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On the Status of Social Science, Political Science and Psychology

Various!Posted by Terje Lea 2011-04-02 04:15:53 [CEST]

I've written earlier an answer to Thomas Chr. Wyller where I've mentioned the new sciences of social science, political science and psychology and in this regard made a somewhat derogatory comment that I don't think they exist for real. Now, the further notion on this is, to clarify, that this notion refers to the nomothetical sense of science compared to the classical notions of physics should be uncontroversial. It's my opinion that when you transfer much of the cognitive "laws" of psychology to neurology of medicine, little of psychology remains. Psychology remains even today a step out on the branch of science from the hard sciences of physics, chemistry and possibly up to biology, including bio-chemistry. However, today, being progress or not, I don't have the slightest doubt over the notion of new sciences as sciences in the descriptive sense, that is, the respective descriptions of the new sciences are completely valid science if you just change the description according to HDM a little, no matter how weird this may sound, I think there's no problem in doing this (as well as with much or all of the humanistic disciplines). Cheers! :-D

Suggestion to Photon Experiment (1/2)

Various!Posted by Terje Lea 2011-03-31 18:56:31 [CEST]

Some words I'm going to add to my websites:
The experiment on photons (1/2). Even though bending the light and making inferences (2/2) by strength of light (Watts/W) or by the place in spectrum (wave-length, greek letter), one should do a parallel. The parallel follows. Concerning the mass of the photon, Wikipedia states it to be <1×10^−18 eV (10 in the power of minus 18, very small (smallest? Probably since it is the only quark/quant outside the atom except the electron, so and so, yes neutrino, positron, so and so) and less than this number, but I think it may be possible to set up a vacuum chamber and put an iron in it and "radiate" it
with light and given a certain time (some years?) correlated with strong light (?, the strongest?) and see how much weight (mass) it gains by a very sensitive mass-indicator (weighing device)! "<[number]" relates to the eV value of the photon. And while we're on it, perhaps you like to know more about Planck's mass by Wikipedia, link, , so you now know how eV relates to m, mass. (This has first been published on Twitter 26th March, yesterday, and this morning, 27th March, combined. I guess my profile: should be referenced.) Further 1/2: My theory is that the (standard object by 1 kg of) iron will as you say, very correctly radiate infra-red waves and thus release photons of this kind in return, but that's only half the story. You can measure this by several detectors. One (set of) detector(s) that can give a number on "escaped" photons. One ampere-meter that keeps track on electricity to fuel the light source onto the iron of ours. Iron in vacuumed chamber, vacuumed chamber measured before and after the iron is inserted, in its vacuumed state. Also, a dark room/chamber should be used to this end, containing the experiement, i.e., making up the laboratory. Once the experiment is set, you can instrument it so that no "idiot" needs to enter the room. Everything is set up so that the data from the experiment is transferred to a computer somewhere else. (This whole description has been published on the Philosophy Now forum Sun Mar 27, 2011 6:56 pm UTC and Mon Mar 28, 2011 7:36 pm UTC.) On Psychiatric Diagnoses

Various!Posted by Terje Lea 2011-03-30 06:21:45 [CEST]

Apart from the view on Psychiatric diagnostication elsewhere, I start this topic just to see where it goes (or just for the f*ck of it)... nicely alongside the other...

Diagnoses: It's my view that Psychiatric diagnoses are in fact best categorised by the two sides (of two) of Schizophrenia and Depression. It's also inherent that these two categories also contain these two concepts as actual psychiatric illnesses. Thus:
Category: Schizophrenia - Illnesses: Schizophrenia, Bulimia, Psychopathy, Compulsive Obsession (particularly of people), (more?)

Category: Depression - Illnesses: Depression, Anorexia, Stress Syndromes, PTSD, (more?)

This view is a mere suggestion.

(This has first been published on the Philosophy Now forum, by myself, today, 30.03.2011, about 1 hour and 20 minutes ago.)

Philosophy of Psychiatry - The Definite Illnesses!

Various!Posted by Terje Lea 2011-03-26 05:40:41 [CET, one day before summertime.]

