Saturday, 8 October 2011

Over Aristotle's View of Humanity in Nature and Its Religious Meaning

I think Aristotle has a powerful expression that may suit many people who don't care to have a particular religious view "because it's too obscure or too vague"! By the Nichomachean Ethics and De Anima, I think he's saying something like "it's for humanity to fulfill function, just like it is for the seed to become a flower and give rise to more seed and then die. It's for us to take part in nature in an unpretentious way, that we don't make any of it that's not there for real." Consequently, he's very definitive about religious views, but more elegantly than most of today's "atheists, secularists, pagans and those of that kind". You may want to read Aristotle! He's my recommendation in this sense, at least! Cheers!

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