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Some Suspicions on USA

Various!Posted by Terje Lea 2011-05-02 18:45:33 [CEST]

I have the following suspicions on USA:

Nr. 1 One by Political Science (to the dictator, as psychology to the rapist).
Sorry, first some on Osama Bin Laden:
To the extent it can be uttered: was Osama Bin Laden a U.S. American "sandwich"? That is, first they created him. I think they've partly admitted this. And during the last 24 hours, they also nailed him. Thus, there may be something in the smoke of "USA brought 911 onto itself"! This should be something for the World (exc. USA) to consider!!!

Then two of industrial kind.
Nr. 2
Another suspicion of U.S. American ambiguity: I also happen to think that there are 2 kinds of processors (esp. Intel):
One "channelled" type of processors to USA (for special customers).
And one for the rest of the world, un-"channelled" type of processors.
"Channelling" in this instance means the division of the processor-"tubes"/"pipes"
where the signals are carried through in processing by logical ports, minutely
speaking, the magnesium (Mg) or Silicon (Si), (probably the Si, nr. 14) atoms/silicone atoms are placed in a processing set-up.

Thus, "channelling" in this sense means there are processors where these "tubes"/"pipes" are separated by plastic(?) or some to prevent computing anomalies in case electricity could "jump" into the other "tubes"/"pipes"!

Thus, lastly, un-"channelled" processors are hazardous and can bring frustration to programmers who may get funny or weird computing results.

Nr. 3
Further suspicion of U.S. American ambiguity: I think there are two significant sets of Windows flaws, one almost flawless Windows set for USA and a much bigger one for the rest of the World. Thus I call for a world wide-comparison into Windows systems flaws on a world scale and that investigators should have access to Microsoft data on this (unrestrained).

I'm almost suspicious to how Windows is programmed in that calculated "to fail" way. That the flaws seem to be a kind of social engineering, by invitation to the USA programmers and hidden from the programmers of the rest of the world.

I put on the table the science of programming! I mean the languages are clear and most of those programming routines should be fairly given in terms of consequences. Also, as a leader, Microsoft may set the social code of tone on how programming should be done, that is, in a calculated faulty way, bringing further demise to European business life while, by social routes, avoiding them themselves!

Do not bother to give USA too much credit to "their benevolence" because I have now reason to believe they are the most devious to the world!!! Take care!!!

Informally, U.S. Americans and Nuclear War!

Various!Posted by Terje Lea 2011-04-27 16:42:59 [CEST]

I want to speculate on the reason why U.S. Americans never really can press the "Nuke the World"-button!

First of all, would the U.S. Americans be able to live with the controversy aftermath considering their very mixed society/societies, with all the ethnicities?

Secondly, are U.S. Americans now dependent on the good "energies" of foreigners now to sustain themselves?

Thirdly, there would be vast environmental impacts and would USA be able to live with this in retrospect? The full nuclear holocaust would destroy vast areas of surface terrain on land and would destroy a vast number of species in addition to the humans.

So I bet that the U.S. Americans are playing with the button in the sense that the great Atlantic and the Pacific will protect them from any aftermath effects and that they are self-sufficient with food capacities and most other minerals and mines and what have you. In theory, there might be a chance then "to create a self-delusion" to self-justify the nuclear destruction to the rest of the world, pending South America in consideration, i.e., how much of our Southies to preserve?

This is of course not entirely serious. I just want to entertain the thought with you and inform people of this notion.

I must also say that this is probably the most cynical thought you may ever get from the U.S. Americans!!! If this thought is utterly removed, the world will have nudged forward a little toward (emotional) world peace (in everyone).

One fine gesture from the U.S. Americans may be to "offer"/"allow" devastating damage to be inflicted on the themselves to remove such an absolutely idiotic thought, thus creating the military/foreign policy of "The Devastating Damage to USA" doctrine! This should make the trick, I think!

So to calm down a few people, I think we need to see an escalation before we happen to think that "U.S. Americans may be pushing the button". I also don't want our good political leaders and business leaders to lie down/back down because some idiot U.S. American is hinting toward this ridiculous notion of pushing the nuclear war button. In every case I want the fear communicated to the right people before our good political leaders and business leaders of EU/Europe/Russia(/China) are to lie down/back down!!! That is, the fear must become expressed! This is normative and please don't make any mistake about it!!!

