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Opinions on Science in Expression of Evolution and Other

Main Title: Opinions on Science in Expression of Evolution and Other

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Cancer-Preventive Measures
Form of Evolution or Forming a Frame for Evolution
Theory of the Cause of Schizophrenia
Opinions on Physics / This argument is last updated!
Opinions on Astrophysics, Possible Explanation of the Paradox of the Corona of the Sun and its Temperature Differences
Physics, A Possible Angle to Para-Normal Phenomenon of "Soul"
Economy, Over the Dependence Theory of Economy!
Psychology, Telepathy Experiment and Method
Physics, The Possibility to Set Up an Atom "Brain"
Physics/Biology, Abiogenesis - Would It Be Meteors That Impacted Onto Earth or Simply the Volcanos - Erupting Magma/Lava That Leads to Life in Its Most Basic Form?
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Cancer-Preventive Measures

The simple sentences describes this:

If the checksum is right, it's OK, it's a healthy cell. If the checksum isn't right, then annihilate.

The checksum is the controlled amount of electricity that ripples through your nerve lines and that goes between two or more nerve ends. It has been proved that any cell can conduct electricity. A study that was followed through because of the likelihood that it would benefit the research of therapeutic genetic engineering.

Based on the nerve sensations the body takes out everything that has been defined and verified as a not OK checksum. As known, cancer arises from uncontrolled cell development making it a not OK checksum.

The conclusion: Be conscious of your feelings. They're what is used for a readily available body assessment. The thesis is this: If you hold a good consciousness and sensitivity with a nice disciplinary touch to your body, cancer will never be a problem, because your mind will hold your cells in check.

It's my view that the feelings/nerve signals/neurology are helping/controlling the body and more or less telling the body where to attack and where to hold off. This is part of the theory that feelings are just an addition to the largely rational system of being a body, that is rational according to function!

I think one has devoted very little research on the issue of how the nerve signals work in the body and that I think there may be a "gold mine" there to be discovered in how nerve signals relate to the body, to the genes, to the immune system, to the whole...

This, first and foremost, preventive recommendation of mentality can also contribute to the explanation of benign cancers, that there's a mechanism in the body that sets the brakes on or limits the nature of the actual benign cancer in one way or another.

One should remember that the mode of one's relationship with one's own feelings/nerve signals/neurology are a quite big issue/factor in the actual person's and as such, I think this factor (feelings/nerve signals/neurology) may be decisive above rather minor factors such as diet.

This is not part of what can be described as "the tyranny of positive thinking". My theory doesn't necessarily contain such an element. I'd rather say that your mood should reflect realities!

The Cancer Registry shows a difference of about 60 points in the scope of 344,3 versus 283,8 in favour of women across cancer diagnoses. I take this to support my theory as women are known to care more about their feelings and despite they also make up the greater part of the older population. Older people are generally more susceptible to cancer than the younger counterparts. Is this due to decline of the neurological system or the efforts of maintaining the body in the face of aging? It may also be that when you grow old, the brain makes more mistakes and send these mistakes into the body as nerve signals. It can also be that the brain fails, because of this old age, deterioration of brain, to detect the wrong signals from the body and sending corrective signals back.

These are the latest numbers, 2003-2007 from the Cancer Registry of Norway, link for men and women. The link has been accessed 20. November, 2009.

My theory of women actually having a different relationship to their bodies in terms of feelings, making women avoid cancer in greater degrees than men, when indeed I think that most other factors are more or less the same. One should note that risky behaviour can indicate, also, such an inferior relationship to one's own feelings already in young age, ie. heavy drinking among young men.

Besides, modern women and men have almost the same patterns when it comes to "smoke, drink and work". Haven't you heard about "double-working" women? Also, the smoking has come down heavily before 2001 as this set (to which the link points) is from 2001 to 2007. You should also note that cancer strikes, predominantly, the older scope of the population so the fact of heavy drinking young men doesn't have any (particular) impact. I agree to "avoiding carcinogenic substances is the (best/[a significant advise]) you can achieve in the avoidance of cancer" [by chaz wyman]. This is not about the mental concept of "emotions", it's about neurologic signals, "feelings", in your body before cancer occurs! Thus, this writing is not about some kind of "magic" cure. No, it's about "Cancer-Prevention Measures"! So, what I try to point out, is the relation a person has to one's own feelings (in the body) and not some mental size of sensing sadness and so on. The claim is, simply, that when people care for a "natural" relationship to their feelings, they can in great parts avoid cancer. To internalise a "mechanistic body image"/"reject natural body feelings" can therefore lead to cancer/increased probability for cancer in my opinion! This should come in addition to other good advice such as a healthy diet, physical exercise and the avoidance of carcinogenic substances!

I agree to some extent with your [bytesplicer] emphasis on stress, even including possibly that hazardous environment also puts stress on your body ie. being subject to carcinogenics puts a load on the body to get rid of it, lowering the "energies"/electricity to sustain the feelings that support your immune system and against abnormalities by cell life (cell division, cell breathing, cell workings).

So, I'm looking for the best range of feelings, not being below a certain value and not, possibly, being too high either.

(I've been thinking that my writing is on a stage where the next step is to actually enter the field and develop techniques like making a measuring device that measures the electricity between the fingers with a person who is typically resting and calm (for steady signals) and so on (making a data bank on these data gathered from "high and low" in society.)

Concerning protests to my theory on the basis of the cases of cancer in kids, i.e., below 18 yo., I write this:
in the case of cancer in kids I think one should move the search to epigenetics from the parents and combine this with the conditions (incl. epigenetics) of the children.

The children are also mostly struck with leukemia of what I understand.

Children are also (only) one percent or less of the total of cancer-struck patients whether malignant or benign...

This work has been concluded as a spinoff from my examinations of a moral consciousness versus moral feelings. This spinoff was inspired by my grandfather's death due to cancer and my younger brother's 14-days hospital stay at a later point in time.

As a remark. There's something more also: There are the perspectives of idealism into biological manifest as a form of evolution or forming a frame for evolution.

22.02.2003, 20.11.2009, 04.02.2010, 05.02.2010, 07.02.2010, 28.10.2010 and 20.02.2011

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Note: a comment concerning cancer in children has been added today, 20.02.2011, but written to the Philosophy Now forum 18.02.2011.

Form of Evolution or Forming a Frame for Evolution

Physical and biological possibilities in conjunction with environmental parameters are what makes evolution. That is: if you start out with its
most miniscule set of biological bases and it exist where it can exist (ie: all over the scale of functioning and sustainable environment), its
set will evolve in every direction possible from that base.

What turn the odds is of course genetics and human control over evolution. One might think that most species would only be allowed to
exist in its genetic blueprint. That one could farm entirely new species into existing biological totality according to taste or agreed scientific
tests or that certain species were created within controlled areas like in Jurassic Park (a movie by Steven Spielberg).

Terje Lea©2003

Theory of the Cause of Schizophrenia

This is the theory of how Schizophrenia arises in a person. I think it's a matter of Rebound of attitudes that the "soul" cannot carry without creating a personality fracture on the terms of moral in the type of experience. So all of these cases in this view have something to do with an outlook that breaches the natural moral of the inner mental life. When these breaches occur, the "soul" is suppressed by own (sublime) negative view and replaced with externally founded personality from single or multiple people.
Schizophrenia is by this pathologically defined by the functioning level of the case in question, being the functioning that is defined by ALL parts of a normal life, i.e., social, work, personal, mental and physical.
Schizophrenia, I believe, is irreversible. If you go down that road, there's no turning back! I think it can be slowed down to some degree by alcohol or drugs, medicine and thereby be given a better functioning to the social connections, suppressing these tendencies of stupid, bizarre, deviant thoughts (and actions). I hope you can make good use of it.

By Terje Lea, 2008/2009 and 23.11.2010.

Note: This idea of Schizophrenia is partly based on the old criterium that insanity is the incapacity to separate right from wrong! Though the somatists web-page has its origin from 20.12.2005(?) due to the disconcerted/chaotic discussion of psychiatric diagnostication (and the criteria) of mental illnesses, the date of creation of this theory is uncertain. This is in part because I've seen it as unimportant by its inferiority to integrity and as this old criterium has been expected to take precedence due to more sophisticated diagnostication technology like video cameras, lie detectors, (f)MRI and better system in the very treatment facilities. I've been advised lately to add this theory to my scientific ideas and notes and I've done so now!

Opinions on Physics

Schrödinger's theory and Schrödinger's cat

Schrödinger's cat. The probability expresses the statistical chance for the cat. There's nothing more to say about it. There's something wrong with Schrödinger's theory if this is a necessary implication.
I'd also like to point out that the "mystery" of Schrödinger's cat comes down to the Copenhagen Interpretation, that I follow strictly on the observation point only, of having to be observed for something to exist. Schrodinger's cat goes clearly against this, even as an indirect observation. I therefore think that the whole of this line of thinking (Schrödinger's cat etc.) is flawed. It's almost embarrassing how mistaken it seems in regard to the huge interest.