...and no blowing of white smoke or mystic diagnostication. Here comes:
Mental illnesses are generally scientifically determined by and pathologically defined by the functioning level of the case in question, being the functioning that is defined by ALL parts of a normal life, i.e., social, work, personal, mental and physical.
Thus, any absurd notion that mental illnesses are in a haze is firmly removed.

The next problem is really the diagnostication. Not only are the the categories unclear/definitely undecided by consensus, but the approach to the patients are not entirely set by procedure either. I have this fourfold suggestion:
1. Cognition of patient's language. You can make good manuals for clues to look for in the patients.
2. Patient's behaviour. This is really the brain-child of B. F. Skinner and is still in good use, although a little more intelligently, like mimicry, possibly by computer pattern recognition.
3. The classic questionnaires incl. (the rather unserious) Rorschach test.
4. Patient's self-reports and general reports about the patient by close friends, family, etc.

Not only are these good, but you can still add the metabolism test from blood sample and new approaches by (f)MRI.

By this, diagnostication should be seen as 100% and there should be little margin of error unless the mental illness is in its very early stages!

Cheers! :-)

Note: this has just been published on the Philosophy Now forum and I'm going to add it to both the "Opinions on Science..." and "Psychiatric Views and Findings"!

Videre om de store "konspirasjonsteorier" - Samfunnet, ja!

Various!Posted by Terje Lea 2011-03-25 14:03:36 [CET]

Jeg fremlegger herved litt gammel sangtekst av Holly Johnson og hans "Americanos" fra 1989, altså året etter "vårt" eget HH-"statement" i forhold til selvmord:
That's cable TV for you and me.
I' cleaning kitchens
washing pots and pans

Everything's organized from crime to leisure time.
High schools and swimming pools
king sharks and fools.

Det kan også sies at Johnson synger "leisure" mer som "leash-ure"og "leash" er jo faktisk "a chain, strap, etc., for controlling or leading a dog or other animal; lead."

Også legger vi til litt Otto Jespersen og hans "demokrati er bare på papiret" eller noe sånt som jeg tidligere har nevnt her.

Jeg legger til:
* David Bowie - Crime World
* Accept - Heaven is Hell
(dvs. at verden er så full av kriminalitet at Helvete råder på Jorden og at Himmelen finnes under bakken, metafor: det å dø på den ene eller andre måten spiller ingen rolle, det er bare å komme seg i graven) og til slutt:
* La Roux - In For The Kill
Alle disse tre sangene allmenngjør dype synspunkter over det som burde være et viktig budskap til verden, nettopp det at verden er rå og stygg (langt) bortenfor det som er akseptabelt! Det er ofte slik at mennesker avfeier artisters budskap, men dette kan få alvorlige følger og i den tid dette har vart så har det fått det! Verden er RÅ og STYGG og man få ta hensyn til dette når man utformer sitt politiske standpunkt! Det kan også være viktig å være hard på etikken sett i dette lys!!! (Dette går til kommentar om samfunnets problemer med kriminalitet og hvor Satans dypt kriminaliteten går (ned i de sinnsyke dybder)!

Herved: naiviteten er deres EGEN. Hvor mye dere har lyst til å stikke hodet i sanden er komplett opp til dere selv. Lykke til videre!

Samfunnstrekk man ikke vil tro på!

Various!Posted by Terje Lea 2011-03-24 07:39:07 [CET]

Idag har jeg en kommentar over selvmordstall og Scandinavian Star (-ulykken). Det bemerkes herved at tallene (for selvmord) er de høyeste for 19-88 / '88 og at 88 er kode for "Heil Hitler" fordi H er bokstav nr. 8 i alfabetet. SS likeledes er betegnelsen for ShutzStaffel som jo er omstridt fordi dette også er betgnelsen for de hardeste Nazi-styrkene til Hitler under Nazi-Tyskland (og også Hitlers livvaktstyrke). Konklusjon: Samfunnet er "screwed" og man må være forberedt på ALT! Tvertimot: den vanlige rettsbeskyttelse er under HARDT PRESS!
Jeg kan forsåvidt nevne omfattende psykiske helseproblemer i befolkningen der psykiatrien ofte er assosiert med Eugenetikk (rasehygiene) og Ernst Rudin og Alfred Ploetz. Grip dagen!

