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(A Part of) The Easy Way to Religion and Stalwartly So

Fast sentences on Søren Kierkegaard: first, you score 66% on accepting the Aesthetics and the Ethics and you launch into the Religious at last by conceiving the necessity of meaning of Religious intellect apart from the (determined/inanimate soul) of Animalistic. This is for a younger audience, straight from Religious class/Biblical School, 13 - 20 (or whatever). Good?

Of the religious thinkers I have enjoyed the most I find Søren Kierkegaard and St. Thomas Aquinas and Giordano Bruno and Lady Conway and Leibniz to be a highly recommended reading list! Enjoy yourselves! Cheers!

Bruno is added for making the assertion that "monads" have extension, that they are of a kind of material!

I've also found St. Augustinus interesting in the past, but after closer examination he's laid to rest...

It's more common to write St. Augustine! Excuse me!

A good supporting beam is also _TO STAY WITHIN_ and not to commit the Cardinal SIN of Pride. This is the sin to become one's own God and to become deviant to the REAL God, "by our Heavenly Father"!


  1. There is a 4-fold _logical_ justification for God of the modal kind, by possibility, that I think will stand throughout human history of being irrefutable and clearly valid! The link: http://whatiswritten777.blogspot.com/2011/08/god-materialism-idealism-establishment.html .

  2. The 4-fold modal argument is likely to strengthen the belief in God because the Atheists can't anylonger counter it in any way on logical grounds! It also adds explanation to God, by description, meaning, knowledge and ethics!

  3. "Monades" has now been corrected in this writing and is now consistently being written correctly, throughout, i.e., "monads"!

  4. Don't get strung up in NDNID or Intelligent Design for that matter. Intelligent Design denotes a God of Intelligence and a God as Designer and will never entail aliens or creatures from outer space for that matter because they are simply not God as direct entities, but possibly of God's design themselves. You can rather name it NDGB, being Non-Dogmatic God Belief! Good?

  5. Remember, please, for this day in May that it is to live *UP* to God and NOT for God to adjust standards *DOWN* to you! And I'm sure that the Purgatory is _just_ to every true _believer_ in God!!! Godspeed to you! (Enough of being Minister for today, ;-) )
    Some links:
    It can also be worthwhile to check out the Angels as well: Angel Gabriel, Angel Samael, Angel Michael and the others: wikip, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Angels !
    Angel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Angels, in a variety of religions, are regarded as spirits. They are often depic...ted as messengers of God in the Hebrew and Christian Bibles and the Quran. The English word angel is derived from the Greek ἄγγελος (aggelos), a translation of מלאך (mal'akh) in the Hebrew Bible (Tanakh); a similar term,...
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Angels#Famous_angels_and_their_tasks !
    Angel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Angels, in a variety of religions, are regarded as spirits. They are often depic...ted as messengers of God in the Hebrew and Christian Bibles and the Quran. The English word angel is derived from the Greek ἄγγελος (aggelos), a translation of מלאך (mal'akh) in the Hebrew Bible (Tanakh); a similar term,...
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Archangel !
    Archangel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    An archangel ( /ˌɑrkˈeɪndʒəl/) is an angel of high rank. Archangels are found in... a number of religious traditions, including Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Whether in the Catholic or the Protestant Bible, the term "archangel" appears only twice: in Jude 1:9, where it is applied to Michael, and in ...

    Note: First written to Facebook some moments ago, a minute?!

  6. There is in fact a far more simple solution to the ending of Atheism vs. Religions debate and it goes like this: If you believe in something, i.e., Religious, then all good. If you're not, i.e., you only believe in science, so-to-speak, by modern language, then on religious matters you are to remain (totally) silent. In other words, if you have religious _belief_ (of the supernatural/extra-natural and the rest, by religion) then so be it. If you don't, then by this definition, in this realm, you simply have nothing to say because you *_do not have *any* belief_*! Clear?
    This goes of course parallel to my modal argument for God as they are indeed compatible!
    Note: First written on Facebook, 2012/04/11 on the CEST zone.

  7. The Dynamic Bible (and other Holy Books): I think that the Hebrew Bible, to start, is a dynamic document with ending words, "...now, please make a commentary!" on "the last page"! This is most certainly true of Job's Book (by only about 40 pages)! You can see for yourself, please!
    You may want to know that it should now be acceptable for the Catholic Church to accept all "good science/knowledge" upon the mission to identify "God's ways in nature"!
    Thus, the Catholic Church jolts a great step forward in terms of connecting to human kind in all matters /important/, with the religious on the very top of it all! Cheers!
    PS: Certainly, this implies NO changes of original documents (most importantly up to King James Bible and others)! Copyrighted works are also subjects to this notion, but this is an entirely different story!

  8. Note: The above has first been written to Facebook, 4th May, 2012.

  9. In identifying my writing here on my blog over "God's nature to us as perfect drama" or thereof, I have this to note to it:
    Under God as perfect drama, I am obligated to some extent to mention Henrik Ibsen and "Brand", at least by Norwegian title, as inpiration for "God's Perfect Drama".
    The idea is written by the logical considerations over God's nature, the logical foundation for God's being!

