Wednesday, 19 October 2011

A Remark on Obama's Performance to the (U. S.) American People

I like to write a remark on Obama's performance to the (U. S.) American people because I think he has done very well! (What isn't completed by this man? And who else can correct much of the lunacy of USA but him, giving an ear to Michael Moore? Hell, people, the Republicans almost puke only by mentioning poverty, injustice and welfare programs!)
Let me start:
Health Care Reform - Successful - Checked!
Guantanemo - Unsuccessful* - Checked (red cross mark)! Comment: While Obama has pushed hard on this issue, the Senate has chopped his leadership in this regard by refusing to grant the money needed to complete the shutdown (of the Guantanemo)! Therefore, for Obama himself, he gets Successful - Checked for personal engagement, even though his political attempt of persuasion is unsuccessful!
Ending the Iraq War - Successful - Checked! It must be noted that 10 000 crew still remain there and that additional 10 000 troops are called for, also while under legal immunity, but under, I guess, "military code" of behaviour, some military justice code for sanctioning idiot military personnel, i.e., the military police officers (of USA)!
Energy Independence - Successful* - Checked! Comment: While Obama has limited success on this issue, he has been quite fast to react to the BP oil-spill (Event Horizon platform, Mexican Gulf, deep sea drilling). But this said, he's also been fast in making it happen again, for the Oil Industry to pick up speed fast again, with improved environmental safety standards in place! So I give it "Successful because we've witnessed top notch leadership in time of crisis and the process followed through!

He is also the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize and not many U. S. American presidents have achieved this while in office, since the start of awarding them, 1900 CE!


  1. It's also funny how desperate people seem when it's about him, using several months of "investigation" to obtain a (valid) birth certificate for certifying him as a genuine U. S. American citizen!

  2. Coming... on "Obama emphasized the issues of rapidly ending the Iraq War, increasing energy independence, and providing universal health care,[92] in a campaign that projected themes of "hope" and "change".[93]"

  3. You can follow through the rest of the story yourself. On Wikipedia:
    I advise you to start at if you want it right on!
    There is really little criticism he deserves, considering his track record up to this point, 19.10.2011. Indeed, I think he's been of the most successful presidents USA has had, ALL of them considered, but then again, as we live in times of system and science, perhaps there are just very few mistakes to be made once you are above the idiot intelligence, paying "some" respects!

  4. The last of the military forces are now leaving Iraq, and funnily enough, some people ask them to stay! However, this mission is now _completely_ successful by Pres. Obama and marks the end of his promise "to end the war in Iraq as quickly as possible" (according to ability in office)! Good! I expect him to win the 2nd term and for the Democrats to have a good shot on the next 5 (incl. 2012, with or w/o the VAT)! Cheers!

  5. Comment on the Election Result, victory for the Democratic Party: I reason that /force/ of this election vs. 2008 election is the SAME!
    And that, sec., this election result is the intelligent, and pro-100%-USA, pro-serious-USA result and that fold in with the others (UN, EU, all of them, also Jimmy Carter/Jimmy Carter Centre) to congratulate USA with its choice!
    Url: , a Nobel Peace Prize laureate!

    (First published to my Facebook profile.)