Notis1: De faktiske tallene fra Statistisk Sentralbyrå (SSB) sier 651 døde for perioden (dvs. hvert år) 1986 til 1990. Man kan jo undres hvorfor 1988 ikke er nevnt for seg, men jeg har sett dette tallet tidligere og det skiller seg UT.

Notis2: Det skal bemerkes at jeg også har opprettet "Menneskerettighetsbrudd i Norge - Aksjonsgruppe (9)" for ca. 4 mnd. siden hvor dette også er publisert.

Advise from a Friend to Believers in God - Christianity

Various!Posted by Terje Lea 2011-03-23 04:47:10 [CET]

Over the status of Jesus and how to remove the apparent contradiction and the moral trouble with Jesus being tortured and killed on the cross, it can be worthwhile to consider this thought:
if you consider Jesus to be a kind of symbolism that goes like the following, I think you'll be better off. Alright, Jesus is (now) to be considered "purely symbolic" and it should spark the these lines.
1. It might be that God loves humanity so much that he would incarnate on earth as "his Son, Jesus".
2. But this thought is so abruptly wrong because humanity loves God back and can't bear such an experience. Thus God is asked to refrain from this and the humanity to God and vice versa of love is by this affirmed!

Hallelujah! Enjoy your religion!

Idea for Electronic Voting!

Various!Posted by Terje Lea 2011-03-23 04:28:19 [CET]

Concerning electronic voting, it may be that a parallel login window for the political vote can be used! Thus, privacy and security is guaranteed to that degree, that is the bank-account by web can be used to this end! Clarity: one log-in window for bank-service and one log-in window for the vote!

Edit today, 23.03.2011: it may even be that the bank-login can secure the receipt parallel to your economic documents/statements, that are now, by Norwegian law, required to be stored for 5 years. In this way, your receipt is secured, if you want it, and it can also be discussed if the political party that the vote has gone too, should be included on this safely stored record that you also should be able to print!
(This idea has first been published/tweeted on Twitter, time 22:06, 21.03.2011.)

On the Definite Value of Higher Education to Society

Various!Posted by Terje Lea 2011-03-23 03:30:52 [CET]

Question, shouldn't there be a quantified number for what the universities' turnover is, at least crudely and that this in turn yields an Efficiency number? I have written earlier for the support of education (yes, a plain standing, really), link: Fx. you can choose the sectors that require highly skilled workforce to determine an inital start for inquiry and see how these change each year with the number of graduates.
This concerns the sectors or the collected companies that you need to accumulate, i.e., these entities become the data set. This relates to, of course, the impact, the pure profit, that higher education, i.e., university and college, brings to the society! I think, if it hasn't already been quantified, that higher education can now, most certainly, BE quantified along the lines that I have described above. This relates, first and foremost, to the generation of wealth and industry OUTSIDE the bureaucracy/state/purely public service! I AM aware of the difficulties of setting a good number of value that an (effective) bureaucrat brings in terms of indirect value. The direct value/cost of a bureaucrat is very much concrete in terms of salary and "overhead" and has thus a definite value in economic terms!

Om kompetanse og utvikling av denne - De akademiske institusjoner

Various!Posted by Terje Lea 2011-03-21 02:04:35 [CET]

Erklæring! I den grad de akademiske institusjoner i Norge feiler i å være den intellektuelle rettesnor for hva som skal være det beste i Norge hva enn det angår etikk, profesjonalitet, talent og prestasjoner så er det IKKE tvil om at dette i høy grad faller på nettopp de akademiske institusjoner. Det nytter ikke å vise til feighet i de tilfeller man kan komme til å måtte "krype til korset"! Så i den grad de kan anklages dvs. utover gjeldende politiske "klima" i den grad de unnskylder seg med det av typen "Sovjetisk System", så gjør jeg nettopp det! DERE KOMMER IKKE UNNA SKYLD I TILFELLE DET KAN VISES AT DERE ER INTELLEKTUELT MANGELFULLE ELLER INTELLEKTUELT UÆRLIGE!


