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Suggestion for Syndication of All Primary Industry

Various!Posted by Terje Lea 2010-12-30 19:36:05 [CET]

Syndication of all primary industry, modelling OPEC in setting prices that benefits the countries, companies with reasonable profits and gives the industry's workers decent lives, growing eventually to developed world's standards. It's worth considering the rather bad conditions of the tea, coffee, chocolate and rice industries to mention some of the members of the group of this. There are fine contemporary tendencies in Norway for rewarding farmers of certain standard-sized farms a fair factory-worker's salary, putting this person in the middle range of income. This should be the end-target for those contributing to primary industries. Cheers!

(From the original blog: http://www.angelfire.com/realm/t_daemon_lea/blogT/index.blog/1418843/suggestion-for-syndication-of-all-primary-industry/.)


USA, listen to Fareed Zakaria, please!

Various!Posted by Terje Lea 2010-12-30 19:33:58 [CET]

I agree with Fareed Zakaria, in the wake of approving the Healthcare Reform, that USA also incorporates VAT of 15-25%. This will reinforce USA as a fine cross-cultural, cross-religious, humanistic and socially aware nation! Best wishes to U.S. American future!

(Note: Obviously, I'm not a U. S. American citizen and as such this writing is meant as encouragement for USA to be the best. I think it also represents safety to the rest of the world if USA makes the right choices. This is such a choice!)

(From the original blog: http://www.angelfire.com/realm/t_daemon_lea/blogT/index.blog/1418842/usa-listen-to-fareed-zakaria-please/.)


Declaration - "Open Sewer"

Various!Posted by Terje Lea 2010-12-30 19:31:30 [CET]

I hereby name the horrible, perverse, deviant people "open sewer". The "open sewer" problem has to be defeated in order for Europe to have the best people and to create (more) large, successful enterprises so that we can SUCCEED in everything! We shouldn't fail to address unemployment and a number of social problems in this relation as well! The obvious recommendation is: "no open sewer!" The closing of sewer represents a major public health improvement, historically speaking! Good luck and live life!

(From the original blog: http://www.angelfire.com/realm/t_daemon_lea/blogT/index.blog/1418841/declaration-open-sewer/.)


Stunning of the Opposition of the Data Storage Directive

Various!Posted by Terje Lea 2010-12-30 19:29:34 [CET]

There is one sentence that stuns the opponent to the Data Storage Directive (Datalagringsdirektivet) more than most other arguments and it is this: "hasn't your information gone through the time of storage?" It suggests, of course, that the opponent may have a criminal motive when this person is opposed to the Data Storage Directive. This is very obvious and should speak for the advantages of the Data Storage Directive in keeping a tidy society.

(From the original blog: http://www.angelfire.com/realm/t_daemon_lea/blogT/index.blog/1418804/stunning-of-the-opposition-of-the-data-storage-directive/.)


Competition or Possibly Syndication over Operating Systems and PC Processors

Various!Posted by Terje Lea 2010-12-30 19:26:56 [CET]

It should be possible to work out industry standards concerning the interaction between the processor system and any operating system so that the competition for making both processors and operating systems becomes more transparent and fair. It should be noted that Microsoft controls 91.60% of the total OS market (according to Wikipedia, Feb. 2010. You can check out marketshare.hitslink.com yourself) leaving out the number of the market for operating systems, but you get the idea, and that AMD and Intel control 19.4% and 80.5%, respectively, of the processor market for home/personal computers (PCs, Jan. 25th 2010, Computerworld). This is in the face of the entire population of 6.8 billion increasingly educated people, possibly deducting the U.S. population, and these companies are only U.S. American. What is going on? This picture should definitely change to the extent of including four major players on the world stage in both markets of operating systems and home/personal computers. It should be unnecessary to point out that every continent on the planet should have the fair chance and freedom to develop these crucial technologies. The syndication can be just like OPEC, optionally, to provide room and resources for this to happen in the pattern of Open Source/Free Software.

(From the original blog: http://www.angelfire.com/realm/t_daemon_lea/blogT/index.blog/1418803/competition-or-possibly-syndication-over-operating-systems-and-pc-processors/.)


System of Safely Sustainable Growth of Civilisation, Culture, Knowledge! (And Not People.)

