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Informally, U.S. Americans and Nuclear War!

Informally, U.S. Americans and Nuclear War!

Various!Posted by Terje Lea 2011-04-27 16:42:59

I want to speculate on the reason why U.S. Americans never really can press the "Nuke the World"-button!

First of all, would the U.S. Americans be able to live with the controversy aftermath considering their very mixed society/societies, with all the ethnicities?

Secondly, are U.S. Americans now dependent on the good "energies" of foreigners now to sustain themselves?

Thirdly, there would be vast environmental impacts and would USA be able to live with this in retrospect? The full nuclear holocaust would destroy vast areas of surface terrain on land and would destroy a vast number of species in addition to the humans.

So I bet that the U.S. Americans are playing with the button in the sense that the great Atlantic and the Pacific will protect them from any aftermath effects and that they are self-sufficient with food capacities and most other minerals and mines and what have you. In theory, there might be a chance then "to create a self-delusion" to self-justify the nuclear destruction to the rest of the world, pending South America in consideration, i.e., how much of our Southies to preserve?

This is of course not entirely serious. I just want to entertain the thought with you and inform people of this notion.

I must also say that this is probably the most cynical thought you may ever get from the U.S. Americans!!! If this thought is utterly removed, the world will have nudged forward a little toward (emotional) world peace (in everyone).

One fine gesture from the U.S. Americans may be to "offer"/"allow" devastating damage to be inflicted on the themselves to remove such an absolutely idiotic thought, thus creating the military/foreign policy of "The Devastating Damage to USA" doctrine! This should make the trick, I think!

So to calm down a few people, I think we need to see an escalation before we happen to think that "U.S. Americans may be pushing the button". I also don't want our good political leaders and business leaders to lie down/back down because some idiot U.S. American is hinting toward this ridiculous notion of pushing the nuclear war button. In every case I want the fear communicated to the right people before our good political leaders and business leaders of EU/Europe/Russia(/China) are to lie down/back down!!! That is, the fear must become expressed! This is normative and please don't make any mistake about it!!!

As I understand it, MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) has been a negative notion in that it has been the main impeller behind the missile defence shield. Thus, MAD in this sense has been the scenario that one has wanted to avoid. Now, on the other hand, I suggest that in case of the World against USA, such a scenario would be seen as so crazy that the sentiment toward MAD, i.e., in the sense of the World (exc. USA) against USA, even in USA would be seen as positive and I think this is an important difference, i.e., seeing MAD in this (new) positive sense and in the negative sense (traditionally thought of as USA vs. Russia/Soviet Union).

Because the momentum for the World (exc. USA) would of course be democracy and not the (evil) communism of Russia/Soviet Union. Thus, ethically, obviously, the World is justified in devastating/destroying USA, possibly in a MAD scenario, and reasonably so in the face of such lunacy altogether.

For world peace and democracy! Cheers!

Note: I've edited this writing today, 2nd May, 2011, with MAD and (evil) communism.

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This document relates directly to my comment on SCRAMJETS below.
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  1. Perhaps against my own writing of waiting for an escalation of conflict, but in the light of U. S. American demands for the Russians to "return to the negotiation table", charicaturely, I write this: Redneck Joe and Redneck Jack sits in the B2 Bomber, (loosely after Ibsen) "...oops, we have a nuclear missile onboard today, let's see... Hong Kong, Tokyo, Beijing... and Europe on the other side Control tower, we're flying from [Airport], Florida, to [Airport], Oregon, (and Oregon is a damn woody cold place!)... so shall we nuke one? Can we do it?" (Probably landing in Oregon _this_ time without using _one_!)

  2. This fictious monologue above relates to the real incident when it was "discovered"/discovered that an armed nuclear warhead had travelled with a plane! (More is also to follow below...)

  3. "...the foreigners _look_ (explicit pronounciation) rich today... Japan there, China there and Europe on the other... they _are_ white... should we make a nuke threat transference, psychological or real, hi-hi-hi??? [:-), smile]"

  4. Correction: it should be clear that "Redneck Joe and Redneck Jack sits in the B2 Bomber" is meant to say "Redneck Joe and Redneck Jack sit in the B2 Bomber" with an extra "s", that I've mistakenly entered, seemingly "unable to count 2 instead of one", but this is just a typo! I'm sorry! I'll try to avoid it in the future!

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  6. The "stolen" goes appx. like this: For being one of the hardest proponents of SCRAMjets as main weapons platform delivered by strategic space cabin/Aardvark-class bombers for multitudinal attack points and also possibly by 2/3 stages ICBMs, one conventional and/or 2 SCRAMjet signature stages, here are some YouTube videos:
    -> X-51A Waverider 1 mile per second Hypersonic Scramjet
    -> X-51A WaveRider hypersonic scramjet testbed
    -> X-43 Scramjet Technology
    -> Boeing X-51 WaveRider Scramjet Engine Demonstrator
    Also the 5th, lying a bit from below, our coming military engineers:
    -> ramjet Lab- University of Southampton
    Not really the 5th, this being a RAMjet, an predecessor to SCRAMjets...
    This is also a principal video, the video displays the physics/fuel chemistry at play!
    This comes under UN Sec. Council and a possible MAD strategy where USA, unbelievably to some, now also can be treated as the aggressor to be bombed by "all others"! NATO/NATO 2 is/are the suppressor for this to happen, negotiating "tendencies" and "intelligence information"!
    Have I become then mr. SCRAMjet Olsnes-Lea/Ollie ???

    (Facebook just removed some of my text... Beware you too, THEY ARE DROOLING on us, the users!!!)

    Note: First written to Facebook some moments ago!

  7. New over US American Financial Radicalism: Vietnam war
    - new analysis
    - suspicion of a huge US American airport with two (powerful/big) airstrips with a base "incidentally" on the southern part of the country. Combine this with sabotages (much as Bay of Pigs by CIA) against the northern part of Vietnam like polluting a huge water resource supporting a northern city (on par with poisoning a huge water resource in Britain with the "Helix" petroleum product). Chomsky, a US American political scientist professor has earlier blamed exactly USA for /the/ Vietnam war. I consider this betrayal by USA and USA should know the next steps to undertake...! Bye for now.
    PS: Remember that these were facts /prior/ to the Vietnam war.
    One may begin to consider a NATO with USA as an associated member in order to bring international security work more quicly into place by accepting new members (to NATO) easier. Agree?