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T + Olsnes-Lea / By Unity-Circle

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Hello space-people, I'm Lukas F. Olsnes-Lea alias T + Olsnes-Lea. This page is made to satisfy my presentation/'exhibitionism'. Let the show shine my self, what my beliefs are, and what I choose to do with my life. For every who is interested, feel free to make internet-contact, cross my landscape and electro-visit my ideas, where I show you my words about things that I care about, or are sincerely interested in.

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My duty of the civil-service (14 months of state-demanded labour for being a pacifist) ended in 1998/1999. And I reconsidered my values.

Internet-contact links: or, the dai-sho, katana and wakizashi, is thus presented.

'Everyone is a star in their own lives.' Unknown

'The only reason we die is because we accept it as an inevitability.' Stewie Griffin or Neil Gaiman 'Sandman'

'The truth wears longer than all the gods; for it is only in the truth's service, and for love of it, that people have overthrown the gods and at last God himself. "The truth" outlasts the downfall of the world of gods, for it is the immortal soul of this transitory world of gods; it is Deity itself.' Johann Kaspar Schmidt

'When you are with a good friend, you never need a mirror.' Unknown

'If I have seen further, it is only because I have stood on the shoulders of giants.' Isaac Newton

'Chance favours the prepared mind.' Louis Pasteur

'God is dead.' Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

'Software powers the internet.' Oracle

More quotes.

My own aphorisms.


Can you give an objective view of your self for the future in a theoretical model?
Have you tried to consider Truth versus God or do you think of Truth and God as one?
Do you think there is a Subjectivistic-Objectivistic reality?
Do you think moral values exist (ie: moral values are true in nature on moral grounding itself)?


I'll never plead for mercy. I'm a free man.
Get the real values by reducing bureaucracy as much as possible and simplify rules and the areas of regulation as much as possible.
Aid through large well-founded organizations with a thorough cost-control like the UN or Red Cross, Red Crescent.
Break down dictatorships and authoritative, force-abusive organizations and mercenary organizations working throughout Africa and other parts of the world.
I am for a global (con-)federation and equality of all humans from a point of beginning, independent of cultures.
I think people of the crowds are cowards and dangerous to humanity.
Individuality at all costs.

These statements are now somewhat restructured.


Through Industrial and Gothic and other tunes of Pops and otherwise, even some Black Metal, go for what I listen to.
On the other hand, I am quite liberal when music is the subject and is present in my environment.

I'm trying to find some consistency here, though.

As a short-listing:

[Previously, a list of favourite music has been listed, but I've decided to remove because I have no interest in taking part in music projects unless I'm contacted by a lawyer, a decent one at that, and on a formal note.

While this is written, I consider ALL music to be possibly interesting and this goes from Country music and folk music to techno music and the usual pop music. People are so keen-eyed on the music so I want to keep it down and private! Good?]


Now this is exciting! A bloody tradition and a neo-religion. Welcome to the land of rape and goodness.
Who or what knows the beginning or the end if there is any? What have we ultimately evolved from? Are we a coincidence of Universe or a part of a higher conciousness? Are we living in a structured environment or in a ever-chaotic environment?

There is something remarkable, though. In its generalised consideration and based on Thomas Aquinas' 5 'ways' of his proof for a God that I find hard to refute, I come to the following:
I think there must have been A Higher Truth from the beginning. That we are a part of a ever-lasting universe that reveals itself to us as individuals but in the end, ultimately, must be proven by Science as a tool of a collective recognition of evolvement and a higher consciousness to be grasped by the individuals. I consider myself an deist based on a belief in the soul (panpsychism/panendeism, Ref.: Kant, Leibniz, Lady Conway (Monads), Plato) and the background matrix automata that people take for a God (that doesn't exist as such). Regarding monads, I'm with G. Bruno in that they must be extended and make up all possible particles/matter.

Søren Kierkegaard made some historic efforts in this field of destruction, Christianity that is.

I consider myself a devoted Scientologist for the remainder of my life. Scientology (and possibly one more) has become my religious home forever. My Deist views are retained, however.


I like you to watch this TV ad by Scientology: Search. Here is also a Scientology blog I've written and that I'm currently writing, here.


Proof of Operator in chemical processing industry (Elkem Aluminium ANS Lista).

Introductory course in philosophy, the Examen Philosophicum.

Introductory course in Humaniora, the Examen Facultatum.

I am who I am. Contact goes through email, primarily.

Ideas and projects

Aluminium-problem in pots.

Philosophical notes.

The Ultimate Cosmology.

Program of ethics. I am trying to work out a rigid ethical system.

A comment on Time.

A comment on Modernity.

On company policies.

Opinions on Science in Expression of Evolution and Other.