[Red., 27.03.2011:] ...av sannhet og ved sannhet... he-he-he You lose, f*cksh*t!

Det er det jeg har å si! Jeg har prøvd alt!

On the UN Supported Libyan Intervention

Various!Posted by Terje Lea 2011-03-20 06:00:32

I guess I can make a comment on the Libya military operation: I think it may be wise to do it, but it's yet to be seen what kind of support the new rule, if any, gets from being backed by this operation. It's also uncertain what kind of support the rebellion has since it has not achieved 50% of the Libyan military, my inference, before the actual rebellion started or before this UN supported military operation started. Alright?

(This has first been written to the Facebook-group, Thoughts by mr. Terje Lea, this night and you may want to keep an eye on this as well.)

(The Making of) The Carthage Connection!

Various!Posted by Terje Lea 2011-03-09 09:24:42 [CET]

I hereby suggest that we (in Europe) should reinvigorate Carthage as a city of the kind of Las Vegas and make it also to be the business promotion site and portal for European-African connections (of mostly business importance)!

I think it's high time for Europe to do this and it should be possible to see as a fine conciliation to Africa, very diligently (this year or next?)!

You know, as it lies there, by the plans, by Tunis, it only takes a complex of buildings and a rail over to Tunis to make it look great! :-D

I think such a project may be able to hold many good virtues! Let's do it!

The (Quick) Presentation of Myself

Various!Posted by Terje Lea 2011-03-09 07:20:40

Hello [to] you people out there!
This is the quick presentation of myself. Now you have NO excuse with whatever it is! Cheers!
YouTube: (this is to be embedded if I can make it happen!)
Link for downloading the original MPG file:
The actual link to the video on YouTube: . The downloadable video is now trimmed down to about 36 sec. [The YouTube account doesn't exist anymore and the file is for now only on my computer. Sorry!]

It should be noted that the video on YouTube isn't according to the video that's uploaded for some reasons YouTube should answer for.

(I'm planning to present a nicer video that's more rehearsed, with a more clear statement and that comes with nicer clothing! :-D )

The Threat of USA - Beyond North Korea and Iran

Various!Posted by Terje Lea 2011-02-24 04:07:13 [CET]

Let me tell you about the threat scenario from USA, please.

USA has the biggest army machine in the world, incl. its 750 nuclear warheads. When its not happy with something, i.e., "Aren't we the
best??? Give us all your riches or we nuke you or destroy your best people by our covert operations by the conventional military force!!!
And this includes patents and science! In fact you are just energy containers filled with (false) hopes for the future that we want
exploited/bottled to drink like beer!!!"

So my advise is this, the world in hypothetical opposition to USA should be symmetrical to USA in terms of both nuclear power and military strength incl. technology and reliability of delivering damage, i.e., fx. by reliable missile technology that one has a fair certainty will be able to strike one's targets. This can be nukes delivered from pressurized pilot's cabins for high altitude of the kind of space flight almost like the stuff I think the B2s are equipped with, incl. heavy/strong target finders and pinpointers.

"...its 750 nuclear warheads." relates to the START agreement!

Further: KURSK
First it appeared that Kursk had sunk as a matter of malfunction by one of its torpedos (fuel failure, complex stuff) and this was allegedly confirmed by footage made by Norwegian underwater services (closest and ready with equipment).
Rather later, it appears that Kursk may have been sunk by an MK48 torpedo of the kind that USS Miami may have been equipped with as its location was rumoured to be close to the "accident" of Kursk. This was indeed the finding of the very excellent French journalism and that the entry hole in the front of Kursk is identical to a typical hole made by an MK48 torpedo!

The suggestion by this very topic makes it indeed likely that Kursk was sunk rather than suffered from a mishap simply because this topic envisions such behaviour from the U.S. Americans likely! Now, don't blame this "psychiatrist"/"psychologist" because that's obviously more joke than true, but still... Hmm... I'm still wearing my Sherlock Holmes outfit and it seems that the world makes this necessary in many aspects! Booo! Beware!

