Saturday, 15 October 2011

On the Phenomenon of "Occupy Wall Street" - A General Comment

I'll support "Occupy Wall Street" with this:
MIA and Paper Planes: . (Withholding any encouragement to criminal actions, like robbery. Don't do crime, please!)

Because, while the Republicans of the USA are talking past (not really meeting the sentiment of the OSWers) the OSW points, the points of OSW are that corruption is a big problem, that Big Money (and Wall Street) retards the country and that Big Money (with WS) is "disenfranchising"/disempowering common people (hence Michael Moore's "Kleptomaniancs" and "Sociopaths" statements!
I'm in NO doubt that common people instantly know and see the importance of "the economical system", but that they also say that this system is "off the rails", is corrupt and thus needs "adjustment"/"harder legal enforcement"/"reform"!
Clearly, then, USA (with the rest of the world) should be serious about the OSWers and the message they bring to both Wall Street and the Government!
(This may also be a part of the classic discussion of a society that comes together and is eventually moved by a type of statement that's "if you don't have bread, eat cake (God dammit)!")

Therefore, in repeating the message of this writing, Michael Moore's statement, "they are kleptomaniacs and sociopaths", loosely, is a service by him to society in the right direction, being the most sensible, in my opinion!

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