As I understand it, MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) has been a negative notion in that it has been the main impeller behind the missile defence shield. Thus, MAD in this sense has been the scenario that one has wanted to avoid. Now, on the other hand, I suggest that in case of the World against USA, such a scenario would be seen as so crazy that the sentiment toward MAD, i.e., in the sense of the World (exc. USA) against USA, even in USA would be seen as positive and I think this is an important difference, i.e., seeing MAD in this (new) positive sense and in the negative sense (traditionally thought of as USA vs. Russia/Soviet Union).

Because the momentum for the World (exc. USA) would of course be democracy and not the (evil) communism of Russia/Soviet Union. Thus, ethically, obviously, the World is justified in devastating/destroying USA, possibly in a MAD scenario, and reasonably so in the face of such lunacy altogether.

For world peace and democracy! Cheers!

Note: I've edited this writing today, 2nd May, 2011, with MAD and (evil) communism.

On Operating Systems and Processors Competition

Various!Posted by Terje Lea 2011-04-24 07:47:57

I find it incredibly irritating that competition on Operating Systems and Processors is almost zero compared to regional competition levels, i.e., EU / (vs.) Asia / (vs.) Oceania vs. USA.

I therefore suggest the following political action and statement:
We find that competition on Operating Systems and Processors in our region to be stifled on the grounds that we have failed to come up with sufficient competition to U.S. American companies despite the very attractive market and competence segment and the continuous status of this.
We also find that the continuous status of this to indicate subversive activities from these companies in our region.
We therefore take the following action. We impose extra tax on these market segments to drive our own companies until we reach substantial and real competition in these market segments!


For Europe and world symmetry! Cheers!

On the HOWTO pages of GRUB 1.98 or later for Ubuntu

Various!Posted by Terje Lea 2011-04-24 07:34:11 [CEST]

Under the Creating the Custom Menu of the, I think one should ADD the following:

Copy the content of your grub.cfg in /boot/grub where this file is.

Copy this content into your 40_custom in /etc/grub.d where this file is.

Only preserve the menu-entries from this file, grub.cfg. You delete the rest. Also make sure you preserve the HEADER of 40_custom. You can also rename 40_custom to 06_my_linux or something.

Then empty the /etc/grub.d and let the 4 files remain: 00_header, 05_debian_theme, 06_my_linux and README. The files you remove from the directory, you can put in your Home folder. You may also make a back-up copy of the 40_custom.


Make sure you log-in as root when doing this. I also recommend that you're prepared and stay off internet so that you don't expose yourself to internet hazards while being root!
Also run (sudo) update-grub when you have finished applying the changes!

It appears that it may be useful, by one quirk or another, to add a splashimage for getting rid of this double listing (see below). It's all up to you, but I hope you are pro-active toward both problems and solutions. The Ubuntu is still a bit young and doesn't have the giant Microsoft fortune to build on, but is rather the sum of efforts from both a professional team, Canonical, and the voluntary effort of a larger community that's intended to promote IT-democracy, to enable people with cheap and easily available software.

When this has been done, I still get the problem of double listing. My entries in the 40_custom file is getting listed twice. Can anyone help me with this, please? Is there a generic rule that needs to commented out? From let's say 05_debian_theme?
Preliminary solution: Add a splashimage! This may be because of the programming of 05_debian_theme or another issue elsewhere in the grub(2) programming.

Disclaimer: There is no such problem in Ubuntu Maverick Meerkat 10.10. The boot-up goes smoothly and manipulation of the grub(2) is flawless if you follow the HowTo pages by the Ubuntu community.

Additional comment for Ubuntuforums. They actually seem to be moderating (and approving) every post entered into the forums. I must say I find this backward. Let's see how Ubuntu manages to grow beyond its 1 - 2% of the OS market outside server/server OS market. I also guess there's a king/queen for every pile in this world.

While Ubuntu/Debian Linux remains my recommendation for operating system, particularly for Europe, Asia, Oceania, South America and Africa, I still urge people to have 2 operating systems available as I still find these two Linux flavours experimental. It goes nowhere near the easy-to-use/ready-to-use Windows or Apple OSes!

I've also made an editing suggestion to this page a little while ago and I hope the good team is at least sensitive to the issue that's presented here.


Note: This writing has been edited twice, 25.04.2011 and 26.04.2011, concerning the double listing in Grub (the disclaimer by the last).