  10. Alright. It says on the "Issues from the Internet" under "Any funny title" by something I've entered to the philosophyforums.com.

  11. By stealing from me an essay delivered as school test as the theft done by "Dag(ny) Sandnes", a well known person from sodomistic Norway from the Jr. High School 2. or 3. year there before moving onto Sr. High School. My intention with it has been:
    The end words by the "priest" should have been: I've now brought this Wrath clean! (Meaning that he has brought forward the most pure wrath to human kind possible, mixing the purity of a fetus in the woumb with purity of hate as exactly "Wrath".

    There is a note on "7", the movie, to come up also, with "Despicably insane to say it.
    As before, ever the proud holder of mSomatism, on top of this moral lesson of a movie, even though there is a "x2 Wrath" in the end of it by the producers and script-writers alike.

    When I wrote, it was perhaps even 7 pages long too, 1988 to 1990.

    My title to it has been "Se7en or The Cardinal Sins All Displayed". (With the "or" referring to Kierkegaard's "either/or".) Also covering both sides as in "evil or evil" or the English expression "a rock and a hard place".

    7 "wrongly, queerly" put in for the "v".

    Constituting a second "attack" on Kierkegaard's opinion on "leap of faith" because it's not really a "leap of faith" as such! No, it's about paying respect to a deep-felt sense for ethics and intelligence!

    Chronically, though, the 1. "attack", but an "attack" more of the friendly kind since I greatly respect Kierkegaard still for both his religiousness and his immense capacity for language and writing.

  12. Upon my other efforts to religiousness around the World, I bring also this (as happy they may always be, Jesus, God, the Holy Ghost combined):

    I bring these good news today, despite general difficulties of society and I hope you like them:
    Given this Foundation, I'd like to point out that religious faith now lies inside the fortress of 3 very hard notions:
    Privacy - the Atheists bring NOTHING extra when it comes to religion and we are entitled the religious belief (always, insofar as this is commensurable with law and order, the vitae of human kind) because it's a private matter (or pertaining to specific/legal places of worship, the churches, temples, mosques or whatever, well, well, red in face or not, "synagogues"?)!
    2nd, Modal God of Logics, the hardest academic notions, stand (almost) theoretically irrefutable to the Atheists! They are struggling with the logical questions nowadays! Ref.: also Kripke on Modal Logics!
    3rd, the notions of the Cardinal Sins are so distasteful that it even shatters Kierkegaard's doubt be "Either/Or", witness, please, Se7en/Seven with Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman as "evil or evil" by the Cardinal Sins and add as Priest's final words: "with this [fetus in a box] I've brought (my) Wrath clean!" as the "Priest" has then conducted an insane wrathful war against the (hidden lust of his of the) Cardinal Sins, as Wrath over the other 6!
    All in all, You are very defended, the fortress likely to stand forever! Good?

    (You may take this also to the Humanism by https://www.facebook.com/RichardDawkinsFoundation?fref=ts .)
    Also by a friend's story to another by Perfect Lovers Slash Perfect Strangers (also as "flow" and "oceans" by Deep Purple).

    Best wishes,
    Lenny Olsnes-Lea

    More under "Seven" as the sins of distaste:
    It, the notion of the seven cardinal sins, is also propelled by Kierkegaard's notion of "aesthetics" and as importance grow by the 3 steps, like rocket stages lifting a cargo to outer space, to the stars, so also is aesthetics giving power to ethics and aesthetics and ethics to religiousness! Note also that the seven cardinal sins are found /in/ the Bible "and not somewhere arbitrary", that is, the Bible gets the moral virtue for describing them overall and thus impels the readers (further) to believe in it, becoming (more) Christians, as the Bible makes the case for winning "hearts and minds"! /Therefore/, by logical deduction, "Seven" is a case for Christianity and other religions and not "something else"!

  13. Also, it's worth mentioning that the Van Lommel studies as Near-Death studies of clinically dead people regaining consciousness and the facts of Telepathy and, in support, "the priest stories" go a long way to reinforce faith in religion and God by all its names, be they Allah, Brahman, Yaweh(?), Buddha "and others, of esteem and respect".

  14. Criticism of the arguments against God
    [Nullifying The 747 Gambit]
    Fx. for God to create the 747 airplane all by itself in one "miracle" of nature, they never bother to check in the Bible that it says that God can create this, any less than God can create pyramids, to roll back on technology a few steps! Some people may not care too much for providing credible arguments against God because they will either way not buy the idea.
    Secondly, it is a point in literature to provide "not-not-God" as much as they like to write "not-this-argument-pro-God", so the article may or should include arguments against the arguments as well.

    To Wikipedia by LFOlsnes-Lea (talk) 17:13, 7 July 2012 (UTC).

    Also, to assert that God has created the Universe and Earth with it, is a different statement to asserting that since God is the creator of Universe, etc., God should be able to create 747s too, even out of nothing.
    The Universe holds laws and principles of nature while the 747 (plane by Boing) is technology in plain made by nature's resources and principles combined!