I, for one, see the world against USA as above the conflicts with North Korea and Iran (incl. terrorist dirty bombs) and that this kind of conflict is conceivable. This is merely a warning. I'm not a crazy person. But still your ever loving demon/Satan -> smileysmileysmileysmiley!

So, the world! Here you are! Security for the 21st and 22nd century! Beyond this, I think Utopia is nearby if no conflict arises out of these scenarios, if the right decisions are taken and shady scheming is kept below the national levels and below the big/middle sized corporate level, i.e., common crook activity, but no real big threat as such!

There are good possibilities today for detecting the launches and I think USA is hyping the price tag just to discourage the world from doing the same. Thus, they get the deterrence AND the nuclear strike.

The world should have this too! Even if the shield is expensive, USA has 310 M people to share this cost on, the rest of the world shares this on the whole of 6,4 Bn people and this is a significant difference!

All in all, I just want to make people aware of this scenario and that the world except USA should keep their military budgets in good health in this respect. Further, it may be that the world develops to such a great extent that the conceivability of this scenario disappears, but still the rest of the world should do it until then or there may continue to be dirty games going for a very long time...

The powerful military industrial complexes would be all for it because such a scenario entertains their logic, but perhaps not the one in USA. Besides, I like to point out that it's merely for a USA-eccentric world that this is needed for and I think it's plausible now that USA has abused its military dominance for other purposes than the ideals, i.e., like world peace and (world) prosperity. Thus, when the armament is in place the world could at least be pleased with "the whip" of several nations against a possible perpetrator nation, not only USA, but primarily as they already have this overwhelming capacity!

So when Russia just recently announces it's military budget upgrade, people may now think: "to Hell with U.S. American hypocrisy" AND "I like this and I hope China and EU do the same thing!" as opposed to earlier: "ahh... so USA takes care of us all by their mighty army (despite Russian military upgrades)!"
It doesn't matter? We'll see!!!

Yes [by reply to i_blame_blame], generally, so that the other states (in plural) can keep another (powerful) state/nation at bay so that this "dangerous" state/nation never resorts to abusive military conflict! Also, this is the suggestion that the world is kept in balance by the good powers, but under terrible consequences in case of a state's/nation's stupidity! Of course, I think this kind of de facto world "democracy"[/democracy] is to prefer over U.S. American military, summa summarum, dominance!

I'm not sure if this post is needed, but there is a tacit check balance today, i.e., there will be terrible consequences if.... Thus we have nukes in many states/nations today, i.e., France, Great Britain, Russia, China, India and Pakistan among possibly others...

So we just need to keep this line until the world is ready to be a nuclear-weapon-free world, that is, all the nations behave so well that there's no need for an existing arsenal anywhere on earth.

(This has first been written on the Philosophy Now forum earlier today and in several other posts from there and on.)

Monkey-biz Fa...

Various!Posted by Terje Lea 2011-02-21 08:39:00

Signals: "Send the monkey-biz fa... [Text removed for personal reasons!] He-he-he. In cages! He-he-he! Monkey-biz! He-he-he. On the f*ck-rack. He-he-he!!!!"

F*cksh*t Norway. And Norway likes it, loves it, likes it, loves it!!!
F*cksh*t Norway. And Norway likes it, loves it, likes it, loves it!!!
F*cksh*t Norway!!!

"Monkey-biz forever!!! He-he-he!!! With blissful wishes and movie-scenes from Sorbonne, eh... eh... Sår bånn - Sore bottom!!! He-he-he!!!"

General Theory of Arts Demarcation

Various!Posted by Terje Lea 2011-02-20 12:43:10 [CET]

For appreciating art correctly and determining what qualifies as art generally, you need to comply with the following:
Your cognition, and by cognition only, you need to pass psychological normality, i.e., of the kind of IQ-tests, and respect that this is also normative, and in this art evaluation you need to be honest and interested, with the honesty bringing you to the right level of interest (for a valid judgment to obtain).

It may be that Stuckism has this already, but at least I provide a parallel wording.


