Sunday, 16 October 2011

Medical Procedure: Clean Lungs by Controlled Water Immersion with or w/o Solubles

I think the University Hospital of Stavanger, "under my influence", is carrying out a type of procedure to clean the lungs of people, with or w/o solubles to help this procedure.
The logic is of course that NO one is dying from a 30 seconds water immersion of the lungs given they have rich possibilities for getting it out again/getting rid of it.
We'll see what comes of it... ;-)

Some use of sedatives may be called for during the procedure!
Added 19.10.2011.
(More may be coming...)


  1. "Welcome to Stavanger University Hospital" - !

  2. Having a bit of experience with "contrasting fluids" to the MRI screening units (basically salts, but special to the brain and else), I suggest these fluids for cleaning the lungs too:

    * salts, please try NaCl first and then to work one's way up to ionized, side-effect, acid effects that are what we are looking for.

    * light acids directly. To test one's way here as well, let's say down to 5 pH or up to, by bases, 8 or 9 pH, depending on what pollution that has entered the lungs!

    Warning: DO NOT try to make these acids, whether out of anti-clogging substances for the piping system (NO: Plumbo), to your own bath-tub. The Cleaning of lungs is meant to take place in hospitals and clinics ONLY! Pay attention, please.