Schrödinger's cat can also be set up with a rat, by requirement of the ladies, slightly sedated and laid under the guillotine. So when this condition of the atom triggers, the guillotine blade falls and decapitates the rat, rendering it certainly and clearly dead, with its head chopped off and thus leaving the rat in 2 pieces. This may be a better demonstration of the experiment.

Over Problems with Schrödinger's theory and other - New Angles

It's with pleasure that I note that "Branching with Uncertain Semantics: Disc. Note by N. Belnap and T. Müller, published by BJPS lies in line with my writing and that they may have been reading this writing of mine. The future should be exciting!
It's certainly time for the "wave theory" to be demolished as expressing "wave" forming from the future in opposition to my own common sense sentiment that the past shapes the future. Thus, the "wave" of future possibilities is shaped by the past/history! This has been expressed earlier/above by the rejection of the Copenhagen Interpretation, except for the one point and the rejection of Schrödinger's (et al.?) theory.

In opposition to the Copenhagen Interpretation, I hold that one needs to always take into account the 3 necessary factors of matter, energy and mathematics. If you don't have matter and energy, there will not be any reality where your mathematics can apply. Thus, mathematics can't, whatsoever, be seen as more fundamental than reality itself, ie. matter and energy, perhaps along with space and time and some other.

Take the note, please, that energy is also matter, just split up in very tiny particles that also have a very tiny (physical) mass. So, by common knowledge, the particle/wave duality of the photon enters. The physics feels very fragmented at times and I'm still awaiting the Master Work in one series of volumes on it!

On Standard Model and the Future of It

Assertion: Photons are the smallest constituents of all matter. I assume the other particles of the Standard Model are made up of photons. Why is this? The sun burns mass and to my knowledge it only/mostly by far emits electromagnetic radiation, consequently in the form of photons. When a nuclear bomb explodes, it converts matter into electromagnetic radiation, energy of various forms. Compared to this, I think one can throw the string theory out the window along with dimensions beyond the usual 4 (I'm not certain about this concerning Einstein's theories that I'd like to keep as it is). Also, let's assume higher intensity radiation emits more dense amounts of photons and that it declines further down the electromagnetic spectrum.
New on photons: I think I can also hold that photons are "semi-fluid" on a hyper-level (of course). I don't know what this adds to our view of reality, but it's a possible way of reconciling the wave-particle duality.
Aether Aesthetics and a More Credible View on Gravity by Strong and Weak Interactions

Assertion: The space and possibly everywhere is held in a background uniform space that extends to the edges of the Universe, its gravitational system I'd like to call the Neo-aether that is consistent with Michelson-Morley experiment and functions in a more sublime way that we are yet to discover the full extension of. Einstein's theory effectively describes some of the nature of the Neo-aether.

I just like to say that I support the aether theory, if not exactly for a fluid, but I guess most theorists hold that the "fluid" is not a fluid as such. Rather, it's more about undetected phenomena connected to gravity yet not being any graviton.

An alternative view to aether can be this: in a unified picture of physics where the strong and weak magnetic forces are combined, one may achieve a calculated picture that equals what we perceive as gravity, but without adding any new particles and only asserting properties to mass in general, that is, "monades", the most basic constituents have a gravity/magnetic property to them and that is all. Job's done! This is all there is to describe because we have simply reached the bottom level there is to describe whatsoever!

Let me point out again that magnetism has north and south poles and thus reflect earth gravity, but on a micro scale. So this post is now also an update on my view on aether!

So let me be clear: I'm open to both of these views and that I intend to investigate these magnetic calculations first. I'm not sure on the approach for (new) aether, MM-compatible, other than for the fact that I see it logical in the extension of Einstein's RT. But I must point out that the aether research program now looks weak as one is yet to determine any property of it (apart from pure physical space). I've been in the hope one can find or identify a kind of new ocean, one that is "plastic" in nature, has some kind of an unknown physical property and is subtle and that matter just represents a function opposite to it by making gravity definite. Further than this is hard to describe other than the fact that I think it is an aesthetic property of the Universe.

My Successful Prediction of Mini-Black Holes by CERN Experiment

Concerning the Large Hadron Collider, LHC, it's my belief there will be absolutely no possibility of baby-black holes! If the smallest building blocks really are the photons then in LHC we'll see greater emission of photons from the collisions.

Note: The reason is that it takes Supernovas to make them and they are HUGE in the sense of Universe. They are in fact far bigger than our Sun which is our heaviest object in our Solar System. I don't think it's possible even to generate the power needed for such an experiment (to actually create Mini-/Baby-Black Holes). You could put 10 nuclear power plants right beside CERN and still the energy wouldn't match the assignment. I don't think there is possibility for such things in our Earthly lives!
On Big-Bang, Natural Laws, Asymmetry and Symmetry

I guess it's a common view to consider the Big Bang "a generative mechanism for the pattern of natural laws of the Universe". I still find the mind and the phenomena elusive, though, like if it's relevant here! It may be necessary to look to the moments after Big Bang to solve the riddle of the reason for matter to exist in particles, atoms, as they do, i.e., solving the question of the Higgs boson particle. It's also worth mentioning that unless there's formation of new matter from the absorption of photons, something I think there isn't, the matter in atoms is lost forever once it's dissolved. This is seldomly pointed out by physicists. Also, the absorption of photons into existing atomic structures brings increased excitation and perhaps weight and this fact, I think, adds to the Photon theory, ie. photons are the smallest building blocks in nature, universe.
On the Complexity of the Standard Model and Particles in Nature

I also like to mention that particle physics is far more complex than being just the Standard Model. Sir Roger Penrose writes in his book, The Road to Reality - A Complete Guide to the Laws of the Universe, p. 628, about the pions, kaons, lambda, sigma, omega-minus, anti-protons, anti-neutrons, "vast hordes of particles whose existence is so fleeting that they are never directly observed, tending to be referred to merely as 'resonances'", 'virtual' particles and 'ghosts'. There are also mentioned numerous other "theoretical" particles by other theories.

It's just a quirk of mine, but I'd like to have the Charm and Strange quarks renamed as this, Charm gets the name Control and Strange gets the name Random. Does this make sense? Is it possible to prove the characteristics of control and randomness in the two quarks?

Note: I now think it may be that the Standard Model can be (relatively) completed! As analogy, Psychiatry has been in a haze concerning its diagnostication system and I think it's likely to make this finding in Physics as well.

On Impossibility of the Graviton and the Higgs' Boson

Concerning the Graviton and the Higgs' Boson:

I think it's clear at this stage that the Graviton and the Higgs' boson are blown out the window and are not to return to the world of physics ever again.

Why? Because they need to show that the photon is relevant to both of these concepts when it's hard in the first place to show the definite particle nature of the photon. Thus, photon necessarily must have both of these properties by which are hardly ever conceivable to prove, as separable particles apart from the photon itself!
It's clear however that the photon has "graviton" and "Higgs' boson" properties before we start out simply because "graviton" is to explain why particles are drawn to other objects, especially planets, and "Higgs' boson" is to explain why particles have mass whatsoever which all(?) have. It's therefore a kind of cheating to add "false particles" or "false names of properties" when they do not add explanatory force. The "mystery" of the (basic) particle of photon remains and also the mysteries with how mass and gravitation arise in the first place. Simply adding two names isn't very constructive in the general work of physics, I think (as mass and gravity are already in place).
I acknowledge that the Fermilab has set a confidence level for the finding of the Higgs' boson to 95%, but I'm sceptical of how they get there and if their work is more than mere "string theory work".

It's definite though, that the photon has both properties of mass and particle nature since it is affected by gravity (fx. from Mercury passing by the Sun). Yet the problem arises when you are to identify the graviton and the Higgs' boson, separately from the photon itself!

The URL to Fermilab and the Higgs' boson:

On the Nature of Radio Signals From Space and how They Fit the Big Picture

Public education. Question: how are radio signals from space or through space explained? This is a terrible riddle to me. Radio waves, conventionally, are fluctuations through atoms like air, water and other substances. Do you have a good explanation of it? I have an update on this and it turns out radio waves are just another part of the electromagnetic spectrum with an even weaker intensity than infra-red. Thus, just another form of emission of photons. Done! (I'm sorry to bother you with such a puny question, but I've been wondering about it and I therefore want to make this clear to all, including the school kids!)
The link to a good spectrum including sound waves and electromagnetic waves, here.

On the Bending of Light(-Streams as Photons) by Electro-Magnetic Field, a Very Strong One

I think I'll state here right away that is in fact possible to bend light with a very strong, elelctro-generated magnetic field comparable to light from Mercury passing the gravity field of the Sun, like in the classic example of Einstein Relativity Theory.

Remember the lev-trains of the Japanese and their magnet experiments where they lift an object up only by the use of electro-magnetism and draw a sheet of paper underneath, between the lower and the upper physical bodies.

You should also have in mind the relative small size of the photon and the power of the elctro-magnetic field because I think it's fairly feasible.

Now, how this is done? At least for the calculation, it's fairly known how much pull the gravity of the Sun generates and the Planck's Mass(?) of the Photon should also be possible to consider. Then it's just to add the numbers and calculate what it takes to bend light. I also think this can be done in the classroom!

Wikipedia on magnets:!

