Thursday, 29 September 2011

Whatever Virtue I Have...

So whatever virtue I have _belongs_, as legacy after my death (immediate or not, by New Modal Conception of God etc (incl. inventing a cold war, LoveToUSAWar, an arms race)) goes out to the World in order of Austria, Germany and Denmark ... Lesotho, figuratively, not that they are _any_ less welcome, and at the end, the sh*tslide of Norway with its tail, definitely, of Farsund Commune (eh... "kommune") and its infamous clin-crazy/torture-ic, the f*ck last! So: Norwegians, don't think about carrying my word, my sentiment, my respects or whatever unless, and not before then, my "day" is saved (or my family's, for that matter) throughout HISTORY! F*ck YOU!!!

(However, my family is good and they are "first in my life", the 9 closest to start with!)



  1. I've made a similar statement on Facebook by Static Display of Work... previously!

  2. From the idiot place that Port-au-Crime (of Haiti - Port au Prince) and the Farsund Baloney with the blue barrels of heroin and the most disgusting torture clinic possibly in the World, well known in Norway for "knowers"! Almost as it's a boon (the cheap word and intentionally chosen) for them to get mentioned whatsoever (and most certainly by myself)! If this doesn't place you right by now then something else... Can't you f*cking learn to shut up with that disgusting accent of Norwegian and those hilarious assertions that soundly place you on any and very garbage dump EVERY DAY! You f*cking idiots! Shut up! I don't want to hear a f*cking word from you!!! Petty people! Christ!!!

  3. Various, *irritated* as I am:
    "Welcome to Norway" by Amnesty International (2008 or 07?) as if women are not the only ones suffering under idiot rule!!! F*ck....@$£@$£@$£$£€$€€@£$$£€$€$@£$@£$€$€€££$$@£@£!!!

    This is how it goes when you raise the idiothead from countryside, being the factoryworker John G., /the/ Jangling Jack of Norway all the way to the top and only having a "two-finger rule trick" to come up with, one of them being "torture on another"!!!

    For finding an idiot, real "estate": "The life under direct threats from torture-clinic set-up has made a fine case for brevity with this man, mr. Olsnes-Lea, so evidently displayed by everything he writes." Consequently, I'm sorry for the lack of standard academic quality with my /ideas/ and the outright style of writing to blogs and Facebook! Regards,

    Under Stoltenberg's love for Breivik, by charicature of political activism: The "inner Stoltenberg" probably would have preferred that _everybody_ died from torture and most pleasingly the children, but the massive reputation from Breivik's "terrorist" actions has made exactly this bombing and shooting massacre /accepted/! (Uhh! It was a /stretch/, Stoltenberg says, but newspaper reading made my affection come through deep from the pen*s and the b*tt and all theway "up"!!! Ehh... *Blushing*...)

    Decisive, striking blow against *them*: This is /directly/ related to the actions of putting my family under the "guillotine" and utter craze of human rights violations and under motives of economical exploitation and pervertism!!! Extra note on *Pervertism*!!!

    Yes... I am to become vindicated and I work HARD for it (and a bit relentlessly too)!!!

  4. It should be clear now that I refused Norway to ever assert that I have died in Norway (or anywhere else) as Thomas Paine to USA! That I've undertaken my duties as I should according to the best principles on the path of God, in respecting the greatest mystery of all, staying on God's way, /the/ one way. I AM NO THOMAS PAINE..... Corpus Christi.....

  5. Given the retard place of Farsund "kommune", it has the following "boring" reference listing:
    Scum District
    Harbour of Death (my word.: Port-au-Crime)
    City of Fright
    (Connection to Heli-Kelly / Helly-Kelly, the man with a helicopter who lands on families to..., the very sanity assassins!)

  6. "It our greatest pleasure in Norway to say that Lenny the Layman (that L. F. Olsnes-Lea) has accomplished great work and that, since we allowed him to buy food, you credit US / owe US credits (h*ll of a lot) and that, you know, his work then belongs to NO-r-way (Norway)! Thoust understand??? Jens S., PM, over and out. Police forces of the World - take it away! (Bombs away!!! Cool! Cool! And don't forget Beavis either, he's cool too!)"

