihood of producing money-making material like J. K. Rowling and others to all parts of the European business life.
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This is also serving as a place to write while I boycott writing to my normal websites (and other forums, particularly the Norwegian ones) in political protest to this f*cked Norwegian practice of Law that I see as clearly breaching my human rights. I'm uncertain if I ever get any efficient lawyer services to issue some demands of being this victim of abuses in the past, relating to Uni. Dec. of HR articles 3 and 12, especially. I'm also under heightened stress from what I perceive as a heightened THREAT level to my life and health, possibly under a silent approval from "some sh*tty people" with the sufficient power to keep it this way! Things are not good for the time being!
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These are the first thoughts by this group that serves basically as my "breathing straw" to the world under this clear suppression I live under, by what I see as intended crippling of my person under some possible scheme of "monkey business". I'm sorry to write this, but I've come to a point where it's inevitable to come to this conclusion. :-(
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It's interesting to separate the "Western" demand for democracy vs. the Chinese demand for progress yet in line with Chinese "5000 year old" culture. It's worth knowing the possible intent by China to keep it's (60 year old) system into ONE direction by its corresponding ONE party system. The sentence description to prof. Liu Xiabo also reads "democratic dictatorship", something we in the "West" would normally characterise as a blatant contradiction, but then again this is underpinned by a certain interpretation/description where these two concepts are in this contradictory relationship.
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Please note the information that comes with reference 22:
Prison terms for Liu Xiaobo[22] Prison term Reason Result
June 1989 – January 1991 Charged with spreading messages to instigate counterrevolutionary behavior. Imprisoned in one of China's best-known maximum security prisons, Qincheng Prison, and discharged when he signed a "letter of repentance."
May 1995 – January 1996 Being involved in democracy and human rights movement and voicing publicly the need to redress government's wrongdoings in the student protest of 1989 Released after being jailed for six months.
October 1996 – October 1999 Charged with disturbing the social order Jailed in a labor education camp for three years. In 1996, he married Liu Xia.
December 2009–2020 Charged with spreading a message to subvert the country and authority Sentenced for 11 years and deprived of all political rights for two years. Currently imprisoned in Jinzhou Prison in Liaoning Province.[23]
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More from Wikipedia here:
Liu Xiaobo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Liu Xiaobo (pronunciation: [ljǒʊ̯ ɕjɑ̀ʊ̯pɔ́]; born 28 December 1955) is a Chinese literary critic, writer, professor, and human rights activist who called for democratic reforms and the end of communist one-party rule in Mainland China.[1] He is currently incarcerated as a political prisoner in the ... (link to rest of post, this post being abbreviated)
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1. thought is that this year's Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiabo has been in every Chinese salad bowl there is and it's my belief that he has virtually been asking for punishment for all his actions.
The grounding for his sentence accordingly reads: subversive activity against the Chinese government.
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I'd like to emphasise that I intend this group to be English and it means of course that all writing comes in English. I've made this group in the light of the absence, more or less, of the Philosophy Now forum. This is the start! Cheers! :-)
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