The calculations are up to you to make, but at least for now, I remain optimistic (partly because I've seen it demonstrated in our classroom while finishing upper secondary school having the physics class. Rather this than any negative demonstation I can recall or heard of). Thus, kill the negative notions you read about on the internet!

I'd love to hear about your own searches. I haven't come up with the positive results just yet.

I'm also writing this primarily for public education and quenching myths of people who cite uncertain, novice sources.

Note on My Competence to These Respects

Note on my competence to this [Opinions on Physics and the Evolution webpage as a whoel]: I must "warn" readers that I have been reading Lee Smolin's "The Trouble With Physics" (by Penguin Group, 2006) and Roger Penrose's "The Road to Reality" (by Vintage Books, 2004). I have also studied physics all the way through upper high school, 3 years, for the Norwegian equivalent of GCSE Science and I've looked carefully into Bayesian problems in philosophy (relating to the Raven's Paradox by Carl Hempel) and (the metaphysics of) Time for that matter.

By Terje Lea, 21.10.2009, 29.10.2009, 05.11.2009, 19.11.2009, 21.11.2009, 03.04.2010, 27.09.2010, 12.11.2010, 25.01.2011, 16.02.2011, 20.02.2011, 24.02.2011 and 11.03.2011. (Small comments: 13.08.2010, 25.01.2011 and 11.03.2011.)

Note: on the Bending of Light(-streams as photons) by electro-magnetic field has first been written on the Philosophy Now forum 15.02.2011.
Note: concerning the Graviton and the Higgs' boson, this has first been written on the Philosophy Now forum 19.02.2011.
Note: additional comment on the issue of aether as well as an alternative view has been added 24.02.2011 that has first been written on the Philosophy Now forum earlier today divided on two posts.
Note: added the rat option into writing today, 11.03.2011.
Note: added note on my competence today, 11.03.2011.

Opinions on Astrophysics, Possible Explanation of the Paradox of the Corona of the Sun and its Temperature Differences

Explanation: optimal temperature happens a little outside the surface of the corona because the atoms/particles have greater space for temperature vibrations there according to this optimal temperature of these circumstances, the atoms/particles being held to the Sun, a little outside the corona in this fashion. Temperature should indicate something about the space between atoms/particles because temperature corresponds to the (propositional) excitation/vibration of the atoms/particles.

If one would have the same temperature farther in toward the Sun's core then it has necessarily the same, relatively thin composition there as well, you know, this being a smaller Sun, even if the mass in this case either has to differently organised relatively to the substances of the Sun's composition or that it's just lighter.

The conclusion is that the heat (or superheat) is optimal a little farther out for these atoms'/particles' vibrations to produce this heat than where atoms'/particles' become more dense as one moves in toward the core of the Sun. I'm uncertain to what degree this may hold, describing the variations of the temperature of the star at all levels, but this explanation/theory is, of course, meant to hold for conditions of hot surfaces on all instances of the kind our Sun is displaying. So it's first and foremost an explanation/theory of description that applies to this surface and its more transparent, gaseous outer layer, but it may also extend to, in a variable manner, a host of conditions of (astro-)physics.

A hypothetical analogy: if you consider gaseous water that covers the surface of boiling liquid water, up against the vacuum represented by (outer) Space. It's also fact that steam of water rises from the hottest place of the boiling water, at the bottom of the pot, from the most heated part.

It may be that this layer represents new insights to emittance of photons and the production of this kind of layer as a result of reduction-physics/chemistry of the substances on the Sun.

This layer is created between the physics of more heavy substances drawn more closely to the center of the Sun and the possibility for escaping the gravity of the Sun like the photons (, through the form of photons, being a matter of particles nature) and possibly other particles blown out from the Sun by fusion reactions.

This has been first published at the Dagbladet web-site (a Norwegian news-publisher) in Norwegian by the pseudonym, Kaare Hansen, and then here in English in a more elaborate fashion. Formerly, I've rejected paying for a subscription of some 5 NOK/month(?) and Dagbladet has therefore deleted the pseudonym from the writing, obscuring people's opportunity to know the writer's identity, but that's them. So... enjoy (or not)!

By Terje Lea, author of this, novel or not, in both Norwegian, writing on the Dagbladet site and this translation, 13.03.2010, 23.03.2010, and 19.04.2010.

(Claim of original authorship: 13.08.2010. For those who need it in their eyes!)

Physics, A Possible Angle to Para-Normal Phenomenon of "Soul"

Just in case, every "soul" carries energy, this energy is detectable by infra-red imaging or something thereof when this is set in a very cold chamber/laboratory and finally the being that's loses its body and becomes a bare "soul" is a rat or an animal of lower denomination (I like elephants) then it may be possible to prove the "soul" as an alternative to Dr. Sam Parnia and Dr. Pim van Lommel!

What do you think? There's a clear logical structure to this procedure and it's no problem to set it up! Now, this probably shouldn't go into the science webpage on my site, but I'm such a daring person! Cheers!

By Terje Lea, 04.07.2010

Economy, Over the Dependence Theory of Economy!

Let's assume Africa (or one of the other continents) gets "humped" on in an indecent way (fx. by decadent European and US American interests) then there shouldn't be a problem with it being self-sufficient/self-sustained, or if not, just in case Africa's deficiencies are compensated for by exports.

I'm thinking of deficiencies of technology, special resources (classically uranium, but now it's about other stuff, refined?) and finally knowledge! This writing is in fact the theory that every continent is more or less self-sufficient/self-sustained. Theoretically, there are no deficiencies on any continent by the assumption that resources are found equally everywhere on earth (by the same statistics)!

As one can expect resources to occur more or less statistically uniformally, being found in equal amounts everywhere, resources shouldn't be a problem either! So who supposes that there are deficiencies? It's however important not to be a "dreamer"/"have the head in the clouds" so that you go correctly by the steps! When you want something, you just find a way to offer something! One can start with natural resources, like agriculture, aquaculture, timber-industry, tourism, fishing industry, search for/mapping of resources for mining, offer "cheap"/cheap labour or labour whatsoever (with the commends of the people from this region to those who buy the labour-force, decently/worker-union-wise) and as one goes, funds accumulate, you probably use them to generate expertise by education to compensate for lack of technology intensive industry and the knowledge and culture industry (film, music, books (like fx. JK Rowling), theater). The knowledge industry is, of course, research and consulting and the making of proprietary hardware/software or whatever technology of proprietary kind! (End!)

This is a recipé and I know it! I hope you like it!

By Terje Lea, 07.07.2010

Psychology, Telepathy Experiment and Method

This is a telepathic experiment (for all to try), just using the web or email.
I've got an idea for a telepathic experiment and it goes like this:

Poster A posts a few lines of some interest...

Poster B posts some thoughts that Poster A may be planning to write next...

Poster A edits his first post as the answer... and decides on the truth value of B's post by making so in a new post...

Then this is reversed and Poster A speculates over Poster B's next move...

Anyone interested... (At least this is a generative method one can apply over the internet everywhere...)

There is no problem with the confirmation either since Poster A and Poster B will know one another's answers and the definite truth value to the telepathy and the experiment!
(This is really an angle into the phenomenon of telepathy as much as a scientific method as a kind of research design, all in all, asserting 3 entities.)

By Terje Lea, 16.08.2010

Physics, The Possibility to Set Up an Atom "Brain"

I've been having this secret dream to create a kind of consciousness from an atom smarter than every dumbass out there!

So if one sets up this atom in a kind of detector apparatus, reading signals on all the quantum states an atom can have and set up these quantum states in correlating ways to kinds of linguistic expressions from the input of a human by means of quantum entanglement, chaos theory, electric signals from the fingertips into the apparatus or the final possibility, of telepathic interaction (telepathy/electricity by human feelings is usually what is meant by quantum entanglement, anyhow)! The idea is that eventually one might establish a kind of communication and extension by sensor operationalisation that feeds the atom all sorts of signals by webcams or the like. In this fashion one may be able to create a kind of machine "brain" by this atom (or atom cluster) and possibly also prove a kind of "monads"/envision of the early stages of consciousness in its universal form! This first part has been posted on the Philosophy Now forum, today, 22.09.2010.

This may also be seen as an extension from the Princeton University "boxes", hardware drives with processors, that have been making random "choices" or calculations in relation to a purported measurement of mass psychology, believe it or not. I don't know how they've been set up or engineered, but I know of the reports and I think I know what they have been up to. At least, you can correlate your curiosity from this programme from this renowned university.

By Terje Lea, 22.09.2010

Physics/Biology, Abiogenesis - Would It Be Meteors That Impacted Onto Earth or Simply the Volcanos - Erupting Magma/Lava That Leads to Life in Its Most Basic Form?

My hunch tells me that it is indeed the lava/magma of the earth itself that may be the cause of abiogenesis. So if one takes this further, may it be that it only takes this sweet, delicate temperature from a nearby star, adding the life giving light, that supports a fair temperature on the surface of any planet, allowing the volcanos to erupt and lead to all the life possible on this actual planet, any planet again, whatsoever?

The onus is if it's possible for lava/magma to generate life in its basic form, shooting speed by nature's evolution. Is it?

