Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Wanton for the Public Hearing of Microsoft _in_ Europe

I hereby declare a wanton for the public hearing of Microsoft in Europe on grounds of suspected European subversion against European companies and other constructive relations to Asia, Africa and other parts of the World! These are founded on unwanted alterations and "open programming" on par with nothing less than villain hacking and outright war (of the corporate war, not the conventional) on other people and enterprises! This go to deal with alteration of OS settings, browser settings, browser programming, the propaganda concerning concerning consumer safety/internet security, etc.! I find that they should be taken head-and-tail and fined "for the 100th time", dispelling public European fear for being critical or competitive toward a multinational corporation! If you ignore this, then I say you deserve the troubles! But I must say this is a deep (World) concern regarding people's personal autonomy! They are doing "everything" over there in USA! Are we to lie down like small, pathetic people? Charge (again)!!! (They are (legally) responsible!)


  1. Directly sent from:, all well and good with the domain and email-address.

  2. It turns out the above email from Microsoft /is/ a valid bill email, containing a receipt of a product that I've bought from them, them representing now a kind of "industry standard for a set of products" under a formal "delivery of products"-commitment!

  3. However, this doesn't mean that this is NOT valid: So I sit here with this email, instead of what must be a blocked auto-receipt email from Microsoft, incl. a bill/receipt, that makes it 2 (blocked emails), and that says:

    Comment: I find that they sit there on my newly bought application of appx. 1500,- NOK and "customise" it. Not only that, but they DARE to withhold these 2 emails to me as well! How RUDE!!! SACK THIS IDIOT (or any number), MICROSOFT!!! [Comment has been improved.]

  4. And, yes, 3 workdays after and they still haven't amended the problem or compensated me for the time I've been irritated with them! Well, well, we'll see!