  7. If my death is soon near, by responsibility-rejection of the Norwegian Ombudsman 20th Nov. 2012 and letters more way before this time and that system-failure Norway, in having "waited" for 25 years or more, by "suspected Genocide-Jens" and the rest, insists on the most degrading legal processing plainly against its citizens, then I have I have this to say: Argentina is to cry for me first and hardest after an inspiration by Eva Perron and her statement, "don´t cry for me, Argentina!" I´m all too sorry, too!!!
    PS: Now it must be true also that I´m the one with the sh*tiest language, not worthy a single human being of the civilised World, and an "all too obvious subject for Autism-drooling psychiatrists, wanting artist-pussy to f*ck and work with on "top of this thing"! Thank you!
    The man with the CNN-TV-eyes (of the early 90s?) out!!!

  8. For the Norwegian population, on the other side (or from the other side, namely ABROAD): I (hereby, almost by voice of N. Chamberlain, 10 D. S.) urge the Norwegian population to write to KRIPOS for having *KILLED* (code: soft iron, dark) a /possible/ respectful and happy relation to myself as World matter, all events..., and that this should include aaaall emotional pains and else too! (Still _to_ the Flag and the laws and regulations, by "Norsk Lovtidend".) Cheers!

    Note: Ref. Huuseby and Thune!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Note2: As before, you are to contact The Three Kings and that you get them from "the family catalogue"! Understood?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. To Human Rights Watch and your Embassy to Norway's failure of reporting: I am pleased to inform you that that, /soundly/, I have _NO_ worldwide lunacy scheming going on (Skyfall idiocy or other, ref. Oliver Stone's Wild Palms of tech-eyes and other) but you can put the question (Geno-) Jens S. and I think you know how to do just _that_!

    The Skyfall trailer does s*ck: (all that emotionalism included).

  10. Some in Norwergian you may want to translate (fx. Google Translate with a slight warning):
    For det første, dette stresset som er påført meg utav en vanskelig juridisk situasjon har gjort meg (somatisk) SYK! Det er perioder, per dette stress, som gjør at det kan gå "en uke" uten en fot utenfor døren for å kjøpe mat eller å kunne ivareta personlig hygiene for å omgås folk i det offentlige.
    Om jeg (f*en) ikke påfører paragrafene som lovgrunnlag riktig i denne situasjonen er meg klinkende likegyldig, ved dette stress igjen (og selvfølgelig ikke juridisk eller etisk)!
    Enda, vet jeg heller ikke om saksomkostningene kommer til å være opplyst meg eller om de skal "føres på den ene måten eller den andre", vel vitende om at jeg på en eller annen måte har rett til å føre mine egen regning (saksomkostninger) per Tingretten.
    Formelt, så har jeg også bedt om politi-beskyttelse for å føre denne sak, Berle ved Spesialenh. for Politisaker eller (f*en) ikke!!!

  11. From "Message Regarding the Blatant Violations of My Human Rights", ,
    I've been sent this "insane"/insane email from Tore Fossum of the "Kontroll- og konstitusjonskomiteen" where he obviously displays contempt toward own duties by this:
    Nå har jeg sjekket med vårt arkiv og de kan ikke se å ha mottatt noen e-post fra deg 4. desember, men derimot fikk du et svarbrev fra kontroll- og konstitusjonskomiteen datert 4. desember, jeg legger det ved en gang til. [Probably wrong accusation/fact statement.]

    Fint om du kan sende din e-post av 4. desember en gang til [un-official email, the real you can find yourself under .]

    Tore Fossum
    Komitésekretariatet- Stortinget
    Tel: 23 37 37 47 [wrong phone number, the real is 23 31 37 47] [un-official email, the real is as above, please, look up if you want it.]

    Conclusion: something /very/ wrong is going on here!

    Yes, also tfo - Tore Fossum - "Mr. Teflon", with "experiences/references" from abroad as well?

    As much as there are possible references for Jens S. as J.S or J ET S (ET- latin for "and", and ET - as we know, SETI, Extra-Terrestrial, "I am an insect", the pervert reference from very early: 1,95, his biological height (rounded up) to nearest centimeter, cm, yes, that's ISO cm!