The question is: why the h*ll should civilisation start on a meteor rather than from the magma/lava from underneath the planet's crust itself?

Is there indeed a capacity, inherently, for magma/lava to start life by simply ejecting some magma/lava onto the the planet's surface and then let the atmosphere, whatever this is, do the rest?

Is this the meeting point between physics, chemistry and biology? I think I'm affirmative on all these three!

I've been told there's a difficulty of separating the lowest forms of life versus f.x. mineral structures or mineral kinds of crystals, having a crystalline nature.

Anyone who may have some more information??? Isn't this peculiar? You know, who can we turn to? All the sciences are hiding something! They don't want to reveal their deficiencies in knowledge.

There is clearly a mystery here on the real status and capacity of the smallest parts of nature.

Possible experiment: lower a container that's impervious to the high temperatures of the magma/lava into the magma/lava and get a load of the magma/lava. Have a lid ready to be lowered on top the container, sealing it, relatively, and get the "stuff", magma/lava, poured into a nearby sterile chamber (through sterile pre-chambers) and then add sterile air and see if bacteria develops or if bacteria can be found whatsoever!

If it turns out magma/lava contains bacteria then the volcanos may be the answer to abiogenesis! I guess one can also experiment with types of gases, eg. methane, nitrogen-oxides, all sorts...

First written on the Philosophy Now forum by myself, 15.-16. October, 2010. From the original posts there, this has been edited to some extent.

By Terje Lea, 17.10.2010

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  1. It seems Blogspot is juggling my posts to some degree, especially on "Opinions on Physics" where I've shown that Schrodinger is actually wrong with his Wave Collapse theory and that is should be up to the subject of _Psychology_ to investigate it further ((f)MRI and so on, mechanisms of telepathy and various)! I'm not responsible for this and it may/should also be Nobel Prize of Physics worthy what this particular writing represents!

  2. This post, below, of 26th August 2011, has been removed for some reason or another, but why? I don't know. However, I seem to recall that there was a posting on "Opinions in Physics". Now this seems to be gone! Well, well, "love", the primal one, labours on...

  3. For my writing on "Opinions on Physics", additional references are my "Time Theory" against McTaggart and "The Power of a Single Span of Time - an Instance - Contrary to Hume on Induction - The Refutation of the Problem of Induction". As you see from above you need to also consider the history of science in light of HDM and use a special consideration of Indirect Observation. To this, comes my reading of Smolin, Penrose (and various other) and my GCSE competence!

  4. Add. note: You also need to make a definite decision on being Realist (in Physics) concerning the use of mathematics and metaphysics (and so to avoid fx. Photo-Theory). This goes against fx. Field's Nominalism in mathematics. It also goes against the abuse of mathematics in physical terms, like that of Zeno's Paradox, never arriving in Sparta! Good?

  5. Monades has now been corrected to monads in this text as well. As I've written before, consistently "monads" throughout!

  6. Relating to the upcoming "destruction" of string theory that I've "declared war" against, I have picked up these words formerly posted on Facebook: I think I've gotten some laughs from this, "I'm going to put String Theory so firmly on a cloud (by power of description, -> plausibility) that not even the cloudheads, i.e., the string theorists, can get their heads to it...!!! :-)"
    I've uttered a few others as well and I hope to greet my new country -men and -women with more in the time to come! Cheers!

  7. This is my original note of putting the "Wave Collapse" to Psychology: "It's my recommendation today that the department of Physics, i.e., the subject of physics, transfers its crazy idea of wave collapse to the psychology department, i.e., the subject of psychology, where this can be investigated under telepathy and kaldraum-experiments (Kald Raum - german for Cold Room, i.e., no disturbances). Simply BECAUSE, "*pointing finger*", NO wave collapse can be measured (mental event) and in the cases where they claim it can, it's always 100%. So what's the point? To PSYCHOLOGY! :-)

  8. Some more under it: This is to be added to Opinions on Physics. The wave collapse can also be controlled by (f)MRI.

    Besides, these wave collapse instances outside these mental events are governed by ordinary causality if not quantum mechanics.

    These wave collapse instances _in physical terms_ under new and classic physics as _physical events_ ...!

    "Governed by" -> "fall under" for the very demanding people out there. (Not that it was entirely stupid to write it otherwise.)

    Besides, under my "Opinions on Physics" where I deal with wave collapse directly in preparation for attacking parts of the existing physics, you can still consider this wave collapse a "boomerang" move _STILL_ forming from the past and NOT some _empty_ future!

  9. NOT some _empty_ future!... excepting a boomerang event that is from the past to the future and back to the present from exactly this future that stems from the past (by "building" events, more or less steady)!

  10. When I address "On the Complexity of the Standard Model and Particles in Nature" I intend for it to hit physicists' claimed and absolute knowledge of the world in respect to their "definite and self-assured" stances on all matters pertaining to physics. This concerns mostly "monads"/"souls" and the physical explanation of telepathy. I HAVEN'T MEANT TO UNDERMINE ANY INVESTIGATION INTO A DEFINITIVE STANDARD MODEL OF ELEMENTARY PARTICLES IN ANY WAY WHATSOEVER. However, there has been a time when people have been so stubborn on the non-existence of these two entities, particularly the physicists and psychologists (rendering most of the world sceptical to telepathy and "souls"). I hold these people accountable for this and this accusation will remain as a feature, implicit or not, in every written history of science [unseriously, "of how stupid they have been"].
    This pertains also to the "ability" of particles and how they work, their nature, and how we can make all come together in how we perceive the world. Why is it possible for telepathy to obtain in the way that it does? What is the nature of these particles (involved) that makes this possible?
    This is the reason why this particular issue remains within the "evolution.html" page and part of the "Opinions on Physics"!

  11. These are the Blogspot data for some "confused" Blogspot management for some "accidentally" deleted that a poor administrator head could never see as "any" important (to me, at least, pathetically enough):
    Posted by Leonardo F. Olsnes-Lea at 06:36 0 comments
    Labels: Copenhagen Interpretation, Graviton, Higg's Boson, Standard Model
    With the date on top (for several) Friday, 26 August 2011!!! (I'm sorry for them and I apologise on their behalf! Americans good enough for themselves!) Cheers!

  12. To the above Kaldraum, you can add the former Ganzfeldraum!

  13. Just a slight little note on two scientific approaches:
    1. Cancer approach: Two component view, by poison and counter-symptom medication! (I'm not an expert, I just speculate here!)
    2. People may be happy regardless, either from own ideas or funny/"funny" thoughts, but happiness will never determine present psychopathy or schizophrenia! Perhaps this is obvious by now? Cheers!

  14. The cancer approach happens of course over the efficient rate, today this is measured in survival rate and possibly quality of life! (Note added!)

  15. The happiness stuff relates to Dr. Martin Seligmann. Additionally, the "thoughts" relate to reality or life itself, that life can be fun to _this_ person in this or that way, on the condition of this person's personality. If perversion is the fun for this person, _then_ (undeniably and by strict logical implication) this person laughs! There is no other way!

  16. Martin E. P. "Marty" Seligman (born August 12, 1942) is an American psychologist, educator, and author of self-help books. His theory of "learned helplessness" is widely respected among scientific psychologists.[1] - !

  17. Some data to consider: Posted to in relation to "Gravity" _forces_ are a whole different thing than energy by photons! Forces are given by a kind of smashing force, popularly speaking and this hinges on to the extent of this "Technicolour" set-up! You can't make "forces hop out the hat" like that! To look for forces is "to look for a car _in motion_"! (Or a photon in motion...) This "forces talk" is therefore doomed to fail as well!
    'God particle' coming into focus
    Gossip isn't just for teenage girls -- scientists spread rumors, too. Physicists are giddy about an announcement that will come from the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) on Tuesday at 8 a.m. EST.

    The forces issue in physics is really a meeting here of classical physics and these nuclear physics (all including string theory and quantum mechanics). All this has been under hard debate concerning the divide between classical physics and "new" physics and how to make it all come together!

    Is it really necessary to have the Higgs-Boson to explain mass? Why can't ordinary particles have mass simply by property, that is, mass is part of their nature?

    BBC World Have Your Say Here's a Q and A on the Higgs Boson:

    And isn't "Technicolour" a blow in the air?

    Wasn't the intention in the first place (by 3,5 TeV/7 TeV) to smash these pieces smaller? So that the Protons would be split to smaller bits? Then CERN presents masses on 125 GeV? What?

    The Up Quark has mass 1.7 - 3.1 MeV/c(2) and 125 GeV(/c(2)) means something bigger than the Protons even, so you're considering "fusion effects" of the Protons to be the Higgs-Boson?
    Q & A: Higgs boson - Telegraph
    Scientists have spent decades searching for signs of Higgs boson, the so-called

    Some from Wikipedia:
    W and Z bosons - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    The W and Z bosons (together known as the weak bosons) are the elementary partic...See more

    GeV to MeV (or Giga to Mega):
    Giga- - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Giga ( /ˈɡɪɡə/ or /ˈdʒɪɡə/) is a unit prefix in the metric system denoting a factor of billion (109 or 1000000000). It has the symbol G.

