Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Obama and "Right Wing Extremists", Popularly Speaking or Not - Over the Case of Breivik!

It's funny that Obama addresses mr. Breivik's alleged terror as "the greatest threat" against USA for the time being. I find this uncourteous and undiplomatic. First of all it's not clear whether or not mr. Breivik's actions have been intended as terrorism at all (in the classical sense, the verdict is certainly not clear yet)!! And the reason why I put this under Glenn Carle is of course that Obama himself may sit there on blatant state-terrorism by the "unruly CIA and the rest of the military complex" yet he files his "deep concerns" like this, almost as innuendo/implicit encouragement for US to go looking for "a man with a red shoe"!!! We have our own strategies and they are usually FRIENDLY toward the world, and not the d*cking around with an entire army asserting weapons of mass destruction that isn't there, just for the fear that developing nations MAY DEVELOP TOO QUICKLY (maintaining their own superiority and GRIP on the world)!!! No, I don't find this polite, even though I'm willing relent a little regarding the 10 years since 9/11, just days ahead. Your considerations... Finally, I note the innuendo. Their strategies have differed distinctly from the EU to start with, and they are financing a military which has no clear use considering its size, and if they even can't help Mexico on the feet (all the way since est. NAFTA, i.e., some years since then, why the F*CK should they concern themselves with us!!!!??????)

Even then, with Breivik's 77 and Tmothy McVeigh's 200 - 400 or so (please check) what is the real damage? And where does it come from? The developed world! Cause: civil unrest and deep social injustice. I mean, some price tag!!! They seem so easy to pick up their tab on guns' policies that have some 30 000 deaths / a year only in USA. Clearly, this dwarfs both of these two "enemies" (of his worry, uh-uh, don't make me cry!!!).

The Oklahoma blast claimed 168 lives, including 19 children under the age of 6,[1] and injured more than 680 people.[2] Just for correcting the "200 to 400 or so".

Source for the Oklohoma bombing is Wikip.

Clearly, this is not important for me anymore. If I am to comment on matters Norwegian again, I want money for it, planning for life abroad instead! It's just for the sake of Europe and for issuing a difference between hate-crime, terrorism, political violence and general unrest of society as such! There is nothing particular about it, other than the facts that in the case against Breivik there is NO indictment ready yet and there is then most certainly NO verdict ready yet either. Thus, the comment from Obama seems immature. Heck, even the Legal Assessment by Psychiatrists isn't ready even! The whole case against him is still suspended in the clouds! We'll see where it goes! Cheers!


  1. Well, it turns out I've found the old writings in their proper form. They are now posted here as they should be, as they've been written, originally. I've also added some, adding sentiment to European thinking on how _we_ are to fare with _our_ anti-terrorism work, having been far more polite toward the World at large than USA. Also, we don't wage all this insistence on all sorts of data, "down to what underpants you're wearing"!

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