  15. William Lane Craig describes the offensive and defensive pro-God philosopher. Given this, I think you should do play it like they do in NFL, on attacks, you play defence, on them defending, you attack, and please SCORE as much as possible. You can heartily use this resource as well!

  16. Iffy, Telepathy as part of ESP proves true, another little paper-hill of Atheist argumentation slams to the ground! Check for yourself, please.
    First victim: the 747 Gambit (for the magical wine-making of Jesus, you need to compare this with Jesus walking on water).

  17. When it comes to (Metaphorical) Jesus, as a Christian counter-part to Jihad of Islam/Quran, one may want to remember that storytelling tricks can take many turns and that "Jesus was given birth to by Mary, the (Holy) Virgin, just to mention one example!

  18. Some inspiration to serve today.

    I seem to recall (with my "native" US American /accent/ of the Mid-West):
    There is a story of the Blue Jacks, the US Army, which says that every unit of a given size had to bring along with it the word of God, The Holy Bible, and for this it brought with it a special priest, the Army Priest, but at other times, this responsibility went with the leading officer of his unit (no women allowed).
    It's also said, by faint memory, that every officer of the Blue Jacks were obligated to carry one with them (in two senses), The Holy Bible.

    Now, I also happen to think that the General's office, by tradition, are sided by two smaller buildings, one, the strategists' office and the other, the priest's office and a prayer's room.

    Also, it should be clear that morality must have been important for the Army to do the right, in representing a properly religious army, and that consequently, in a sense, the priest has thus represented the army's sanity and the moral /aim/ of the General!
    This is a notion of pride, I think, for those who are Religious, Christians, Buddhist, Jewish, or Muslim...! Enjoy!

  19. What if we now call this General's Annex a chapel! That's right: CHAPEL,
    and from Wikipedia you may also look up:
    Church Army Chapel, Blackheath

  20. I've forgotten to notify you of an earlier idea of mine (after a message to BBC New Horizons(?) and a possible email or whatever) on the fact that you /can/ check the phantom feelings by fMRI to ones who has them (integrity necessary) by being amputated, that is, the suspicion is, without having carried out the definite confirmation myself, that they have these phantom feelings in the same sense as we have arms to sense a grip around a cup of tea.
    All, then, that remains is to correlate these with the feelings of people who haven't undergone amputation and confirm the existence of soul exactly as described by Descartes in his "Meditations".
    This comes in addition to the Van Lommel-studies and "the priest stories".

    (There are some tech-eyes considerations to the above and the presence still of torture/murder threats.)

  21. Remember to keep a Bible or two with you as well. Most certainly the digital copies are handy.
    And in these ecumenical times, you may just as well add any religious work (more than one, too) you like, and write a good comment to it in light of these new times. Cheers!

  22. The Problem of Hell

    It says "The problem of hell is the idea that eternal damnation for actions committed in a finite existence contradicts God's omnibenevolence or omnipresence.", but the problem of hell forgets that a certain (mental) pathology would have wanted hell to defeat heaven (and God, religiousness) and as such the intentions or intention of the one going to hell is consistent with its (moral) character that certainly has not qualified for heaven.

    A further point against them, the Atheists, by this, is that a killed human being represents a kind of /in/finite (word:infinite) sin/wrongdoing because every human being is defined to have eternal/infinite nature and also the right hereto, to take this nature through the course of life, to live God's miracle, in a sense.

    And to infinity you can add Einstein's view on stupidity, that's well respected.

  23. The Privacy Argument

    ...can have a logical structure too:
    The Black Side,
    ~ private - Prem.
    ~ private -> ~ respect - P
    ~ respect -> ~ religious - P
    ~ private -> ~ respect - R
    ~ respect - ->E
    ~ respect -> ~ religious - R
    ~ religious - ->E

    The White Side,
    private & religious - P
    private & religious - R
    religious - &E

    The White Side has as a premise that privacy yields thoughts for ethics, meaning, description of God, the aspects of Heaven, so as to read up on the Bible knowledge, when in fact the non-religious says nothing...

    It should be noted the standing of privacy by the 10 commandments.

    This is one of 3 (the 2 others, NDNID and Rejection of the Cardinal Sins Argument) defences for religion, putting the whole Religions WAY off from the Atheists and others...

  24. More under "Seven" as the sins of distaste, The Rejection of the Cardinal Sins Argument:
    It, the notion of the seven cardinal sins, is also propelled by Kierkegaard's notion of "aesthetics" and as importance grow by the 3 steps, like rocket stages lifting a cargo to outer space, to the stars, so also is aesthetics giving power to ethics and aesthetics and ethics to religiousness! Note also that the seven cardinal sins are found /in/ the Bible "and not somewhere arbitrary", that is, the Bible gets the moral virtue for describing them overall and thus impels the readers (further) to believe in it, becoming (more) Christians, as the Bible makes the case for winning "hearts and minds"! /Therefore/, by logical deduction, "Seven" is a case for Christianity and other religions and not "something else"! (There's more to this. Please, wait up.)