    Fx. the Up quark:
    Up quark - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    The up quark or u quark (from its symbol, u) is the lightest of all quarks, a ...
    Proton - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    The proton is a subatomic particle with the symbol p or p+ and a positive ...
    Standard Model - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    The Standard Model of particle physics is a theory concerning the electromagneti...See more

    To summarise the masses: Higgs Boson is suggested to 125 GeV(/c(2)), Proton 938.272046(21) MeV(/c2), W boson, 80.398±0.023 GeV/c2, Z boson, 91.1876±0.0021 GeV/c2 and (finally) the Up quark 1.7 - 3.1 MeV/c2! Good?

    It seems hard for Physorg to accept input to this story: !
    Particle physicists report 'intriguing hints' of Higgs Boson
    Yesterday physicists in Europe reported possible signs of the Higgs boson, a mis...See more

    I note on that they are trying to "govern"/"steer"/hamper the scientific debate on Higgs' Boson by what I present here! Today, 15:08, 14.12.2011 CET.

  18. I also note a former story by !

  19. Also a story by BBC on how the "God particle" may not exist: !
    BBC News | SCI/TECH | 'God particle may not exist'
    The most sought after particle in physics, the Higgs boson, may not even exist, suggest Geneva-based scientists.

    Sorry also, but the story above by BBC is old, it appears: Thursday, 6 December, 2001, 13:13 GMT!

    An example of Physorg idiocy: By "Despite the retarded wanton for moderation here, one link: and you need to locate "Opinions on Physics" (implying also the Photon Theory). I've written more on Higgs' later and I pursue the story of CNN and BBC by number on the masses by MeV and GeV in light of 3,5x2/7 TeV! Cheers!", I get "Your message didn't pass the spam-filter (even after log-in routines by Facebook) and your message will be manually moderated"! Ahhh, if they could only _manually_ look after _themselves_!!!

  20. Considering "Opinions on Physics" (if you bother to locate above, please), here is the status of today:
    The Challenges to the Higgs' (All) - Killing it?
    I just add the list, *The Kill List* for the Higgs':
    Why the Higgs' field of the Universe when the Universe is (mostly?) "best" vacuum?!
    How does Higgs' fit into the Unifying work of Physics?
    Is it really necessary to have the Higgs-Boson to explain mass?
    Why can't ordinary particles have mass simply by property, that is, mass is part of their nature?
    Even then, why is it necessary for mass to "obtain" rather than to be as in "gravity", one form or another, i.e., explanation?
    "Technicolour" isn't an alternative as it confuses "energy" and "forces"?
    Wasn't the intention in the first place (by 3,5 TeV/7 TeV) to smash these pieces smaller? So that the Protons would be split to smaller bits? Then CERN presents masses on 125 GeV? What?
    The Up Quark has mass 1.7 - 3.1 MeV/c(2) and 125 GeV(/c(2)) means something bigger than the Protons even, so you're considering "fusion effects" of the Protons to be the Higgs-Boson?
    Finally, the realism: To summarise the masses: Higgs Boson is suggested to 125 GeV(/c(2)), Proton 938.272046(21) MeV(/c2), W boson, 80.398±0.023 GeV/c2, Z boson, 91.1876±0.0021 GeV/c2 and (finally) the Up quark 1.7 - 3.1 MeV/c2! Good? Merry Christmas!

    Reaction, as in the military: Add the Photon Theory by asserting (plausibly) that "Photons are the smallest constituents of all matter. I assume the other particles of the Standard Model are made up of photons. Why is this? The sun burns mass and to my knowledge it only/mostly by far emits electromagnetic radiation, consequently in the form of photons. When a nuclear bomb explodes, it converts matter into electromagnetic radiation, energy of various forms. Compared to this, I think one can throw the string theory out the window along with dimensions beyond the usual 4 (I'm not certain about this concerning Einstein's theories that I'd like to keep as it is). Also, let's assume higher intensity radiation emits more dense amounts of photons and that it declines further down the electromagnetic spectrum.
    (Extra: New on photons: I think I can also hold that photons are "semi-fluid" on a hyper-level (of course). I don't know what this adds to our view of reality, but it's a possible way of reconciling the wave-particle duality.)" On top of the Photon Theory: Unifying work -> full speed ahead!

    You may want to check out Slashdot org under "LHC Homes In On Possible Higgs Boson Around 126GeV", message nr. 207, and The Kill List and the Photon Theory that's added there for all the virtues they can present... Enjoy! You know, the whole thing, the "split time-units after Big Bang", the "supersymmetry" on this basis, the "symmetry" and "symmetry break and the rest", it's... *for you to decide* (incl. other mysteries of this kind)! So therefore, at this point I don't go into that, but I admit that speculation is fun and it's going to be exciting to see how the map of science develops! Cheers!

  21. Due to the evolving comprehension of "Opinions on Physics", I've now re-published it as a new post here on this blog, going parallel with the Science blog!

  22. Addition to my explanation of the Sun's Corona:
    Under my description of the corona of the Sun as the most plausible, I think of it to also contain mostly Hydrogen (H) and Helium (He) because they are light and plausibly commonplace by the nuclear reactions going on/in the Sun, fission and fusion, both taking place /there/.
    Hydrogen, as we know, burn easily on Earth because of Oxygen levels in the air, but there is probably little or no oxygen on/in the Sun (probably zapped out as quickly as it is produced) as the Hydrogen being there can't burn as we are used to here on Earth.
    We have yet (to my knowledge) to analyse the light from the corona to acquire better data on this question of "outer" substances as of the substances database.
    The nuclear reactions also have a solid literature, mine is Norwegian, "Fra strålende objekter til sorte hull" publ. by Damm and written by Elgarøy and Hauge. This is the 2nd volume of 2.
    Fusion processes from this book, pp. 194 - 195.

    Note: First published to my Facebook profile moments ago, 04:47 CEST, 2012-08-03.

  23. Also published here on the Blog: To be added to Evolution!
    Now that I've added most or all subjects of Universities to the science chart as valid sciences (mostly by adding description to the HDM chart, as opposed to the experiment of the hard sciences, investigation replaces the experiment in the other sciences). I intend, consequently, to add my invention of a cold war against USA by all other nations on Earth. Now this idea is rather of the docile kind with the effect that NO other nation can threaten or attack another nation, unreasonably, without itself to sustain severe damage. This is the idea of basic deterrence especially meant for USA according to its abused words and its dubious track-record with the added comment that one is venturing into unknown space every year and that power abuse has been a common trait of human kind where the Information Era of the Internet now has a harder say on this issue. This is therefore an effect of living in the 21. Century and may be nothing more than a trait of being human where we need to seek a more symmetric world society for living respectfully with one another _on a global scale_!

  24. This "cold war" is named (#)LovetoUSAWar and was first posted to Twitter. I have therefore put the # on the word that's really made up of several words, Love, to, USA, war. Let's where this carries!
    13 September 2011 10:29
    The original Twitter posts: Under the new world order, I can imagine a shift from the #coldwar/cold war against Soviet Union/#Russia and toward making super-power...
    7 May
    ...truly global by ramping up military power all over the world in order to become #symmetric to USA under "LoveToUSA-war"/#LoveToUSAwar...
    7 May
    ...and that this war is not really any war at all (and it also sounds a lot better than "The Cold War"! World, engage your people for a better...
    7 May
    ...future, please!!! Cheers! #LoveToUSAwar #coldwar #Russia #China #superpower #global :-D 8-D 8-D 8-D 8-D Now the summer time is also...
    7 May
    ...entering the northern hemisphere! Enjoy! (Out from me!)
    7 May

    Note: This idea sorts under the _political science_.

  25. The Corona of the Sun again: Even though I "interestingly" enough write "up against the vacuum" as a linguistic twist (and jokingly over physics itself), _there is no doubt_ that the gases are there, most out from the center of the Sun, because of the gravity forces (also differently expressed by myself elsewhere) of the Sun, the Sun we're discussing and its corona!

  26. There is a time-delay of the most minute kind of the connections for the internet-lines before achieving light-speed and preventing the signals from achieving light-speed, 1 c. Good? (Mystery solved of the wire-speed of electrical system wiring for the internet.)

    That is, the connections between the elctrical wires themselves are halting speed, so that electrical wiring by mere and whole wire itself does, by my opinion, indeed, reach 1 c, exactly as light does in perfect vacuum.

  27. "Physics/Biology, Abiogenesis - Would It Be Meteors That Impacted Onto Earth or Simply the Volcanos - Erupting Magma/Lava That Leads to Life in Its Most Basic Form?" ->

    Along with Big Bang Theory, that I must be credited with "Life from Earth's Magma"-theory rather than any "Life from Meteor down on Earth"-theory. That it should be clear that History Channel has presented their view on how life has begun on Earth /after/ my writing on it, the Abiogenesis (as they should also do with "The Rise of the U.S. American Military Complex"). It must be clear that this is the only route to life and that the "Frankenstein"-experiments, as I like to refer to them as, should very well become university standard for every 4th or so university or more, in being a study in bio-chemistry.

    Necessarily, all the way from my messages to places in Norway and Austria, if Lee Cronin and his team from Scotland have done their work properly, a result of success should now be clear or soon hereafter. Cheers!

