Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Surveillance of Mozilla Firefox - An Example

I will here make the case for surveillance of Mozilla Firefox. They're operating under the premises that they represent IT Democracy, that they make a safe and secure browser, that they are reliable and so forth. I will now hold this to them, and possibly wage hard criticism if I find something stupid, peccable
 or corrupt, on the verge to being relentless or criminal!
First update, above 7.01, that is preferably 7.10. Secondly, I think we in Europe should have our own Mozilla Firefox going. I see no reason why the names Mozilla or Firefox are supposed to be stuck/fixed to USA! We represent a large crowd of people (in EU) and so also programmers. We also like to support our own Computing/IT departments and faculties around Europe! So when we disagree, we put out our Euro-grade, recommended browser for our population, our good citizens (in order for them to feel safe from fx. sociopaths)!
The Update includes (8.0):

My background is of Red Hat 5.1, a continued interest in IT/Internet technology and development and in the memory of the Mosaic browser, bought by Microsoft in late '90s or early (20)'00s.


  1. Today, a few hours ago, I've received an Update notification for Mozilla Firefox to 8.0! I will report on this version as soon as possible. Besides, as a rule, ALL Mozilla Firefox users around the World _should be_ notified within 2 hours or so, on a fair basis, by loose estimate (and not days and months)!

  2. I've formerly criticised Mozilla for Firefox handling of cache (for 3 missing cache opportunities, I'll come back to this later)! Now you only get History of URLs and these are necessarily placed by themselves and out of reach for the user to deal with them themselves. These are CLEAR cases where user autonomy is being abruptly, coarsely IGNORED! I just WARN against these tendencies and if necessary I call for heads to ROLL, i.e., getting some idiots sacked!!!

  3. It can also be noted how one computer _only_ allows for, unnecessarily, ONE version of the program, i.e., only Mozilla Firefox 7.01 and only Thunderbird 7.01 and so forth! I think this adds to blatant user autonomy ignorance and how small changes, requiring little programming at all, REMOVE an intelligent user for investigating the programs! Cheers!

  4. Why is it their business what YOUR computer runs???!!!

  5. Concerning cookies handling: don't you find it weird that when you set "Never remember history" that you loose direct control over the cookies as opposed to the custom settings (7.01). Not only this but without checking, you're never asked for when to ACCEPT or DENY cookies AND there is NO option for this either!!! This is insulting, by (self-)declared top performance programmers! Remembering: "What we strive for

    As a non-profit organization, we define success in terms of building communities and enriching people’s lives instead of benefiting shareholders. We believe in the power and potential of the Internet and want to see it thrive for everyone, everywhere.
    Who we work with

    Building a better Internet is an ambitious goal, but we believe that it is possible when people who share our passion get involved. Coders, artists, writers, testers, surfers, students, grandparents—anyone who cares about the web can help make it even better. Find out how you can help.
    What drives us

    Read the Mozilla Manifesto to learn more about the values and principles that guide the pursuit of our mission."

  6. http://www.mozilla.org/about/mission.html !
    http://www.mozilla.org/about/manifesto.en.html !
    Read this and hold them liable/responsible! Discipline to them should should be appropiately delivered (a bit of slapping or not)! ;-)

  7. I've yet to locate my suggestion for cache handling under the Mozilla "5 million likes" group, where I've posted it and under my own profile because "There are no more posts to show at the moment", not even displaying the 3 last days of personal writings! (They must be) F*cking freaks! Speaking about democracy and openness when it's more like direct censorship! Morons (to them)!

  8. The cache handling that I've suggested on Facebook some time ago, concerns a history cache-folder, a primary cache folder (for seeing files NOW) and a secondary cache folder (for moderated content according to rules. There are also possibilities for for a pre-fetch/"view web-pages faster" cache, that makes all the caches 4. Perhaps a bit much, but programming should be sophisticated in year 2011. I've also noted the various agents working only IN to the 2ndary cache folder and a separate "agent" for working between the browser itself and the "Main" cache folder that is the cache folder that has always been necessary! This can make the number of "agents"/"daemons" 5, I think! Cheers!

  9. I've changed the line of "The Update includes (7.xx):" to "The Update includes (8.0):".
    My first notes:
    "v.8.0, offered to release channel users on November 8th, 2011"
    *Comment*: _My_ 4 days delay is probably a part of the Mozilla Firefox "personal account" program and I think they are syndicating corruption on a massively large scale, with or without U. S. American state/Echelon program support!