  25. The pedagogical set-up is therefore this:
    UoD: The Bible, The Seven Card. Sins, The Moral Virtue, Readers, Christians
    The logical entities:
    A: The Bible describes the Seven Card. Sins
    B: The Seven Card. Sins are not described somewhere else Rmk: to be used later
    C: By The Seven Card. Sins., the Bible gets the moral virtue for this
    D: By the Moral Virtues, Readers start believing in the Bible
    E: When the Readers believe in the Bible, they become Christians
    F: The Case for Readers becoming more Christians

    The logics themselves, by the symbols:
    1 | A - P
    2 | A -> C - P
    3 | C -> D - P
    4 | D -> E - P
    5 | E -> F - P
    0 |-------------------------------
    6 | A
    ( 7-11 or something, all Conitional Elim. ->E )
    12| E ->E, 11
    13| E -> F R, 5
    14| F ->E, 13, 12

    The Bible describes the Seven Card. Sins. (P) A
    The Seven Card. Sins are not described somewhere else. (Q) B
    By The Seven Card. Sins., the Bible gets the moral virtue for this. (R) C
    By the Moral Virtues Readers start believing in the Bible. (S) D
    When the Readers believe in the Bible, they become Christians. (T) E
    The Case for Readers becoming more Christians F
    Therefore, The Bible, incl. the description of the Seven Card. Sins, is the case for Readers becoming more Christians. (T) E
    Plain wording, The Bible incl. the Descr. of the Seven Card. Sins, is the case for Christianity, i.e., that People should become Christians.
    Else, loosely, with one premise from above:
    B: The Seven Card. Sins are not described somewhere else. Prem. in the argument.
    C: "Somewhere else" fails to attract readers.
    The Seven Card. Sins are not described somewhere else. Prem. in the argument. - B
    As The Seven Card. Sins are not desribed somewhere else, "somewhere else" fails to attract Readers. B -> C - Prem.
    B is R(eiterated)
    "Somewhere else" fails to attract Readers. C Cond. Elim. (->E)

  26. We now have, the Atheists have no chances anymore, these 3 defences:
    Non-Dogmatic New Intelligent Design
    The Privacy Argument
    The Rejection of the Cardinal Sins (as way of life)

    One in semi-position as defence and other:
    Phantom feelings as confirmed by fMRI (1988, 1995 or so, perhaps earlier)

    And under these, we are defended further:
    Telepathy (yet to be definitely confirmed by Ganzfeld Zimmer set-ups, academic studies (only))
    The Soul by findings by Van Lommel, the so-called Van Lommel-studies
    "The Priest Stories"

    There is only one thing to say: FAITH has become definite!

  27. Further, we look to take away/destroy the Atheist's Arguments as well:

    We work on definition of God so that Flying Spaghetti Monster no more (Russell's Teapot under attack at least)

    The Problem of Evil is being worked on, but the objections by Jean Amery and others are still hard

    The Ultimate Boeing 747 Gambit is smashed by the fact that no pyramid has been assembled by God in the Bible and that we look further to annihilate reasons such as Manna in the desert by trying to find other explanations such as story-telling and the Bible-writers use of metaphors, euphemisms, and more

    The Problem of Hell is smashed by claiming that the condemned hold ideas for the destruction of God and "evil forever" and such, and even then, the idea of conspiring to kill other human beings or actually doing so can or should also cause a type of infinite consequence for the people who can go to Hell or should go to Hell

    That we also look to picking up on the former discussion of ESP and God for showing that the opposition has been hiding something or has been unwilling to tell about their weak sides, a very serious matter against themselves ... (and so on).

  28. Congratulations to all religious people all around the World!

    (Starting with the 9 that I know of, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Bahai, Buddhism, Hinduism, Scientology, Cheondoism (South Korea), Sikhism, you can identify the serious others...)

  29. The latest development on ESP and God Debate, just to say that *WE*'re advancing, that we're not the idiots:

    The Conditional Notions of Defeating the Anti-God by Counter-ESP Arguments

    The conditional ESP by telepathy, now that the standing on telepathy is still /a bit/ unconfirmed, must be considered pro-God, in defeating the former anti-ESP-anti-God arguments.

    That is, the religious win further (intellectual) ground in saying this: /if/ telepathy exists /then/ the credibility pro-God increases, also because Atheists are to increasing degrees found to be WRONG! This is uttered also in relating to any culture of lying among the people with the opposition, i.e., the con-God Atheists.

    The argument goes, of course, by standard Modus Ponens: if telepathy then credibility for God, telepathy, conclusion: (necessary/more possible) credibility for God. I also like to refer you to former notions of ESP and God discussion.

    Perfectly speaking, by Modus Ponens:
    1. If telepathy then credibility for God - Prem.
    2. Telepathy - Prem.
    3. Telepathy - Reiteration
    4. Credibility for God - Conclusion, conditional elimination, and with a possible other wording: "more credibility for God".

