Friday, 14 October 2011

Suggestion for Declaration by Any One State Leader

One suggestion for declaration by any one state leader, please allow for some theater: The time for peace is that of past. We have now before us the direct struggle, even with the aid of weapons (incl. handguns), to overcome the hideous, the corrupt and decadent. We need to fight by physical force all that stands between us and our sacred pursuit of personal ethics of the serious kind, to defend the right to seriously meditate in peace our religious conviction. To be law-abiding should be the norm and to legislate to this end is our primary and immediate goal for now. This will take courage and decency and honour are to be won! I can only urge you to stand with this in what power and faith you can muster because people are being "pushed" to inhumane lengths (of that hidden torture scheme nobody wants to talk about)! Take leadership today and make your contribution for this to happen! Good luck (and may God be with you)!!!

Note: this is also a former writing from one of my Facebook pages.

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