Saturday, 1 October 2011

The Warts of Perversion. Taint of Corruption.

The Warts of Perversion. Taint of Corruption.

Malur and taint of malur: Some of these, perhaps most, come with taints on their souls. The taint is called 'malur' (don't mix it with some Indian place), a phenomena that causes them to faint and experience their own recoil from their awful, horrible actions. The physical representation of this is in the form of a brown or black wart, either directly visible or in hidden under the skin. You usually get a strange/ugly feeling when you see these things. Touching them gives you some of the same representation. These warts extend into the central nervous system and has a deep impact on the person who is wearing this taint.
(Malur-taints may also possibly come with red/light red areas below the eyes, but this is probably only on rare cases.)
When you touch these things, the people wearing them will remember what caused it and what action that caused it. It is quite irritating for the people who are wearing these things and some go to great lengths in order to have it removed or camouflaged. You may also get these taints from attaching your affection to the recordings of these horrible actions. Two things: 1. It is better to be good than (taint-)warty. 2. Keep kids away from recorded material. The garbage ('snuff') should be stored where professionals work. You may also receive the malur-taint from telepathically transferred material, scenes or images or other. So you should be carefully on guard with the mind's eye and thus avoiding too much telepathic contact when being around perverts.
Be careful on what you turn the mind's eye to!

By Terje Lea, 13.01.2011.
Note: I've written this quite some time ago, yet removed and put it back in again, first on the Philosophy Now forum where it is also now.
Perhaps this writing of these "taints" then started in 2006(?) and has stayed with me to this day in 2011.

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  1. Massmedia of Spartacus and the Sun Beneath the Sea (loosely) is also screaming "malur, malur". You should see the series sometime. It's originally in French. Malur translates to English from French as "the evil from the depths of my person"!

  2. So, can it be that there is a physical expression of a pervert mind that's a wart or many warts, either inside the body or on the skin?

    Is there a connection between a pervert mind/neural system and cancer (white, brown, black or red)?

    Both of these are answered by "yes", I think or have the suspicion of.

  3. And what if the wart appears in the neural system of the brain? Do you risk that?

    It's also my honest opinion that these "warts"/warts are connected to the neural system in some way. This is a feature that is shared with cancer, also leukemia, I believe.