The Atomic Explosion - Pure Awe

Various!Posted by Terje Lea 2011-02-15 08:09:08 [CET]

Hello people! I want to share with you the striking power of an atomic explosion and simultenously smash the "babies" policy of allowing the public to see it.
Link: (for download)!
Please, remember that nuclear weapons are vicious stuff and remain the fastest way to extinguish humanity from the face of the earth, i.e., it's the superior threat to human kind today!
The reason, however, that I want to keep it available to you is purely from a scientific point of view! I'm just awe-struck by the nuclear explosion and I think it's spectacular to see it! Welcome! :-)

Note, 17.02.2011: it can be nice to know that the calculation, 1000km/h / 3600 s/h x 14 s ≈3,9 km (that is, by the speed of sound, 1 Mach ≈ 1000km/h by 3600 sec. in an hour times the number of seconds from the flash which is ≈ instant, speed of light, 300K km/s, in vacuum, you get ≈ the distance from the actual detonation in kilometers ≈ 3,9 km from this place which is where this is filmed! Now tell me if physics isn't fun???!!! Cheers! :-)

Advancing Non-Dogmatic New Intelligent Design (NDNID)

Various!Posted by Terje Lea 2011-02-11 20:28:46 [CET]

This is in relation to advancing Non-Dogmatic New Intelligent Design (NDNID) from my website,

So, for the DEFINITION for a (natural/deistic) God:
The definition of God is such that God makes eternity happen, regardless of the destiny of this or any other universe, apart from "God's own universe"! Further, God is such that reincarnation is possible, either in relative proximity to the former life or not. God is such also that the reality of souls obtains, that is, the souls can return to its creator if they are found worthy after the purgatory! God is also such that souls have various rules they follow, laws if you like, and that these laws, as much as laws of nature, are absolute! God is also such that this Universe and any other universe can be created/come into existence.
The rest of reality is, by God, as you see it in nature and have it from the (natural) sciences! That is, God operates through the laws of nature. There is NO miracle or intervention from God as such into this or any other world!!!

(Originally published on the Philosophy Now forum, "Post subject: Re: Advancing Non-Dogmatic New Intelligent Design (NDNID) PostPosted: Fri Feb 11, 2011 7:42 pm")

U.S. American Patriotic Radicalism - in Financial Terms

Various!Posted by Terje Lea 2011-02-11 20:00:15 [CET]

I think the words need to be written and that despite the rather welcoming words of the political kind to the developing countries, I think it's clear that USA remains, at least partly, patriotic radicalist in financial terms and need to be met with both cynicism/hostility and the consequent raw muscle, i.e., having the dentist to remove the fangs!

Just so that I'm clear, my irritation goes back to pre-Nazi-Germany and the WW2.
Putting V12 Ford engines into the Blitz-tanks of the Nazis.
Greatly surprised by the French copper/bronze statue of Liberty when they, USA, infact impelled the WW2.
while in the ruins hearing the fragile devastated Nazi-voice: "But we studied New York and Broadway" or "But we studied New York and the letters", a code for being in bed with one another over ideas!!
It's also remarkable that when they say they "love" the world and industry is supposed to happen it happens in USA of the kind of Facebook, Google, Apple (with the i-products) and the rest, yet when the rest of the world is to make industry it needs to comply with the "rules"/"rules of the old money". I take this to be a corroborative of the world pre-1939, that is, the U.S. Americans are not necessarily honest!
Looking at the other parts of America, the continent (5+2), usually named Americas by The Economist, one can easily point to a burning Mexico right underneath the USA border and further point to a United Bananas for the rest, i.e., dictators and shady scheming, just for having the slavery and cheap products! Obviously, I demand new times from the U.S. American business network (singular term), thank you! (Not that I expect any guarantee, with a smile of pain from a soon-to-be-an-abductee. smiley)