    What’s New in Firefox
    The latest version of Firefox has the following changes:
    Add-ons installed by third party programs are now disabled by default
    Added a one-time add-on selection dialog to manage previously installed add-ons
    Added Twitter to the search bar for select locales. Additional locale support will be added in the future
    Added a preference to load tabs on demand, improving start-up time when windows are restored
    Improved performance and memory handling when using and elements
    Added CORS support for cross-domain textures in WebGL
    Added support for HTML5 context menus
    Added support for insertAdjacentHTML
    Improved CSS hyphen support for many languages
    Improved WebSocket support
    Fixed several stability issues
    Fixed several security issues
    Please see the complete list of changes in this version. Web and extension developers should also view the curated list of platform changes. You may also be interested in the list of changes in the previous version.
    Known Issues
    This list covers some of the known problems with Firefox which will be resolved in future versions:
    All Systems
    Users of the Twitter search plugin may see Twitter appear in the search provider list multiple times (see bug 690658)
    Choosing the "Pop out" menu item while watching fullscreen YouTube videos may cause Firefox to hang (see bug 675645)
    Roundcube, webmail software used by many hosting companies, incorrectly displays an ellipses in place of long email titles. The Roundcube team has been notified of the issue (see bug 680610)
    Arabic text on BBC.co.uk does not display correctly. The BBC has been notified of the issue (see bug 674335)
    Firefox will now display a corrupted content error when it detects certain types of misconfigured servers. This is not a Firefox issue, please contact the website owner (see bug 681140)
    For some users, scrolling in the main GMail window will be slower than usual (see bug 579260)
    If you try to start Firefox using a locked profile, it will crash (see bug 573369)
    Microsoft Windows
    Some users of Adobe Reader X have experienced instability when viewing PDF documents in the browser. Uninstalling and reinstalling Adobe Reader X has been determined to resolve the issue (see bug 640901)
    Some ALPS touchpad drivers break scrolling in Firefox. A workaround has been identified (see bug 605357)
    Mac OS X
    For some users, the preference dialog is not shown and a rendering error (in the form of a white square) is shown instead. This is caused an add-on incorrectly setting Firefox preferences (see bug 641288)
    Users running Mac OS X 10.7 may see a crash when the file chooser dialog is shown. Apple has been notified of the issue (see bug 670842)
    Users running Mac OS X 10.7 are no longer able to use gestures to navigate. This is due to underlying operating system changes and is fixed by Mac OS X 10.7.2 (see bug 668953)
    This version of Firefox will not work on Macintosh hardware with Power PC CPUs (see bug 587799)
    Linux and Unix
    The video control buttons may not work when viewing QuickTime videos with libtotem (see bug 625036)
    Users compiling from source might need a newer gcc and libstdc++ as the build requirements have changed (see bug 578880)

  10. http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/8.0/releasenotes/buglist.html

  11. The original lines of suggestion for Mozilla Firefox have been (on Facebook):
    Also, I still miss the simple cache-handling of Mozilla Firefox where one could visit the basket once one had explored the internet enough. To put a url inside the tabs and options of Preferences in Firefox should be the simplest and I see no need for Firefox to make its users public by either the Bookmarks or the Cache one has gathered during one's internet sessions. Why can't these two be properly PRIVATE? Anyhow, good luck to you! Cheers!
    "16 hours ago"
    Funny also, I had these words above posted earlier and suddenly they've gone from my writings here on Facebook! Queer! "Long live the micromanagement of Facebook and its Sociopathic behaviour!" - Uhh... JOKE!!! :-) :-D 8-D
    "16 hours ago"
    The time-stamp for the idea above with the "parity-code" should thus be appx. 04:41 05.11.2011 CET, just to put "them" off!
    "16 hours ago"
    For the cache-handling, please remember that the cache folder is organised by the system settings for that folder, including type and file-name. There is no good disorganisation argument against it. Also, unwanted files can be cut when the browsing session has finished or when the site has been left for another!
    "7 hours ago"
    Also, why can't the cache-folder have a user-set name? Is this a problem and can it _additionally_ be protected by a _user-stored_ password of the cuffs-design, i.e., browser holds the folders password and user holds the folders password!
    "7 hours ago"
    ...(and the password remains impossible to alter by Firefox server or any other nativity server to the system)!
    "7 hours ago"
    I've updated my writing on the Mozilla Facebook-page with these last comments!
    "7 hours ago"
    To sort out the Privacy for the browser concerning the cache, you /can/ use a secondary cache for strict handling (by necessity) of the pages you're watching. If you want to sort out a concern over pre-fetch or "stored pages for faster viewing when you revisit" you can perhaps divide the data-stream for this by agent to a separate (3.) cache for this or by separate agents/daemons handling the intermediate traffic between the cache for storage and the caches that are more actively used with the browser, this again for solving PRIVACY concerns! Cheers!
    "5 hours ago"
    Last post also to Mozilla Firefox!
    "5 hours ago"
    Ideally, one wants a IN-stream only to the storage-cache (for removing the unnecessarily explicit and "structured" "history" category that has very few options for file and file-components handling!
    "4 hours ago"
    From Facebook, at night, date, 05.11.2011 CET.

  12. Otherwise, there's nothing much new to note with 8.0 compared with 7.01. The optional preferences are basically the same from what I can see! Still, then, the above points are valid and should be resolved! Good? To user autonomy and privacy! Cheers!

  13. You can include this: https://developer.mozilla.org/en/Firefox_8_for_developers#Changes_to_the_build_system
    I really think a European/EU Computing Department should look through the Browser and just launch "A Browser" or other name of their choice because I suspect USA is abusing its every virtue it has, and that there are concerns out of European/EU concerns, at least for competence that we should take care of regionally! Cheers #2!