    To my knowledge, the classic position of the Atheist has always been the physicalist/realist. Secondly, I challenge the readers on existing, respected (well established) literature. Thirdly, anybody can't simply pull an argument "out of thin air" and think that they have (re-)defined the entire Atheism-Religions debate, that first and foremost, the debate is to found in history, by what has already been written, up to today, 13. Mar. 2013.

    The logics, on the other side of the argument, this time by Modus Tollens:
    1. If not "(more credibly) God", P, then not "ESP (Telepathy)", Q. Prem. 2. ESP (Telepathy), Q. P. 3. (more credibly) God, P - Conclusion.
    1. ~P → ~Q - Prem. 2. Q. P. 3. P - Conclusion.

    Modus Tollens
    Premise P → Q
    Premise ¬Q
    Conclusion ¬P

    Modus Tollens further
    Premise (entity ¬P) → (entity ¬Q)
    Premise ¬(entity ¬Q)
    Conclusion ¬(entity ¬P)

    Modus Tollens at last
    Premise ¬P → ¬Q
    Premise Q - by double negation
    Conclusion P - by double negation

    , that *fantastic nature* → *(fantastic) God*, that the World is full of mystery still and much is probably to remain beyond science for all time to come.

    When I write Q I intend for it to say "probably-Q" as is the convention with sentential logic, that it represents units of sentences. It's therefore plain for me to write 1. P → Q Prem. 2. ¬Q Prem. 3. ¬P - Conclusion. That you note the dubious side of sentential logic, but also the flexible side, that the language with sentential logic is considered a bit loose.

    Then the real target, sorry for being blunt and outright on "qualifying" the literature here:
    1. Window To God: A Physicians Spiritual Pilgrimage - http://www.amazon.co.uk/Window-God-Physicians-Spiritual-Pilgrimage/dp/0876045069/ .
    2. The God Within Me - http://www.amazon.co.uk/The-God-Within-Me-ebook/dp/B0042JT0I8 .
    3. God : Using Psychic Ability to Find Him (How to Find God Within You) - http://www.amazon.co.uk/God-Psychic-Ability-Within-ebook/dp/B003FMUUW8 .
    4. Being Mystic: In Touch with God - http://www.amazon.co.uk/Being-Mystic-In-Touch-God/dp/1846945283 .
    5. Jose Silva's Everyday ESP: Use Your Mental Powers to Succeed in Every Aspect of Your Life - http://www.amazon.co.uk/Jose-Silvas-Everyday-ESP-Succeed/dp/156414951X (uncertain relevance to the ESP and God, but the issue is the general standing on ESP).


  30. (last part, 2/2)

    6. Christian Prophecy: The Spiritual Gift of Psychic Ability - http://www.amazon.co.uk/Christian-Prophecy-Spiritual-Psychic-ebook/dp/B004VF68K6 .
    7. Could It Be ESP - Subt. "Thank God for the Country" - http://www.amazon.co.uk/Could-It-Be-ESP/dp/B006P84YXA , only a song by a country-singer, probably irrelevant, but the artist may tell a story or two.

    The hope is, by this list, that people can have real use of it, that if I help to make this happen by a mere listing then I'm all good.

    By the reference to this country song, it is set with this /specific/ context: that Jane's Review, a well-respected defence and intelligence magazine, and Blackwater/Academi, security firm, have had their precursors from truck drivers and there is something about the common word also in this, that how stupid are people supposed to get when the investigators can't relate to matters at hand, such as primary literature. This is to be the readers', the public's, call, either way.

    End note: that I claim that this is my set-up and not anybody else's (neither from Wikipedia).

  31. Religion in history:
    The Original Man: 30 000 years
    Religious Human Kind: Only 2000 years
    Atheism, no matter how wrong: less than 100 years and not entirely popular

    Conclusion: Religion is still an achievement worthy of much respect! Also for the Palestine/Israel conflict, that Judaism and Islam and Ecumenical together as peace maker!
    The Original Man, genus Homo Humans, neanderthals, homo erectus, and their direct ancestors 2.5 Mn years ago - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timeline_of_human_evolution .

  32. There is one angle in particular that may turn people away from Religion/Christianity, and this is the one:
    "The Defence for God of Evil":
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sVw5OzuOCmY - by user, Underlings, http://www.youtube.com/user/Underlings .
    The reasoning from this user:
    Defense #1: What the Bible says isn't accurate
    Defense #2: I'm interpreting the Bible incorrectly
    Defense #3: God has sovereignty over his creation
    Defense #4: God knows more than we do
    Defense #5: God has to permit evil
    Defense #6: God has to commit evil .

    To which I answer:
    If the elevation up from animal to closer God, does the evil present matter much, animal nature remaining, included? This is the case for God, not the God of Evil. Mind you too, that Religion has to break down if one accepts that God is doing evil explicitly and that by this one has to be left with a kind of psychism or basic animalism, depending.

    I have previously made a case for "God as Creator of the Perfect Drama" for trying to explain the presence of (perceived) evil. That holding onto, by mind/belief the basic premises for God should/must/will entail God and Heaven, given that reasonable character to stick with the requirements, the 10 Commandments, are in place.