On Ted Bundy!

Various!Posted by Terje Lea 2011-04-21 10:04:28

If you want my opinion on Ted Bundy, it's this: first, change the name, thus, Ted Bundy - Ted - the many people - Bundle Bundy! Consequently, this suggests that all these murders must have had more than one killer, taking into account the not-always-angelic Police force (you know, of the account of suicides and "general social control"!!!

Underlying facts for my view: "...who assaulted and murdered at least 30 young women", "...but the true total remains unknown; published estimates have run as high as 100 or more" and " apprehension in Florida in February, 1978"!

It should be noted that ALL of his criminal activity has run in the span of 18(?) - 31 years of age which I find highly dubious. The three above quotes are from this link on Wikipedia:!

It may be corollary that all these murders have been put on his name for the sake of public (emotional) safety!

Also note that this is purely speculation from my myself, my own point of view!

A Little Update Concerning Telepathy

Various!Posted by Terje Lea 2011-04-21 09:19:15 [CEST]

Just because you support the short-sight (of Telepathy) doesn't mean that this forum has successfully discussed the case of telepathy.
Just as me, you haven't made much academic references yourself.
I don't blame you (the repliers to this topic) for this, but it doesn't make your case stronger either.
Conclusion: I recognise that I've been airing some views on the physics foundation of telepathy in terms of serious reductionism that I really believe in. I also see that more literature-research is to necessary to determine the most plausible argument of this telepathy phenomenon. As such, I deem this CASE still OPEN!!! I probably won't add more to this topic, but you are, of course, welcome to add the whole world to this topic if you want to!

To your help:
By NYTimes, quote:
"One of psychology’s most respected journals has agreed to publish a paper presenting what its author describes as strong evidence for extrasensory perception, the ability to sense future events."

"The paper describes nine unusual lab experiments performed over the past decade by its author, Daryl J. Bem, an emeritus professor at Cornell, testing the ability of college students to accurately sense random events, like whether a computer program will flash a photograph on the left or right side of its screen. The studies include more than 1,000 subjects."

My underlining.

Thus, Daryl J. Bem, Cornell University is the man to look up for. I stick with him as I find it definite too or "statistically significant" as it's otherwise expressed! Enjoy your reading! Cheers!

And some people are claiming statistical knowledge when have no credits for just that (that we know of) to deem significant research vs. insignificant research (to which I favour prof. Bem's judgment)!!!

Moreover, such an off-hand remark over the "thousands of failed experiments" carries no weight as 1. they are not referenced and 2. they are taken out of thin air where the utterers have no literature study to show for!

Just because people have had "farm machines" and use these to prove that the Neutron exists and they've failed at it many thousands of times, doesn't mean that the Neutron doesn't exist because it does exist! And it has been proven by people who used the proper equipment and apparatus. So number is not equal to authority or truth value as in number of experiments or so.

I've forgotten to mention that it has been published in a renowned journal which may indicate a certain prestige or weight of both the professor and this particular kind of research.

A little thing. An analogy may be that some people who have invested time and serious interest and found telepathy are matched with "morons" who are even refusing to see the possibility for it. It's hard, therefore, to show for anything else than correlation to these people who don't know.

Point 2. I support James Randi and he's been effective in removing idiot science out of the serious picture. I also think that he has made a prize for a special kind of the ESP and that his description of a certain aspect of ESP doesn't really entail telepathy.

Also, people may fail to recognise that there are 9, nine, different set-ups (by prof. Bem) and they, by their mistake, reason consequently that the whole research is just crap despite the 10, ten, years of continuous efforts (2001-2011?)! Considering some people's sloppy approach, I don't think they need to investigate this further. No, leave it to able people, like prof. Bem!

Besides, I've noted before that I really support the best experiment (set-up) to determine Telepathy and this is to my knowledge the "ganzfeld experiment" set-up. Also, one may do well to separate initially those who are positive to such an experiment/phenomenon and those who are negative because the negative people do mostly represent a drag that's not useful!

Additional: Some more on the telepathy issue.
First of all, I'd like to make the note that prof. Bem seems to have emphasised the harder parts of ESP and not the easier part that's telepathy. I find this dubious! Secondly, I think their data-set has been fixed so that 53% is 53% and not the much clearer rate with the much more able people of about 80%. People are thus inclined to think that this investigation by prof. Bem is only at this slim level. That the results are not significant when it can easily show that actually are by making a clearer correlation by the more able people!!!