Countering/running parallel with the question of involvement of Ford and its factories in Germany, the most important question in my opinion is how much goods has been imported into Germany, esp. from USA, let's say for the period of 1933 to 1941?
To what extent can one say that any imports from USA have contributed to the Nazi-German war machine?
And lastly, what about the sponsoring, the acquisition of funds, money or resources whatever to Nazi-Germany? Did they acquire money from abroad? To what extent?
New (I want to test some "signals" here): Can it also be that USA and Japan had an agreement over Pearl Harbour on the number of vessels that were allowed to dock with the harbour there and that if this (bilateral) clause was to be breached Japan would attack harshly? Thus, did USA also impel/provoke this attack and launch into war with Japan?
Did also USA nuke Tokyo into total destruction for avoiding the aftermath of the WW2 against the Japanese (that is, destroying the convention of settling the post-war matters with the Japanese in a "justified" way)? That is, if you have the "war"-documents stored in the Capital (by convention) and the enemy destroys the Capital so that the documents then it becomes impossible to settle a judgment of the war. This may be a motive by the USA to hide the initial crime of themselves to provoke the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbour by harbouring too many ships/sea vessels there of the military kind.
It must, though, be pointed out that the Japanese have been hard on their own neighbours for some time up to the point to the conflict with USA in WW2 and it can very well be that the Japanese have gotten what they deserved in the end after all. It has been an aggressive power through the whole of the 30s and has engaged in a number of conflicts up to 1945 and its unconditional surrender. I think this note undermines any fact that USA in any way willingly wanted a war with Japan, but rather, as it is uncontroversionally written, that USA has been assaulted in 1941 in Pearl Harbour. Just to clear some air.
My assertion for the Ford V12 engines stems from a documentary I've seen.
"Burning Mexico" simply means the civil unrest there in relation to rife crime, possibly put to a higher level by insisted U.S. American exports of relatively advanced gunnery, i.e., large caliber weapons and what have you. The military walks the streets there which is a state of emergency, honestly speaking.
United Bananas you can check out yourselves. CBS 60 Minutes had it covered a while ago to some extent.

Further: SS KURSK
First it appeared that SS Kursk had sunk as a matter of malfunction by one of its torpedos (fuel failure, complex stuff) and this was allegedly confirmed by footage made by Norwegian underwater services (closest and ready with equipment).
Rather later, it appears that SS Kursk may have been sunk by an MK48 torpedo of the kind that USS Miami may have been equipped with as its location was rumoured to be close to the "accident" of SS Kursk. This was indeed the finding of the very excellent French journalism and that the entry hole in the front of SS Kursk is identical to a typical hole made by an MK48 torpedo!

The suggestion by this very topic makes it indeed likely that SS Kursk was sunk rather than suffered from a mishap simply because this topic envisions such behaviour from the U.S. Americans likely! Now, don't blame this "psychiatrist"/"psychologist" because that's obviously more joke than true, but still... Hmm... I'm still wearing my Sherlock Holmes outfit and it seems that the world makes this necessary in many aspects! Booo! Beware! SS = Submersible Ship.

Further on USA foreign policy. Relating to the State Department, USA is less than neutral in matter of aid and development to the developing world! Indeed, the UN has for a number of years recommended that this amount of money-value should be about 1 - 3% of GDP. The U.S. Americans can smile all they want, but I want it clear who they are and what their numbers are!

Thus, aid contribution from USA to the developing world speaks for itself: it stands at 0.001 % of GDP or so and has been this way for many, many years!!! So who are they to claim world leadership??? Because they are NOT world leaders!!!

Correction: It appears they do comply with new standards of contribution to the UN and also paying the highest amount of money. The source:! However, in the past, USA has been critisised for this for exactly this rule of 1 - 3 % GDP.

I'm going to add a point to the OP on East Timor and Noam Chomsky, from
"Chomsky argued that decisive military, financial and diplomatic support was provided to Suharto’s regime by successive U.S. administrations; beginning with Gerald Ford who, with Henry Kissinger as Secretary of State, provided a ‘green light’ to the brutal invasion. Prior to the invasion, the U.S. had supplied the Indonesian army with 90% of its arms, and “by 1977 Indonesia found itself short of weapons, an indication of the scale of its attack. The Carter Administration accelerated the arms flow. Britain joined in as atrocities peaked in 1978, while France announced that it would sell arms to Indonesia and protect it from any public "embarrassment". Others, too, sought to gain what profit they could from the slaughter and torture of Timorese.”[48] This humanitarian catastrophe went virtually unnoticed by the international community.[49]"

Not that I see it immensely critical, but I think it's useful that USA and U.S. American culture, especially in terms of business life and attitudes toward the the world outside USA, get its fair share of criticism and to large extent the duties (if not outright subversiveness on grounds of superior culture/genes) USA has failed in this regard. This is simply the overall point. That the world is brought level and that world power is now a lot of places and even shifting places, more rarely.

