Sunday, 30 October 2011

On EU Domains of Internet - .EU - -

I suggest that we leave the short codes to the U. S. Americans, iff insofar as they insist on short codes and WE, EU Europeans establish the enormous domains of, that is, [organisatonal code].[country code].eu! What do you think?
The complete code is this:
[basic domain].[organisatonal code].[country code].[European Union/Europe Code]. I think this can be a good idea just in case we let go of the restraints of conventional thinking!
Isn't the new IPv6 allowing for this, even if the 4 quadrants of IPv4 didn't?
(More later...)

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  1. You can make one for United Nations as well: [basic domain].[organisatonal code].[country code].[United Nations] being domain.xx.xx.un! Like it?