I also happen to believe that USA thinks of telepathy as "high" as in having a high standing, you know, as skill or importance of a mindful faculty. It's therefore my "damn" recommendation that the rest of the world comes to grips with this and makes it "high" in their society as well. I easily think that the schizophrenic's story of being possessed with a person can be transferred to being a kind of political science where USA more or less regulates the world based on personality type put into a larger system of parts to play in dominating the world. That is, the subversive types to operate against all foreign issues and the constructive types to work on domestic issues. I loathe to sound like this theorist of conspiracy, but this is actually a story!!! Your ignorance to telepathy may get costly!!!

I think also that prof. Bem knows that projecting faculties of the mind can more easily cause anxiety and chaos rather than the more pleasant telepathy, that when privacy is maintained, it creates a very positive role in people's lives in that it reinforces people's connections and makes life seem more lively and colourful! So in reading about this future event reading, take a step back, and rather pursue telepathy first since it's more basic in my opinion.

1. conclusion: I think prof. Bem has made a deliberately "weak" case for himself and that there is more in this than commoners know. I also think he's been dishonest in keeping telepathy back-hand, a kind of sleight of hand trick to the world, a statement, perhaps. Beware of this, please! And I can only recommend the thoroughest evaluation of his research, including definite knowledge of the underlying data and all else!!!

Extra point: I also like to add that I suspect that USA has been going at this for 150 years or so and enabling this special view to the rest of the world, setting up a kind of political science of control! The rest is for you to discover!

In an old writing from 2004 (the old forum), I've connected projecting faculties of the mind with reports I've read on the amagdyla and it's role in this. You may want to add this to your inquiry! The amagdyla from Wikipedia:!

(I've just recently published this to the Philosophy Now forum,, and updated it 22.04.2011 and today, 23.04.2011, from several writings to this forum.)

The German Flag - to be made as a separate webpage on my websites!

Various!Posted by Terje Lea 2011-04-18 02:56:52

I've made an interpretation of the German flag 3rd December, 2009 (by record of the Philosophy Now forum and thus published since then). It is the following:
The German flag, an important lesson: It may occur funny to you that I write about the German flag on this page, but it has a natural and important cause. This cause is on the issue of the arrangement of the colours. The bottom line is yellow and it is yellow because the white that is supposed to be the bottom line is what makes the money. In earlier times, money, coins, has been yellow or gold, all how you want to see it. White in this regard, is considered a generally good ethics of behaviour to such degree that your being gives a super/subtle impression of white. Going up one level, one is at the red colour and red represents the super/subtle impression of your being when you're not only good, but particularly good, such that you excel in your goodness. Now, the last colour, black, is the colour of super/subtle impression of your being when you're even topping the red level. So in a sense, you're being super-good when you're black. Being black in my experience only happens in short bursts and it requires fine moments of highest intelligence. Above this, there can only be God! Suggesting the flag to be interpreted in its diabolical meaning, moving from the black colour down to the white, can also be done, but I don't want to bother with that now.

This writing means that the German flag is a universal flag for all of us and should be celebrated accordingly. Of course, the French, we don't want to talk about! Cheers!


Selvmord1951-2002.xls fra SSB! Her er tallene som SSB ikke lenger publiserer!

Various!Posted by Terje Lea 2011-04-17 10:01:15 [CEST]

[Link: Selvmord1951-2002 av SSB,! This link is no longer active! The numbers, by the way, are now published by SSB itself, last time I checked, a few weeks ago. 03.10.2011.]

Det kan også sies at denne opplastingen er et ledd i å anskueliggjøre menneskerettighetsbrudd i Norge og kritisere det politisk korrekte Norge!

Det er spesielt i henseende en åpen Facebook gruppe, Menneskerettighetsbrudd i Norge - Aksjonsgruppe (9)! Du skal lett kunne lokalisere denne.


PS: DEt må jo sies at 1988 tallet har vært publisert for seg selv tidligere, logisk nok, og at det burde være å finne i SSB's årbøker for 1990 til ca. 2000. Så hvis du er på en videregående skole eller universitet ved f.eks. SAmfunnsvitenskapelig fakultet så burde de finnes på biblioteket der, med et 1988 tall for antall selvmord som ligger et sted like under 700, si 680 eller noe!