Various!Posted by Terje Lea 2010-12-30 19:24:09 [CET]

I hereby propose developing countries to incorporate this generic, universal system. This system consists in making a qualification of a number of kids (fx. 1, 2 or 3) for entering a program designed to take care of these very parents entering the program into old age by guaranteed old age care/nursing. It's conditional/critical that these couples (or rather the women eligible for the program have access to good contraceptives (including condoms, but not necessarily, the primary mode being the contraceptive-pills as in the devloped world). If the economy of couples is depending on a large number of kids thereby undermining the program, they should also be compensated economically. It's obvious more territory/more riches will be available to each person as a consequence of this.

This also meant as a push on developed countries' efforts and approach to developing countries, especially in Africa. I have an ugly thought of the devloped world's tendency to focus on diseases and never this system/strategy, almost as if facilitating conflicts/wars/catastrophes according to deliberate encouragement to over-population! (This may only be a (an unfounded) suspicion/illusion.)

Estimated world population today, upon time of writing: 6 815 052 881 by US Census.

(Note: It's likely this blog-post will be edited as I give it more thought and completeness.)

(From the original blog: http://www.angelfire.com/realm/t_daemon_lea/blogT/index.blog/1418802/system-of-safely-sustainable-growth-of-civilisation-culture-knowledge-and-not-people/.)


Tips til KrF

Various!Posted by Terje Lea 2010-12-30 19:16:15 [CET]

Kristelig Folkeparti, KrF, burde skjønne fremtidstegningen og gi seg selv et nytt navn, nemlig Det Religiøse og Etiske Partiet eller komme seg på skraphaugen der det hører hjemme, oppløses! Det er det jeg vil si!

(From the original blog: http://www.angelfire.com/realm/t_daemon_lea/blogT/index.blog/1418801/tips-til-krf/.)



Various!Posted by Terje Lea 2010-12-30 19:14:38 [CET]

Because of European (and U.S.) complacency and lack of constructive approaches, it may very well be China who introduces "democracy"/democracy to Africa on a more fundamental level! You may want to contemplate this paradox!

(From the original blog: http://www.angelfire.com/realm/t_daemon_lea/blogT/index.blog/1418800/china/.)


Gjengivelse av epost til Pasientombud og Mental Helse

Various!Posted by Terje Lea 2010-12-30 19:12:24 [CET]

Bedre prosedyre i Psykiatrien!

Jeg er medlem i Mental Helse og jeg har et forslag til forbedring i psykiatrien.

Jeg synes man burde begynne med valgfrie digitale opptak
av samtalene i psykiatrien.
Hvorfor: Fordi da innbyr man til bedre nøyaktighet og dokumentasjon
og bedre vitenskapelig prosedyre.
Jeg vet ikke hvor mange som føler sin stemme tapt i det psykiatriske
systemet, men dette forslaget burde bøte på en del av det.
Dessuten: I ettertid kan det være nyttig å få greie på hva som
nøyaktig har blitt sagt og gjort i intervju-situasjonen.
Det er ikke bare det heller. Hvis man får bedre nøyaktighet i psykiatrien så kan det hende at demokratiet og psykiatri som vitenskap blir bedre også.
Det burde være i alles interesse at man ihvertfall vurderer denne muligheten og kanskje gjennomfører det.
Det kan gjerne hende også at man blir kvitt noen dårlige tendenser i psykiatrien også. (Les: korrupsjon.) Slutt.

Samtale-terapi er allerede omdiskutert i forbindelse med effektivitet og hvis man skal komme seg et steg videre, så er filming av (alle) intervjuer veien å gå, vitenskapelig sett!

(From the original blog: http://www.angelfire.com/realm/t_daemon_lea/blogT/index.blog/1418799/gjengivelse-av-epost-til-pasientombud-og-mental-helse/.)


Ethics and Norway!

Various!Posted by Terje Lea 2010-12-30 19:08:37 [CET]

Ethics is Ethics and is as such theory, but not as extremely theoretical as in Norway! ;-) Cheers!

It's all about looking good, it's all about image! Keeping up the appearances...

(From the original blog: http://www.angelfire.com/realm/t_daemon_lea/blogT/index.blog/1418798/ethics-and-norway/.)


For Africa

Various!Posted by Terje Lea 2010-12-30 19:04:38 [CET]

We so often hear about the crises of Africa. I don't say that it's not important, but it shouldn't be all consuming as it's now. I therefore ask you to note the following:

-one should only care for the sick and disabled, depleting the country's resources on medical services that are not critical.

