Wednesday, 12 October 2011

A Reminder for Reduction of Carbon in the Atmosphere - Carbon-Ice

Hello people out there. This is a reminder of how to control the levels of carbon in the atmosphere. You produce Carbonised/Carbondioxide Ice and this can be produced (as usual) out of constituents in the air, thus reducing carbon in the atmosphere to a suitable level. This can be stored in any cold place, but it's probably best to store it on one of the Poles, the Arctic or the other. Happy burning of fossil fuel, people! Cheers!

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  1. So as a consequence of this "reminder", I would like the numbers worked out, and I think this idea is realisable/conceivable in highly realistic terms, the bottom line being that carbon-ice is shipped on a regular basis and dumped on the poles, either onto the surface by some kind of set-up, or just dropped into the sea. The surface option is probably the best because of the cold, but it's also the most demanding for making room or physical possibility for the dumps to happen. I have as of yet no clue for how much carbon-ice that's needed for reducing carbon-particles in the air from, let's say 350 ppm to 340 ppm. Therefore you get, partly, this new, little notice. Cheers!