Monkey Business - My Definition!

Various!Posted by Terje Lea 2011-04-15 07:40:25

From Urban Dictionary by, by the user: osmo2, I get this:
"Monkey business:
Word for some kind of shady activity.
"Those dogs have some serious monkey business going on." - Dude witnessing a nearby drug deal."

But it can be much more serious than this. Fx. it can involve a psychopathic hunt or control of victim or victims that can endure for years where the victims endure a steady decline of resources altogether and of their own health, becoming depressed and suffering constant harassment and pressure from various threats.
This interpretation of the dubious version of the concept, I think, to one end or another, is associated with the brown remains of a smaller person, typically a kid. You know, this may happen when you're exposed to psychopaths. They take their victim to some place where they do their freak stuff, reducing this (young) person to this brown, i.e., bloody by stark blood, burnt skin, dirtied by feces, lifeless, insidiously treated object! This goes for nothing less than torture and has some value to dubious people for "energy reasons"/"stratagems"/"efficacies of kind", so and so!
I'm telling you right now, beware of these idiots!!! More serious than this, it can't get!

Note: This is written in part as a protest against the lack of information on the Internet against phenomena that should have been available to the public and readily acted upon by Police! Instead, I find it hidden and obscured for prolonging a screwed game for people in power who have lost their senses for right and wrong! A kind of "psychiatrists'/mental health industry's favourite game of life"!

(Picture is removed.)

Translations for Europe!

Various!Posted by Terje Lea 2011-04-15 03:33:49

I'm reminded of linguistic diversity in Europe by another user on the Philosophy Now forum and this is what I have to say: We can to greater degrees become more used to translation tools for our software!
Thus, very ignorant to the U.S. Americans, normatively probably, we should have guidelines on how to make translation available in all software (where useful) and perhaps to greater extents use translators by mobile phones as a household item, especially for people who may have interests to that end. We should also work toward lowering the threshold of making contact through these translation tools!

Conclusion: we need to overcome obstacles of getting in contact with one another over language differences by the use of technology! F.x.: Germans should travel more to France and make use of these translation tools to the French and the French should be smiling to the well-meaning German to this end. Even the Greek on the fine sun spots for summer holidays should become attractive language wise! We should get out more and meet one another, by use of technology!

Our aim should be to unite our "Oregon" with our "Texas" and "Florida", i.e., Greece, Sweden and Britain/England together or Bulgaria, Finland and France! Not that they are apart, but I'd like people to view these countries closer together than I think they are viewed today!

Hurray for Europe/EU! Cheers!

On Jobs Growth and Flat Economy

Various!Posted by Terje Lea 2011-04-14 07:29:25

Just an opinion on "The puzzle, if there is one, would be how an economy that is supposed to have been broadly flat between December and February was able to produce 143,000 more jobs than in the previous three months." - Stephanie Flanders, Economics editor, BBC News.

I think there may be a solution in assuming that if you add jobs and the economy remains flat, it's because some less profit is made and more BASIC jobs are added, thus "143,000 more jobs" produced and an economy "supposed to have been broadly flat" results.
I also speculate that patriotism can be an underlying factor to such a phenomenon of economy.


(I've added a note on patriotism today, 14.04.2011.)

The State Department of USA

Various!Posted by Terje Lea 2011-04-13 04:14:58 [CEST]

Picture of the State Department of USA is taken from!

This is really a part of the presentation of "U.S. American Patriotic Radicalism - in Financial Terms", link: Still the future should probably look good for the world as this exposition has taken place and considering a "widening" world! Cheers!

On the Definition of a Black Hole

Various!Posted by Terje Lea 2011-04-11 23:38:57 [CEST]

My answer is that Black Holes are sufficiently defined (by their "circles", where the Black Holes start to be black, the rims of them) to consider them defined (as opposed to tacky).

This is in relation to an ongoing discussion that has encumbered my brain for a while now. I'm not sure what the latest is from the Physicists.

The importance of this discussion hinges on what the nature of Black Holes is and thus how this nature has implication on a tacky or defined edge! So the nature of the edge of a Black Hole is really a discussion of the nature of the Black Hole.


(Just this notice. This has been published to the Philosophy Now forum only moments ago. I've also edited this writing once now, 21.04.2011.)