It must be the goal of any politics of the kind that belongs with the UN that people are indeed considered equal and subjects under The Universal Declaration of the Human Rights. This implies a lot of stuff!!! It has implications on how we share knowledge, how we behave in terms of business relations, internationally, and that world justice has a chance of rightful scrutiny and intra-country/state of justice can be mediated into its proper place. I also add, although earlier cited, that UN has the umbrella of ILO, the International Labour Organisation under its wings! This organisation can prove very important if not critical in the future!

Generally, considering the possibility for system and engineering I find it somewhat strange that society has this slow pace. If the good will would carry maximum weight and work effort, the world should have been looking different by now.
Also adding to the picture, the reported 42600 unsolved cases of "disappeared" people in 82 countries by Amnesty International one may meditate over how many "monsters" there are out there in the world.
Even thinking about the "calm, sedate" Norway, at least I am thinking over the levels of corruption that lead people to run "meat shops", "torture clinics (some of which are "portable" and readily set up)" or "glass works", all of which harbour, potentially (cynically: yes, they are for real), all the sh*ttyness you can muster to swallow!
Even the small issues like adoption and childcare cases by the Childcare units/institution have their Kings and Queens of sh*t! You know, outright corruption!
So, what the heck to make of this grim picture?

A major concern is also to what extent U.S. American expertise is sponsoring European sh*ttyness and how they, cynically, undermine our good efforts, relating the "rules" to a certain kind of personality type they approve of in Europe just to spin this sh*t further. So, the "monsters" are sent abroad or let to chew on the lower social levels (esp. the homeless) and the good are confined/naively or by information held domestically, perhaps scared of the dangerous places abroad or subversely made so by their fellow U.S. American "wolves"/"monsters" when/if they go abroad.

A small note on presentation of Wall Street by CNN and others: you get Alison Kosik to present numbers and reports and she has the education of a Bachelor of Arts by Political Science and Broadcasting Journalism! Why is this? Why should this political scientist be presenting numbers and reports from Wall Street unless they present this pretty face to you, facetiously, and yet have this powerful/brutal knock-down from behind, i.e., Political Science (to the World)! Not that I blame this person, but it's this bloody presentation and having the knowledge of this qualification!
The link to the presentation of her by CNN:
It says:"Kosik received her Bachelor of Arts degrees in Broadcast Journalism and Political Science from The American University in Washington, DC."(Accessed 13.04.2011.)From "Post subject: U.S. American Patriotic Radicalism - in Financial Terms PostPosted: Fri Feb 11, 2011 9:24 am" of the Philosophy Now forum. This writing has been edited five times, 12.02.2011, 13.02.2011, 09.03.2011, 13.04.2011 and today, 26.04.2011.

Amnesty Internationals' innsats for europeisk rettssystem

Various!Posted by Terje Lea 2011-02-11 00:53:02 [CET]

Angående hegemoniet til Amnesty International: JEG HAR ALDRI HØRT OM ET _ENESTE_ TILFELLE HVOR AMN.INT. HAR TATT OFFERETS STANDPUNKT I EN RETTSSAL SELV OM DET ER FULLT MULIG Å INNTA RETTSSALEN SOM PUBLIKUM OG DA TIL STØTTE FOR OFFERET! Det er faktisk pinlig lite Amnesty International har gjort for ofres sak i Europa i det hele tatt. Dette er på tross av at Europa, som kjent, har hatt tildels lave straffer for kriminelle i lengre tid (siste 30 år?). Jeg kan tenke meg at en del av U.S. amerikansk syn på Europa har vært NEGATIVT preget som følge av slepphendt europeisk rettspraksis, dvs. spesielt lave straffer!

(Dette er forsåvidt allerede påpekt ved tidligere skriverier på denne bloggen og andre steder, men det er et viktig punkt å ta med seg.)

5/12 (Next 20 to go, to nr. 6)

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