The Dr. Mengele Club-project and others. Scripts for film.

Designs and other creative.

Thoughts on Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

Psychiatric findings and views.

Issues From The Internet.

Scribblings From The Internet, being a kind of "Issues From the Internet".

God. What is it?

Note: Permission granted for copying material with ©-mark on it. Otherwise, rights are maintained.


Hey. Very useful link to Philosophy. It is from Philosophy Now.
Other philosophy sites are planned on own web-page.

Here are my recommended and suggested readings and writings with my comments. Just click the link.

Here are the search engines of the world. Just click the link.

I just warn you right now of ignoring this sec. package. It's highly recommended and it's here, link.

What sort of opera? An architectural note.

Suggestion for a New Norwegian Flag!

A chronicle by Thomas Chr. Wyller, a political scientist, published in Stavanger Aftenblad and my response to it. Finally with an example in both English and Norwegian.

My European commitment.

Populations Out of Phonebooks.

Two reasons for a heterosexual (straight) life from my point of view.

About Scandinavian Star.

My website on or

My presentation on

My Employment at Center of Universe for Research in Philosophy, Univers' Senter for Forskning i Filosofi.

Philosophy of Ayn Rand. Additional comments.

The full version of Hagakure.

Logical Notation, all you can think of: Option 1 or Option 2.

Internet Tips and Tricks.


Open Source Software, IT Democracy and IT Privacy (not being liable until "a crime against the letter of the law has been committed, also evidence is legally obtained for use in court of law) are deeply supported as part of Political Agenda.

BBC News:


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  1. Slight modification made: Support of Ubuntu is withdrawn. It's now placed with Open Source Software, IT Democracy and IT Privacy (not being liable until "a crime against the letter of the law has been committed, also evidence is legally obtained for use in court of law) as political agendas!

  2. I find it regretful that Ubuntu is explicitly /satisfied/ with (appx.) 2% OS marketshare when they should really be moderately aggressive toward 49,5% or 24,75% of the market! Also, the clients are NOT "untouched", I believe. This is a deep professional flaw! The percentages "allow" for 1% percent of experimental OSes around the World on the premise that 2(3, Microsoft and Apple +1, in Europe?) or 4(5) Oses (from around the World, by Asia, Africa, American/North America and Europe).

  3. I can say that this Facebook page belongs to my person (insofar as content goes): -> _leonardo_ _olsnes_-_lea_ -> L. (F.) O.-L. -> Good?

  4. Even though you may get messages like: "the content is currently unavailable"!

  5. I've now replaced "_rest_ of my life" with "remainder of my life"!

  6. I've now added also a new formulation: "I consider myself a devoted Scientologist for the remainder of my life. Scientology (and possibly one more) has become my religious home forever. My Deist views are retained, however."

  7. Christianity has returned to my life with my new commentary to great qualms to many the of the Bible's features, such as the tree of knowledge of Eden that has to be the Tree of Torture Knowledge so as to say that human kind must choose the good trees outside the garden when everything in Eden is Eden everywhere "back then".

    I have in the past "reduced" the Bible to Deism and put less emphasis on Jesus Christ as contradiction. This has helped me to maintain a "core belief", rather investigating alternative angles into Christianity and Religion everywhere.

    So this makes me two: Scientologist, the most pedagogical, and Evangelical-Lutheran Christian (two years off from 1993 to 1995, and finally out from the Norwegian State/Social Department Church in 2003, not able to return because of "legal matters").

    By lack of security and personal weapons, the Church of Norway should have awarded me 4 prizes/acknowledgements, including the "Christian Woman" in my wording and Se7/ven with argument to go, of course, police dominating the Norwegian society by "who's to be tortured and killed".

  8. Incorrect info: "...two years off from 1993 to 1995, and finally out..."

    to be replaced with

    "...two years off from 1994 to 1996, and finally out from the ..."

    Excuse me.

  9. With an adult's view of life now, my story has been:

    Baptised in 1976, born in 1975.
    (Sola "kommune")

    Confirmation of Belief, Lutheran Bible, in the Church, '88 or '89, still under stiff "turbulence" of society, having entered fame to many, but without a letter to my own person, all seized criminally by the Postal Services of Norway.
    (Farsund "kommune")

    After exiting in 2003, the Church being conceived by myself to be "a political excuse", the current Church is approved of, only the Bible as its guidance, absolutely.
    (Sandnes "kommune")

    I'm re-entering by this reasoning:
    Formally in terms of "waiting" to move abroad, now being a more true secular Church bound to the Bible and not corrupt politics.

    Inside the Church again, of stronger Christian belief than ever before, therefore, now in 2013, (Steyr-)Aug. ;-) (Maybe not the "Steyr-".)

  10. The Church of Norway, as relevant for me, .