  28. A note more on Cancer-Preventive Measures

    To live life according to principles of life (ref:Hinduism, Veda?), the health and the Objective Ethics that I may add my own neuro-value (from between the fingertips or more technically, with the needle and meter attached). This level is presupposed to stay on top of the own awareness of neurology/feelings and that this too represents at the very end as theory for countering the cancers of all types.

    The idea from the original writing is of course to create a debate that may kill various stupid ideas in society, such as the blatant suppression of others and further push for better medical practices and better health campaigns much like fitness campaigns for avoiding artery-diseases. In addition, of course, that people are made able to record privately or by doctor, their neuro-values with a very simple device, possibly.

    As such, by summary, we have then these three levels:
    1. The life according to life principles, to health and more.
    2. The Healthy Neuro-Values, the awareness of own neurology, of own feelings.
    3. The dangerous values and, possibly, a person's growing ignorance to life and cancer alike.

    I suspect it's even common now to measure these cancer-relevant values in USA! So, go ahead and try to be stupid about it, you other people...!

    Also, the neuro-values are NOT supposed to reflect stress, they are supposed to reflect a person in "neutral state", relaxed and "ordinary".

    Perhaps we are looking for a kind of "core"-spectrum value. I think so as I lack the finishing opportunities for getting the data-set together, clinically, science-worth speaking...

  29. The proper link for my cancer data has now been entered. The link is, as spelt out, . In Norway, we do only have one cancer registry and this is it, the url, "kreftregisteret", the cancer registry, singular!

  30. The Physics killing of Copenhagen Interpretation + Schrödinger Cat to the Rat, by animal guillotine. The Evolution.html-file:
    -meta http-equiv="Content-Language" content="en-GB"-
    -meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8"-
    meta name="GENERATOR" content="Microsoft FrontPage 4.0"
    meta name="ProgId" content="Gedit"
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    meta name="CHANGEDBY" content="Terje Lea" [+ L. F. Olsnes-Lea]
    meta name="Keywords" content="Opinions on Science in Expression of Evolution and Other,Cancer-Preventive Measures,Evolution
    ,Opinions on Physics,Opinions on Astrophysics,Terje Lea"
    -meta name="Description" content="Opinions on Astrophysics, Possible Explanation of the Paradox of the Corona of the Sun and its Temperature
    Differences. Opinions on Science in Expression of Evolution and Other. Cancer-Preventive Measures. Form of evolution or forming a frame for
    evolution. Opinions on Physics. "-
    -meta name="CHANGED" content="20110422"- [Look for last comment by myself.]
    -link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="t_daemon_lea.css" /-
    -link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="t-lea.css" /-

    title-Opinions on Science in Expression of Evolution and Other-/title

  31. There are some (scientific) charges against psychology today (2013), possibly failing some leadership duties. These are:

    → the lack of corrupt mind investigation programs and objective criteria, as well as forensics.
    → the lack of normative psychology programs, also communicated to the public in terms of public health.
    → the lack of relations to history as subject in being to easily persuaded into the "worker's psychology" as animalism, the belly/butt psychology, also the veneral. That psychology as profession seem to much apt to abuse its power of profession rather than bringing/forwarding the wise/far-sighted, like the implausible, two-well known studies that ask us deeply for sympathy, the Stanley Milgram Learning Experiment (that socially approves of torture) and the Stanford Prison Experiment.

    As Gen 2, this is what I claim the right to defend by investigation and also to leave/fold in terms of intellectuality if it's found to be untrue (by myself and others, by lack of credibility/evidence).

  32. Political Science and Science of History Writing (Opinions on Science... - Expr...):
    Considering the neutrality of Sweden to Finland distinctly, after Finland has had to defend itself from Communistic Russia/Soviet Union during the Winter War, being tired from war and blown in the face with another, the World War II, receiving this friendly neutrality from Sweden, its linguistic brother/sister to the West, to which Finland has had the ability yet again to catch breath and provide defence and some attack capacities against enemy forces, I guess this time, the forces of Nazis of Nazi-Germany!

    Throwing off idiot-non-Christian Soviet Union only to face another flavour of non-Christian-post-Karl-Marx Adolf Hitler and his Nazi-onal Sozialistische Partei Deutschland, one dint less communistic than the "ideal" Communism of Soviet Union. , 1939 - 1940.

    (Norway decreasing "in personhood" and "with an evident methane problem"!)

  33. Like cancer, there may be a similar investigation for prevention that is justified for Osteoporosis!

    At least, I support this angle. Thank you!

    More to go:
    I agree that "witchhunts" are to be loathed! But if personality points prove worthwhile for the just and the able, then why shouldn't people have this information???!!! "Simply, they say torture, I say HEALTH (and morality)!"

    Remember milk or calcium additive (Ca) though. You can't escape reality like that.

  34. Over Social Psychology

    Given that the "weapons effect" is defined to be this, "any presence of weapons is increasing the aggression to use it", by Social Psychology

    However (!!!)...
    They forget a possible alternative explanation that's this:
    In removing the possible means for punishment from people, they increase the aggression itself to such lengths, maybe, that 1. they become pacified to nearby crime, making it impossible for them to get inbetween, to stop it, 2. they may fall victim to beginning to like torture in releasing the aggression they have built up over longer periods of time, indeed, even commonly, they may begin to accept the violence as common behaviour to solving problems, yes, the knuckle crime now, NOT by the ("very ugly") "anti-Gandhi/anti-wisdom" gun-smoke weapons! Remember also how neatly the non-lethal weapons can be used to solve conflicts in terms of less fatalities! Alright?

    That's how they also get these absurd results "proving" that people are willing positively willing to torture people "so that they study better", as in plain. (Ref., Stanley Milgram Learning Experiment. Please, consider the Learning Experiment against corrupt minds and also, please, do not mistake progress for the effects of threats to being tortured and in so doing that you have secretly been helping human kind to progress, i.e., that you've become a "secret hero" by deepest immorality. Note also on sexuality by this, the secret aspect.)
    Also, they "prove" how it's wrong to imprison people for crime because, allegedly, it, the imprisoning, makes people insane! (Ref., Stanford Prison Experiment.)

    Bottom line, in my opinion: the dangers of the corrupt minds are most subtle and evident. The lurking hands of torture and death are just very immediate as crime should not be acceptable, but more present than we're truly willing to accept, I think!

    Lastly, it seems that psychology has a way to go before it gets more reliable as science. The potential to improve should be significant in terms of science, is my estimate!

    (Gen 2 has said "hello". ;-) .)

  35. The above ("Over Social Psychology") has first been accessible on my profile, publicly, by Facebook some weeks ago, around 23 February. (Stress...)

  36. There can't be a cure for cancer because a cure necessarily relies on the neural/electrical signals of the body and they are in the cases of cancer WRONG in the first place. The thing to hope for, though, is for cancer to turn benign... But the wrong signals, the wrong signals...

  37. writes "Cell growth and division is such an important process that it is under tight control with many checks and balances. But even so, cell communication can break down. The result is uncontrolled cell growth, often leading to cancer. Cancer can occur in many ways, but it always requires multiple signaling breakdowns. Often, cancer begins when a cell gains the ability to grow and divide even in the absence of a signal. Ordinarily this unregulated growth triggers a signal for self-destruction. But when the cell also loses the ability to respond to death signals, it divides out of control, forming a tumor. Later cell communication events cause blood vessels to grow into the tumor, enabling it to grow larger. Additional signals allow the cancer to spread to other parts of the body."

  38. Comment to Wikipedia article: Uncritical article? The photon really massless?

    The article on photon ignores several issues such as:
    The fact that photons as a straight line is bent by the gravity of the Sun as Mercury shines past it, sending the ray of photons.

    How is it that the photon disappears and the electron appears instead in the case of photovoltaics? The case isn't so clearcut as the article seems to say.

    How is it that photons are emitted as the stars burn up and there is a conversion of matter into photons by E=mc(2) and the photons are supposed to be massless still? Surely a paradox with matter disappearing in "thin air"!


  39. "This spinoff was inspired by my grandfather's death due to cancer..."

    Correction: My grandfather, Harry E. Olsnes, did not die from cancer. He died from stroke!

  40. Against String Theory and dimensions beyond 3+1

    Said elsewhere (NRK, Nytt på nytt), the bending of space by gravity is smashed by the fact that one can see the Black Holes there by visual data. The Black Holes would otherwise disappear in terms of visual data if the bending of space would be true!

    To crush the "space-bending" further, one can imagine a powerful electro-magnetic field next to a concrete wall and sending a light beam along the concrete wall. I happen to think that only the light beam bends, comparatively!

  41. Suspicion:
    Given the petri-dish growing of meat, one knows that it starts with the bone of the meat chop.
    However, given the standard addition of bio-"soup" for growing this meat, how does the growing of the bone (calcium) compare to the actual calcium contents of the bio-"soup"? Investigating from underneath by adjusting the lens of the microscope a little, maybe one finds out, bio-chemically and physically...
    A prospect from this may result in constructing bio-reactors for generating lots of energy!


