Monday, 17 October 2011

On Top of IPad and the IPhone and Other Is - Here is I-US(A)

In Denmark there is "" by, in Norway there is! I think it could be funny for U.S. (Americans) to have IUS(A).gov, a suggestion for citizens portal in USA! What do you think?
So there are at least three/four possibilities here,,,,! This can contribute to a "better USA" as the commercial says it, if you want it, and if you have no alternatives in place before this. I'm not sure about you and organisation in light of low union-rates of having worker's organised! So your turn...


  1. What I think this website can contain: the states' citizens and info websites by (approved) links, economical data (California brings so and so to "Washington, the national government" and they get so and so much back as well, the debt of California "is now" and so for ALL states), population numbers, information on the court system and why it's significant to the all the citizens of the nation (USA). And so on further... Good?

  2. It should probably say "fun" above and _not_ "funny". Alright?