Friday, 14 October 2011

Awarding the Superman/woman Emblems to Ivy League of USA and Some Extra - A Dangler

I, mr. Olsnes-Lea (from EU/Europe), hereby have the honour to award the 8 universities of the Ivy-League the Superman emblem. This is, of course, to be placed next to the university name of the respective university. Fx. for the building of Harvard University that carries this name (if not several), it will now read Harvard University (with) the Superman emblem (as seen on the chest of Superman, of course)! Make no mistake about it, please! The Superman emblem is for real (because it is from the Superman cartoons), the award is for real and only the best universities in the world will (ever) carry it! Congratulations!!! Be proud!!!

Because "we" are lovely and "you" are lovely too! Together we are the World. Thus, this is in line with Robert King Merton and his 4 ideals!

As a dangler, here's something for the University of Oslo:
University of Oslo, if it asks for any award, can (logic of modality) be given an emblem of something that has the shape of a cigar, "but of unknown origin (depending on who)". This also requires discussion with the appropriate panel of judges and we will get back to you! Cheers!

An added note is this, by 26.08.2011, this is an implicit challenge for making a better and more definite, constructive effort in the World!
Along with IIT and other prestigious univ.s and institutes (MIT, Scribbs)!

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  1. This has formerly been posted on Facebook, by "Static Display of Work..." some time ago! A joke, though, obviously! :-)