Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Oliver Stone and Wild Palms

Don't shoot me for telling this incorrectly, but here goes... Wild Palms (without the definite article, a point I think) is about two primary "consortiums"/"organisations" of the fringe kind. That is, either group, both of them, has some criminal scheme going. Call it a kind of hate-scheme too if you like. All the ignorant people are thrown out of this because they are simply pawns of a game and are not considered true players of a power struggle (of those who know power and what it's worth). Alright, so the movie starts with a dystopic premise, the two hate-groups have achieved world dominion and the movie is really about this description and how it plays out, leaving no room for "the truly "loving"/humanity respecting world, "most or some people would like to come into being". I'm not going to speculate over how bad the situation is today, but for the people who are able, there is work to do well beyond the next generation and most likely, if successful at all, will require the next 200 years. You can make "work" relate to the direct physical defence for decency and honour/"orderliness"/"common citizenship of active political participation (otherwise known as being generally polite and positive outside "powerstruggle interpretation")". Other work to be done is _straight_ legal work, to the extent that laws are respected and that, opposite to common belief, law and order dominate society in at least the common sense. That important facets of democracy are not obscured such as compliance with general duties of bureaucracy and making the reports of society sufficiently available in line with general transparency considerations for an effective democracy. We don't NEED these obvious and stupid cases of abusive power. And we expect the remaining cases (a bit into the effort, 10 years?) to be of that "obscured kind" nobody could get any knowledge of until it emerged into legal (such as contacting Children's Emergency Service or Amnesty International/the Ombudsman). It's just to note right away that even Amnesty Int. is ascribed duties! If they have been f*cking around with people's confidence, I WANT THEM PERSECUTED!!! HARD!!! (So pick your targets and start today if you want. I'm already well into it!!!) Cheers!

This has been uploaded again, having earlier been issued on Facebook, by "Static Display of Work..." before I removed it.

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