    Satan is usually also dubbed the Beast and a beast is most definitely an animal without higher senses toward ethics "and the Heavenly", whether Heaven and Reincarnation together or not.

    Good? - Does this remove the doubts of yours? I hope you thrash the base and go with the elegance (of God)! Cheers!

  33. Stronger Religion Every Day!

    They failed to provide
    * soul and not-soul alike - soul found, at least to some plausibility.
    * phantom feelings and not-phantom feelings - phantom feelings found, crucially by (f)MRI, two alike.
    * telepathy and not-telepathy - telepathy found by increased awareness and research, at least more credibly too, also by millions' personal experience, just ask them about feelings and "emotional awareness".

    Let's not hear them whine about not-(possible-)-God (not-⋄-G) too because it makes them look awkward. (Lamont Humphrey/Tongue Forest, Colored playing in the background, url: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p1y2wri4gwE .)

    (Phantom feelings can be found, also, by voluntary surgery, laying one underarm in the freezer, and confirmed by (f)MRI in a couple of months, perhaps faster without entering the problem of these people who have had a tragic event in their lives and who wish to not be part of research.)

  34. One thing to add, in considering the thoughts by Leibniz for "Pre-Arranged Destinies" by God is making God the most perfect:
    Under my "Perfect Drama Theory", I'd like to suggest to Theodicy" that a possible interpretation can be "God's System Aesthetic Consideration" by the fact that sentient beings can exist in 20 other solar systems and that we're not unique in the Universe, though on Earth.

    So that, first, gaining the Heaven-requirements, fulfilling the 10 Commandments and the passage through the Purgatory, "to stand the trial of God".

    Then, prove a system/Earth that simply lives up to/looks the best in "Perfect Drama" everywhere in the Universe/Multiverse.

    Conclusion: I have no doubt that God wants as many people into Heaven as possible, but that the people are to live up to the character demanded and look good at it too, ultimately, thus preserving the Free Will rationale that may seem absent with Leibniz. Good?

    ("Perfect Drama" counters some worries concerning evil to religious people and, of course, the reflection of evil in the World today.)

    The Evil, the worries of the Jean Amery, short: "Jean Amery-worries".

  35. 8. Conscience Conscientia Conscience for the 10 Commandments and the 7 Virtues alike

    (but optionally. I do not change liturgy or the holy scripts like that.)

  36. Sorry. From:
    Let my heart be broken with the same that makes God's heart broken.
    - Terje Lea, Eitland also as Robert Pierce. Nike's Ruby?

    Conscience enters as 8. virtue for the other 7 virtues and 10 commandments alike.

  37. Heavenly Flames

    Not that the Stalwartness increases so much more, but here is:

    Judges 13:20 13-21
    New International Version (©2011)
    As the flame blazed up from the altar toward heaven, the angel of the LORD ascended in the flame. Seeing this, Manoah and his wife fell with their faces to the ground.

    Isaiah 64:1
    King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.)
    "Oh that thou wouldest rend the heavens, that thou wouldest come down, that the mountains might flow down at thy presence,..." [I.e., that the volcano from the top of the mountain erupts and that molten lava flows down.]

    That this is the defence for the "Burning Image in her mind" from the (proper) song of Christian Woman, that I've intended to depict as a Burning Cross by subtle implication and that this Burning Cross is Burning with Heavenly Flames, not flames that destroys it, thus separating this part. Cross away from some other dubes...

    (...and not the burning cross of the racist Ku Klux Klan, so known for idiot wrongdoing.)

  38. The Defences for God

    The Privacy Argument
    - nothing new from the Atheists

    The Rejection of the Cardinal Sins
    - that the sinful life seems repulsive and that religious ponderings seem much more engaging

    Non-Dogmatic New Intelligent Design
    - that NDNID defends God as possibility and that Atheism fails to prove, also with logical soundness, the impossibility for God

    The ESP-God Debate
    - now that, by telepathy, that we have God by our foreheads and Atheism seems more wrong than ever before, then why Atheism at all? Because the contention has been earlier that if telepathy is "realizable" then (necessarily/more conceivably) God, even by themselves

    The Descartes' Phantom Feelings
    - that if Descartes' description of feelings can be proven then God "more", that once again, the consistent pattern by the amputee's brain proves the Atheists wrong once more and by this fantastic revelation, that God exists also by this notion

    The Van Lommel Studies
    - that Van Lommel by his work has shown that the existence of the soul is a possible description for people's (common) ability to win over death and that, therefore, God "more" yet another time Do we get it up? (Atheists to Mystics and Religions are cool after all?) ;-)

    7th? There's another one too, with similar structure: if some aspects more prove true, in addition to the above, by the "priest stories" then God further... But this is one is for the moment dicy or more dicy than the telepathy argument...

    This list has been made by myself, Olsnes-Lea, "to a friend", in a World of much lunacy and subversion, on 12. April, 2013.

    Note: Some of this should have gone through many years ago. The ESP-God debate doesn't hold my direct involvement until much later. "Years ago" imply as far back as 1988, appx. 25 years ago.