-never build polluting industry. Of course, developing countries should not be allowed to developed in the pattern the western world has developed. This is obviously wrong! If the rich world can't accommodate the progress of developing countries, they should shut up and lose their right to opinion on the matter!

-preserve the rainforest, wildlife and ecology generally. There's this demand on developing countries that they should maintain modern standards on ecological focus even if this demands significant resources because the tourists from the west like to present idyllic pictures from those places and enjoy their tourist stays there, of course never completely fulfill the budgetary balance for making this sustainable.

I'd like you to contrast this image with this:

-make a business map for the whole of Africa to invite FDI - foreign direct investment and for making connections to initiate business action. This should be done through some AU portal or countrywise according to standards of information.

-encourage and make the most of the able and competent people. Africa should focus on the most important first and that is building industry, like China has.

-build industry to make the most of territory and natural resources while also setting the right the right tax level to make a sophisticated society, like developing the education and research sector.

Post subject: Re: For Africa PostPosted: Sun Jan 03, 2010 3:06 pm
The whole idea with this, is to show how the media coverage is reluctant to give time to the most constructive efforts in Africa that may lead the way to a better future for the people who live there. Instead, the media covers the cosmetic such as those first 3 issues. Those 3 issues have always shown to come on top of a good, healthy business life. In this sense, the media reports are turning the situation upside down, spreading misery reports when we should have a good incentive to embark on the business opportunities there. This is the point! We learn that everything is going to Hell in Africa, they can't care for the sick and old, they should not be building industry there because it pollutes and distorts and glossy picture of Africa and lastly, they should keep their gardens green and wildlife flourishing so that we can go there and enjoy the nature, primarily, never care or have a positive recognition of the people there!

Post subject: Re: For Africa PostPosted: Fri Feb 19, 2010 3:05 am
I like to make an update on media coverage of Africa. BBC: http://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/africa/2010/02/100204_podcasts_africa.shtml as these are
* Africa Today
* This Week in Africa
* African Perspective
Now it also seems BBC launches Africa Business Report. Information here: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/in_depth/business/africa_business/default.stm. In relation to CNN, I say BBC 1 - 0 CNN.
There's also the initiative stemming from G.W. Bush's days, AGOA, here:
Here's a fine intro to African business life: http://allafrica.com/business/. I love to the see the further work of presenting fine African business opportunities, if not by Europeans/US Americans, then by Africans themselves backed by the power of the internet and media in general.

Post subject: Re: For Africa PostPosted: Mon Mar 22, 2010 5:54 am
There's been recent developments with CNN in the battle over Africa of BBC vs. CNN. CNN is now launching Marketplace Africa (http://www.cnn.com/CNNI/Programs/marketplace.africa/). Therefore, the updated score is BBC 1 - 1 CNN today, 22.03.2010. We'll see how efficient the programs are in being given airtime and making impact to Africa in terms of opportunity in updating the scores, but this is going the right way!

Post subject: Re: For Africa PostPosted: Wed May 12, 2010 1:33 am
This has little to do with business of Africa, but the header is still "For Africa"! So:
Why isn't there a dual approach to Africa, promoting both HIV/AIDS medicines and contraceptives. It must be awful to live in Africa and have the natural biological urges/needs and yet somehow be forced to have children that one can't supply properly for, who are facing harsh conditions through their lives, bound to repeat the failures of their parents! Why is this so? Why not both?

I hope you enjoy this addition to the blog. Cheers!

(From the original blog: http://www.angelfire.com/realm/t_daemon_lea/blogT/index.blog/1418797/for-africa/.)


Remembrance of Eddy Grant and His Electric Avenue!

Various!Posted by Terje Lea 2010-12-30 19:00:45 [CET]

Now in the streets there is violence
an-na-na lots of work to be done.
No place to hang all our washing and then I can't blame it all on the sun.
Oh no
we're gonna rock down to Electric Avenue
And then we'll take it higher.
we're gonna rock down to Electric Avenue
And then we'll take it higher.
Working so hard like a soldier
can't afford the things on T.V.
Deep in my heart I abhore you
can't get food for the kid.
Good God
we're gonna rock down to Electric Avenue...
Oh no
oh no
oh no
oh no
Oh Lord
we're gonna rock down to Electric Avenue...
Who is to blame in what country? Never can get to the one.
Dealing in multiplication and they still can't feed everyone.
Oh no
we're gonna rock down to Electric Avenue
Out in the streets
out in the streets
Out in the playground in the dark side of town.
we're gonna rock down to Electric Avenue...
we're gonna rock down to Electric Avenue...
It's just one great song! Go and buy, you too! Cheers!