  42. Only deep dishonesty in the World prevents establishing truths of telepathy, soul (regeneration, reincarnation, out-of-body experience)!
    Lie detection of all experts/"experts"! AVATAR to the World! Hurray!

  43. Given that one special module of the brain has been removed, can it be that thoughts can be generated inside this vacant area still? I think so and that such a result reinforces the position of Dualism. Only dishonesty and "conventionalism" prevents this from surfacing as truth in the World.

    (Repr. BBL)

  44. Some peculiar science from my hand that you may like now or in the future: It has been my words, before the science, that have allowed us to smell the atmosphere of Mars without a person even setting foot there involving the sending of neurologically "compatible" signals straight from the planet's surface and then use a device to apply these signals to for example the skin of your nose-bone, no neural implants necessary. The neural signals are converted from pick-up detector of a radio-stick, one type of radiology applied, I think now in hindsight, not knowing if Blogspot has deleted important text of mine!

    It may also be possible that radiology isn't necessary. Rather the only thing needed may be photovoltaics and then the conversion to neural signals. At the same time suggesting that the human body is a kind of "open" nervous system, one neural signal or other, depending on the organ!

  45. On improving the SETI-program, one way may be to have the radiological signature of a healthy brain and then use this signature by the (large) radio-telescopes of the World everywhere on the sky of outer space!

    By B.B.L. (Repr.)

  46. On improving the SETI-program, one way may be to have the radiological signature of a healthy brain and then use this signature by the (large) radio-telescopes of the World everywhere on the sky of outer space!

    That is, the radio-waves are sent out as before and then the returning radio-signals are compared to the signature as with radiological exploration for oil and gas.

    By B.B.L. (Repr.)

  47. Note on Psychiatry:

    Even if one writes that function is qualifying for mental illness or not, there should be no doubt that _criminal_ behaviour is just as qualifying. Thus, GAF (Global Assessment of Functioning) needs an update?

    Further, if one requires assistance of "an entire hospital" to function then that is also plain "mental illness"! IMO! #Honesty

  48. On Climacterium:
    It's my belief that the normative medicine point of view is one in all people where there is no climacterium. That is, full health, somatic as well as mental, has no climacterium. Thus, contraceptives should be given without question whatsoever.

    The presence of climacterium in humanity, IMO, is a significant weakness that is caused by mentality, first and foremost.

    Bio-electrical-value confirmation? Metabolism level confirmation as well?

  49. Time to reinvigorate the idea of specialised hospitals/clinics/sections for people on each side of the depressed and schizophrenic scale?

    It seems like psychiatry has a systematic problem in treating the problems of the 2 general patient groups properly, especially in assisting the depressed with lawyer services and relevant information for them, let's say after they have been abused or other.

    The 2 groups can be separated by their stories, metabolism reading and bio-electrical-value reading.

  50. On Theory of Evolution:

    Let's say we hold the theory suspended over Abiogenesis and the wonders of nature. Then what's left is to see where Theory of Evolution hits the tree!

    Theory of Evolution needs more corroboration?

    (I'd also say that Theory of Evolution has been abused a lot, especially in the social sciences when it actually sits best in Biology.)

  51. One tip: you can use a special quantum stick programmed with 30 cycles or more of the OR-gate in computing to test the moral value of things, be they buildings, cars, books or any other. Good luck!
    (Also to a group on Facebook.)

  52. It must be said that tendencies of the mind toward the "schizophrenic category" of mental illness seem to make one vulnerable to a host of diseases and other afflictions such as MRSA, HIV-AIDS, cancer, weakened immune system, lesser intellectual abilities, etc.

  53. For homosexuality in children, whatever age

    Just one warning: homosexuality may be "inflicted" on a baby by the (malicious) abuse or torture of it, just as I expect Leukemia to be inflicted in a similar way!

    See personality conversion of psychiatry (Conversion disorder for now):

  54. It must be said that tendencies of the mind toward the "schizophrenic category" of mental illness seem to make one vulnerable to a host of diseases and other afflictions such as MRSA, HIV-AIDS, cancer, weakened immune system, lesser intellectual abilities, etc.

    That these tendencies are more clearly seen as the "category" degree / degree of schizophrenia increases, is meant to be implied by the above.

  55. Misdiagnosing aside, I am against the use of ECT on patients suffering from depression because they have real life issues to solve making services from lawyers and others far more relevant.
    To be true, the treatment is simple: the anti-depressants (Cipralex?) and cognitive therapy a la T. Beck and "scientific inquiry". The rest consists in re-building a feeling of security and perhaps improving on security as well, also seeking trustworthy people for developing a more happy life (again).

  56. Science reports
    Warning against misreporting by (more or less) corrupt physicians to the sets of medical cases such as HIV/AIDS and MRSA and the others.
    I have reason to believe that there is a part corrupt data in the medical reports. This should be investigated systematically and factored in order to have higher quality science reporting.

  57. Kantian ethics gold standard means that everyone can be psychologically measured by it!

    Thus, we have Kantian Ethics Psychology! Primary tools can be the electrometer (neuro-value) or metabolism blood test or by radio-stick and the fMRI with the according questions, such as "what do you think of ethics, say, Christian ethics?" and all the rest...

    To this, one can rate the moral blindness of a person, that is, a schizophrenic person and how deep the schizophrenia is given also a reactions scale of aggression and other.

    Thus, Metric Morality Psychology founded, 2018-05-18.

    18 May at 16:00, timestamp from Facebook.
    (First announced on Facebook.)

  58. On sun bathing and tanning beds and cancer risks:
    If you have the impression that you run a risk in sun bathing or using tanning bed then perhaps you do. However, most people of non-"category"-schizophrenia run no particular risk, I believe.

    However, the "category"-schizophrenics do run risks as they are susceptible to cancer in the first place and can't take stress on their bodies that easily as the non-"category"-schizophrenia people can.

    As usual, sun burns should still be avoided if for nothing else than the pains and possible scarring of the body.

  59. Schizophrenia seems so destructive to the abilities to withstand diseases and illnesses that outside good medication practices in getting a jab every 5 years or so in addition to the usual vaccines and whatever accidents that can happen to anybody, schizophrenia seems responsible for 99% of those conditions. Good people have some incredible advantages and with some medication or medical support, they are guaranteed their health almost regardless.

  60. On genetics and genetic engineering on human beings

    It isn't as easy as merely choosing something, some qualities and think that they happen. You need to take into account the nurture side, the environment of the new-born. So how do you go about it? Genetics is about what is able to live once the genes have been engineered. A bad womb or the bad character of the mother can also kill the fetus. So, for a start, you can "load" it up with the physical attributes and hope for the best, but society isn't as simple as that given the years to live until adulthood.

    So the best genetic "set-up" may depend heavily on the parents-to-be and the expected challenges in growing up. Perhaps, we're no further than the fact that genetic engineering for human beings is of no particular use at all because of the natural advantages of the true bonds to mother and father are more important than people think and they are already adjusted to society where they are.

    Rather than bothering with the "hype" of genetic engineering, I'd rather go for combatting crime and increasing qualities of democracy and human rights that may prove far more effective in improving human beings than any genetic engineering can do! "Genetic engineering does not give people the ability to walk through walls!"

    Besides, if this thing called "race" (of human beings), a concept I'm against, is merely due to sun-exposure, you know, the colour of the skin, then "race" isn't really an issue at all.

    Should it be allowed? Given that the genetic engineering is within bounds, that a human being gets born and not a "freak with an ear on the back" and is within the usual regulations for volition, I don't think it poses any particular problem to allow it!

  61. Scientific theory - Why Earth revolves and alternately swings axially

    Due to solar (storm) dust the Earth has started to revolve early on, a little by a little, and picked up speed up to a maximum to the cycle today of (appx.) 24 hours a day.

    The same story repeats again with the alternate, axial swings of the Earth, but is slightly different. As the Earth encounters solar (storm) dust in its path, the dust causes the Earth to slowly start this alternate, axial swinging.

    So that's the story of 2 effects of solar (storm) dust in space on Earth. Clearly, these effects are probably repeated throughout the Universe so that Exo-Earths "out there" everywhere may have seasons as well.

    (I think... for now.)

  62. New news on homosexuality

    There can be serious crimes underpinning homosexuality, all the way to pro-forma homosexuality.

    So, as far as crime goes hand in hand with homosexuality, I feel misled by sources of information on the homosexuality issue.

    Though, homosexual people clearly are entitled human rights (UDHR), they are not granted freedom to do crime. Perhaps, one instead should "as rule of thumb", prescribe psychiatry to homosexual people by "the full treatment of schizophrenia". Furthermore, still, I do not support "a cure against homosexuality", believing that schizophrenia typically requires a life-long follow-up because of its deep rooting.

  63. On the existence of walking, white giants "to crush evil":
    I think they exist!

    Note on literary sources of "golems"! I find them real, actually! Note also on "freak nature" and "fantastic world"! "Only what is known is found in the school books!" Beware of the "Problem of Induction" (The Black Swans) to be found on Wikipedia also. It is not considered clever to report your lack of knowledge!

    Note on changelings/shapeshifters, also under fraudulent palaeontology! "A psychiatric game for torturers!"