  39. Flames as Weapons and Lethal Force

    Let my flames defend goodness in the same way that God uses flames to defend goodness.

    - Terje Lea, Eitland, 9/10 years old - Now held by Olsnes-Lea, L. F.
    (version over "Let my heart be broken...")

    Flames: the sword entailing the flaming sword by Heavenly flames. Any other flame sprouting machine gun, Bren gun, Sten gun, submachine gun, the gun powder power, nature, whatever... Flames, no? Bang! Bang! (These are words only for now.) ;-)

    Thus I am Robert Searle from Norway, thus I hold the Cardinal Virtue of Conscience - 8. Conscientia, to be held for 10 Commandments and 7 other 7 virtues.

    We need to use maximum strength to make Christian belief worthwhile and appealing. This includes many things...

    Also, the fine words from Sir Neville Chamberlain, "with calmness and courage".

    Therefore, with God, - RELAX. - Relax. And peace too? ;-) Cheers!

  40. A fine motivator through life is this song:
    "Torture" on the "Victory" album.

    Put in (mystery of) Heaven for "stairs to (realism) nothing" and "serve all masters" [bad and good] to God's Miracle People, the fellow human beings. The "torture" chorus for the anguish of all thoughts concerning life, the search for completeness, for peace, for unity with God. The rest goes for dangers and love and all the rest.

    Wikip.: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Victory_(The_Jacksons_album) .

    ("No people got killed during the production of this song.")

    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=prO6tbgaWO4 - Jacksons - Torture (12" Dance Mix) HQ - WJMTV. Go and buy now! ;-) :-D

  41. Another one just in case: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pXzquw4bi5o - the jacksons Torture HQ - michaeljackson272 .

  42. Now what for Atheism after having lost its foundation for valid objections to Religions:

    They are to name themselves Non-Believers, Disbelievers, Non-Religious or Humanists.

    It's useless to try to pull up after Jean Amery as the corrupt mind has certainly been a problem outside religion if not inside it. Additionally, they need to come up with something better than humanism and religion if they are not to consider themselves humanists.

    So I see only one possibility left and it's not really a good one either, to file up under Sociobiology by E. O. Wilson and say no more.

    Note: Atheism has lost it's foundation mainly because of "6+1" and the other contributions for defending God and Religions by hearts and minds. Because of this, Atheism has also fallen outside academia in at least one sense because it fails anymore to present _intelligent_/_intellectual_ opposition.
    Note2: The academic contribution always lies inside truth and civilisation insofar as civilisation proves sustainable under honest discussion. After 2000 years, it probably does either way, after working up various important aspects such as the subjects themselves, ethics, law, political science, science in general, mathematics and medicine. Well, well, you can add the rest, engineering, architecture, so on...

  43. So here we have it. "For the answers to questions"-handbook:

    Another angle to our belief in the religious, as one possible answer to those interested too, given the seemingly lifeless Universe:
    That we acknowledge the ethical research into "Frankenstein experiments" by Lee Cronin, Scotland, and others, in producing the smallest forms of life from classically "dead" chemicals. So on the question of God "caring about me", I'd say this hinges on the question of intelligence existing in the Universe. Why is it that we perceive the existence of intelligence in the Universe the way we do? The Religious answer to this deeply ontological question is of course to say that "God exists", otherwise, intelligence would seem more of a "dead" quality to us, we would indeed identify more readily with base matters such as soil and rock, WHEN WE DO NOT! Cheers!

    Now they should all have been notified. Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, ..., all religious people on the planet!

  44. Final nail to the Atheist efforts:

    The consequence by invoking "The Problem of Evil" as an argument doesn't mean that religions go away. No, it makes it a duty for the "Atheist" to improve the World by becoming a Humanist and from this position to prove that Humanism serves humanity "much better than any religion /can/ do". Obviously, this is implausible to start with, also with "Atheist" Humanism being so young as life view, as life philosophy!

    Note: The Problem of Evil can't justify an active Agenda of Evil simply because this destroys the entire civilisation no less than the very nukes! Conclusion: Atheism with Sociobiology is still out from the universities.

  45. The power list of philosophers is thus:
    St. Anselm
    St. Aquinas
    Dr. Leibniz
    Dr. S. Kierkegaard (of Denmark)
    Lady Conway
    Rev. G. Bruno
    (Dr.) Plotinus of ancient Greece

    with more modern names:
    Dr. A. Plantinga
    Dr. R. Swinburne
    Dr. W. Craig Lane

    with my own contribution, "ending Atheism for good, it being "moved under Sociology of Crime, as matter of objection", "6+1", the NDNID, God and ESP, Descartes' (Phantom/fMRI) Feelings etc.