(From the original blog: http://www.angelfire.com/realm/t_daemon_lea/blogT/index.blog/1418795/remembrance-of-eddy-grant-and-his-electric-avenue/.)


Congratulations to Barack Obama on Receiving the Nobel Prize

Various!Posted by Terje Lea 2010-12-30 18:56:45 [CET]

I've heard the speech by Barack Obama and I think he has delivered heavenly! The speech is awesome!

Besides, I contend that Obama is leading two wars because he's not fighting the will of the people or the government in Iraq or Afghanistan and you should remember that either goverment consist of country natives. I therefore think it's correct to say that he's leading limited military operations to help the two countries in the transition to stable, democratic societies and at the same time getting rid of every terror threat emerging from those places.

Obama has said in his speech that we should use force to protect our freedom and I agree wholeheartedly! Finally, there's someone who officially puts the fist behind the ideals, being a kind of idealist!

(From the original blog: http://www.angelfire.com/realm/t_daemon_lea/blogT/index.blog/1418796/congratulations-to-barack-obama-on-receiving-the-nobel-prize/.)


The Making of Grotesque by Japan

Various!Posted by Terje Lea 2010-12-30 18:53:55 [CET]

The movie, Grotesque, by Japanese production isn't subject to this war (post of 2:31 PM MEST, Sunday, 26 July 2009) on grotesque. It should be clear that people who get to know a phenomenon in society need to be able to express their hearts' concern. I assume the movie is fiction and thus doesn't infringe any moral grounds. As such, I very much agree with and support that kind of Social Realism and not that kind of illusion of decency in society some people like to insist upon. Good work, makers of Grotesque! We, others, should obtain it and see it!

It's certainly a seriously different matter of publishing (medical) manuals on how to torture, especially if this is grounded on actual torturer's experience, cumulative through the history or not! The war and campaign is in its first year still and I hope people take notice and launch their initiatives to clear the human world of these phenomena of abomination!

(From the original blog: http://www.angelfire.com/realm/t_daemon_lea/blogT/index.blog/1418817/the-making-of-grotesque-by-japan/.)


Religious People

Various!Posted by Terje Lea 2010-12-30 18:51:46 [CET]

I just assert that I think religious people, possibly including the agnostics, are more likely to carry a better moral through their lives than their counterparts. It may be unfashionable to write this, but the fact is that I think the issue is being dodged by those people who are able to conduct such investigations, perhaps due to pre-conception. I here urge, therefore, you, the religious people, to conduct such investigations, of course, according to scientific standards! There should be some religious sociologists and psychologists in this world. Good luck!

(From the original blog: http://www.angelfire.com/realm/t_daemon_lea/blogT/index.blog/1418815/religious-people/.)


Barack Obama - No Drama

Various!Posted by Terje Lea 2010-12-30 18:49:29 [CET]

"No drama"-Obama, Barack Obama, sets an example for all of us in his slogan of "no drama!" I, at least, intend to make it a part of my life-philosophy of the time I have left, being 34 y.o. and to the extent such a feature has been missing in my life. The calm and meditative that lie in the slogan are admirable and the two qualities in it should be highly desired and appreciated. There are surely subtle and overt virtues in "no drama". As I say, Barack Obama sets an example for all of us! Have the wisdom in life! Cheers! :-)

(From the original blog: http://www.angelfire.com/realm/t_daemon_lea/blogT/index.blog/1418816/barack-obama-no-drama/.)


