Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Wicked USA - In Expression of CIA

It's just the usual stuff: Air America and Bay of Pigs and other... All look through what I got! Either way, people elsewhere have probably the same stuff (from myself or by messages or by key words or downloading or whatever)!

You may also want to take note on this little "cute" document, Worldwide Attack Matrix by​orldwide_Attack_Matrix. I must say Wikip. is rather good on supplying information to the world. I also like to note the ongoing investigation into U.S. American Financial Radicalism and how this "Matrix" can be used (also, intentionally?) to further, (coercively) U.S. American interests!

(More is coming...)


  1. Not that I think that they sit there with the Attack Matrix and think about attacking the World. NO, it's being used for an _IRON grip/clasp of/on the World, like the Hand of Death(!!!)_!!! I know some of you are really, really poor in English! Please, read elsewhere if you have problems!

  2. For the newsrooms of the world, rather unwanted and unseriously posted here: Kennst du das Richtung der der Coca-Wind weht? (Version over John Searle's "Zitronen" in "What is a Speech Act?") I hope the German is correct. (Originally this was designed for Norwegian press. Besides, we have the "pride" of being 3rd biggest in Europe in drugs/dealing with drugs (the wrong way/NOT combatting it))!

  3. This is also some digging from old posting to Facebook. I add this to three other key postings on USA that "they probably know over there". There is _no _/NO(!!!) doubt that USA needs to be looked after and that they expect us to provide _the man_ (psychologically speaking and only by the hardest criteria, you need to be experienced psychiatrist/psychologist to understand this) alongside their own, shortly speaking providing a hard shoulder to their own that they /can/ / must respect! So the World is serious enough, there is no doubt about it! Be stiff in the World and provide some of the European/African/Other man/"man" (for women) yourself! Cheers! (SCRAMJETS, here we go!)