  46. Two names more to remember which add strength but in a different way, ethically/theologically:
    Hon. Rev./Dr. Thomas Paine (Dr. Arts/Philosophy)
    Hon. Rev./Dr. L. Ron Hubbard (Dr. Arts/Philosophy outside US subversion, see his history, supporting university/general education)

    Also, as "correction":
    Dr. R. Swinburne (Descartes' (Phantom) Feelings _under_, strictly, his Faculty of Oxford)

    Dr. René Descartes (Doctor philosopher, of Holland/Belgium/France)

  47. Side note:
    The Religious side has won the intelligence "war"/competition already in 1982/'83 by vote/judgment of USA where I've been a part (by CNN announcement) of their data-set toward this vote/judgment. We can assume, probably, by their (USA by the good forces) good intentions, Religions should have paved the way everywhere in the World by the good St. Anselm thinking/statement, adding fx. St. Aquinas and Dr. S. Kierkegaard of Denmark, primarily.

    As the situation now is decided to the advantage of the Religious, there are peculiar aspects to this vote/judgment such as the true position of USA (or serious-USA) and its character beyond the forces of corrupt minds in the World.

    For you to contemplate more. Respects to the (ecumenical) Holy Books to go. Cheers!

    (Forever by my view, all "whitelist" Religions, counting fewer than 20(?), are to be (necessarily) considered d*mn symmetrical! I hope you understand this VERY WELL.)

  48. Corr.: "ending Atheism for good", it being "moved under Sociology of Crime, as matter of objection for it's continued texts of existence", relabelling it while in process,...

    (Added "-mark and added words.)

  49. BIG NEWS:
    The area defined zapper (tazer/stun-gun), whether internally (maybe unethical/dishonest) or externally by foot-chain around ancle set up by "area defines", GPS (esp. outdoors) or land-based GPS (esp. indoors).
    This concludes definitely all administration problems of these people suffering from mental illnesses. Zapping (by tazer/stun-gun) may also simulatenously trigger administration alarms for calling on assistants working with the patients.

    Also under Aims of Scientology, in insanity being key to solving war and crime together. I am also pleased to see that this work is finalised now under mSomatism and that police forces around the World has sorted out these zapping (by tazer/stun-gun) possibilities way ahead of me, given the notions of criminal care outside the prisons, i.e., I am probably not the one who has solved the zapping (by tazer/stun-gun) foot link "problem" first.

    Religiously speaking, the future is set by this for global salvation! Grand news indeed!

  50. The above comment relates in particular to:
    <http://whatiswritten777.blogspot.no/2011/10/psychiatry-and-modified-somatist.html> .

  51. Knightly Virtues

    When examining medieval literature, chivalry can be classified into three basic but overlapping areas:
    Duties to countrymen and fellow Christians: this contains virtues such as mercy, courage, valor, fairness, protection of the weak and the poor, and in the servant-hood of the knight to his lord. This also brings with it the idea of being willing to give one’s life for another’s; whether he would be giving his life for a poor man or his lord.
    Duties to God: this would contain being faithful to God, protecting the innocent, being faithful to the church, being the champion of good against evil, being generous and obeying God above the feudal lord.
    Duties to women: this is probably the most familiar aspect of chivalry. This would contain what is often called courtly love, the idea that the knight is to serve a lady, and after her all other ladies. Most especially in this category is a general gentleness and graciousness to all women.
    These three areas obviously overlap quite frequently in chivalry, and are often indistinguishable.
    Different weight given to different areas produced different strands of chivalry:
    warrior chivalry, in which a knight's chief duty is to his lord, as exemplified by Sir Gawain in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and The Wedding of Sir Gawain and Dame Ragnelle
    religious chivalry, in which a knight's chief duty is to protect the innocent and serve God, as exemplified by Sir Galahad or Sir Percival in the Grail legends.
    courtly love chivalry, in which a knight's chief duty is to his own lady, and after her, all ladies, as exemplified by Sir Lancelot in his love for Queen Guinevere or Sir Tristan in his love for Iseult

    Source: Wikipedia. Url: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Knightly_Virtues .


  52. (A formal addition to various places on the internet, Facebook and Blog)

    The ecumenical miracle, coming with the "Best wishes,", "Ecumenism for All - The World Communion of Religiousness", Some premises that makes this happen, few or many:

    1. One is generous about the social issues, some people have troubles living in poor India and so on.

    2. One skips some detalis such as kosher kitchen and halal meet and stays with core ethics (of Humanism) and preserves the understanding of grandness that's nicely entailed in all these religions, God as creator of all in the Universe, poss. of Nirvana, a good nod to reincarnation.
    - The rest that's impossible to prove and most certainly not worthy to kill for or go harms way over [is left to itself].

    3. One is open about one's own religion and displays openness the other way to, to learn other people's religions, not necessarily to shun one's own or try to be dominating, but merely to listen in and willing to peacefully impart from one's own Holy Book, whether the Bible, Torah, Quran or the others.

    We have now entered World Communion of Religiousness forever and with emotional awareness ("telepathy" to be cautious) this is just the best glitz EVER! (With telepathy/emotional awareness.)

  53. (The rest down there... Under us, so to speak, where we do not enter... Stalwart Religious conviction more! That we are convinced by the hardest... And "happy" to enter the respect with the dead rather than "unliving criminals with only the utter torture to contribute with".)