Rettferdighet og Kriminalitet

Various!Posted by Terje Lea 2010-12-30 18:41:43 [CET]

Det er forventet at offentligheten ser til rettferdigheten i samfunnet. Dette inkluderer de vanlige mekanismer som politi, domstoler og lovgivere, men burde også inkludere folk i stillinger tilknyttet tillit og ansvar slik som skole, psykiatri og annen offentlig og privat virksomhet som møter mennesker i en vanskelig, utsatt situasjon. Nå har jeg vært i kontakt med psykiatrien i 11 år. Hvis jeg ser tilbake fra 1981/1982 og opp gjennom historien så dreier det seg om henvendelser til lærere, bekjente, leger, helsesøstre og politi. Jeg innser at mine foreldre på sett og vis har et ansvar, men det kan også hende at deres psyke har valgt det som totalt sett har ivaretatt situasjonen på mest mulig sivilisert måte for familiens del. Jeg ser det dermed slik at hvis min overgrepshistorie holdes skjult så er det fordi at folk i tillitsposisjoner har sviktet sitt ansvar! Folk får klandre de det gjelder. Jeg har etter beste evne forsøkt å belyse min historie av problemer for disse menneskene. Det er alt jeg har å si i tilfelle folk mener seg lurt i forhold til hva som har foregått og hvorfor resultatene er som de er. Det kan gjerne hende at jeg dør en unaturlig (voldelig, smertefull, grotesk) død som følge av denne historien.

(From the original blog: http://www.angelfire.com/realm/t_daemon_lea/blogT/index.blog/1418812/rettferdighet-og-kriminalitet/.)


Expansion of EU

Various!Posted by Terje Lea 2010-12-30 18:39:46 [CET]

Why can't expansion of EU wait until one has gotten the living standards up to acceptable levels across the whole of EU? I'm thinking especially of Romania and Bulgaria. One can also add the relatively high unemployment (above 5 percent) that has been consistent as long as I can remember, as a problem that should be solved before further expansion. Who are the driving forces behind the will to expand nowadays?

Besides, one can solve some of the inequality across EU by allowing the poorer countries greater GDP deficits. This can be done either from inside the Euro currency or by supporting the actual currency by making the European Central Bank to buy that currency, ie. positive speculation.

All the best to EU!

(From the original blog: http://www.angelfire.com/realm/t_daemon_lea/blogT/index.blog/1418810/expansion-of-eu/.)


Perpetrators and Their Victims

Various!Posted by Terje Lea 2010-12-30 18:37:50 [CET]

We should flatten the perpetrators as much as they flatten the innocent and that, my dear, can be very perverse. Humanistically, we never do that, but we should incline to that end! I've said it before and I repeat myself, reinstate the death sentence, Europe!

Some of us seem to be extremely naive when it comes to perverse, grotesque criminals. You know, excusing them to the point where they're relieved of all adult-life responsibility. Can I recommend some exposure? You can at least listen more to the (cognitive) stories of the victims, of whom I'm one! You should remember that we are survivors, the others have committed suicide and nobody gives their story from the grave!

Blessed are the rightful killings! I'd say at times, that there's nothing better than a rightful, clean kill.

(From the original blog: http://www.angelfire.com/realm/t_daemon_lea/blogT/index.blog/1418811/perpetrators-and-their-victims/.)


Idiotsvin fra Bøgda - min rolle

Various!Posted by Terje Lea 2010-12-30 18:35:46 [CET]

Det faller seg sånn at jeg har vært utsatt for overgrep i en periode hvor jeg bare har bodd i Farsund kommune, og jeg lurer på om folk tror jeg har noen relasjon til disse overgriperne. La meg gjøre det fullstendig klart!

Jeg har aldri bistått, assistert, bidratt til, vært vennligsinnet mot, stått i ledtog med, hatt sosiale relasjoner med, hatt kjennskap til, vært i nettverk med eller i noen som helst grad hjulpet overgriperne slik at disse overgrepene kunne finne sted. Det har vært i stor grad min egen tankegang og konklusjoner av et svært begrenset datamateriale som har gjort det slutt på det helvetet jeg har vært igjennom. Jeg vil si at min familie har hatt svært begrenset lojale sosiale forbindelser gjennom den vanskelige tiden. Disse idiotsvin fra bøgda er helt eneansvarlige for de kriminelle handlingene som har funnet sted. Jeg finner at bøgda får bære ansvaret for korrupsjonen.


PS: Hvis man undersøker det såkalte Hangman-paradokset så vil man enklere forstå meg. Her: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hangman_paradox .

(From the original blog: http://www.angelfire.com/realm/t_daemon_lea/blogT/index.blog/1418809/idiotsvin-fra-boegda-min-rolle/.)


10/12 (Next 20 to go, to nr. 11)

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