  14. The size of the package, ready to be unpacked, is 14 238 KB (some 14 MBs, loosely and inaccurate, but so and so) as opposed to 7.01, 13717 (some 13 MBs, loosely and inaccurate, but so and so).
    That's the size, I do recommend people to tick off the "Warn me when the web sites try to redirect or reload the page" that gives you greater control. This is under "Advanced" under "General". I also advise you to _never_ trust the browser with passwords! Because, generally, the passwords gathered are too important for anyone to get hold of them that easily, merely by breaking the passwords service of browser by configuration files fixing, switching them forth and back, reading out an indexed impression! I consider the Thunderbird too "thin" for there too be any good hacking possibility because (heh-heh, my naivity or not) "it should _only_ work toward the email protocols (you can identify these yourselves)! Cheers!

  15. "it should _only_ work toward the email protocols"

  16. An extra notice for the Thunderbird client may be that it's being hacked by criminal "parsing"/"preparation" for those who choose the Masterpassword option and hacked by supercomputer-attempts on particular subjects. This is of course done by "a squared set-up, limited selection of types" and this particular imposed/fixed "email account by Mozilla where they get unlimited hacking opportunities against your Thunderbird client! This is thus "Hyper-crime" for sure! What to do with this criminal having a super-computer and Mozillla under ones arms (would this be USA/CIA?)? I don't know!!! Preparation of package of the .exe file at several locations and by several people by the many mirrors! Yes, hopefully the preparation will then be "true to code"!!! Cheers!

  17. Hmm... Castro eh... Fidel Castro eh... under Mountain View by the Military Complex... of the High Command of USA, those who send you a nuke somewhere near (enough)...? Alright! USA, and you plead...? (I guess, NOT guilty, because "we're good"!)

  18. "The size of the package, ready to be unpacked, is 14 238 KB (some 14 MBs, loosely and inaccurate, but so and so) as opposed to 7.01, 13717 (some 13 MBs, loosely and inaccurate, but so and so)."
    These numbers go under Windows 7 and its way of calculating the KBs. Please, note the K*B*. Bytes, B, are 8 bits, b, each.
    Technically then, by Wikipedia:
    The kilobyte (symbol: kB)[1] is a multiple of the unit byte for digital information. Although the prefix kilo- means 1000, the term kilobyte and symbol KB have historically been used to refer to either 1024 (210) bytes or 1000 (103) bytes, dependent upon context, in the fields of computer science and information technology.[2][3][4]
    On modern systems, Mac OS X Snow Leopard represents a 65,536 byte file as "66 KB",[10] while Microsoft Windows 7 would represent this as "64 KB".[11]
    by the link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kilobyte

  19. Thus the members of Mozilla Europe, the "Board of Directors", should at least retain honorary after a reorganisation to meet democratic, security and competence concerns for Europe/EU itself and being an example for other countries outside USA/EU/Europe!!! Alright? This is part of the call for a European/EU Internet and Operating System Security Body. (The Call is to be posted here soon.)

  20. Here is the message it connects with, the message above:
    I've formerly noted Mozilla Europe, http://www.mozilla-europe.org/en/about/ , for being OUR team! I'm now going to make the call for an Internet and Operating System Security Body that governs the oversight and has legal authority over all IT aspects for what goes into Europe! They should be of the normal and good standard for a governing body of this kind and be big enough NOT to fall for crooks and idiots (incl. sufficient transparency)!

  21. Also, against Mozilla Firefox, for improvement: Why should we celebrate a Mozilla Firefox that saves you a 1/10 of a second rather than increases your internet security and allows you more options (possibly also making it slower...)? It seems weird how the browser is so tweaked toward (unnecessary) speed if sacrifices because of it are great? Cache-handling, security settings, dictionaries/y, more options, conjunctive thinking, more and more and better and better rather than FAST (only, think of Eddie Murphy saying "half", only say "fast" instead)!

    Eddie Murphy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SniOXFhwIZ8 !
    (First posted to Facebook!)

  22. I've also added this to the scientific blog, scientificblog777 under "Monday, 19 December 2011
    On Programming (and Salutation to Sid Meier's Civ3) - Surveillance of Mozilla Firefox - An Example"!

    1. Alright! New news! I've now found (a new, true love of) Mozilla Firefox 3.6.18 on (exactly, mark!) 8.409 KB under Windows 7. I would not in the World accept ANY bigger version than this UNLESS it is properly grounded, technically. To say that response time increases by a slight second is of course bullsh*t and an excuse to f*ck the users/clients! Beware! Continued best wishes to the Internet society and its safe faring! Cheers!

  23. The trick about using 3.6.18 is to consume the good efforts of both 3.5 AND 3.6 so that you escape "special care" updates by 3.6.19-3.6.28, fx.
    And de-servering is still an issue that needs special attention by the computer society everywhere. The "Autobahn-principle" as privacy for users is something that should be rammed through NO MATTER WHAT!!!