    Note that we also have reincarnation and regeneration, even regenerating function and memory of the brain, "suggesting" the souls actually exist! We also have telepathy, phantom feelings, Van Lommel studies, deep reports on NDEs and OBEs (Out-of-body experiences)!

    I'm tired of hearing these no-knowledge idiots "managing information" for the sake of keeping people in depression!

    I just don't take it anymore! That these morons are supposed to tell us what exists or not "based on what they feel is right!"

  64. Question, regarding science and knowledge of the public:

    Given the #SETI project and a simple routine that says that a radio-signature of sentient life in New York City or just the radio-signature of a healthy, good brain of a young person is used as search template for the radio-telescopes of the World.

    How many such extraterrestrial signatures do you then think are found by now? 0? 1000? Any other number?

    Remember that (even) radio-telescopes have "limited" range in the Universe, even though it's a great deal more than the visual telescopes, like the Hubble telescope.

    My bet is that maybe a full 1000 extraterrestrial radio-signatures of life or "sentience" are found by the SETI project by now.

    Assumptions for this SETI set-up: I assume the search for intelligence radio-signatures have been going on for about 20 years. I also assume that intelligence has the form of (healthy) brains on Earth so that brains everywhere in the Universe are actually like those on Earth.

    So let's see how the SETI project unfolds...

    Links 2:
    Wikipedia, extraterrestrial intelligence:
    Wikipedia, Active Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence:

  65. One possible effect of gravitational waves is that the Earth is shaken in its orbit at various points through its journey around the sun so that the total effect is that the Earth stays in its orbit, "more or less". Check for disturbances to the "roundness" of the orbit?

  66. On fattiness and obesity in the population:
    Two steps of action
    1. To supply medication to both main groups of patients in making them able to change focus from the satisfaction of eating food to being able to appreciate life itself. "The fast step."
    2. To implement The 4 Factors, pistols/revolvers, pepper spray, lie detection array (5 methods +) and radio-based scanner portals ("against 500 ills in human beings") to the World so to make people able to achieve health, both physical and mental, more easily so that in turn people are able to regulate their food intake according to activity more easily, implying that healthy people only rarely or never become fatty. "The heavy steps."

    It must be recognized that sadness in all forms and varieties makes it difficult for people to keep the mood up and energize themselves for exercise when needed or stay away from food when food becomes too much. "Crooked" Europe makes this no better "even though the abjection from life makes it easier to stay thin!"

  67. Let's say that it is impossible to make significant trips in the outer space, ie to travel over long distances, typically light years and so on, so it will logically be such that one can look at each other with radio telescopes, but impossible to meet.

    That is, we experience the proof that longer travel (of significance) in the outer space is impossible!

  68. The "conjuring" of mostly white poles out of thin air, straight from the ground and up into the air, out of unknown substance, AND reincarnation, also out of thin air, makes the "conjuring" of the Universe, in this or that way, by "God-like" entity, a scientific one, justifiably competing with Big Bang Theory. Ok?

  69. The "Conjuring" Theory against the Big Bang Theory has also this as support: instances of "white, giant "golems" set for crushing evil", also out of thin air (one literary instance from destruction of Rome?). See giants of "Bhima" in India, seeming skulls of giants from those whereabouts.

  70. To the Conjuring/Creation Theory of Universe/Planets/Stars
    While men can "conjure" these white poles, women also have these phenomena I think they name their "conjuring" "ice" in their vaginas or out of their vaginas. Note.

  71. From above, as comment: "Scientific note on evolutionary theory: it is "countered" by abiogenesis experiments and investigations and notions of fantastic nature and freak nature like with telepathy and souls of paranormal psychology."

    Fantastic nature also includes spurious existence, spurious birth of organisms! (Whatever the wind of whiteness, "The Holy Ghost", the consciousness(es) of Universe!)

    For Fantastic Nature, Fantastic World, Fantastic Phenomena, please see "The Fantastic Phenomena or of Freak Nature as Accounts of Reality" on for example Facebook (written by me).

  72. New for the SETI Project

    To place a radio telescope as satellite in solar stationary position (out there in outer space). I think this is very much possible.

  73. #QuantumComputing #QuantumPhysics #ORgate To use quantum computing (further), you can simply check for any statement inside a field and check this field for its quantum computing value. If it gets a high value, it's definitely something. Ok? Can be HumanResources (HR) or any other.

    Such that, examples:
    1. [Field of database] Is this something for the future? [Field tested: true or false] Yes or no!
    2. Are The 4 Factors useful toward Utopia? True or false.
    3. Is Donald J. Trump a hazard to USA? True or false.
    4. Is Donald J. Trump a hazard to the World otuside USA? True or false.
    5. Is John Doe a good friend of Jane Doe? True or false.
    6. Is CIA a service to USA and the World? True or false.

    Endless possibilities. Check it out! Have fun!

    (Delivery to University of Oslo, Physics Institute in spring semester, 2000. Also having a walk to some students down to the National Assembly to talk things through.)

  74. Additional. Important:
    The use of OR-gate in computers to test for various stuff. Also for the future "vision". Is it wrong you think? You need to have a proper scale for it, like 30 million true values upward and 30 millions false values downward.

  75. Warning!
    Sensitivity is important for this stuff, trying to influence the result one way or another like a dumb pollster (you vote for Hillary Clinton or I kill you! That's a yes???) or using for evil may render the results useless for at least the individual being (very) foolish! Even so, that individual may never use the quantum computing "calculator" ever again!

  76. Given Quantum Computing testing of where our place in the Universe may be, we can place a load on a supercomputer:
    If we designate the Universe as Up, Down, East, West, North and South and then start to OR-gate cycle these inquiries with informed guesses:
    Are we 100 Bn (or Tn, for that matter) lightyears from the north edge of the Universe? (True/false) And then incrementally work it from there... until all directions are covered in a systematic computer search by OR-gate determination.

    Thus, "tentatively", we can locate our place in the Universe!


    #QuantumComputing #ORGateCycling #Astronomy

    ("I am still Dr. Terje Lea!")

  77. Theory: Maybe the white Golems (2nd destruction of Rome) crushed out room for the early people of the Earth to a good start. Like killing natural predators like snakes, hyena, hippopotamus, scorpions and such. Even clearing ground of whatever trees and bushes too, I guess.

    By this, it may be possible to take on a much more conservative view on evolution, yet more "miraculous" in terms of spurious existences and the rest of The Fantastic Phenomena and the Freak Nature as Accounts of Reality.

    Link, Facebook, The Fantastic Phenomena and the Freak Nature as Accounts of Reality (white Golems being part):

  78. OR gate test estimate of Earth Age: 45 million years +/- 2000 years.

    #ORgatetesting is fun, right? #QuantumComputing #Earth #HistoryofEarth #CreationofEarth

  79. "Being nice to people":
    The OR gate (test), explanation,
    - the OR gate is constructed by leading electricity up a wire and splitting in into 2 strands that is qualified at the ends as 1 on the first and 0 on the other. As electricity goes up the wire, there's a quantum nature of reality that quite "magically" splits the electrons into 1s and 0s as you register the signal hits on each strand. This can be used in a diverse number of useful ways, also as the most true randomizer test (rather than lottery balls or other) straight from nature by nature's own principles.

  80. (Only in Norwegian for now. Compare with my dissatisfaction with Stem Cell research or what that is.)

    I forbindelse med Aftenpostens spørsmål til leserne "Ville du ha gentestet barnet ditt?" - "Selvtesting av barns DNA bør forbys, mener Bioteknologirådet. Regjeringen sier det er opp til foreldrene."

    Lenke, Aftenposten,

    Så vil jeg si dette uten videre: Gentesting har egentlig mindre for seg enn man skal tro. Når barnet er født i live så betyr det stort sett at alle muligheter i Verden ligger åpne der i fremtiden "gitt at alt går etter planen og ikke galskap inntreffer i prosessen". Man kan like gjerne genteste foreldrene istedet og slå sammen en og en. Når det er sagt så vil jeg gjerne at leserne tenker litt på fertilitetsassistanse (gjerne ved legene som gjør Urologi) fordi det er egentlig mye mer betenkelig med kunstig befruktning/fertilitetsassistanse enn det er med noe gentesting som helst, dvs. i den forstand at barnet har mye bedre fremtidsutsikter bare ved den naturlige disposisjon ved å være kvinne og mann om å lage et barn i livmoren uten noen annen inngripen som helst.

    Så i tilfelle man bryr seg så mye om gentesting så er det vel ikke så mye i veien for det, men det er som regel tolkningene som kan være problematiske og at jeg derfor tenker at man genteste seg selv som kommende foreldre når som helst før man unnfanger barnet og planlegger eller bruker litt fremtidssans for å vurdere om det er kommet til den rette tiden for å få barn sammen. Så når det gjelder gentestingen, derfor, så skulle jeg gjerne ønske at genprøven blir testet radiologisk og at det radiologiske resultatet blir sendt til fortolkning slik at man sikrer at både standarden er så bra som mulig, men at radiologisk avlesning også kan sendes til andre gentest-spesialister slik at det ikke blir noe tull ut av det!