New Status to My Person

Various!Posted by Terje Lea 2011-04-07 23:26:43

On grounds of political suppression and corruption in general, by shady scheming of "metaphyscial" nature and outside normative ethics, I've accepted "Disability status" when suicide is the only other alternative! I hope for your understanding in light of this!

Indeed, in Norway, the tax lists are public, something I support for responsibility reasons, and the numbers there can only point to this fact. Thus, to Norwegians, this information is merely formal!

On the Distinction Between Cheap Psychology and Expensive Psychology

Various!Posted by Terje Lea 2011-04-07 20:58:04 [CEST]

I would like to point out the distinction between cheap psychology and expensive psychology!
Some people call themselves "people with great insights into psychology" and thus represent a kind of Folk-Psychology. Yet other actual psychologists don't deliver according to the professional requirements. You should ditch both of these notions and seek the "expensive" psychology, psychology that makes sense and works for you!

"Expensive" psychology comes from psychologists and others with deep, academic insights and they are well-trained in Psychology. Otherwise it may be possible to obtain "expensive" psychology by books and a good deal of efforts of yourself. That is, you make serious efforts toward getting to "expensive" psychology yourself.

This for now! Cheers!

PS: I have the view that, without having profound knowledge of psychology, that it may be rewarding to roll back on psychology to the '50s and '60s and add cognitive progress in the field from today and deducting the awful racist notions from this "early" time, considering the 120 years of the "young" science of psychology.

PS2: I'd also like to add the mere fact that some people make this distinction between cheap psychology and expensive psychology and that there may be important underlying factors that makes it so!

On Police Behaviour

Various!Posted by Terje Lea 2011-04-07 18:24:59 [CEST]

At least, I add my voice to this topic because something is totally out of line! I think this applies to Police around the world and that the world is quite crazy...

I wonder what makes Police so "above" the rest of society beyond their own salary! They have indeed accepted the "package" that comes with police work and they have a duty to comply with job requirements and generally show good behaviour toward society even outside of work! (This used to be an addition to the perpetrator (of former Police force) from the Judge some time ago.)

From their own psychology: it may be useful to see the Police enforcers as "Kings (of metal) of Society"! They are "that good"!

Just a tip: approach the Police with scepticism and and be hard on "routines" and "safety measures" in case something abrupt is to happen. Also, I think it's a duty (to society) to file a complaint if there is such grounding. Stay alert, people!

(Love labours on...)

This is a reply to a topic that has been started by another user on the Philosophy Now forum, by Post subject: Re: Law-enforcing buddies or plain bullies? PostPosted: Thu Apr 07, 2011 4:37 pm!)

Addition to My Argument of Dualism - Philosophical Notes

Various!Posted by Terje Lea 2011-04-05 18:11:37 [CEST]

I'm thinking of adding a little note to my writing on Dualism in Philosophy of Mind.
The argument is to be found here: link,
A little note to this topic: The Dirac stream!
I've come aware of the Dirac Stream in physics and some people claim that it's possible to see and other people don't. Even detectors' data and other data on it are unavailable!

So my assertion in this regard is this: I'd say that the Dirac Stream is this stream of "soul" from a person "or other source". Do you care to investigate it too, please?

So this is it, with a little less respect for physics: is the Dirac Stream simply the result of some "black magic voodoo ritual"? If not, where are the (scientific) pictures and other data of it?

Overall: the Dirac Stream can at least be considered alongside other unaccounted phenomena of undetermined nature, like ghosts, faeries, angles, demons, monsters, souls and other, but only, preferably, those of paranormal nature, that is, phenomena that can be seen as expressions of a kind of "hyper"-nature, the souls!

Thus, this little writing sorts nicely in with the investigations of Dr. Sam Parnia and the other Van Lommel studies.

(This has first been published with the Philosophy Now forum about half an hour ago.)

Further notification to this writing:
I can't say exactly where I've come across this notion of it, the stream, but I've originally thought of it as an example of observation bias where one group of scientists are able to see the "Dirac-stream" and another group has been unable to see the stream. Thus, in my honest belief, I have wanted to investigate it now that I'm better acquainted with physics and remain more critical to the physics as well, instead of being this awe-struck young student, full of admiration for the renowned scientists (and their alleged "good" nature of fair-game and life and respect for intelligence).

