Friday, 14 October 2011

A Slight Note to the Upcoming U.S. American Election Next Year

A slight note to the upcoming U.S. American election next year: out of the EU/European sentiment of still urging USA to adopt the VAT for improving overall conditions for all of their citizens, I think the Republicans need to come up with a credible solution for legislation to counter the classic Democrat cause for exactly this, social justice/welfare programs/a social security net of the economic nature. This should also lie in line with Bush's (successful) Leave No Child Behind Act so I don't see any principal problem with coming up with this kind of solution of legislation. This is as I've said, _out of the EU/European sentiment_ and beyond the urge to VAT solution, I'd rather NOT comment on it further (because I'm not a U.S. American citizen and I have more serious topics, personal and otherwise to deal with for the time being). If the Republicans fail to do this, the consequence should be clear (so please read up on logics in case you fall short)... Cheers!

I'm not sure why I've written this even, but I pay respect to the possible need for this kind of view (in case it is wanted). It's not for me to "take this to the USA". Other people can do this...

This has been posted to the Human Rights Watch just recently and I think, out of them being an American (alright, your preferred version) / an U.S. American organisation that they can handle this kind of consideration very well. If they fail, well, we Europeans are going to RIDICULE you (possibly grotesquely because then you clearly don't know your own good and that is very serious for a 310 mill nation with the world's most powerful army)!!! But, please, tell people you know, and perhaps, every good citizen gets to nudge or shove their favourite politician and connection a good deal too! Good luck to you and happy election (without any of that violence)!

"Grotesquely" is here implied to be in that collegial/student way of university, classically speaking (even though college applies).

Note: this is a writing from the old files from my former Facebook profile "Terje Lea".


  1. Victory is declared over the fish-"psychologists" for making a simplified voters' model.
    (By suspicion,) I also, by this, have beaten (parts of) Top Gear, swathes of Germany (because the team has had at least one German with them) and David Letterman.
    Bow!!! Hey!!!
    (As before, also the holder of mSomatism. This is also, the election-outcome, in line with much of the _serious_ literature on voters' behaviour from the establishment of the political sciences!)

  2. Background: a set of "top" scientists, really "cool", all titles included, set out a fish school for voters' behaviour predicting a grand victory for the Tooth-and-Bones Republican Party for the 2012 election. NOW THEY HAVE LOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The Study was, incredibly enough, presented inside the mail-list and on the Institute of Physics web-site! Please, investigate it yourself. I need to relocate it!

  3. Losers are hiding well. I fail to identify them this quickly, but they have been a flair of diverse scientists to set up a "fish-school" from either Princeton (nearby CIA) or Harvard. You check too?

  4. The stuff relates to all of this: .
    Watch up for them trying to make an agenda for their notions of fish-school to obtain, implying a danger also "in some distant sci-fi future" that people start to look to fish-schools for answers to who should become "the next US American President of whatever! Cheers!

  5. - Science story over fish-schools.

  6.,8599,2102612,00.html - America Votes with the Fishes.

  7. The election campaign from the Republicans has been different this time, because I think they have been betting on people's inner (animalistic) intuitions and that this has been evident for this particular campaign for the 2012 presidential election.