As such, in case this notion of "Dirac stream" is wrong, I've had NO intention whatsoever to make Dirac's name dirty of some kind, I've just been of a wrongful opinion!

I leave this as a peculiar writing of mine and ascribe it to the "informal" notion of scientists' "research" of some kind to some unknown end, probably more perverse than useful in any way. To be clear: this, "Dirac stream", doesn't enter my writing on argument for Dualism. This makes my writing rubbish, a bit embarrassing to be honest!

[Edit:] Added excuse to the legacy of Dirac as well. [End of edit.]
[Edit2:] Added the "informal" notion of scientists' "research" of some kind. [End of edit.]

Over Mixing Science with Religion

Various!Posted by Terje Lea 2011-04-05 18:03:48 [CEST]

A little advise to the Religious people ∧ (wedge) relaxation to the Atheists.
Over mixing Religion and Science: always do like in chemistry, acid into the water and NOT the other way around. This goes for religion too! Always science into religion and NOT the other way around! Alright? Now the teaching should be sorted out forever! (By Twitter, 6:28 PM Mar 24th via web.)

The Death of Religion and CNN/Journalism

Various!Posted by Terje Lea 2011-04-04 19:11:51 [CEST]

"This relates to the story by CNN a while ago, 24th March, 2011, Organized religion 'will be driven toward extinction' in 9 countries: CNN, by K. L. Stout, by Twitter, also asks the question: "Impact on society?"

Regarding the death of Religion: It's funny how this is reported by U.S. American CNN and only reporting data from European societies, almost like they want to KEEP the "white soup" of (religious) Goodness to themselves. Time will tell and these are ONLY predictions to the (only) extent that Mathematics can predict anything whatsoever (by itself). This is a matter of Humanity and the laws regarding the Human Mind are still largely unknown if they even exist to that TOTAL extent. I'll see where this goes...

A corollary/corroborative that I've forgot to mention: "the white soup" USA is still the best performer in the world in terms of science and technology, hence the LARGE and SUCCESSFUL companies of Intel, Microsoft and Google AND (by wedge) has the most FIERCE army in the world! I can only recommend you to watch the theatre [of war] in Libya to unfold (by the largest aircraft-carriers and more). Regarding the mathematics and religion: the data set goes (only) 100 years back (ohh... but that's a long time, Daddy) when it has been around for some 3000 (yes, thousand) years and being a kind of Mysticism some 60 000 years before that! I've now notified CNN about my objections to these predictions by these mathematicians. I've believe my comments are to display on that webpage that the story about the death of religion is presented on!

Addition to the story by CNN over the death of religion: when you lack an important part of a data-set, i.e., USA and its 310 M inhabitants then what is this prediction by these mathematicians really worth? Indeed, I now find the whole prediction quite stupid and inadequate! This concerns "open set prediction", "predictions", "mathematics", "open set", "open ended set" and CNN." (Originally written on Twitter, 24. mars 2011 11:28:01 via web.)

Jeg søker venner!

Various!Posted by Terje Lea 2011-04-02 22:42:36 [CEST]

Hei dere i Aftenposten, VG, Dagbladet, TV2 og NRK og gjerne ellers også

Jeg søker venner med journalistisk bakgrunn og andre med akademisk bakgrunn, gjerne i slutten av Bachelor-studier og alt over dette. Alder burde være 21 - 42 (dette kravet er gjerne litt strengere tolket enn uttrykket "burde" tilsier).

Så her er jeg ved min egen hjemmeside og blogg (foruten en blogg til og 2 nettsteder i tillegg til denne).

Med vennlig hilsen
Terje Lea

[End note: I don't think this applies anymore as the situation is "hardened" and the "political correct" is so permeating down to Norwegian Amn. Int. along with, of course, punishment and rewards! I note, though, that _I've_ had a positive approach and that "they", "these powers of State", fall more easily in line with "terror against the World and let's abuse our Monkies while at it"!!!]

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  1. Under "Jeg søker venner!", there is now an extra note that I like to point out with this:
    [End note: I don't think this applies anymore as the situation is "hardened" and the "political correct" is so permeating down to Norwegian Amn. Int. along with, of course, punishment and rewards! I note, though, that _I've_ had a positive approach and that "they", "these powers of State", fall more easily in line with "terror against the World and let's abuse our Monkies while at it"!!!]